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Are Chicago Officials Doing Anything About Their Black & Mexican Problem?

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief America is in a sorry state. With our elected officials from city hall to the White House being corrupt and crippled by fear of public backlash by being called the new “N” word, “Racist” [...]

Portland, Oregon Deemed “Most Racist” City In The United States

In a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Oklahoma Symposium of Racial Studies, researchers claim to have pinpointed the individual US cities that are most plagued by racism. The list included locations such as Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ [...]

Portland’s Black Residents Reject Trader Joe’s In An Effort To Curb Hipster Infestation

The sinister efforts of privileged whites were thwarted yet again last week after black residents refused to have a Trader Joe’s installed in their PDX neighborhood. The trendy grocery chain that is popular primarily amongst white liberal [...]

President Obama Dismisses MLK Legacy as ‘A Thing of the Past’

<National Report>Washington, DC– In a speech delivered at an exclusive White House luncheon honoring the late Martin Luther King, President Barack Obama shocked dignitaries, civil rights figures and even members of King’s [...]

Reparations Bistro – Wealthy Portland Man Opens A Café Where African Americans Dine For Free

(Portland, Oregon) – Lloyd Derringer was born to a wealthy, elite family of bankers and stock investors. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years travelling the world with his parents, experiencing a multitude of different cultural [...]

Portland, OR Schools Abolish Lunchtime To Avoid Allegations Of Racism

(Portland, OR) – Racism. It’s everywhere. Like a vile cancer that has managed to worm it’s way into every nook and cranny of our psychological landscape. It seems to be buried deep within the very molecular fabric of our culture–A [...]

The Knockout Game: End the Violence! Shoot & Bury Em’… Just Like Trayvon

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Why would our black president, democrats and the dangerous thinking liberal gun haters want to take guns away from law-abiding American people? Why has obama, Oprah, Jessie, Al and the other racist [...]
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Toy Company Denies Charges of Racism & Glorifying Child Violence for Profits!

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief <National Report> This morning the Fister Toy Company of Trenton, N.J., through its attorney Albert Ellington, issued a prepared statement on the company’s behalf regarding last weeks allegations [...]
Jay Z tries to fund College Scholarship with White Only Money, is confused how that might be racist.

Jay Z Flares Nostrils as KKK Racist Critics Suggest He Wants All the White Money

(National Report) – Jay Z, a former poor black person with a criminal past, is the embodiment of the American promise. He is by any definition a multi-media mogul. If a black person works hard, makes dubious collaborations and focuses on [...]

Is Grant County North Dakota Brewing A Race War? Black Panther Leader Purchases Land Adjacent To White Supremacist Town

<NR>Craig Cobb is a man with a dream. A dream where he can strut down the street of his town and see nothing but a sea of smiling white faces. A dream where he can walk to his local convenience store and stand in a line of white patrons [...]
Trayvon Martin's Hood-Rat Pistol (L) - Trayvon Martin Using Narcotics (R)

Zimmerman Trial: Professor Michael Dyson and Publisher Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s Racist Rant’s Demand Special Treatment for Blacks

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> MSNBC has received thousands of death threats via Twitter and email after yesterday’s airing of Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson’s racist-hate filled [...]

Was Paula Deen Framed for Racism by Tasteless Food Trend Purists?

(National Report) –Paula Deen is an American food personality that many are calling a racist after she admitted to using the N word back in the last century. Even after the Supreme Court of the United States has declared racism dead with [...]

Is Afrophobia Enough to Save George Zimmerman?

(National Report) – The George Zimmerman trial begins today a year after the neighborhood watchman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, an African American youth armed with candy and a glass bottle of iced tea. Over the course of the past year [...]

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