Star Wars: Episode I Flagged With Racist Warning On Amazon

<National Report>Shortly after labeling certain “Tom and Jerry” cartoons with a disclaimer, Amazon’s “Instant Video” service has applied the same warning to several films. Most notably, 1999’s ‘Star [...]
Offensively titled desserts appear in Paula Deen's cookbook.

Racist Paula Deen Dessert Appears in Cookbook

SAVANNAH, Georgia – Oops, she did it again. The jury’s out on what Paula Deen is calling either “a mistake,” or “a hateful act carried out by one of my enemies,” adding another helping of controversy to the 67-year-old celebrity [...]

Racism Greets Derek Jeter In Boston

BOSTON, MA – The outpouring of affection and admiration for Derek Jeter, shown by the 50,000+ fans who packed New York’s Yankee Stadium for the team captain’s victorious last home game on Thursday, will long be remembered as one of the [...]

Ferguson Police to Allow Live Streaming of Body Cameras

<National Report>Ferguson, MO – In what is considered to be a first in law enforcement history, police officers in Ferguson, MO. will allow live streaming of their newly-installed body cameras in an effort to increase transparency [...]

Sarah Palin Channel In Trouble Over “N– Hitler” Remarks

Less than five hours after the launch of The Sarah Palin Channel, the fledgling online subscription-based network has landed itself in a major controversy, after a person being interviewed by Palin herself repeatedly referred to President Barack [...]
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African-American Membership in Klan at All Time High

By Cassidy Pen ATLANTA, Georgia (TNReport) – President Obama, Hollywood, current events, and social diversity are reasons experts claim African-American membership in the Ku Klux Klan is higher than it has ever been. The traditionally [...]

Transethnicity Now Officially Reconized By The Tumblr LGBTQ Community

<National Report>(Home Office) – The popular website Tumblr is the newest flavor picker for today’s forward thinking and progressive LGBTQ culture. The site and its users have been indispensable for spreading awareness of [...]

White “Civil Rights” Group to March on National Mall

<National Report>This summer, Caucasian demonstrators hope to hold a march in Washington DC, in support of their belief that white Americans have become an “oppressed people” in the United States.  The event has over 200,000 [...]
Al Sharpton smokes a celebratory cigar after purchasing the L.A. Clippers

Al Sharpton Buys L.A. Clippers, Vows To End Racism In NBA

Just moments after the L.A. Clippers finished off the Golden State Warriors, 126-121, to move to Round Two of the NBA Playoffs, a secret meeting took place to discuss the future of the Clippers franchise. This meeting was held in a high security [...]

Portland, Oregon Deemed “Most Racist” City In The United States

In a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Oklahoma Symposium of Racial Studies, researchers claim to have pinpointed the individual US cities that are most plagued by racism. The list included locations such as Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ [...]

Portland’s Black Residents Reject Trader Joe’s In An Effort To Curb Hipster Infestation

The sinister efforts of privileged whites were thwarted yet again last week after black residents refused to have a Trader Joe’s installed in their PDX neighborhood. The trendy grocery chain that is popular primarily amongst white liberal [...]

President Obama Dismisses MLK Legacy as ‘A Thing of the Past’

<National Report>Washington, DC– In a speech delivered at an exclusive White House luncheon honoring the late Martin Luther King, President Barack Obama shocked dignitaries, civil rights figures and even members of King’s [...]

Reparations Bistro – Wealthy Portland Man Opens A Café Where African Americans Dine For Free

(Portland, Oregon) – Lloyd Derringer was born to a wealthy, elite family of bankers and stock investors. He spent most of his childhood and adolescent years travelling the world with his parents, experiencing a multitude of different [...]

Portland, OR Schools Abolish Lunchtime To Avoid Allegations Of Racism

(Portland, OR) – Racism. It’s everywhere. Like a vile cancer that has managed to worm it’s way into every nook and cranny of our psychological landscape. It seems to be buried deep within the very molecular fabric of our culture–A [...]
Jay Z tries to fund College Scholarship with White Only Money, is confused how that might be racist.

Jay Z Flares Nostrils as KKK Racist Critics Suggest He Wants All the White Money

(National Report) – Jay Z, a former poor black person with a criminal past, is the embodiment of the American promise. He is by any definition a multi-media mogul. If a black person works hard, makes dubious collaborations and focuses on [...]

Is Grant County North Dakota Brewing A Race War? Black Panther Leader Purchases Land Adjacent To White Supremacist Town

<NR>Craig Cobb is a man with a dream. A dream where he can strut down the street of his town and see nothing but a sea of smiling white faces. A dream where he can walk to his local convenience store and stand in a line of white patrons [...]