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Obama Will Not Run For President In 2016

President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have apparently already begun preparations for their post-White House life. The Obamas appear to have a strong desire to return to the greater Chicago, Illinois area after the Presidents term is [...]
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Mike Huckabee: Wait to Join Kiss Army Until Obama Leaves Office

Detroit Rock City, USA – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) suggested Friday that young Americans planning to join the Kiss Army should wait until President Barack Obama leaves office because his administration has an “open hostility [...]
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President Obama Nominates Kanye West to Head National Endowment for the Arts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite his unscripted remarks in which President Obama referred to the popular rapper as a “jackass” following Kanye West’s storming of the stage at 2009’s VMA awards, the White House is set to announce the [...]
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Obama’s Executive Amnesty Will Grant Illegals Marijuana Seller Permits

Washington, D.C. – President Obama’s executive amnesty will provide immigrants with many controversial benefits that have many Americans scratching their heads. Recently the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), has sparked the most outrage, [...]
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U.S. Looks to Trademark “Uncle Sam” for Added Revenue

I want you to….pay me for the right to use this phrase! That, if the United States government gets its way this month as it introduces legislation to trademark its famous slogan and caricature. This week, Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli, [...]
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IRS Declares Bankruptcy: Many Refunds Due Cancelled

Hard economic times and the irresponsibility of politicians in Washington have hit hard and come home to roost at the Internal Revenue Service. IRS director John Koshinskin has disclosed that the organization is perilously close to financial [...]
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Obama’s Secret Gun Control Negotiations

  <National Report>Following heavy lobbying efforts from anti-gun groups the Obama administration is making a strong push through backdoor negotiations for stunning new firearm control policies. Speaking on conditions of anonymity [...]
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President Obama… “White Privilege & Christianity Slowed American Progress”

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Earlier today, President Obama, delivered his report on America’s trade performance and the economy before a crowd of entrepreneurs, businessmen and small business owners at a conference in Dallas, [...]
Immigration Overload

Obamacare Costs Projected To Rise 127% In 2015 Due To Immigration Executive Order

The Affordable Care Act, often refered to as Obamacare, is now projected to have the single largest one year cost increase of any government program in the history of the United States. The added expense is guaranteed to have severe negative [...]

Obama Announces 1.25% Sales Tax Increase In Order To Pay Muslim Retributions

President Obama has announced an executive order which is slated to take effect sometime within the second quarter of 2015. In a recent slew of executive orders, this may be the most widely controversial decision made by the president to date. According [...]
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After Obama, Can A White Man Ever Be Elected to the Oval Office?

Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief With the overwhelming popularity and success of the Obama Administration in the past six years many in America are asking… Can a white man ever hold the office of president again? With the next presidential [...]
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Man Arrested for Anti-Obama Facebook Post

<National Report>A Stillwater, Minnesota man was arrested on Monday evening, charged with threatening the life of President Barack Obama in a Facebook post he says he made in jest. The US Attorneys’ office said Tuesday morning that [...]
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Obama to Host Religious Awareness Halloween Party: Will Go As a Muslim

<National Report>White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama will be hosting a “Religious Awareness Halloween Celebration”. President Obama will be wearing traditional Muslim attire, and Mrs. Obama [...]
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Obama To Draft Public Assistance Recipients In Fight Against Ebola

<National Report>President Barack H. Obama is reportedly set to issue an emergency executive order to draft and mobilize the nation’s legion of public assistance recipients in the fight to contain the Ebola virus. Starting in early [...]
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Holder to Obama: Do Your Own Dirty Work

<National Report>Today, the United States and the world learned the shocking details behind U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation, and the details weren’t pretty. According to sources close to the White House, Holder [...]
Gay wedding at the white house

Obama To Ordain First Gay Marriage At The White House Between Michael Sam and Vito Cammisano

Washington, DC — In what is being dubbed as the “Wedding Of The Century”, openly-gay football star of the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam and his long-time boyfriend, Vito Cammisano, are to be married at the White House, with President [...]