Obama Files Federal Charges Against Darren Wilson Following Grand Jury Decision in Shooting Murder of Michael Brown

<National Report>In the boldest overreach of Presidential power in US history, Barack Obama filed federal civil rights charges against officer Darren Wilson moments after a Missouri grand jury found “no probable cause to indict” [...]
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Obama Approved Lesbian Parade Set For Thanksgiving Day

This disturbing story contains insights provided by loyal National Report reader and 100% heterosexual American citizen Dora Hipkins, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at 2014’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington [...]

Obama Cuts Funding For Vets, Gives Out Free Cash To Amnesty-Granted Illegals

President Barack Obama announced Thursday evening that as a part of his newest executive order, which will grant amnesty to five million illegal aliens, he will also be cutting federal spending on military veterans by a staggering 65%, with [...]
Starting October 2015, good bye US currency, hello euro. (image: Wizzard - Public Domain - Wikimedia Commons)

Obama Orders Fed To Adopt Euro Currency

(WASHINGTON, DC) – In the boldest takeover of Presidential authority in history, Barack Obama ordered the Federal Reserve to adopt the euro beginning October 1, 2015, the start of the next fiscal year. The US will soon share the single [...]
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Exclusive: White House Forcing American Families To Adopt Illegals

Jason and Amy Baxter of Plano, Texas thought they were living the American dream. Jason owns a successful plumbing business, which has been in his family for three generations. Amy is a published author working on her third self-help book. [...]
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FOUND: Michelle Obama’s Excessive Travel & Accommodation Demand List

<National Report>Diva Jennifer Lopez once asked for – and received – white flowers, white furniture, white curtains, and Cuban food for an AIDS charity event appearance. That used to be a low water mark of pampered celebrity absurdity, [...]
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Ted Cruz’s Net Neutrality Plan Would Include Adult Entertainment Ban, Online Shopping Tax

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently criticized President Obama’s net neutrality plan, calling it “Obamacare for the Internet,” which resulted in his receiving heavy criticism and quite a few negative, but funny, internet memes [...]
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Obama’s Anti-Government Leaflet Set For Display in Presidential Library

<National Report>When the controversial Barack Obama Presidential Library opens in 2017, one item will be on prominent display: a 1975 anti-government protest flyer saved from Obama’s teenage years when he participated in a [...]
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Man Arrested for Anti-Obama Facebook Post

<National Report>A Stillwater, Minnesota man was arrested on Monday evening, charged with threatening the life of President Barack Obama in a Facebook post he says he made in jest. The US Attorneys’ office said Tuesday morning that [...]

Obama Socialist Youth Group Photo Discovered in Hawaii

<National Report>A 1975 photograph showing Barack Obama giving a Nazi-style salute alongside a group of socialist youths has been found near Obama’s childhood home in Hawaii. Buried deep within in the archives of Oahu’s Makiki Community [...]

Obama Motorcade Kills Kitten in Maryland As Horrified Child Watches On

A vehicle belonging to President Barack Obama’s motorcade ended the life of a young house cat on Friday, as the cat’s owner, a young girl, watched on helplessly in horror. And to make matters worse, the United States Secret Service [...]
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Mandatory Federal Drug Testing To Be Required For Driver’s License

The Department of Transportation, under the direction of the Obama administration, has issued several new compliance required guidelines that states must follow to keep receiving federal funding. Perhaps the most unsettling of these new requirements [...]

Presidential Motorcade Causes Election Day Traffic Jams In Kentucky While Obama Sits At White House

The president’s motorcade always causes traffic issues wherever President Obama chooses to visit. And usually, Obama is actually in said motorcade when those problems arise. But that wasn’t the case today, when President Obama’s [...]
Horner G6S Mercenary Inc. in action

U.S. Company Hiring Mercenaries To Kill ISIS; Starting Pay $500K/yr – Only Requirement Is To Kill Members Of ISIS

Phoenix, AZ — An up-and-coming militant organization, Horner G6S Mercenary Incorporated, or simply known as G6S, which has known ties to the U.S. military, says it is now aggressively hiring the general public for the specific purpose of [...]

President Obama Assures Nation That Obamacare Will Cover Inevitable Ebola Pandemic

While health officials in Dallas scramble to contain a virus that could wipe out most of the US population, and insurance specialists such as, Andrea Martin, blast the POTUS’ Affordable Health Care Act for not covering Ebola, President [...]
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Obama To Draft Public Assistance Recipients In Fight Against Ebola

<National Report>President Barack H. Obama is reportedly set to issue an emergency executive order to draft and mobilize the nation’s legion of public assistance recipients in the fight to contain the Ebola virus. Starting in early [...]