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Obama Drops F-Bomb During Hiroshima Visit

Tokyo, Japan – President Obama became the first sitting president to visit Japan since World War II when he visited Japanese leaders today and gave his solemn remarks regarding the horrors or war, but the conversation took a darker turn [...]

Obama to Send Large Shipment of ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ to Texas Flood Victims

Houston, TX- Massive flooding this week left at least two dead and millions homeless as the administration scrambles to deploy thoughts and prayers to local governments in coordination with FEMA and other disaster relief agencies. “We’re [...]
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Obama Flies Back To Cuba To Retrieve Lost Cell Phone

HAVANA — President Barack Obama, accompanied by a 14-member Secret Service security detail, returned to Cuba on Air Force One on Thursday, but not for a diplomatic, “good neighbor policy” mission. The purpose of the $6.4 million taxpayer-funded [...]

Obama Nominates Judy Garland to Supreme Court Just To See If Anyone’s Paying Attention

THE WHITE HOUSE — President Obama, in a unique move engineered “to see if anyone in Congress is paying attention,” nominated the late singer/actress Judy Garland to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. “I [...]
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Trump’s Nevada Win Shows Illegal’s Better Informed Voters Than Democrats

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief The following is an editorial piece from the Editor-in-Chief If Donald Trump’s win in Nevada last Tuesday has taught Americans anything it’s Nevada wetbacks are far more knowledgeable about [...]
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Boehner Criticizes Obama Gun Speech – “I Cry Better”

President Barack Obama delivered a speech on Tuesday that outlined his plans to attempt to curb gun violence in the United States. During what has been referred to in the media as an “emotional” speech, President Obama appeared [...]
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Obama Refers to Colorado Shooter as ‘Christian Terrorist’ in Press Briefing

WASHINGTON DC – During a White House press briefing addressing the Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic shooting which left 3 dead – including a 6-year police veteran and volunteer Christian pastor – Barack Obama called the shooter, 57-year-old [...]

Carly Fiorina Says Knocking Out Ivan Drago Was ‘Biggest Highlight’ of Her Life

MENDACITO FALLS, IOWA — 2016 Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has been up and down in the polls of late. She made a huge splash at the second Republican debate when she boldly challenged Hillary Clinton and other Democrats [...]
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Starbucks Reveals Plans To Open New Chain Of Gun-friendly Cafés

Hot on the heels of their successful acquisition and closure of  popular San Francisco-based c0ffee house chain La Boulangerie, Starbucks International  has revealed it plans to launch a nationwide series of Gun-friendly, firearm-themed cafes, [...]
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Texas Moves To Outlaw Man Buns

AUSTIN, Tex. – The Texas House sent a clear message in opposition to the “disturbing man bun hairstyle” with a 143-0 bipartisan vote outlawing the trend. First offenders will receive a stiff fine, and repeat offenders will face possible [...]

Cecil The Lion ‘Truther’ Denies Lion’s Existence, ‘Seeks Hide’

There’s a new “truther” movement out there, and it doesn’t involve jet fuel, steel beams, or Kenyan birth certificates. It does however, center around a global event gripping the hearts and minds of millions – the [...]
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8 Years Of Republican Predictions About Obama Have Literally All Come True

REPUBLICAN HEAVEN- Republicans are finally embracing the phrase “I told you so” as the last prediction about Obama has come true.  The United States has seen gas prices spike to $12 per gallon under Sharia Law, and Obamacare has [...]
President Obama has instructed the EPA to cap Old Faithful to reduce carbon emissions.  (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson,File)

Obama Orders EPA to “Cork” Old Faithful Geyser To Reduce Global Warming

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK – “Old Faithful” geyser, the beloved National Historic Landmark and tourist attraction, will be “corked” by the Environmental Protection Agency to reduce the effects of global warming, according [...]
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Obama Not Sure What To Do With Texas Now That He Has It

AUSTIN, TX–After the successful takeover of Texas through Operation Jade Helm, President Barack Hussein Obama is now unsure what to do with Texas now that it has been brought to heel. The self-professed “whole other country” [...]
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Martha’s Vineyard Confederate Statue Throws Shade On Obama’s Vacation

OAK BLUFFS, Mass. – Controversy surrounding Confederate symbols surfaced in the most unlikely place this week: the affluent summer colony of Martha’s Vineyard, the exclusive New England island resort where President Obama is spending [...]
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Obama To Receive Second Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, based in Oslo Norway, announced yesterday the name of their laureate for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace. President Barack Hussain Obama is their selection for this years prestigious award. With the Nobel Institutes [...]