Guns4Kids.Org to Sponsor Firing Range Outing

ATLANTA GA – The Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta will take children on a field trip to a rifle and pistol firing range next week. Parents of children attending the BGCA today received a flyer informing them of the outing sponsored by Guns4Kids.org. The [...]

Guns4Kids.org Sees Huge Boost Following NRA Comments

<National Report>Atlanta, GA–Guns4Kids.org, an Atlanta based non-profit organization that provides weapons to under-privileged children, received a huge boost in donations overnight following a video released by NRA commentator [...]

Gun Rights Advocates Propose to Legalize “Firing Into A Crowd”!

<National Report>The Republican and Tea Party controlled House of Representatives is set to pass sweeping new gun legislation which supporters claim will not only strengthen, but broaden what they call “overly restrictive” 2nd Amendment [...]

Obama’s Secret Gun Control Negotiations

<National Report>Following heavy lobbying efforts from anti-gun groups the Obama administration is making a strong push through backdoor negotiations for stunning new firearm control policies. Speaking on conditions of anonymity a White [...]

Civil Activist Arrested after Taking Tank to Drive-Thru

[NORMAN, OK] An Oklahoma man was arrested Wednesday on charges of disturbing the peace, destruction of property, operating an unregistered motor vehicle, and possessing illegal rounds of ammunition, after having driven a tank… yes, an [...]

NRA Legally Blocked “Child-Safe” Firearm, Inventor Says

<National Report>A small-time firearms inventor in Dallas, Texas revealed to news media on Friday that an invention he came up with in 2007, which would have created the world’s first “child-safe firearm,” was blocked [...]

Florida to Scrap Controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law for ‘Shoot to Kill’

<National Report>Facing mounting national and international criticism, and after being forced to spend millions of tax dollars on defending Florida’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, the Republican controlled Florida [...]
No to Democrats at 500

Today’s Democrats Support Big Fed Spying, Gun Seizures & Warrantless Searches

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Two decades ago the Democratic party supported American laws and values. What separated Democrats from Republicans was democrats viewed things more liberally than Republicans. Democrats stood up for [...]

Backlash to Anti-Gay Bill Prompts Arizona to Fund ‘Gay Reorientation’ Camps as Good Will Gesture!

<National Report>Phoenix, AZ-Following the nationwide backlash and mounting criticism over its proposed law giving businesses the right to refuse to serve gays based on ‘sincerely held religious grounds’, Arizona governor, [...]

Texas and Florida to Consider Allowing Professional Athletes to ‘Open Carry’ During Games!

<National Report>Both Texas and Florida legislatures are now considering allowing guns at professional sporting events. The proposed laws, which would allow ‘open carry’ of firearms for all fans, would also extend that same [...]

Furries For The Second Amendment – Strange New Bedfellows For the Conservative Right Wing

Last week during an open carry 2nd Amendment protest there was a most peculiar and unexpected group in attendance. There, amongst a sea of gun-toting conservatives was a new organization, calling themselves “Furries For The Second Amendment”. With [...]

Having No Hope of Passing Tighter Gun Control, Obama Will Mandate Background Checks and Waiting Period for the Purchase of Ammunition!

<National Report>Washington, DC–Faced with polls and the ever increasing reality that freedom loving American gun owners and the American public in general, will never allow Obama to take away their right to bear arms, the White [...]

Responsible Gun Owner SHOOTS Criminal Point Blank On Bus [VIDEO]

Grand Rapids, MI–Grand Rapids Press is reporting this evening of a story of two responsible gun owners shooting a criminal point blank on a public bus. The criminal was on the bus with his young child and was rushed to the hospital with [...]

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: “The Liberal Media Never Reports About All Of The Times That People Weren’t Killed By Guns”

Fairfax, VA – Following the recent shooting attack at the Washington Naval Yard by civilian contractor Aaron Alexis, NRA President Wayne LaPierre lashed out at the “liberal media’s” obsession with gun violence. “Sure, [...]
Weapon RFID System Handgun

Weapon RFID System Bill – Mandatory Tracking Of Kentucky’s Gun Owners

(Winchester, KY) – In a controversial move today, Kentucky law makers slipped a bill through the senate making the installation of a tracking device or “Weapon RFID System” in firearms mandatory by state law. The program’s [...]
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NRA’s Secret Database Isn’t So Secret – ATF Purchased Database List Last Year

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> Yesterday’s damning news that the National Rifle Association (NRA) maintains a “secret database” list of their members and “tens of millions” of non-member [...]