NRA Executive: Promoting Civil War Fantasy Piece Was ‘Just a Suggestion, Not a Warning’

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA — While controversy brews over an op-ed that The National Rifle Association promoted on its various social media platforms that fantasized about agents of the “radical left” being executed after a Civil War [...]

Congress to Consider Funding for Bulletproof Schools In Response to School Shootings

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In the wake of the 45th school shooting this year, sources on The Hill say that several members of congress have “gotten the message,” as one staffer put it, and are considering several courses of action [...]

God: I’m Too Busy to Stop All The Gun Violence in America, Try Some New Laws

KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, ETERNITY — At a press conference held outside the Pearly Gates truck stop on Highway Infinity in the Kingdom of Heaven, Larry “God” Schumway told heavenly reporters that he is unable to solve the American gun [...]
Leading Conservatives Attend 40th Annual CPAC

Wayne LaPierre Calculating Body Count Needed to Do Something About Access to Guns

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA — National Rifle Association Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre told reporters at a press conference early this week that he will be locking himself away in a secluded cabin in the Appalachian mountain range with [...]
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Following Oregon Shooting, NRA Backs Mandatory Gun Ownership

FAIRFAX, VA – In the wake of the killing of students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, there have been calls from many people to enact gun control measures in an effort to prevent future tragedies. But the National Rifle Association [...]
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Republicans Pass Surprisingly Strict New Gun Laws

Washington D.C.- Republican lawmakers have long been vehemently opposed to any type of gun legislation, whether it be a ban on assault rifles, high capacity magazines, or even mental health screenings to prevent the insane from shooting up [...]

NRA Executive: 45 School Shootings ‘Too Soon’ To Talk About Guns

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA –When a gunman walked onto the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon and opened fire, killing 10 and leaving another dozens more wounded, it was the 45th such time a shooting has taken place on school [...]
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Texas Moves To Outlaw Man Buns

AUSTIN, Tex. – The Texas House sent a clear message in opposition to the “disturbing man bun hairstyle” with a 143-0 bipartisan vote outlawing the trend. First offenders will receive a stiff fine, and repeat offenders will face possible [...]
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Canada Offers to Build Border Wall to Keep Americans like Scott Walker Out

Moose Jaw, SK – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has had enough of Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker. Walker recently said in an interview with NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that if elected president he will [...]
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8 Years Of Republican Predictions About Obama Have Literally All Come True

REPUBLICAN HEAVEN- Republicans are finally embracing the phrase “I told you so” as the last prediction about Obama has come true.  The United States has seen gas prices spike to $12 per gallon under Sharia Law, and Obamacare has [...]

In Response to Lion Killing, NRA Advocates Arming Animals

The NRA, in response to the tragic killing of the much beloved, ‘Cecil’ the lion, has called for arming all animals in game reserves, especially those most sought after by big game, ‘trophy’ hunters. (adsbygoogle [...]
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Bobby Jindal: Now is Not the Time to Prevent Mass Shootings

Lafayette, LA –   Appearing on KROF AM TalkRadio90 Wednesday morning, Louisiana Governor and presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal said any conversation about preventing mass shootings is not appropriate while family members are still mourning [...]
Alleged Muslim and Serial Gun Grabber Hillary "Killary" Clinton (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

New Report Suggests Hillary is Kenyan Muslim Who Will Take Your Guns

Washington D.C.- As the 2016 election approaches, more and more evidence surfaces against front runner Hillary Clinton showing she is unfit to lead the world’s most powerful nation. Anonymous sources close to the Clinton family have given [...]
Ammosexuals in Florida and Texas Protesting Legislative Action that may result in blacks having the right to open-carry.  (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)

Florida and Texas Considering Legislation to Extend Open Carry to African Americans

In what is being hailed by some as civil rights legislation, lone Democratic lawmakers in Florida and Texas are considering extending ‘Open Carry’ laws to blacks. Democratic legislators in both Florida and Texas are said to be considering [...]
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NRA Backs Mandatory Gun Ownership

FAIRFAX, VA – In the wake of the killing of nine parishioners at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC, there have been calls from many people to enact gun control measures in an effort to prevent future tragedies. But the National Rifle [...]
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Tea Party Members Fit Profile of Domestic Terrorists, Obama Claims

A short time ago, while addressing a small crowd of reporters outside the White House on the events unfolding in Charleston, President Barack Obama, told reporters and attendees that today’s Tea Party members in the United States very [...]