New threat: Peruvian Psychedelic EDM/Jamband Dengue Dengue Dengue! Now Infecting Youth

By: Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, TNReport Entertainment Journalist Warning: This exposé documents the evils of the audio visual group, Dengue Dengue Dengue!, a psychedelic EDM Jamband from Peru. Graphic descriptions and [...]
Chyna, By Aaron Evans

Wrestling Star “Chyna” found dead on 4/20, From a Marijuana Overdose

By Rick Stevenson Fans of the late Joanie Laurer, better known as “Chyna,” are in shock today after learning that one of the all-time greatest pro wrestlers in history has passed away, after an overdose of THC, the active ingredient in [...]
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Pot Addicted Juggalos Succumbing to Lead Poisoning in Detroit Area

By Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen – TNReport Investigative Journalist FLINT, MI – If the dangers from face painting, brandishing bladed weapons as if they’re toys, and drinking cheap teeth-rotting grape soda [...]
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Study Finds 65% of Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Stash Supporters Lack Voter ID

A wave of Republican-led voter ID laws have swept the U.S. in recent years and a new analysis by a group of political scientists found that states with the strictest laws suppress voter turnout among minorities, liberals, and Bernie Sanders’ [...]
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Flint Bong Water Cause of Teens’ Death: Coroner Reveals

Flint, MI – Two Flint teenagers have died and two more are being treated after smoking what the medical examiner’s office is calling “toxic marijuana” made poisonous by lead water filtration through a contaminated glass water pipe, [...]

Colorado Pot Shop to Provide Free Marijuana to Syrian Refugees

Denver, CO – Colorado will not join states refusing to accept Syrian refugees in the wake of the terrorist attacks on Paris. Governor John Hickenlooper has made it clear Colorado will cooperate with the federal government’s resettlement [...]
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CPS Removes Child From Utah Home After His Father Was Found To Use Marijuana Before Bed

Utah Child Protective Services is receiving a large amount of criticism across social media platforms after the decision was made to temporarily remove a five-year old boy named Lucas Carlson from his Utah home. According to sources, Child [...]
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Grateful Dead To Crack Down On Bootleggers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – After completing their final concert tour, The Grateful Dead Corporation will begin suing thousands of of bootleggers for copyright infringement. “We must have been stoned.” Says Bassist Phil Lesh. “I mean . [...]
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John Kerry Given Medical Marijuana Prescription After Leg Surgery

Secretary of State John Kerry, who was injured in a bicycling accident in the French Alps last week, was given a prescription for medical marijuana by doctors in Boston, Massachusetts on Tuesday, shortly after undergoing a four-hour surgery [...]
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Marlboro’s “Mary Jane” Brand Will Now be Available in Menthol

COLORADO – In an effort to increase urban consumption of Marlboro’s marijuana brand “Mary Jane” . . . The ‘cigarettes’ will now be available in menthol. “We’ve been very successful with our Light and Ultra Light versions.” [...]
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Megan Fox Advocates Marijuana Use To Calm “Out Of Control Police”

With police violence a hot topic in the United States, actress Megan Fox reportedly believes she has the solution to some of the unrest. Speaking off the cuff during a break from the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2, the 28-year-old [...]
Colorado Marijuana Holiday

Nazi Stoners Prep for 420 Hitler Parties

By Cassidy Pen, Journalist – TNReport The latest assault against Christian morals and social decency will be on display during celebrations held around the nation on April 20th. At least six US cities will have local police on alert for [...]
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Texas Implements Three-Strike Law For Marijuana Related Charges

The Texas Legislature has passed a controversial three-strike law for all drug related charges including the possession and distribution of marijuana and all other illegal class one substances. The new law will require all third time offenders [...]
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Amazon Says They Will Be Removing All Bob Marley Music and Merchandise From Their Website

Today it was announced that Amazon will be pulling all Bob Marley merchandise including music, clothing, and posters from its popular online shopping website. Fans of Bob Marley can expect to see all traces of the reggae legend removed from [...]
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Marijuana “Dabs” Proven To Cause Irreversible Brain Damage

22-year-old Tommy Gibbs lays strapped to a hospital gurney at the Johnson-Hemingway Neurological Research institute. Trapped within a catatonic state, he stares vacantly towards the ceiling. His mother, Harriet Gibbs, sits nearby, sobbing quietly [...]
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Nevada EPA Considers Enforcing Major Restrictions At Burning Man 2015

According to sources within the EPC (Environmental Preservation Coalition), the Nevada Environmental Protection Agency has been having serious discussions with The Bureau of Land Management regarding the implementation of major restrictions [...]