Facebook’s Conservative Lady Exposed As Liberal-Run Satire Page

<NR>I am both a far right conservative and a humble servant of Jesus Christ. My faith, my political affiliation, these are  important aspects of my identity. I believe it is only natural that I would want the people, places and things [...]

Christians Choose Suicide Over Life In A “Pro-Gay” World

<NR>With gay marriage currently becoming the norm around the nation, several Christians have been opting to self-destruct rather than continue existing in a world which no longer honors their values. The vast majority of people who claimed [...]

The Covington Report: Teen Rave Parties… Drugs, Booze, Pedophiles & Sex!

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> I arrived in Los Angeles on Wednesday and I’d like to thank our publisher Allen Montgomery for having set me up at the famous Westin Bonaventure Hotel downtown. This place [...]

The Covington Report Undercover… Inside Raves, Flash-Mobs & EDM

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <National Report> The Rave culture originated in Chicago during the late 1980s when the drug of choice was LSD, and “cornholein’-music” was popular with gays and ravers who enjoyed [...]
Poor Leopold...

Heavy Metal Fans Poison Manfred Peregrine’s Dog

Fellow Christians, this last month has been like the trials of Job for your pal, Manfred Peregrine. Since transferring to this fine editorial, National Report, I have received much derision from the hell-bound members of the Left Hand Path. [...]

Black Slaves: A New Fad Among African American Celebs

Monday’s Met gala was primarily an epic orgy of tarted-up, smug femalia, all mincing about for the relentless swarms of paparazzi. This year’s event was themed a “Punk Party”, yet none of the attendees seemed interested [...]

Jeff Hanneman Funeral Protest With Manfred Peregrine And The Westboro Baptist Church

<NR>I am honored to announce the upcoming Jeff Hanneman funeral protest and my new-found friendship with Shirley Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church. May 6th 2013 we are scheduled to picket at the funeral service of Slayer’s [...]
hell (600 x 375)

Jeff Hanneman Of Slayer Burns In Hell

<NR>Recently a weak-willed servant of Satan drank himself to death after a necrotic spider bite took away his ability to strum the Devil’s chords. Jeff Hanneman was the 49-year-old alcoholic guitarist of the horrendously overrated [...]

Magic Johnson’s New Public Service Announcement Against “Bug Chasing”

<NR>Magic Johnson has unveiled a new public awareness campaign against the dangers of bug chasing. This declaration comes hot on the heels of recent admissions by NBA player Jason Collins as well as Johnson’s own son that they are [...]

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