Work, don't lurk

GOP Strategist Suggests Poor People Should Not Participate in Elections

<National Report>Batten down the hatches for the coming storm. Not the nor’easter meteorologists predict for early November, but another squall. This one’s blowing from the lips of the voting rights crowd over a comment made [...]

Climate Change Linked To Whiny Liberal Windbags

<National Report>A Koch brothers financed study of global warming and climate change has found a conclusive correlative link between rising global temperatures and an increasing amount of hot air coming out of the mouths of Liberals who [...]

Liberals Continue to Smear Scott Walker

By: Cassidy Pen, TNReport Objective News Reporter/Political Analyst Even after the Honorable Republican Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) won a recall attempt to circumvent his term in the great State of Wisconsin, the left has been in denial. [...]

Unprecedented Security on Nugent Tour

New Measures Announced in Response to Recent Threats By: Cornelius Bartholomew “Cassidy” Pen, The National Report Political Research and Correspondence Reporter   <Rock City, MI> In response to recent threats of violence, [...]

War on Christmas: Salvation Army Volunteer Attacked

<Granger, MO> In the continuing War of Christmas being waged on America by misguided atheists, a red kettle Salvation Army volunteer, Fred Merek was assaulted and seriously injured yesterday for wishing passersby a “Merry Christmas.” Merek [...]

Facebook’s Conservative Lady Exposed As Liberal-Run Satire Page

<NR>I am both a far right conservative and a humble servant of Jesus Christ. My faith, my political affiliation, these are  important aspects of my identity. I believe it is only natural that I would want the people, places and things [...]

Women, Menstruation And Shame: What Can Be Done About The Public Purchase Of Feminine Hygiene Products?

(World) – The vagina. That fleshy butterfly, salted away between a woman’s thighs. There it remains, shrouded in taboo mystery. Concealed. Hidden, and for good reason… A mere glance at the female reproductive organ makes one [...]
Well, they call me the breeze
I keep rollin' down the road
Yeah, they call me the breeze
I keep rollin' down the road - Lyrics "Call Me the Breeze" written by JJ Cale, performed by Lynard Skynard

Thong Cape Scooter Man Harassed, Avenged in Liberal City

(National Report) – A 56 year old Madison, Wisconsin man has been cleared for takeoff by Madison police after multiple sightings around town left many in whipsawed wonder. Police received multiple complaints regarding a man riding a scooter, [...]
Can you spot the infamous Liberals quarantined for a hundred years on a deserted island?

Jon McNaughton’s Newest Painting Outsells Bea Arthur’s Breasts

(National Report) – Jon McNaughton, the tea-talented Picasso that uses paint to illuminate the foibles of Liberalism, has a new painting featuring Satan, a donkey and other Liberal superstars. The sure to be controversial painting entitled [...]

Pat Robertson Blames Waco Blast on Homosexuals and Liberals

<National Report> Just moments ago a huge explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant near Waco, TX leaving possibly hundreds of people likely injured. Makeshift command and triage centers have been setup on site and witnesses are using all [...]