Shocking Truth About The Kim And Kanye Baby: It’s HIDEOUS!

<NR>It has been many moons since Kim Kardashian spread her ample thighs and excreted the female suckling spawn awkwardly dubbed “North West” into the world. It has been assumed that Kim along with the child’s sire, perpetually [...]
The placenta is not muscle, it is an organ. Organ cuisine is called Offal cuisine because it is made from the byproducts of a process, in this case popping out a baby.

Delicious Placenta Recipes to Celebrate Kim and Kanye’s New Baby Girl!

(National Report) – Congratulations to Kim and Kanye, on the birth of their new baby girl, confirmed by US magazine. It has been said that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. What better way to say “Thanks for implanting this [...]