Kim Kardashian Names Baby Boy Embryo Bruce Caitlyn

Calabasas, Calif. – It was bound to happen. The Kim Kardashian / Kanye West PR machine, ramping up interest surrounding Kim Kardashian’s second pregnancy, has hitched its caboose onto the blockbuster (and mostly positive) publicity explosion [...]

Huckabee: Waist Training Fad Promotes Abortions, Kardashians Blamed

CONWAY, Ark. – Presidential candidate and Josh Duggar supporter Mike Huckabee apparently is no fan of the popular fashion and weight loss trend known as “waist training and “waist cinching”, in which corsets and other [...]

President Obama Nominates Kanye West to Head National Endowment for the Arts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Despite his unscripted remarks in which President Obama referred to the popular rapper as a “jackass” following Kanye West’s storming of the stage at 2009’s VMA awards, the White House is set to announce the [...]

Kim Kardashian’s Large Ass Bruised After A Fall

LOS ANGELES – Months after drawing attention to her oversized talents in last November’s Paper Magazine, yet another story concerning Kim Kardashian and her very large ass has muscled its way into the American consciousness. A story [...]

Kris Jenner Outraged By Bruce Jenner Lipstick Magazine Cover – It’s Not His Shade!

<National Report>Kris Jenner, matriarch of the Kardashian family empire, is reportedly outraged at InTouch Magazine after photoshopping lipstick onto the lips of a picture of her ex-husband, former Olympic champion Bruce Jenner. “It’s [...]

Chelsea Handler Desperately Needs Your Attention

(West Hollywood, CA) – Since the cancellation of Chelsea Handler’s E! show, ‘Chelsea Lately’, the foul-mouthed comedienne can be found scalding retinas en masse on Instagram. The soulless hussy has recently taken to [...]