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Kanye West Files For Tax Exempt Status, Claims He’s Forming “Church Of Yeezus”

People who enjoy the music and other creature ventures of music star Kanye West are no longer simply his fans, but his religious disciples… whether they want to be or not. That’s because West officially filed for tax exempt status [...]
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Kim Kardashian’s Large Ass Bruised After A Fall

LOS ANGELES – Months after drawing attention to her oversized talents in last November’s Paper Magazine, yet another story concerning Kim Kardashian and her very large ass has muscled its way into the American consciousness. A story [...]
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Alert Level Kanye: Academy Awards Beef Up Security In Advance Of Event

Reports out of Hollywood claim that officials with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) have increased security measures ahead of Sunday’s awards ceremony. Chief security officer, George Hudson, explains that along [...]
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Kanye West Replaces John Lennon On 2015 Remake Of Abbey Road

Fans of the Beatles can officially look forward to a 2015 remake of Abbey Road in its entirety. The album is set to be released fall of 2015 and will include original band members Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Paul McCartney has confirmed [...]
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Dearest Kayne – Sit Your Punk-Ass Down

The following is an open letter from National Report’s very own Manfred Peregrine… In my long, illustrious career as a celebrity gossip columnist, I have witnessed a plethora of smug, entitled behavior from individuals so egotistical, [...]
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Kanye West Applies For Refugee Status

LOS ANGELES, California – Should celebrities be legally classified as a protected class of individuals?  Kanye West thinks so when it comes to the way the press and paparazzi treat famous people.  The rapper, producer and fashion designer [...]