Canada Might Name Justin Bieber a “Special Envoy” to US

Pop singer Justin Bieber has repeatedly made headlines in the past few years for his controversies and arrests, but if some members of Canada’s Parliament have it their way, the teenager might soon enjoy all of the perks of diplomatic [...]

Should Justin Bieber Be Deported From The Planet Earth?

  // // // ]]> Footage of Justin Bieber’s deposition has left many Americans seething with anger and calling for the pint-sized pop sensation’s deportation. Biber is accused of assaulting a paparazzi in Miami, FL. after [...]
Bieber Jet 1

Media Got It Wrong…Bieber Saved Aircraft From Imminent Doom

<National Report>Teterboro, NJ–Recent reports of Justin Bieber, his father Jeremy Bieber and their entourage smoking pot while aboard a private executive jet enroute to the Super Bowl appear to be false. When DEA and U.S. Customs [...]

Justin Bieber’s House Raided By Feds After He Pledges Allegiance To The Juggalo Gods

Friends and fans of Justin Bieber were left scratching their heads after enduring months of obnoxious antics perpetrated by the one-time wholesome heart-throb, but now it appears that the culprit nestled snugly within all this turmoil has finally [...]

Will Justin Bieber Be Taking Paul Walker’s Place In The Next Fast And Furious Movie?

That’s what the Hollywood gossip mill is churning out this week… Justin Bieber, the 19-year-old pop superstar is supposedly being considered for a leading role in the next Fast And Furious cinematic debacle. It’s alleged that [...]

Justin Bieber Announces Retirement (Again) On Christmas Eve – Happy Holidays Beliebers!

‘T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, all the Belibers were screeching and starting to grouse. They bellowed and howled and wailed in despair, it seems the Biebs had abandoned them without care! Merry Christmas [...]

Justin Bieber Announces Retirement After Allegedly Causing Fan’s Suicide

Days after the tragic suicide of the young woman Bieber allegedly berated while she was sunbathing at a hotel pool, the pop mega star in the eye of this controversy has claimed he will be retiring from music indefinitely. Hollywood insiders [...]

Justin Bieber’s ‘Beached Whale’ Comment Leads To Teen Girl’s Suicide

The pudgy sunbather who recently endured Justin Bieber’s cruel taunts aimed at her husky physique has allegedly committed suicide. Julie Gunn was found dead by her roommate in their Harvey Bay flat. She had reportedly knocked back several [...]

Japanese Schoolchildren’s Prank Has Devastating Results, Over 850 Dead From Earthquake They Caused By All Jumping Off Chairs At Same Time

  Tokyo, Japan – An Earthquake that registered 5.3 on the Richter Scale struck the still-recovering Osaka Prefecture, the region containing the Fukushima Nuclear Plant that continues contaminating the environment with deadly radiation, [...]
Seemingly overnight, the singer's left front tooth turned black and fell out.

Justin Bieber Loses Tooth After Reuniting with Witch Salena

(National Report) – The Canadian songbird that is Justin Bieber has endured a recent run of what some would call bad luck and erratic behavior. Sources say the singer’s string of bad luck and recent missing tooth are due to his [...]