Scott Walker: Canadian Wall Will Prevent ‘Terrorist Hosers’ From Entering U.S.

Madison, WI – Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said as president he will build a wall along the Canadian border, the longest border in the world at 5,525 miles. Walker is showing that he intends to ‘Trump the Donald’ when it comes to border [...]
Scott Walker

Canada Offers to Build Border Wall to Keep Americans like Scott Walker Out

Moose Jaw, SK – Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has had enough of Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker. Walker recently said in an interview with NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’ that if elected president he will [...]

Justin Bieber To Undergo World’s First Transracial Surgery

Later this year, Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will become the world’s first-ever transracial human, after undergoing a series of experimental, but safe, surgeries, treatments, and therapies, according to Bieber’s talent agency. Bieber [...]

McDonald’s Music Awards Come Under Fire By Concerned Parents

The McDonald’s Corporation suffered a major blow this week when their plans to create a music awards ceremony came under attack by a volunteer from the anti-drug organization D.A.R.E. America. The awards ceremony, reportedly called [...]

Rock The Vote: Justin Bieber Endorses Former Canadian Ted Cruz For 2016 Presidential Bid

2016 Republican presidential hopeful, Ted Cruz, got an important endorsement from pop icon Justin Bieber in a statement issued by Bieber late Friday afternoon. Cruz, 44, is hoping to attract a younger audience as his base for the upcoming election. [...]

Justin Bieber Accidentally Shot By Intoxicated Fan Outside Of Atlanta Night Club

Justin Bieber, who recently turned 21, has been very vocal on social media regarding his excitement to begin frequenting 21 and older night clubs. It unfortunately didn’t take long for Justin to face one of the most devastating and life [...]

Justin Bieber Lands Biff Tannen Role In “Back To The Future” Remake

<National Report>Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber will soon take on his first dramatic acting gig in a motion picture, after landing the supporting role of high school bully Biff Tannen in the 2016 remake of the classic 1985 comedy [...]