Liberals Continue to Smear Scott Walker

By: Cassidy Pen, TNReport Objective News Reporter/Political Analyst Even after the Honorable Republican Governor Scott Walker (R-Wisconsin) won a recall attempt to circumvent his term in the great State of Wisconsin, the left has been in denial. [...]
Gay to straight program in Tennessee

Gay-To-Straight Program To Be Included In All Tennessee School Curriculum Beginning May 1st

Memphis, TN — Beginning May 1st of this year, the state of Tennessee is implementing a mandatory school program designed for all children grades K-12 to help homosexual males and females choose to become straight. The gay-to-straight conversion [...]

Backlash to Anti-Gay Bill Prompts Arizona to Fund ‘Gay Reorientation’ Camps as Good Will Gesture!

<National Report>Phoenix, AZ-Following the nationwide backlash and mounting criticism over its proposed law giving businesses the right to refuse to serve gays based on ‘sincerely held religious grounds’, Arizona governor, [...]
Phil Robertson

SIGN PETITION to Save Duck Dynasty! A&E Execs Meeting to Discuss CANCELLING the Show!

<National Report>Unconfirmed sources at A&E have confirmed that high-ranking Executives are meeting this evening to discuss the possibility of cancelling “Duck Dynasty” following gay slurs made by co-star Phil Robertson [...]
The Brent Girouex scandal flipped a switch of awareness for Iowa Churches.

Iowa Pastor’s Peen Purity Ministry Thrills Stupid Atheists, Two Years Later

(National Report) – Council Bluffs, Iowa, youth pastor, Brent Girouex, husband and father of two biological kids and two foster kids, was arrested on 60 counts of sexual exploitation in March of 2011. The charges became engorged at 89 counts [...]

Chelsea Manning Priorities Askew – Demands Sex Change After Being Nailed With 35 Year Sentence

<NR>Tranny traitor Chelsea Manning has some serious priority problems. Now that he’s been sentenced to 35 years in the federal pokey for screwing over his “beloved” homeland in major league fashion, he wants to start [...]

Common Core is Compulsory Federalism & Obama’s Next Big Train Wreck

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Richard Abbey, Contributed to this story <National Report> Silently and without notice 46 states have approved the toxic Common Core State Standards Initiative. If you haven’t heard about [...]
Gay Muslim Americans

New Statistics On Gay Muslim Americans – Islamic Faith Devoured By Western Culture

<NR>America’s Muslim immigrants got more than they bargained for when pitting their eternal souls and a crack at 72 virgins against the corruption and vice of western civilization. Many Islamic families traveled to the US with intentions [...]

Meriwether Lewis Was Not Gay. He Just Thought Women Were Yucky

(National Report) – The Gay Agenda is on a roll. After conquering same sex marriage in nine or eleven states, gaining entry into the military and flooding the sports world with homosexuality, a single fortress of unsoiled conservative truth [...]
While equal pay could end the ‘safe harbor’ offered by underpaid women, it also poses a threat to traditional marriage.

Equal Pay Means the End of Traditional Marriage

(National Report) – Fifty years after passing the Equal Pay Act, a gender wage gap still exists. Conceptually, equal pay is based primarily on destroying marriage and ending heterosexual cheating for men. America is fortunate the market [...]

Magic Johnson’s New Public Service Announcement Against “Bug Chasing”

<NR>Magic Johnson has unveiled a new public awareness campaign against the dangers of bug chasing. This declaration comes hot on the heels of recent admissions by NBA player Jason Collins as well as Johnson’s own son that they are [...]

Pat Robertson Blames Waco Blast on Homosexuals and Liberals

<National Report> Just moments ago a huge explosion occurred at a fertilizer plant near Waco, TX leaving possibly hundreds of people likely injured. Makeshift command and triage centers have been setup on site and witnesses are using all [...]