Michelle Obama Star Wars Episode 7

Michelle Obama To Play Wife Of Lando Calrissian In Star Wars Episode 7

Hollywood, CA — Disney announced on Saturday that none other than First Lady Michelle Obama will be playing a supporting role in in the upcoming and highly anticipated Star Wars Episode 7. Disney says the First Lady will be playing the wife [...]
No to Democrats at 500

Today’s Democrats Support Big Fed Spying, Gun Seizures & Warrantless Searches

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief Two decades ago the Democratic party supported American laws and values. What separated Democrats from Republicans was democrats viewed things more liberally than Republicans. Democrats stood up for [...]

Having No Hope of Passing Tighter Gun Control, Obama Will Mandate Background Checks and Waiting Period for the Purchase of Ammunition!

<National Report>Washington, DC–Faced with polls and the ever increasing reality that freedom loving American gun owners and the American public in general, will never allow Obama to take away their right to bear arms, the White [...]

Mainstream Media Falls for George Zimmerman HOAX – Social Media Abuzz

Sanford, FL–Mainstream media outlets have egg on their face this evening after falling for a HOAX reported by the satire site TruthInk.  The headline of the story, “Zimmerman Arrested and Charged with Domestic Violence” went [...]
US President Barack Obama and US Attorne

Obama-Holder Plot UN Treaty Gun Scam – The Covington Report

  By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief In yet another unlawful move by the traitor Obama and other dark forces in the Obama Administration the president and his co-conspirators including attorney general Eric Holder, have devised [...]

Facebook’s Conservative Lady Exposed As Liberal-Run Satire Page

<NR>I am both a far right conservative and a humble servant of Jesus Christ. My faith, my political affiliation, these are  important aspects of my identity. I believe it is only natural that I would want the people, places and things [...]

NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: “The Liberal Media Never Reports About All Of The Times That People Weren’t Killed By Guns”

Fairfax, VA – Following the recent shooting attack at the Washington Naval Yard by civilian contractor Aaron Alexis, NRA President Wayne LaPierre lashed out at the “liberal media’s” obsession with gun violence. “Sure, [...]

Common Core is Compulsory Federalism & Obama’s Next Big Train Wreck

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief Richard Abbey, Contributed to this story <National Report> Silently and without notice 46 states have approved the toxic Common Core State Standards Initiative. If you haven’t heard about [...]
School arming their kids with guns

Small Town In Louisiana Arming Its Students & Staff With Hand Guns

DeQuincy, LA — A small town in Louisiana is taking matters into their own hands when it comes to the controversial topic of gun control. They are arming all of their students, K-12, and staff members with hand guns. The three different schools [...]
Obama guns or drones program

Obama Announces New Guns Or Drones Program

Washington, DC — President Obama held a press conference today to announce his new Guns or Drones program. The program was implemented so that gun owners who possess any of the guns under Feinstein’s Legislation are closely monitored [...]

Chuck Norris Arrested,Then Released, as Ted Nugent Loses Finger In Bizarre “Glory Hole” Attack On July 4

Galveston, Texas watering hole Bucks Bar is expected to open for business tonight after a temporary closure two days ago as a result of the peculiar 4th of July exchange between two of America’s most beloved icons of masculinity, Ted [...]
After Liberals shut down Missouri's puppy mills, impromptu gun sales offer economic relief for citizens.

MO Considers Gun Ownership Requirement for Voting

(National Report) – The Missouri state legislature in Jefferson City recently passed laws making it easier to fire teachers that refuse to carry a gun into a school, lowering the age requirement for conceal and carry from 21 to 19 as well [...]

Chicago Murder Capitol of America – Richard Daley & Mayor Emanuel to Blame!

Editor’s Commentary By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <NationalReport> Arrogant and haughty Chicago Municipal government officials without any lawful authority to do so sought to deny the cities 2.7 million residents their [...]

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL MASSACRE – 38 Students Killed… 58 Wounded!!!

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <NationalReport> Andrew P. Kehoe, 55, attacked the Bath Consolidated Elementary School after murdering his wife and setting fire to his home. Forty-four people were murdered, 38 of them school [...]

The Covington Report: NRA Shoots Down Obama & His Gun-Grabbing, Gun Nuts!!!

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <NationalReport> President Obama sounded the alarm right after the Newtown massacre. The president promised to lead the charge and champion the cause for gun control by going up against the National [...]

Gun Control Has A Long Proven History Of Working, Isn’t It Time For Change America?

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief <NationalReport> The fact is gun control works! Throughout history reasonable gun control when implemented into armed societies has produced favorable results in many countries. According to government [...]

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