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After Obama, Can A White Man Ever Be Elected to the Oval Office?

Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief With the overwhelming popularity and success of the Obama Administration in the past six years many in America are asking… Can a white man ever hold the office of president again? With the next presidential [...]

GOP Considering Name Change Before 2016 Elections; “Reagan Party” A Top Choice

Last week, the Republican Party won big in the midterm elections, seizing control of the Senate while retaining control over the House, while also picking up governor mansions all across the nation. But for many Republican campaign strategists, [...]
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Clinton 2016: Hillary’s Announcement Imminent; New Makeover Team Hired

CHAPPAQUA, New York – As Democrats lick their wounds over last Tuesday’s midterm trouncing, is more fuel being added to fire up Hillary Clinton’s impending presidential campaign announcement? “Yes” say insiders, as news comes that [...]