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Bedwetter’s Mother Sees Image of Donald Trump in Son’s Sheets

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Like many youngsters, 6-year-old Rogelio Fuentes recently awoke to a pair of soggy pajamas and a set of wet bed sheets — a normal part of childhood development, many doctors say. But thanks to a sharp-eyed mother on [...]
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Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters Sues Donald Trump Over Use of Term “The Wall,” Says National Report

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. — Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters is suing Donald Trump over the real estate mogul’s use of the term “The Wall,” citing brand damage, intellectual property copyright infringement, and future loss of earnings, sources [...]

Oddsmaker Says Donald Trump Will “Totally Melt Down” on July 4

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — A leading oddsmaker says presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump will suffer “a complete and total nuclear meltdown” over the July 4th holiday weekend, ignited by growing criticism from fellow Republicans, including House [...]
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Ben Carson Gets Spray Tan Before Trump’s VEEP Announcement to “Improve His Chances”

Dr. Ben Carson, who says Donald Trump promised him a position in his administration, reportedly received a spray tan to “improve his chances with the party’s presumptive nominee” in what will undoubtedly become a crowded field of potential [...]
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The Covington Report: Health Insurers Bail Out of Obamacare Fear Imminent Collapse

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief The Covington Report are the collective works of commentary and editorial pieces from Editor-in-Chief, Nigel Covington — Political Correctness Prohibited! Obama’s shining flagship of his [...]
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The Covington Report: The Dirty Low Down on D.C. Scandal Queen, “Dirty Hillary”

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief The Covington Report is the collective works of commentary and editorial pieces from Editor-in-Chief, Nigel Covington. — Political Correctness Strictly Prohibited Here! Hillary Milhous Clinton, [...]
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Ben Carson Jokes About Trump’s Riot Warning: ‘He Meant To Say Stabbings’

WASHINGTON — Ben Carson’s unexpected Trump endorsement took a strange turn this week, after sources revealed that the retired neurosurgeon defended Trump’s warning of Republican convention riots by saying “it was just a humorous [...]

Obama Nominates Judy Garland to Supreme Court Just To See If Anyone’s Paying Attention

THE WHITE HOUSE — President Obama, in a unique move engineered “to see if anyone in Congress is paying attention,” nominated the late singer/actress Judy Garland to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. “I [...]
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Banned in Berlin: Donald Trump’s Remarks Get Him Tossed Out of Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has banned Donald Trump from entering Germany after viewing scenes and listening to remarks from Trump’s so-called “incendiary” political rallies, according to sources. The action comes after the [...]
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Marco Rubio Bio ‘Too Small To Fail’ Hits Bookshelves

MIAMI, Fla. – An “unauthorized” biography of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, entitled Too Small To Fail:  The Marco Rubio Story, will hit bookshelves before the end of the month. The slim paperback, authored by Kitty Kelsen, examines [...]
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Nancy Reagan’s Last Words: ‘Do Not Vote For Donald Trump’

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Former first lady Nancy Reagan, who died on March 6 at the age of 94, remained mentally alert “until the very end,” according to a private nurse, who told reporters Mrs. Reagan’s last words to her were, “Do [...]
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Trump’s Nevada Win Shows Illegal’s Better Informed Voters Than Democrats

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor-in-Chief The following is an editorial piece from the Editor-in-Chief If Donald Trump’s win in Nevada last Tuesday has taught Americans anything it’s Nevada wetbacks are far more knowledgeable about [...]

Ted Cruz Fires Back: ‘Ann Coulter’s Not A Natural Born Blonde; I’ve Seen Dick Pics’

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. – While answering questions about his citizenship, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to Ann Coulter’s charge that he is not a “natural-born citizen,” by issuing a charge of his own: Coulter is not a natural-born [...]

Daesh Uses Trump’s Wife in Recruitment Porn

The radical Islamic terrorist group Daesh made headlines last week when they started using billionaire real estate mogul Donald J. Trump in recruitment videos. Trump is the current leader in the Republican Party’s field of candidates [...]

Ted Cruz Backs Constitutional Amendment Repealing Women’s Suffrage

LAND POLE, IOWA — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), made waves last week when he pledged support to a right-wing, anti-abortion group’s proposed Constitutional amendment that would establish “personhood” as beginning at conception, [...]

Donald Trump Lists ‘Fucking Your Mom’ as Only New Year’s Resolution

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Claiming to be in a “festivial and happy” mood, Donald J. Trump — the billionaire real estate mogul and former reality-TV star that is currently the Republican presidential front runner — gave reporters [...]