Donald Trump’s Afro-Centric Golf Course “Colored Greens” Will Attract Black Voters

TRUMP TOWER — In an effort to expand his African-American voting base, Donald Trump revealed plans to build an afro-centric, 18-hole golf course named “Colored Greens.” The resort will open in the fall of 2018, in Birmingham, Alabama, [...]

Caitlyn Jenner to Compete as Female Athlete in Rio Olympics

RIO de JANEIRO — Reality television personality Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Olympic gold-medal decathlete Bruce Jenner, will compete as a female athlete in several “Senior Olympics” sporting events, sources say. Senior Olympic [...]

China’s Economic Recovery Result of Donald Trump Merchandise Sales

BEIJING — China’s rapid economic recovery, historically bolstered by foreign loan repayments and real estate deals, far outpaced quarterly financial projections, largely due to the overwhelming demand for Chinese manufactured, Donald Trump [...]

Bill Cosby’s 2005 Deposition Breaks Silence on Sex Abuse

PACIFIC PALISADES, Cal. – Bill Cosby reportedly intended to break his silence on Friday and publicly respond to highly publicized, longstanding, and multiple sexual harassment and rape charges filed against him, but excerpts from recently [...]

Caitlyn Jenner Wants to be First US Senior Women’s Open Champion

Malibu, CA – The USGA is set to debut the first ever US Senior Women’s Open Championship tournament in 2018 and Caitlyn Jenner, 65, says she wants to be the first to hoist the trophy. Caitlyn Jenner – formally known as Bruce Jenner – [...]

Army Couple Who Moved Wedding For Obama’s Golf Game Files For Divorce, Sources Say

HONOLULU — Once again, Barack Obama has demonstrated his contempt for traditional marriage. The army couple forced to move their dream marriage spot so that President Obama could play golf, has reportedly filed for divorce after just one [...]

Sarah Palin Calls On Obama To Invade Ebola

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – During an appearance as guest and host on The Sarah Palin Channel, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called on President Obama to apply “swift and immediate ‘invasionary’ action” against Ebola. A partial [...]