Absence of Women in Tech Industries is a Myth

(National Report) – Twitter, the social networking company, recently had to use more than 140 characters to explain the absence of women on the 7 man board of directors. The result has been a misconstrued national conversation on why so few [...]

Women, Menstruation And Shame: What Can Be Done About The Public Purchase Of Feminine Hygiene Products?

(World) – The vagina. That fleshy butterfly, salted away between a woman’s thighs. There it remains, shrouded in taboo mystery. Concealed. Hidden, and for good reason… A mere glance at the female reproductive organ makes one [...]

National Report Offers FEMEN Members Asylum at Corporate Office in Los Angeles (NSFW)

National Report publisher Allen Montgomery announced today that he has personally offered asylum to the entire feminazi group FEMEN. While the Ukrainian feminist movement (best known for its topless demonstrations) has recently been offered [...]
While equal pay could end the ‘safe harbor’ offered by underpaid women, it also poses a threat to traditional marriage.

Equal Pay Means the End of Traditional Marriage

(National Report) – Fifty years after passing the Equal Pay Act, a gender wage gap still exists. Conceptually, equal pay is based primarily on destroying marriage and ending heterosexual cheating for men. America is fortunate the market [...]

Princess Anita Sarkeesian Needs a Shorter Horse

(National Report) – Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist video blogger that provides social commentary on video games for the drama hole called Feminist Frequency. She and her ilk are some of the biggest idiots on the internet. Allow me to [...]