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Chinese Investors To Buy Grand Canyon

<National Report>One of the most well known natural attractions in the United States will soon be property of Chinese investors according to a report that has leaked from the U.S. National Park Service. The report states that the U.S. [...]
Starting October 2015, good bye US currency, hello euro. (image: Wizzard - Public Domain - Wikimedia Commons)

Obama’s Executive Order Switches US to Euro

WASHINGTON – Demonstrating perhaps the boldest takeover of presidential authority in history, Barack Obama ordered the Federal Reserve to adopt the euro beginning October 1, 2015, the start of the next fiscal year. The US will soon share the [...]
Beautiful Yulin City In China's Guangxi Province Where The Dog Meat Festivals Are Held Every Year

Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Chinese Chefs Wow Critics With Scrumptious New Dishes

(Yulin, China) – The National Report has sent me on location to the Annual Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China’s Guangxi province, and let me just say it’s an honor to take part in such a rich cultural event. I arrived to take [...]