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Hobby Lobby Announces The Addition Of Plan B and IUD’s To Their Healthcare Plan

<National Report>This morning, Hobby Lobby CEO and founder David Green sat down with the hosts of one of Oklahoma City’s affiliate morning shows Good Morning OKC to discuss the recent changes made to the company’s covered [...]

Planned Parenthood Announces Plans To Offer Third Trimester Abortions

Planned Parenthood announced today a highly controversial plan to begin offering women that are within the early third trimester of their pregnancy abortions. Planned Parenthood’s decision to render abortions within the third trimester, which [...]

Pope Francis Decrees Abortion Allowable in Certain Cases

<National Report>In a startling reversal of established Catholic doctrine Pope Francis, the ofttimes revolutionary new head of the papacy in Rome, has decreed that abortion, in certain circumstances, is allowable. The Pope made public [...]