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Florida Company Offers D-I-Y Home Abortion Kits For Sale Online

By Nigel J. Covington III Editor in Chief A Florida based company Unplanned Parenthood Inc. (UP), whose name is a spinoff of Planned Parenthood, is offering Do-It-Yourself Home Abortion Kits which includes five CDs that provide step-by-step [...]
The government is helping women get abortions.

Excommunicated Catholic Postal Worker Helped Thousands of Women Get Abortions

<National Report>A United States postal worker has been excommunicated from the Catholic Church for assisting thousands of women with obtaining abortions throughout the state of Alabama. Dale Abney, 65, was a life-long, active member [...]

Discussion Notes: Hobby Lobby Targeted by Radicals

(edited for online publication…TNReport Premium and Platinum Members, click HERE for the complete Discussion Notes Dissertation Archive.) My dear friends in Christ, thank you for reading Discussion Notes, your undeniable source for unbiased [...]

Justice Roberts to Rule Against Hobby Lobby, Uphold Obamacare Mandate for Contraception Coverage

<National Report>Washington, DC- The Supreme Court will rule on Monday whether or not “corporations are people”.  Specifically, whether private companies should be legally obligated to provide health insurance that covers [...]

Texas to Pass “Name Your Fetus” Bill

<National Report>In June, state legislators in Texas will vote on an anti-abortion bill that some opponents are saying is “the most draconian law” in Texas’ history, as it makes abortions significantly more challenging [...]

Grisly New Abortion Video Trend Hits Social Media In Big Way

Emily Letts and her notorious abortion video has inspired a grisly new trend amongst feminist circles. After footage of Emily’s callous termination of her unborn child, hundreds of other women have began following suit with their own filmed [...]

Viral Abortion Video Sparks Disturbing New Feminist Trend

<National Report>Emily Letts made sure the cameras were rolling when she marched into an abortion clinic to have a two-week-old fetus slurped from her guts. Documenting this liberating journey as she lay reclined, tethered spread-eagle [...]
Emily Letts

Abortion Filmed by New Jersey Girl Federally Funded Through Obamacare (VIDEO)

<National Report>Social media outlets exploded this afternoon over a video that surfaced of a New Jersey girl filming her own abortion.  Emily Letts, a counselor at a New Jersey abortion clinic, filmed herself getting an abortion and [...]

Soros Group to Buy Planned Parenthood in Bid to ‘Revitalize’ Sagging Profits

<National Report>In a just released statement from the national headquarters of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, it was announced that the organization is being sold for a reported 43 billion dollars to the George Soros group. A [...]

Hobby Lobby to Sponsor People Can Change Organization

Unwanted Homosexual Attraction/Support/Resolution Group Announces Agreement with Hobby Lobby <Washington DC> The controversial People Can Change organization has announced an agreement with Hobby Lobby, the equally controversial arts and [...]

Planned Parenthood Proposes Mobile Abortion Services!

<NationalReport>With funding from the Obama White House, the Department of Health and Human Services, Immigration and Naturalization, as well as a variety of social action and women’s groups, Planned Parenthood today, announced [...]
A color coded calendar of commonly shared birthdays has many light colored days, indicating an abortion was performed about 8 months earlier. (Full size image shown at end of article.)

Popular Planned Parenthood Abortion Days Revealed in New Calendar

(National Report) – A very informative calendar of common birthdays was recently released across the internet by Matt Stiles that reveals some startling facts and raises some uncomfortable questions about ‘choice’ propaganda. There are [...]
Pro-Choice victory in Virginia means women can choose to abort girls, who studies show are more likely to vote Democrat if alive

Virginia Legislature Lifts Ban On Abortions Of Female Fetuses

<National Report>The Right To Life movement scored another huge victory today, as both Republican led chambers in the state capital easily passed the controversial bill, jointly introduced by future gubernatorial candidate Ken Cloacnacelli [...]