Sylvia Brown Debunked As Fraud After Unable To Predict Own Death



The false prophet, Sylvia Brown, had her soul dragged on down to the lake of fire Wednesday at the age of 77. Sylvia’s legacy as a charlatan has been well documented over the years. Cnn had the following to say about Brown:

“While beloved by many in the psychic community, Browne also had detractors. They included those critical of her remarks, on a 2004 episode of “The Montel Williams Show,” that then-missing Amanda Berry was dead — telling Berry’s mother she would next see her daughter “in heaven, on the other side.”

Yahoo News backs up this statement and adds:

“Browne’s ability as a psychic and spiritual guide was sometimes called into question. Over the course of her career, Browne attempted to assist in numerous law enforcement investigations, often with questionable results.
Her ability to predict political elections was somewhat dicey. She predicted Bill Bradley would win the presidency in 2000 and claimed that President Obama would not be reelected in 2012.”

Like a pale, wrinkled leech, she sucked cash flow from the pockets of grieving and desperate individuals by claiming she could speak with their dead loved ones. This was obviously untrue and now, with her unforeseen death many of her followers who were previously on the fence have now step back over onto the side of sanity.

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4 Responses to "Sylvia Brown Debunked As Fraud After Unable To Predict Own Death"

  1. Cassidy Pen Cassidy Pen says:

    Damn. She owes me money for yet to be performed services. I’m going to consult a spiritual psychic to demand my money back from her.

  2. suitcase says:

    She can tell us now if Andy Kauffman is dead or faked it, if she happens to run into him on the other side.

  3. spawn of Howdy Doody says:

    This photo is proof that the dead live.

  4. Epic says:

    Lol. Crazy bitch writing bout a crazy bitch

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