Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Ban On Affirmative Action In Colleges, Athletics Are Immediately Cut


<National Report>In a controversial decision, The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a Michigan ban on affirmative action in higher education. The 6-to-2 decision is likely to set the stage for further battles over affirmative action in the political arena, as well as the courts. This decision by the High Court has sent ripples of racism across the political spectrum, and calls of “White-Privilege” have echoed across the nation. While people still arguing over whether George Zimmerman was innocent, or a racist murderer, this verdict comes down from the Highest Court in the land proving that America loves all races, religions, body types, and sexualities equally, unless one of those races, religions or sexualities doesn’t accept some other one, then they need to go back to China.

Whatever the merits of Tuesday’s ruling, many see it in a broader context.

“I think the framers would be shocked by the direction that the Supreme Court has taken with regard to race,” says Louisiana State University law professor Paul Finkelman, one of 75 historians and law professors who filed a brief in the Michigan case. “The court has essentially said that the Constitution does not provide a mechanism for preserving and creating racial and ethnic equality in the United States.”

Harvard’s Tushnet looks at the history of the last 60 years and sees a court that used to protect minority rights now nullifying measures like the Voting Rights Act, a law passed by Congress to prevent discrimination in voting. “When you look at the court’s decisions on issues of race over the past probably decade, it is interesting that the beneficiaries of the race-related decisions are basically, not to be too crude about it, white people,” he says.

To that, the court’s conservative majority might observe that we have an African-American president and increased minority voting, sometimes at higher rates than whites. In short, that there is nothing to fix anymore, and that “the way to stop discrimination based on race,” as Chief Justice Roberts once put it, “is to stop discriminating based on race.”


The one thing that the Supreme Court didn’t think about during their decision, is the fact that most Blacks, Mexicans and other discolored species, are only good at sports. If we tell them they don’t get Affirmative Action help to get into Colleges, we may lose all sporting events within 10 years. I am a very proud White, Christian, Republican Male, but I admit that sports would be boring with the loss of the other classes of the Human species. Is this law really helping us reach equality finally? It will make everyone be rated on the same scale, regardless of skin color, but it will lose us some amazing athletes, and we will be stuck with only Golf, Tennis and Non-dunking Basketball players soon. Is this really a World you want to live in?

This is what we get without Affirmative Action in College sports.

This is what we get without Affirmative Action in College sports.

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3 Responses to "Supreme Court Upholds Michigan’s Ban On Affirmative Action In Colleges, Athletics Are Immediately Cut"

  1. Joe Dirt says:

    This article should get the rightwing paid by the post bloggers flocking to NR.
    While the Radicals hate the average minority(stereo-typified moocher) they do love them some big dark sweet chocolate when the athletes make the Sports,Media and colleges billions.
    Of course much of this money gets donated for political causes and so we have the culture of corruption today.

    This is as cruel as pushing a drowning person underwater with a life-preserver and yet that is what the end result eventually is.
    Oppressed people vote against their interests simply because it keeps someone that they do not like in poverty,yet in doing so enable their own oppression.
    And they wonder why the hysterical far left invoke Godwin’s Law and brand the right wingers as Neo-Nazis.
    Own it bitches! Everyone knows what you are and there is no hiding behind Reagan anymore.

    Reagan Democrats were the first self-avowed political bigots,a fact that is well known and exploited by the political strategists since Lee Atwater introduced Willie Horton.

  2. suitcase says:

    If these young men do not have college basketball to aspire to, they will be hanging out in front of the liquor store, trying to emulate the neighborhood pimp or selling marijuana. We don’t need more of those kind.

  3. George Rockwell says:

    It’s about time white players were not increasingly overlooked in this aspect of our society. I feel very confident that white players can perform these sports just as well as the more tribals players. I scoff at any Woody Harrellson movie that suggests otherwise.

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