Secret Service Agent Says Obama Is Gay & Muslim

The Black House - Book by former Secret Service agent

A book by a former Secret Service agent claims Barack Obama is a gay Muslim

A former Secret Service agent whose new book is quickly climbing Amazon’s best-seller charts, said he is concerned about the state of the country and says it is time the public knows the real truth about our Commander in Chief, Barack Obama.

Former agent, Paul Horner, in his new tell-all book “The Black House,” reveals what goes on inside the White House when the news cameras are turned off.

In an interview with CNN, Horner told Victor Berman that he is one-hundred-percent positive that President Obama is not only gay, but a radical Muslim as well.

“Everyone on the inside knows that Obama is gay and a Muslim, it is common knowledge,” Horner said. “I saw many men coming and going from Obama’s room, at all hours. I would say a good portion of the men, over fifty-percent, were Muslim.”

Berman: “In your book you talk about several rituals Obama preformed to unwind from his busy schedule. Can you elaborate on these for our viewers?”

Horner: “When no one was around, except his security, Obama couldn’t wait to get out of his suit and into his Muslim tunic. He would wear it while praying to the prophet Muhammad throughout the day. During these prayer sessions he insisted that he not be disturbed.”

Berman: “Your book spends a whole chapter devoted to the various “tortures” that Obama and the First Lady would subject you to. Can you explain?”

Horner: “Because I was white, Obama would force me to listen to Diana Ross full volume, every day, at all hours of the night. It was horrible, I never got any sleep. This is one of the main reasons I finally had to quit.”

Berman: “Can you give us any insight on Obama’s feelings towards the American people?”

Horner: “He constantly made jokes about Americans, frequently referring to them as “mongoloids” and “idiots”. Christians were his favorite verbal punching bags. He has absolutely no respect for the Christian religion. I believe he actually hates Christians, and finds their ideology to be old fashioned and ignorant.”

Berman: What is one of the things readers will find the most shocking?

Horner: “Probably the sheer amount of men he welcomed into his bed quarters. I am in no way homophobic, but Obama’s insatiable lust for homosexual liaisons is like nothing I’ve ever witnessed.  We’re talking 20-30 partners in a single day.”

To read more, pick up a copy of Horner’s book, The Black House, now available on Amazon and at your local bookstore.

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150 Responses to "Secret Service Agent Says Obama Is Gay & Muslim"

  1. Harry S. says:

    About time someone had the gut to come forward and say this!

    • ferdinany says:

      well Joan Rivers is now in a coma after she made the comment of Obama “being gay and Michelle being a Transgender. Joan also talked of Bill Clinton’s kid called Bunny Clinton who is a Rapper. Which everyone keeps a secret since the kids mom is NOT Hilary.

      I would not talk of these powerful people like this its dangerous

  2. Rebecca L. says:

    Impeach Obama!!!

    • Katie says:

      there is no proof that Obama is gay or a muslim. He’s done more good things for this country than any of the other presidents combined. I have a feeling that you only hate Obama because he’s a man of color and youre a bigoted RACIST!

      • Bill G. says:

        Racist? All you damn liberals are the same. Oh, we don’t think he’s a good prez cause we’re racist, huh? It’s all our faults. Has absolutely nothing to do with Obama steadily flushing our country down the damn drain. Oh no, it’s “racism”. If I didn’t love this country so much I’d say you deserve a POS GOP like Obama!

      • Dan Peterson says:

        When will you stupid liberals wake up to what is really going on in this country? Wake up Katie!!!

      • Pat says:

        Katie…..please name some good things that he has done. For every good deed, there are many more bad and harmful acts to our country and to the people of the USA, as a whole. The color thing seems to be the only leg Obama fans have to stand on and that leg is about to give out, dear.

      • Dennis Condon says:

        Katie: Are you delusional or what?

      • Eddie says:

        Katie, I think you need to cut back on the thorazine/heroin mixture.

      • carol says:

        Kate are you really that stupid it is people like you that is the reason he is in office and America has gone to shit. You need to wake the fuck up.

      • Truth Proof says:

        So, Katie, the reason Obama has given the US record high homelessness, high sustained unemployment, record growth in long-term unemployed, record high food stamp dependency, record destruction of middle class wealth, record high deficits, and the first-ever downgrade of our nation’s credit is because WE are racists? Really? Are you just stupid or what? Now, add in Fast and Furious. Secret Service sex scandals, Benghazi, leaking of national secrets, Solyndra, IRS targeting of political opponents, DOJ targeting of journalists, and the NSA targeting of everyone and the question isn’t “why do you dislike Obama”? The question is how anyone at all can support him!

      • Aunt Jane says:

        Oh for gosh sakes?? RACIST??? You progressives aren’t very original are you? No facts, just ridicule and cry racist! Obama has done more to hurt this country than any president in history! He has doubled our national dept and totally ignored any law he doesn’t like! I think this article is probably silly and I really not sure I care but you seem to think his race gives him a pass so you are more racist than the people you are accusing of racism!!!

      • ashley says:

        Are you an idiot or just plain stupid or ignorant of the facts. Obama frequented gay bath houses daily when he was a senator in Chicago. That is fact and proven beyond all doubt. He has done more than all the other presidents combined. Give me a break and go ahead and name one thing he has done for the good of the country. How about the bad, obamacare that is destroying healthcare, not improving it. 0.02 percent were forced to sign up or risk fines which is illegal and goes against the constitution. When you have to force people and 6 million lose their healthcare and six million sign up for the train wreck, or 0.02 percent of the total population, only a complete imbecile would call that a success. Benghazi, Fast and Furious, drones, the NHS, homeland security, suing states for enforcing the borders so millions can waltz in unmolested. What are you, an obamabot lunatic that has watched the decimation of the southern defense shield, a hundred thousand acres in idaho and Michigan given to the Chinese to expand communism. Obama observes Ramadan, prays openly with muslims, allows them on the White House lawn, yet has christians arrested outside the fence. He pushed common core education which is nothing more than communist indoctrination on the children, he supports abortion or the slaughter of millions of unborn children, he gives aid, weapons, and billions to America’s enemies, he is the laughing stock of the whole world and world leaders call him a spoiled brat commie child that throws tantrums. Obama has watched more men killed in other nations 365 thousand to 115 thousand under Bush, he has decimated the moral of the military by slashing their benefits. Shall I go on and as I said, name one thing if you can that he did right. The whole world is still waiting for him to tell the truth and do something that benefits the people, instead of the cronies he supports in dictatorship and tyranny.

        • Fran says:

          Go, Ashley!

        • Angela says:

          Go Ashley, couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!!!!

        • Jimmie says:

          I am so afraid that he is going to declare martial law…If you will remember when he was first elected he said he wanted his own army – and one that is as strong as our regular army. He’s repeated that just a very few times…. .I’m with you Ashley as anyone else would be if they have half a brain. The rest need to go back to the Village as they are missing their idiots.

        • Trisha says:


        • Jean says:

          I couldn’t have said it better myself.

        • FREE says:

          Exactly, and the list keeps growing and growing, and if not for the lame stream media, the truth would have come out on this fraud long ago. The truth always comes out, we just have to be more patient when it comes to the press being so far up obama’s butt they cannot see the light, never mind the truth. PERIOD

        • RON says:


      • Catfish says:

        There is ample proof that Ohomo is both a muslim and a homo. Jeremia Wright heads up a homo church which Ohomo has attended for twenty years. He and Rahm visit the homo bath house. Ohomo has on numerous occasions said he is muslim as well as refering to his muslim faith. You are the racist and so very ignorant or maybe just stupid.

        • Bruno says:

          I’m confused how a gay could be a committed Muslim, or why a Muslim would attend a Christian church for 20 years, instead of a mosque.

      • Chicago Bob says:


        You are either delusional, or Obama in drag, which is it showgirl? C.B.

      • Stephanie says:

        Wow Katie, You are exactly what we refer to as a “sheep” or sheeple”. You have absolutely NO idea what has happened to this country. Do some research and educate yourself. And if you truly believe he has done more good than harm you REALLY have no clue of any facts or statistics that have been brought to everyones attention (but yours of course) since he has became president! Look up the NWO and Benghai and read those FACTS than come back and tell us that he is the best president ever. SMH.

      • Joe Croce says:

        You’re another race baiting moron like Obama and Holder.

      • i suppose you think that just because you start yelling that there is no proof obama is gay and he is a muslim means nothing. and then on top of this ridicules statement you scream out about how he has done more good than all the presidents before him. and then as any typical leftist socialist sheeple, you start the race card b.s. and then you run out of talking points and by saying anything, you prove to all that you have no credibility what so ever. shut up. go do something else. leave the humans alone…

      • Leslie C says:

        RACIST Jesus lady get over the racist B.S. No one cares , its been 50 years. Sing another tune. He is Black with a Black A.G. They are both Commies. Read the Bill of Rights, takes about 5 min. Then read the Communist Manifesto. He rules by the latter. You must be smokin gonja. What in the sam Hell has he done but make us weak in the eyes of the world, and made us BROKE and a WELFARE state Do you ever read or listen to a real News station/.
        Jay Carney his mouthpiece just had his home on T.V. and his kitchen has Commie posters on the wall. His minister Rev Wright says he is Gay, guess that one you figure out on your own. He surrenedered his law license. Look it up as did MooshelleWho does that? Look it up. Get off the kool aid lady, your nation is crumbling on this Douche Bags watch. Dead Americans in Benghazi, IRS , NSA, FBI corruption. What keaf do you live under?

        • Floridastorm says:

          How can anyone be racist toward a president who is 1/4 black? He’s 1/2 white (mother was 100% white), 1/4 black and 1/4 Arab (father was 1/2 black and 1/2 Arab). Now tell me, how is he considered part of the black race? The entire country has been scammed into believing that this guy is black.

      • Laura says:

        Please, Give me a list of at least 5 great things he has done for this country with supporting evidence to back them up.

      • Doug Rodrigues says:

        What “good things” has Obama done, other than BS all of you fools into believing him? To hell with your racist comment. Obama, Sharpton, Michelle, and Jackson are the biggest racists in Washington. Considering that you think he’s doing such a wonderful job, you must be a racist too.

      • Tee says:

        Katie, you really are delusional! Guess what, I’m gay and I can see right through this fraud occupying our White House….I suppose I’m a racist and a bigot too…huh? Well, wake the hell up…..people like you are the reason we’re in this mess….dumb fool! I suppose you voted for him because of the color of his skin instead of his character….now tell me katie, who’s the racist?

      • Tertius says:

        Egyptian minister: “Obama told me he is a Muslim, who supports the Muslim agenda.”This was a statement by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit on Nile-TV. It was made on the Round Table Show. This is the statement recorded: Adul Gheit said he had a one-on-one meeting with Obama, where the US President told him that He was still a Muslim, the son of a Muslim father, the step son of Muslim stepfather, that his half brothers in Kenya are Muslims, and that he was sympathetic towards the Muslim agenda. This is according to the May 2010 issue of “Israel Today.” It is on page 3 in an article titled “Obama, a ‘Strategic Catastrophe,'” by Aviel Schneider.
        === More Here: ===

      • wri7913 says:

        You have a “feeling”…. feelings aren’t proof honey. You state we have no proof even though and eyewitness made statements

      • WARIII says:

        Keep singing the koolaid kids dream song. If you were born in America, you are a traitor!

      • TJ says:

        It appears that you are a “Drooling Pudding Eater” …so how long have you been on the payroll?

      • Robert says:

        You wouldn’t admit it if he were standing in front of you with one bent over in front of him. YOU are so much of an Obotomized left wing liberal extremist it makes me sick at the stupidity…..

      • Katie is the reason the lyin’ Muslim halfbreed bastard was elected. The stupid moronic bitch.

      • Stefflst says:

        Katie, please list what great things he has done. The record for # of times a POTUS has played golf instead of working?

      • chris says:

        Wow you are such an ignorant child. Obama has done more for this country in what way you dunce?

      • Nancy says:

        I have a feeling you’re an idiot.

      • Funk Ovomit says:

        Obozo will make Hitler seem like a drop in the bucket. BTW Hitler, Mao, Stalin took the guns after registration. Exactly what Obozo and his puppet master illuminati/elite want to do. Don’t give your guns unless you want the same fate. Wonder why the dhs needs billions of rounds of hollow point bullets and targets of pregnant women and children and older folks. what about the 2700 urban tanks or the 800 plus fema prisons that are double fenced with razor wire like our other prisons. We have got the guillotines at army bases waiting for martial law to be shipped to the fema prisons. rev 20:4 Don’t believe me? You will after the next false flag.

      • Don says:

        Katie, how’s the Kool-Aid tasting these days?

        • Walda says:

          I think she more than tasted the Kool-Aid. Judging by what she posted, it looks like she gulped gallons and gallons of it!

      • david says:

        Even when PROOF is offered you shoot it down. Flamethrowers get burned…

      • Stupidtwat says:

        You are one completely clueless thing aren’t you?

      • daddy warbucks says:

        Boy are you in for a shock, and none of it has anything to do with color:

        76 Times Obama’s White House Illegally & Unethically Abused Its …

        http://www.ijreview.com/ 2014/ 05/ 136282-constitutional-lawyer-senator-ted-cruz-releases-definitive-lis t-ways-obama-white-house-broken-law/

        4 days ago

        … documenting the Obama administration’s 76 lawless abuses of power.

      • daddy warbucks says:

        Here ya go Katie, time to stop drinking the Kool Aid:

        Only Constitutional lawyer and Texas Senator Ted Cruz would call the White House out like this.

        No commentary needed, just going to get out of Cruz’ way:

        1. Disregarded 1996 welfare reform law in granting broad work waivers for work requirements of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

        2. Implemented portions of the DREAM Act, which Congress rejected, by executive action.

        3. Ended some terror asylum restrictions, by allowing asylum for people who provided only “insignificant” or “limited” material support of terrorists.

        4. Allowed immigrants in the U.S. illegally, who are relatives of military troops and veterans, to stay in the country and get legal status.

        5. Extended federal marriage benefits by recognizing, under federal law, same-sex marriages created in a state that allows same-sex marriage even if the couple is living in a state that doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage.

        6. Recognized same-sex marriage in Utah, even though the Supreme Court stayed the court order recognizing same-sex marriage in Utah and Utah said it would not recognize same-sex marriages performed before the stay.

        7. Refused to prosecute violation of drug laws with certain mandatory minimums.

        8. Issued signing statements, refusing to enforce parts of congressional-enacted statutes.

        9. Illegally refused to act on Yucca Mountain’s application to become a nuclear waste repository.

        10. Falsely portrayed the Benghazi terrorist attack as a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim YouTube video, and then lied about the White House’s involvement.

        11 Illegally revealed the existence of sealed indictments in the Benghazi investigation.

        12. Failed to enforce the Magnitsky Act as required by law, by not adding Russian human rights abusers to a list of people not permitted to travel to or do business in the U.S.

        13. Killed four Americans overseas in counterterrorism operations without judicial process.

        14. Continued to give Egypt aid after the military took over its government, even though federal law prohibits aid to Egypt in the event of a coup.

        15. Granted a “hardship” exemption from the individual mandate for people whose health plans were canceled because their plans weren’t Obamacare compliant.

        16. Delayed the individual mandate for two years.

        17. Allowed individuals to buy health insurance plans in 2014 that did not comply with Obamacare. Extended this delay until 2016—past the mid-term elections.

        18. Extended the deadline to enroll in Obamacare.

        19. Illegally granted businesses a waiver from Obamacare’s employer mandate. Twice.

        20. Illegally continued the Obamacare employer contribution for congressional staffs.

        21. Illegally delayed the Obamacare caps on out-of-pocket healthcare payments.

        22. Illegally delayed Obamacare verification of eligibility for healthcare subsidies.

        23. Illegally required people to violate their faith via the Obamacare contraception mandate.

        24. As of May 2011, over 50% of Obamacare waiver beneficiaries were union members (who account for less than 12% of the American work force).

        25. Ordered Boeing to fire 1,000 employees in South Carolina and shut down a new factory because it was non-union.

        26. Implemented a moratorium on offshore drilling after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill without statutory authority, and continued to enact new versions after federal courts repeatedly invalidated the moratorium.

        27. Treated secured creditors worse than unsecured creditors in the Chrysler bankruptcy.

        28. Terminated the pensions of 20,000 non-union Delphi employees in the GM bankruptcy.

        29. Had SWAT teams raid a Gibson guitar factory and seize property, on the purported basis that Gibson had broken India’s environmental laws—but no charges were filed.

        30. Government agencies are engaging in “Operation Choke Point,” where the government asks banks to “choke off” access to financial services for customers engaging in conduct the Administration does not like—such as “ammunition sales.”

        31. Made illegal “recess” appointments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the National Labor Relations Board when Congress wasn’t in recess. Ignored the rulings of three federal courts of appeals that held those nominations unconstitutional. 2.

        32. Appointed czars to oversee federal policy specifically because czars do not require Senate confirmation, earning criticism from stalwart Democrats such as West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd and Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold.

        33. As of January 2012, 36 of the President’s executive office staff owed $833,970 in back taxes.

        34. As of 2011, 311,566 federal employees or retirees owed $3.5 billion in taxes.

        35. Illegally targeted conservative groups for heightened IRS scrutiny.

        36. Circumvented the Freedom of Information Act, by requiring White House Counsel review of all documents to be released under the Freedom of Information Act that the Administration believed pertained to “White House equities”—and then delayed in producing many of these documents by FOIA’s statutory deadline, or didn’t produce them at all.

        37. Got secret permission from the FISA Court to reverse restrictions on the National Security Agency’s use of intercepted phone calls and emails, permitting the NSA to search American’s communications in its databases.

        38. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking to monitor about 80% of U.S. credit card transactions.

        39. Targeted Fox News reporter James Rosen by falsely labeling him a possible “co-conspirator” in a criminal investigation of a new leak.

        40. Secretly obtained phone records from staff at the Associated Press.

        41. Had meetings with lobbyists in coffee shops near White House to avoid disclosure requirements.

        42. Aided drug cartels instead of enforcing immigration laws—as found by a federal judge. Border Patrol agents, multiple times, knowingly helped smuggle illegal immigrant children into the U.S.; “the DHS is encouraging parents to seriously jeopardize the safety of their children.”

        43. Illegally sold thousands of guns to criminals, in the operation known as Fast and Furious and then refused to comply with congressional subpoenas about the operation.

        44. Dismissed charges filed by Bush Administration against New Black Panther Party members who were videotaped intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling station during the 2008 election.

        45. Argued for expansive federal powers in the Supreme Court, which has rejected the Administration’s arguments unanimously 9 times since January 2012.

        46. Sued Louisiana to stop school vouchers and keep low-income minorities trapped in failing schools.

        47. Threatened to arrest military priests for practicing their faith during the partial government shutdown.

        48. Muzzled the speech of military chaplains.

        49. Sued fire departments saying their multiple-choice, open-book written employment tests were racially discriminatory.

        50. Gave 23,994 tax refunds worth more than $46 million to aliens here illegally using the same address in Atlanta, GA.

        51. Released a mentally ill Guantanamo detainee… who had been a high-risk al Qaeda fighter in jihad combat since the 1980s.

        52. Backed release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi.

        53. President Obama told NASA administrator to “find a way to reach out to the Muslim world.”

        54. Claimed the Fort Hood shooting was “workplace violence” rather than terrorism.

        55. Signed a stimulus bill that spent money on bonuses for AIG executives, and then acted shocked and outraged at the bonuses.

        56. Gave $535 million to Solyndra, which went bankrupt; Solyndra shareholders and officials made substantial donations to Obama’s campaign.

        57. Reneged on a campaign promise to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term in office.

        58. Increased the national debt more in one term than President Bush did in two terms.

        59. Extended mortgage assistance to people who bought multiple homes during the housing bubble.

        60. Proposed rules that would have decimated family farms, by prohibiting children under 18 from doing many forms of farm work.

        61. Former “safe schools czar” has written about his past drug abuse and advocated promoting homosexuality in schools.

        62. Nominated Timothy Geithner—who had significant tax issues —to head the Treasury Department, which enforces tax laws.

        63. Reneged on campaign promise to broadcast healthcare reform negotiations on C-SPAN.

        64. Reneged on a campaign promise to wait five days before signing any non-emergency bill (at least 10 times during first 3 months in office).

        65. Unilaterally, increased the minimum wage for federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10, via executive order.

        66. Cancelled all White House tours after sequestration—purportedly saving $18,000 per week—even though President Obama had spent more than $1 million in tax money to golf with Tiger Woods one weekend a few weeks before.

        67. Adopted pro-union “ambush election” rules.

        68. Pressured Ford to pull an anti-auto-bailout TV ad.

        69. Actively, aided in George Zimmerman protests.

        70. Tried to seize a privately owned motel when guests used illegal drugs at the motel.

        71. Shut down the Amber Alert website, while keeping up Let’s Move website, during the partial government shutdown.

        72. Gave supervised release to a convicted criminal (an alien here illegally) who later killed a nun in a DUI.

        73. Shut down an Amish farm for selling fresh unpasteurized milk across state lines.

        74. Spent $7 million per household in “stimulus funds” to connect a few Montana households to the Internet.

        75. Spent $205,075 in “stimulus” funds to relocate a shrub that sells for $16.

        76. Fired an inspector general after investigating an $850,000 AmeriCorps grant received by a nonprofit run by former NBA star and Obama supporter Kevin Johnson (now mayor of Sacramento).

      • Deborah G says:

        Go ahead name me ANYTHING just ONE thing that has helped this country? Took over our healthcare and destroyed it? Stopped job growth dead in its tracks? Shut down the oil industry from supplying us with not only OIL but jobs you fool.Destroyed our triple A credit rating? gee that’s nice. Kissed,bowed and scraped to an Arab King? Apologized for our Imperialism? Let Gitmo detainees go for a desserter? Who joined the Muslims and gave them one year off LOL You are one of the stupidiest liberals I have ever encountered.let Putin negotiate for him then spit in our face? You are truely a special kind of stupid

      • El Burro says:

        You are so misguided and misled. This man will go down as the worst president in U.S. history. He bowed to the monarchy in Saudi Arabia. He apologized to the world concerning us taking action against the ones who attacked us on 9/11. He can’t tell the truth concerning the IRS, Veteran’s Administration, Bengazi, He selected a V.P. that is just as ignorant as he is. This administration has continuously flushed our standing in the world down the proverbial toilet in the foreign policy realm. He has added more to the national debt than all the previous presidents combined. His Obamacare Act has added more taxes than any piece of legislation.

      • katie says:

        from one katie too another. he is the worst president ever I don’t judge if he’s homo sexual god is the judge women fall for his smile he had fooled the people who voted for him u can feel attracted too him. he’s a phony. it’s please pray for this. man AND his family Jesus died for everyone his looks are deceiving katie Jesus loves u katie one

      • joe says:

        Are you fucking high?? You fucking idiot!

      • Dan Reidy says:

        RACIST….that’s that “made up word”….In 1927 a communist puke named Leon Trots came up with that bulls it term to discourage disent…millions were subsequently MURDERED by those of that satanic mindset…so KATIE the Marxist sheep tell me more about how it’s supposed to be in your fucked up demonic utopia

      • rootvg says:

        I’m gay and my parents hate me

      • mytorpor says:

        So please…tell us what Obama has done to for this country…PLEASE tell us, because so far all I have seen is this administration jumping from one crisis to the next. One scandal to the next. The middle east is on fire, Russia is invading their neighbors, the whole world is laughing at us, our allies no longer trust us, our economy is in a shambles, our national debt has gone up 8 trillion dollars, the only jobs are low paying and part time and black unemployment has tripled since Obama took office, the housing market is still in the tank, he is still laundering $75 billion a month through the stock market in the name of quantitative easing, our military’s morale is in the pits, health insurance premiums are doubling while copay’s and deductibles are tripling, personal income is down $4,500 a year, gas prices have doubled and food prices are soaring,….so PLEASE tell us these positive things you claim he has done, I would LOVE to hear something positive!

      • Theresa says:

        Racist? Yep, I am NOW. Never used to be but once he became president, I became aware of what a NIGGER really is! This president is a NIGGER and he and his wife belong in the friggin zoo or jungle.

      • DK says:

        We are still waiting for the list….please tell us ALL the good things he has done….we will be waiting….

      • slabbott says:


        LOL! You are not only ignorant, you are stupid. A very dangerous way to live my friend! I don’t think stupid can be fixed! I’m very sorry!

      • star says:

        well even for a not gay person are 20-30 people in de bedroom area silly, the white house is big enough for visitors I think.So this is no a good story and to me is the skincolor from people total not important.So don’t callme racist.But thatthe USA choose a president on skincolor is clear, the had better done to choose a president with competence and integrety

      • Renee says:

        Name ONE THING he has done under the “done more good for this country” label. 3…2….1…GO!

      • Bro says:

        It is really unbelievable..you must be brain dead, blind, or live on the moon.

      • Be cool says:

        Katie, you are sweat and brave. Do you see all the hate? These people are infected with it. I am incur aged by your voice and bravery. Let your spirit drowned them out and always stay true to yourself and you convictions

        Take care

      • Joe says:

        OH my god Katie is fuck**** brainwashed. Rest in peace.

      • Joe says:

        Katie is a payed troll. That’s for sure.

      • Oliver says:

        Instead of a bold statement, can you tell us only one good thing?

      • fibbo says:

        Those who call others who criticize Obama racist are either ignorants or profit making from him destroying free democracy all over the world. Only real racists can vote for such a strange wallstreet marionette, especially twice LOL

      • Gladys Blavitz says:

        Spare me the rhetoric! Why does everyone think it’s race!! I don’t care if he’s gay, however he let those damn “Castinet Clackers” into the country, he gives exuctive orders without Congress approval! I’m black & I have never seen a president run a country like Obama! The United States needs to impeach him & get an old whitey republican back in office! Or else jus make the US another episode of “politics & Hip Hop!! Indeed , a president associating with the likes of Jay Z!! That man hates women and his music is nothing!! Music has a melody!! The world is waiting Jay z, where is the melody!! As my grandmother used to say ” just Wartch” not watch, but Wartch” you will see!! Obama is a Leo, I was raised by a Leo, & they are so pompous they think it’s all about them!! You will see!! Everybody flipping and dyin cuz he’s black!! I’m about what’s right, not race or skin color!!!

      • Duuuuhhh says:

        Eat a dick and die you dumb bitch.

      • Jerry Reider says:

        Name one good thing that 0bama did for our country. There is plenty of proof that 0bama is a homosexual and a Muslime. 0bama said that Mitt Romney does not respect his Muslime faith on the campaign trail. I guess you missed that, how surprising. Also, you are the typical liberal bigot, playing the race card when you have no other card to play.

      • MARY says:


      • joe says:

        maybe we think he is a homo because he walks funny

      • joe says:

        No I am not a racist. Just do not like the man or his policy. He hates US and hates Americans because he is not one.

      • jps says:

        just what planet are you living on. Order from amazon the book The Black White House….Look at the lies he has told this country. He is the most dangerous thing in this country at this time

      • Angee says:

        Katie, how sad that you have been brainwashed…if you had a brain? I’m a person of color and I know liars, fakes, corrupt criminals when I see their actions against others. Did you miss elementary logic??? Sadly there are many like you. I couldn’t care less that he’s gay or Black Muslim! What I refuse to accept in him is his destruction of our system of government and the incredible degradation of human beings he’s put on social benefits instead of helping
        them with education and or work skills that will get them a job where they can determine their own destiny. Another nightmare is for him to fill the USA with illegals like himself who only want the benefits they can get from those who have sacrificed a lifetime to build for their families and the future of America. I find you repulsively treasonous to this nation. Too bad there are many like you who blindly vote and cause this destruction of America with your ignorance. You are helping this monster destroy your future and ours. Shame on all the stupid people who don’t bother to research the candidates and completely vet them.

      • wiseguy says:

        0bama thucks!

  3. Samantha G. says:

    This is what happens when you don’t teach Christianity in the schools

    • Bro says:

      That certainly would help .. but..God did not say to teach/preach the Bible in the public ungodly school system..He said in Mark 16: 15 “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” The religious hirelings in America have failed to do this. Most of them don’t even know the Gospel (the good news of the kingdom) let alone preach it!! That is why we are in the horrific state we are in.

  4. Paul Bonerville says:

    This is a great book. Glad I bought it! Gives so much incite into what crooks the Obama family really are

  5. Sandy Livingston says:

    I bought the book today, love it!!!

  6. Martha Sanders says:

    Oh great, a gay Muslim in charge of America. When can we impeach this president already?

  7. MYoung says:

    Katie, you can fix ignorance. There is no shame in not knowing something. You can not fix stupid which is what you are. Get off the bigotry racial card. Look at the true facts. This president is the worst our country has ever had and yes I didn’t put a capital letter in the word president because the one we have now does not even deserve a capital letter. Get a job, get educated, and then you might be qualified to make a statement worth reading.

  8. Ferd Burfel says:

    Come on guys, I am not a fan of this POS prez but this whole thing is a ruse. No such book exists anywhere….had to listen to Diana Ross at full volume…hint…that is a joke. Don’t be so damned gullible, you make the rest of the conservative world look stupid…

  9. Chicago Bob says:

    Ferd, eat shit and live dumbass! CB

    • Ferd Burfel says:

      Why, aren’t you the class act Chi Town Bobby! I always heard it as eat shit and die but Chicago has a different take on just about everything. Good luck living in the murder capital (smiley face)

      • Ferd Burfel says:

        So, your calling in life is to soundproof America…very noble. Does it deaden gunshots in the windy city? (smiley face)

  10. J Hopkins says:

    I just searched for this book and author on Amazon. There is no such book for sale there.

    • Ferd Burfel says:

      ..and yet folks here have bought and read it. Very interesting. Perhaps Chicago Bobby could enlighten us…yeah right

    • jps says:

      I just ordered the book on Amazon and it is available unless they sold out since yesterday. Look at the title and author its there.

  11. Thomas Fessler says:

    While I could care less if our President is gay or not, I am more concerned as to what is going on in this country. As an American I take it very seriously when someone, whoever it is, attempts to bring down this country. I don’t know if any of this information is actually true but it does make interesting reading.

  12. Eddie says:

    And this is the trash that was installed in the white house twice by retarded americans !

  13. The Only Things White In The House Now Are His Teeth And The Lines Of Coke!

    • Fran says:

      Katie & all others trying to “pull the race card,” educate yourselves first. Obama is 50% white, about 43% Muslim and only about 7% actually black! So, what exactly is your point?
      Also, Katie, PLEASE tell us exactly what Obama has done for our country. Don’t say Obamacare as I know too many people it negatively impacted. Also, the uninsurables would have a great program if they had left health insurance alone and set up a perpetual health system using the $34 BILLION our taxes paid for the failed ACA Operating System…which was a “no bid” contract just handed over to one of Michelle’s friends!!!

  14. sylvia says:

    I often have wondered about him being gay. Look how he has pushed the gay agenda on Americans and even countries who ban homosexuality. He seems to be on a pathetic mission of trying to force acceptance of sexual perversions in to every institution and home life, which now is being infiltrated by introducing children to sexual deviation in schools, thru lectures by gays, with accompanying pamphlets and flyers of explicit description of different sexual persuasions. Why has he championed the gay agenda more than any other cause of his is what I’d like to know, shoot he helps the gays more than his own people.

    • Gladys Blavitz says:

      All you have to do is watch his mannerisms and walk!! I saw him lifting weights and laughed so hard I thought the paramedics would need to be summoned & carry me out of here on a stretcher!!lol I’m a material girl from way back & I know my sisters & brothers when I see them!!! Obama is your sister girl!!

  15. Max says:

    I think Katie meant it comes across as racist when people who don’t complain about the bad things a white president does suddenly start complaining when a black president does the same things. Obama carries on the evil status quo but the status quo has been going on a lot longer than he’s been the figurehead, but for some inexplicable reason not backed by history you people have been complaining about Obama but often fully supported the leaders before him who perpetrated the very same things you complain about, or blame him for while ignoring how he’s not the first to do it – just the first that a lot of you people seem to consider worth complaining about. That’s why it seems racist, because you’re just now complaining but when a white president created or perpetrated the same or even worse injustices you were all silent – esp. if it was a white conservative doing it. Unless you just don’t like gay people and Muslims, in which case you’re prejudiced bigots and not necessarily racists. Hope that helps!

    • Don says:

      Max, NO OTHER AMERICAN president has destroyed this country like BHO!!! He has not accomplished one single thing for the good of this country. You and any other LIARS promote EVIL by calling opponents of BHO racists, bigots and haters. YOU are the one causing the hate with these kinds of posts, falsely accusing people who love this country. Please remove the blinders from your eyes and see this POTUS for what he really is! He told us that he set out to “fundamentally change America”! What other proof do we need that he is Anti-American?
      Quit accusing people of racism who disagree with this Mulatto!. He is pure EVIL and his supporters are at best ignorant, and at worst, complicit!!!

  16. Paul M says:

    You can’t be a devout Muslim, and be gay. Please decide which one of these things you most want him to be, and stick with it.

    • Jay says:

      Just as Osama Bin Laden was a devout Muslim, yet had a stash of porn when killed. Obama is the first Gay, Muslim President…..you liberals got a twofer. Now stay the fck home on election day and let the adults take our country back.

  17. Jackie says:

    Defiling the Whitehouse and destroying America. That is what comes of ignoring the law and allowing a illegal Usurper in the Whitehouse. A Perverted, Evil Usurper.

  18. Katie.
    I would be wasting my time by explaing the bad evil things this Oreo president has done to America as you woulden’t believe it.As far as racist goes I must admit I’m racist but then so are you and every one on the planet earth.We of the white race believe we are the best race around but of course the blacks believe the are the greatest race on earth.And too the browns believe they are the greatest race on earth and ect ect ect.So why don’t you stop your racism for other colors of people on planet earth.I’ve been on this earth for many many years and I’ve seen the good and I’ve seen the bad and there is one thing you cant do and that is to put two races of people together and force them to like each other it just don’t work.We are in the trouble we are in today is because we have allowed one race of people to dominate other races of people not because they deserved to do so but because they were forced on us by the government.So because you call me a racist proves that you are a racist.

    • Gladys Blavitz says:

      Watch it I’m an Oreo too, however I must admit I’m more in touch with my white blood than black!! Even though if you have 1 ounce of black in you your black!! I have seen black people destroy whole neighborhoods, most have a sense of entitlement , that’s why they love Obozo!! What was the commercial, ” I GOT MY FREE CELL PHONE FROM OOOOBBAMMA!! Dumb farts they are worried about a cheap boost mobile cell phone, while the country goes to hell in a hand basket! You white people better make sure a republican makes it next time!! I have no quarrels with racist white people as long as they don’t bother me, however the ones I have met usually get along with me because I’m not of the usual Ilk of project living ghetto black people!!! Look around the only thing that’s public most black people are doin is these Minstrel shows that is called entertainment!! Nothing of any intellectual prowess!! What’s next the President sagging his pants next term! I speak the truth & have no personal vegans with Black people or Latinos!!! However most of them are not used to anything & you can’t , you just can’t let a Castinet Clacker or African American run this country!!! This is a black woman sayin take the country back white people, peckerwoods whatever nomenclature you choose to use!!!

  19. I’m looking for the book by Paul Horner:The Blackhouse and I cant find it can anyone on this site help me find where I can get a copy???

  20. Oh I’m not saying anything that others on this site haven’t said.Whats the matter you scared you might offend somebody?

  21. Reverend James G. Borden says:

    So what is the new news?

  22. Jimmy says:

    The book has disappeared. … cant buy it or find it anywhere.


  23. Andrew Morris says:

    No wonder people around the world laugh at America. I’ve never read such vile, retarded nonsense. He won the election. You may regret that but he is still President. As to the “proof” that he is a muslim and gay, it simple doesn’t exist. It’s fiction. Someone may say it but that doesn’t make it true. And while I hesitate to dip into this lunacy, you can’t be a devout gay muslim. Nor – envious though I am – can a 50+ guy have 20-30 erections a say.

  24. Paul -Indiana says:

    If obama can be proven to not be eligible for the Presidency due to foreign birth that would nullify everything he has signed into law.

  25. Elegy says:

    Was it really a secret that Barry is a homosexual? For crying out loud, the man was a regular visitor to Chicago batthouses and picked up male prostitutes as recently as a decade ago. I do disagree though, I believe he’s an atheist/humanist. He has loyalties to Islam because of his indonesian stepfather.

  26. Danny W. says:

    This is such a good book! So glad I bought it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

  27. Me says:

    Of course he’s gay, look at his wife.

  28. babeola says:

    Has Amazon pulled this book? I can’t find it anywhere?

  29. Sally Fields says:

    You can’t fix stupid.

  30. Reverend James G. Borden says:

    Please give a list of all the specific accomplishments Obama has done while in the White House.
    Thank you.

  31. Pam says:

    While I have no trouble believing that Obama is Muslim and gay, it is absurd to believe that he has time for 20-30 trysts in a day, a week, or a month. It IS interesting that the book appears to have been “scrubbed” from the internet. I can find reference to it, but not IT.

  32. Reverend James G. Borden says:



  33. exo says:

    He is gay and he is not a christian, i have never heard him defend the christian religion, ever !!! he is gay, and the reason he hid it is because he wouldnt be sitting in the white house if the american people knew that fact . period

  34. Julianus Trovada says:

    Actually, I believe Ted Cruz is gay. He has the features of a gay man and is very “pretty.” Look at him if you don’t believe me!

  35. David Thomson says:

    I love nationalreport.net for news and get all my news here! They have better ethics than anyone else out there!

  36. Rod Freeman says:

    The people of this country not only elected this man once… but twice!!!! The majority got on his band wagon and followed him like the pied piper. Like he was some kind of God. Now they want to ball and squall boo hoo hoo because the country’s literally going to hell in a handbasket. As sad of a state of affairs as it is… you’re getting exactly what you deserve!! Smarten up people!!!! If you don’t want this kind of asinine, ridiculous and disgraceful leadership… DON’T PUT THEIR ASS IN OFFICE! Have we really gotten so ignorant as a country that we can not see shit for what it is? Obama’s so full of it that it pours out of his eye sockets as well as his mouth. Obvious from the get go. I get so fed up reading and listening to the whiners from both sides of the political fence. We the people are the only ones who can turn this country around. Until we get that through our thick skulls … we might as well shut up and enjoy the ride.

  37. Dennis says:

    Ohomo is correct, Americans ARE idiots and mongoloids — they elected HIM didn’t they? He has no respect for Christians, who cares what a POS muslim respects? Don’t we even vet the morons running for our highest offices? WTF?

  38. Be Willis says:

    that man just signed his death warrant. He’ll wind up dead. Probable get B Clinton to do it. Bill’s good at hiring the right people for that job. It may not be tomorrow or the next day, but he’ll wind up dead.

  39. Use Your Noggin says:

    It’s time for people who are unwilling to consider any evidence that might contradict their own political beliefs to surrender their voter registration cards!

  40. judibug says:

    Take for example Obama’s promotion of gay rights in other countries using our embassies and his own rainbow flag flown with the American flag. I am embarrassed to say it took me until now to understand what his rainbow flag meant. And I am highly embarrassed for our ambassadors and our country.

  41. james says:

    I just looked on Amazon and it certainly is for sale. Search black house by paul horner.

  42. JimS says:


    Get this straight – He is NOT a black man. 50% white, 45% Arab and 5% Black

  43. Reverend James G. Borden says:

    Hey, BE COOL!
    Please list of all the wonderful things Obama has done for America during the past five and one-half years.
    List all the achievements he has done that prove he has done more than all the previous presidents combined as bragged by Katie.
    Katie hasn’t listed one item.
    We are waiting for your list.

  44. Gareth says:

    Obama is a Nazi who wants to bring Hitler back from the dead and sacrifice Peyton Manning to satan!!!!!

  45. Dwilson says:

    Man I’ve always known republicans were complete idiots concerned only with lining their pockets with the GOP useless trickle down economics, but this tirade of garbage proves republicans will destroy any hint of self respect and common sense to promote the GOP – tea party agenda. That is why the GOP may NEVER regain the White House ever again. How can we allow such complete idiots run anything but AWAY!

  46. CaptTurbo says:

    Gee, gay and Muslim? What a news flash! Not! The worst thing about him is that he hates America and that so many Americans are so stupid they are helping him destroy it.

  47. Randy says:

    Now we know why he still smokes…it is to help mask the taste leftover in his mouth.
    Just what we need, the faggot in chief. Flaming gay man, Communist, active Islamic supporter and not born in the U.S. Let’s give a big round of applause to the news media.

  48. Ray says:

    I read this book , cover to cover…funny thing is it was ” confiscated” by the Tsa as I boarded a plane…interesting. Seems a full frontal assault on our 1 st amendment in trying to censure the book from the public.

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