Russian Submarine Surfaces Off Baja California Coast… 260 Miles South of San Diego

This Google Earth Image is the Assumed Course if all Three Sightings are of the Same Sub

This Google Earth Image is the Assumed Course if all Three Sightings are of the Same Sub

By Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Shortly before 7:02 pm PST today a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine is reported to have surfaced off the coast of Baja California where it remained visible against the setting sun for just minutes. This is the third report of Russian submarine activity in the past week.

This first sighting was reported on Monday September 2nd from the remote Banana Settlement on Kiribati Island also known as Christmas Island, located about 1,135 miles south southwest of Hawaii.

Russian Navy Nuclear-Powered Submarine Taken in 2012

Russian Navy Nuclear-Powered Submarine Taken in 2012

According to residents as the sun rose on Monday morning they could see a dark form resting on the ocean, once the sun was high enough to illuminate the water’s surface they could clearly see it was a submarine. Witnesses said the ship remained on the surface for 10 to 15 minutes; several men were seen walking on top the vessel before they went below and submerged from view.

According to U.S. defense officials on Thursday September 5th, the U.S. Navy detected and tracked a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine about 200 miles southeast of Hawaii with an eastbound course at 19.45 degrees.

The third and final sighting occurred minutes before sunset today. Scientist working on the Seacology Project, and living in temporary shelters at Campamento de pescadores, on the western face of Guadalupe Island, reported spotting a sub surface a few miles offshore. It remained on the surface for a few minutes when the sun set and they lost sight of it. The scientists on the island said shortly after the sub surfaced they were able to observe it using a telescope and binoculars.

The Navy reported sightings of Russian attack subs has increased over the past 18 months following an announcement from President Putin of Russia’s growing influence. The Navy advised the Russians pose no threat and for the most part keep their patrols in International waters. China and Putin’s Russia have emerged as a global power and Putin wants the world especially the Americans to know.

With President Obama’s announcement to hold a timely press conference less than 24 hours from now where he is expected to pitch the American people on his visions of a new and glorious war beginning with a “limited military strike” against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad… with Congress’s approval of course.President Putin’s timing couldn’t be any more timely if he owned a Timex. And its his keen sense of timing that let the Americans know he’s firmly in control.



A short time ago President Obama announced his plans to lay waste to Syria are “on hold” as long as Syria agrees to surrender control of its chemical weapons to the International community. Syrian President Bashar Assad has responded favorably to the arraignment.


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4 Responses to "Russian Submarine Surfaces Off Baja California Coast… 260 Miles South of San Diego"

  1. ADQKID says:

    As “scary” as that may sound to some at 260 miles they were legally in international waters. The US does it all the time and I don’t see why any other nation should be allowed to. Let Russia police the world’s BS for a while and bring our military home.

  2. J day says:

    Both the Russians and the Chinese see the threat America poses in their self righteous determination for world domination, they continue to rip up the the constitutional rights of its own citizens and threaten world Armageddon to any nation who has the audacity to stand up to them. Even most American citizens see their government for what they are, WAR CRIMINALS.