Obama Administration Welcomes Russian Soldiers To Implement Martial Law During Government Shutdown

You Could Soon Be Seeing Russian Soldiers Working Alongside Americans In A City Near You

You Could Soon Be Seeing Russian Soldiers Working Alongside Americans In A City Near You

(USA) – As discord continues to brew among US citizens over the unsettled government shutdown, National Report has received word that the Obama administration has taken steps to prepare for an inevitable nationwide catastrophe. Several thousand Russian troops have been deployed to the US to aid in imposing martial law during the event that disharmony over the uncertain situation reaches fever pitch.

As the shutdown trudges on with no clear end in sight, welfare recipients and other dependents living on the taxpayers dole grow progressively more anxious over the potential elimination of government aid programs and EBT cuts. Obama claims to be expecting a “worst-case scenario” and believes martial law will be needed to restore order to the masses.

Obama reportedly made arrangements with Russian leader Vladimir Putin last month to employ Russian military as “back up” in the instance that American servicemen became overwhelmed with the uprising.

America faces a calamitous blow to its already tentative infrastructure if the government continues with their suspension.

They are anticipating riots throughout all major cities in the nation. All local business will be at a risk for looting and vandalism. Gangs will emerge to take advantage of the emerging power vacuum and will further oppress and intimidate frightened, law abiding citizens. Ultimately, the government is taking steps to prevent the inevitable civil war which will likely unfold if the shutdown grinds on.

American soldiers are expected to work together with the Russians as they round up any potential troublemakers and shipping them off to the strategically placed FEMA camps around the country.

The Russian soldiers reportedly arrived Friday at an undisclosed American army base. They have since been deployed to their predesignated stations.

The Obama administration hopes the Government shutdown can be resolved with minimal amount of bloodshed. “We all just want to get back to business as usual. We want to work again!”

Photo credit: Russian Soldiers, Attribution:  Kremlin.ru [CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0, via Wikimedia Commons, Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ARussian_Army_soldiers_in_Khankala%2C_Chechnya.jpg

President Obama and President Putin, By Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, Source: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ABarack_Obama_%26_Vladimir_Putin_at_Putin’s_dacha_2009-07-07.jpg

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12 Responses to "Obama Administration Welcomes Russian Soldiers To Implement Martial Law During Government Shutdown"

  1. Ron says:

    Well I’ve always liked Russian strippers.

  2. Terry Ward says:

    This is outrageous.
    How long are we going to outsource American jobs before we become absolutely socialistic?
    American prisons are full of people who could do a much better job maintaining martial law than some vodka-swigging chess-playing communist.
    How much is this costing the American taxpayer?????
    Monsanto has a HUGE presence in Russia by the way.
    Just sayin..

  3. greg says:

    This is what Obama wants and has been waiting for. To take complete control over our country. He must be stopped by any means necessary. He needs to be tried for treason, impeached, or overthrown by our military. He is vindictive and considers himself as being victamised in his childhood and now is taking it out on the American people. He feels like a damaged individual who now has to transform America as payback for his own upbringing. He is a damaged individual with no respect for our veterans. Wake up people, its time to stand up for our constitution and put an end to this horrible Regime.

    • Terry Ward says:

      Greg, I know for a fact the FEMA has set up secret ‘camps’ for our brave veterans so the the gov does not have to pay their benefits.

      All I can say is keep a close watch on your elders…especially if they fought for our Freedoms.

      • Ted Crilly says:

        I heard that too Terry. And I also heard that once in the camps, I understand the new Obamacare “death panels” will deal with problem of “freedom-loving veterans” for good.

        On with the revolution comrades!

    • nanette says:

      Oh my God, you are funny

  4. Richard McHarg says:

    The Russians have been running Russia for centuries, so they have plenty of experience of this sort of thing.

    There is an obvious business opportunity here for enterprising Americans in the potato industry, although, as a Scot, I’d encourage Americans to continue buying our far superior whisky.

    Nevertheless, I’m glad I’m on the other side of the Atlantic, as there will be an increase in choral singing, all-hour drinking sessions and energetic dancing, but it should keep that notorious practitioner of Islam, Barak Obama, in-check, mate. Russians have proved in Chechnya that they are hard on Muslims, and homosexuals.

    Perhaps the President should change his name to Obamski!

  5. bill says:

    lol sarah palins picture is at the top of the new article you know this is some Republican propaganda BS nice try almost had me going you morons

  6. deep south says:

    If you voted for odumby then i wish the worse for u….he hates this country and it shows, for all the sheep/soon to be slaves to big G you got what you voted for and i wish pain on you!

  7. Well done comrade Barackovich. I assume by “Russian soldiers” we’re talking about Jewish immigrants? Brilliant. Nothing like a little Hebrew work ethic infusion to strengthen the blood lines. Now, if we could only bomb few ghettos and trailer parks, or at least the city of Baltimore? We could then free up enough welfare funds and real estate to house the “Mexican sailors” and possibly the “Chinese special forces”. The economy will be up and running in no time.

  8. JAQUEBAUER says:


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