Rocker and Conservative Activist Ted Nugent Survives Assassination Attempt

Cassidy Pen, TNR Reporter and Staff Writer

Photo by: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin

Photo by: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin

<Detroit, MI> Rocker and Conservative Activist Ted Nugent narrowly escaped an assassination attempt Thursday when a suspected car bomb tore through his convoy, wounding 22 people and leaving a major Detroit boulevard strewn with debris — the first such attack since the end of the Black Power 2013 Tour.

The strike, which left several other charred cars and broken building façades, escalates the confrontation between the Nugent Camp and liberal extremists. It also hiked fears of a Nugent campaign of revenge for the outrage and raised the likelihood of an even tougher new set of guitar riffs by Nugent against liberal protesters demanding he give up his 2nd amendment constitutional rights.

Nugent entourage spokesmen immediately compared the attack to the days of the 1960’s free-love era, when radicals battling university campus security forces throughout the nation also attempted numerous assassinations. Far left militants failed in attempts on the lives of at least four successive right wing guitarists, the last in 1993, and succeeded in killing the drummer of a local conservative bar band.

Since the last election, when socialist leader Barrack Obama retained control of the executive branch, the concert tour’s backstage area has been under lock-down, and security have ousted nearly 2,000 members of the rock music press and other groupies/supporters.

In mid-August, Nugent security detachments moved in on two PETA sit-ins in Las Vegas after days of warnings, forcefully dispersing the crowd. In the process, counter-violence was set in motion, as area buildings, bars and gun shops came under protest around the city.

Far left hard-liners have stepped up protests on the Nugent tour in the Upper Peninsula and in the south, tried to rock his tour bus at the strategic Mud Island Amphitheatre in Memphis, TN, and have increasingly brought demonstrations to other concert venues.

Photo by Matt Becker

Photo by Matt Becker

But Thursday’s bombing against Ted Nugent, whose latest DVD Ultralive Ballisticrock is out now, was a substantial escalation.

Opening act Laura Wilde’s office vowed in a statement that it would “not allow the terrorism that the conservative rocker crushed in the 1980s to raise its ugly head again.” Nugent Drummer “Wild” Mick Brown, the man who kept Dokken’s beat, vowed to continue the fight against terrorism.

National Rifle Association Speakers on TV and affiliated media urged concert ticket holders to exercise caution, report suspicious activities or individuals, and called on tour venue security to widen their crackdown on suspected liberal protesters to prevent the recurrence of such attacks.

Nugent has for weeks vilified the protesters, associating the sporadic violence with ACORN supporters and as part of an orchestrated protest and terror campaign.

The latest attack is likely to further isolate the socialists. “When lives of innocents are targeted, those who support that or justify it will not be allowed into the concert venue,” Derek St. Holmes, rhythm and co-lead guitarist, said in a statement.

Allies of PETA sought to distance themselves from the attack. Some even ridiculed it as an attempt to frame them.

The anti-Nugent coalition (ANC), a group of PETA and anti-2nd Amendment factions which has held protests since the Little Miss Dangerous Tour in 1986, however, predicted that the new attack would provide Nugent Security the pretext to widen the crackdown on concert goers and backstage pass holders.

“The ANC is against any violent act even if it is against those who shamelessly promote Ted Nugent and NRA causes because we aim to uphold the law,” the coalition said in an official press release. “It expects that such incidents will be used to extend the concert venue security crackdowns and to increase the use of 2nd Amendment solutions and unlawful detention of protesters which have been used by the tour authority.”

Nugent Security officials said initial investigations showed the blast came from a parked car loaded with around 90 pounds of explosives in the trunk. They spoke on condition of anonymity to reveal the information before the probe was completed. Witnesses also said the bombing seemed to emanate from a parked car that blew up as Nugent’s tour bus passed by.

Photo Credits:

Ted Nugent: Photo by Matt Becker

Source: Wikimedia commons, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File%3ANuge1.JPG

Credits: Weatherman90 at the English language Wikipedia [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html)], from Wikimedia Commons

Car bombing: U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eli J. Medellin

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanzim_Qaidat_al-Jihad_fi_Bilad_al-Rafidayn#mediaviewer/File:WaziriyaAutobombeIrak.jpg

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270 Responses to "Rocker and Conservative Activist Ted Nugent Survives Assassination Attempt"

  1. Anne Wright says:

    I live in Michigan… never heard this story so I went and checked out the local news. It is a hoax. Spreading this untruth doesn’t help your reputation. shame on you.


  2. KennyLOU812 says:

    Has anyone checked in on Meat Loaf?

  3. Commissioner J Alan Fowler says:

    This is too much. May God Bless Ted and all who fight for FREEDOM.

    • John Dostal says:

      What Bullshit! Why does this news rag keep trying to spread shit like this? No real reporters working there? WTF? Plenty of true shit happening around the world, get off you lazy asses and find it. Quit making crap up!!!!

  4. Yeah, Right. says:

    What complete horseshit. No one attempted to bomb Nugent. This is liberals getting lazy conservatives to believe crap, spread it around, and make fools out of themselves. Learn to recognize a phoney news site when you see one, people!

  5. James parker says:

    Lol! Love the parody!

  6. martin payne says:

    Wtf rock on ted n dont back down…n dont expect govt help in finding thoses involved

  7. Larry compton says:

    Ted, i stand with u sir! To hell with liberals, there all stupid & crazy, why do they want socialism so bad? This is america- free enterprise, u entitlist want that shit go to kenya or canada, amf- aidios mother-fuckers! Ted for president

  8. More says:

    It’s a street in DETROIT! How the hell can you determine debris was thrown from the explosion?!?!

  9. Palmer says:

    Ted. If you make it to ohio look me up. I got your back sir

  10. bobby says:

    This is so stupid.this os so fake.wouldn’t you think this would be all on the news.sheeple are stupid

  11. Bill says:

    God blessed you and your convoy, you survived the liberal attack! When liberals can’t force their agenda, they’ll kill people as they don’t value human life!

  12. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Ted’s real name is John Clark. Be careful libs.

  13. Skeptical Reader says:

    I knew as soon as I read the words “liberal extremist” it was a hoax.
    What? Ted Nugent is driving through town? Meh.

    • Oath Keeper says:

      Liberal activist had committed more bombing and terrorist acts that any other political party since the brown shirt’s…Get ur fact’s right. even tho this story is bogus Your stupid brightly shines thru. Not to mention forming the KKK. What a sheeple!!!!

  14. Shameless Hillbilly says:

    Awesome! People really don’t know this is a parody? Effin’ awesome! Well done Ted!

  15. Firefighter says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how many(conservative or Liberal) will post that this is a Hoax or fake after looking it up without appreciating the Joke or Parady. Gullibility runs Rampant as proven by the reelection of a lying Dumb as a rock Community Organizer who has royally screwed up our Healthcare system as we know it…..Ill say it again..Amazing…

  16. Eat Mee says:

    Aww too bad it’s made up… was hoping he might die too. Would’ve really brightened my day

  17. Ted Smith says:

    Good god! I hope Ted is OK. Those liberals and their fucked up agenda of helping people in need is ridiculous and doesn’t follow the law of the bible. Everyone know God hated to fucking poor. Even through Ted shit his pants to avoid serving the country honorably, he is still at the right hand of God to me. Even though he has had 5 children with 4 different unwed mothers, he sits at the right hand of God! To hell with the liberal agenda!

  18. libbyy Mcliberson says:

    Yeah, hey you guys, liberals don’t give a shit about Nugent, and neither does anybody else, this is just to make ted FEEL like he is still relevant in the music world, he is not. This will not work, rockers are not conservative, nobody cares.

    • Mark A Raymond says:

      Well i dont know where your head is shoved, but i travel all over the country and ted has a huge support base Both in the music world and in politics. Ive known Ted for 20 years and that man is rock solid. Might be a little crazy but solid.

  19. Here is proof the story is fake. If you’re going here for news, then I fear for those that are trying to encourage real news.

    The photo has been around since 2010. I literally dragged and dropped this into Google Image Search to debunk this. I’m an idiot and figured that out.


  20. Mike says:

    This is one hell of a story.. If you read it all the way, even half way, you would not be asking if it was real. It is one hell of a joke. I have seen worse. This is a good one…

  21. Ted is a draft dodging pedophile but this story is fake. I only wish it were true. I don’t know why Michigan police don’t follow up with him and his claim to like sex with preteen girls

  22. Keith says:

    This is a distasteful article considering I am in afghanistan right now and have friends die of IEDs. I wish you had more productive things to do then to write an article that less than observant readers will not recognize this as a satirical parody.

  23. Bill OreillyFag says:

    Ohhh my gawd poor teddy ill suck him off oh soo hard! i wuv repuwikan penis!

  24. nomoslogos says:

    Hello people, this is satire (not that I think its worth the space it takes up). It’s mocking people who oppose neo-fascist liberals.

    At least read enough of it to figure that out. Do you really think this is true:

    “Far left militants failed in attempts on the lives of at least four successive right wing guitarists, the last in 1993, and succeeded in killing the drummer of a local conservative bar band.”

  25. NOT AMUSED! :( says:

    Dear Mr. Cassidy Pin-head, First of all as a PROUD family member of Ted’s I’d like to say SHAME ON YOU! 😀 For reporting such filth and what was a complete “fallacy!” I apologize if that is too big of a word for you to understand! However, how would you like it if you heard that someone killed your family and that you found out later that it was just a CHILDISH hoax? HUH? You have a lot of nerve to chastise Ted for HIS OWN lifestyle that he chooses to live, In which I truly believe that is what the real problem you have here, is that you have animosity against Ted because you served in Vietnam and Ted as a teen back then decided not to, just like thousands of others who didn’t as well but Ted is the only one that is STILL reminded of it to this day! 🙁 I will say that Ted since then has shown his exhausting support and love towards ALL military Men & Women that still serve and have served for our Countries freedoms still today! 🙂 In which I am certain that if you acted humane and mature yourself and not such a immature hater of Ted’s, that he would also thank you and shake your hand and offer you an autograph and picture to say thank you for your service in the best way he knows how to, just like he has done to hundreds of thousands of other military Men & Women! 😀 Let me ask you this, when was the last time you went to Irag or Afghanistan? Hmmm? Well Ted has been there twice and has put free private concerts on for the Military as well! 😀 Not to mention he feeds thousands of the homeless every year @ soup kitchens with the wild game that he hunts himself legally, he also mentors kids to stay off drugs and have been asked to speak at countless meetings in support for politicians! 😀 Wow what a horrible person so far! Right? So with that being said, I will ask you Mr. Pen, what have you done lately that has been so productive or positive towards our society??? Other than spewing false, hateful and negative stories like this one! 🙁 I am sure that your family and past military friends would be proud of you towards your ignorant actions here! NOT 🙁 I will however, as well as Ted would do himself, and that is to humbly and respectfully say thank you for your service in the past but not towards your disservice that you have shown and demonstrated here this present day as a Vietnam Veteran! 🙁 I have learned that small people like yourself, will try to tear someone down, only to be able to lift themselves up! 🙁 Which your recent small minded actions have more than proven to be true here. I would have more respect to comment here towards you but I respect those who first respect themselves or others! So hopefully MAYBE you might exhibit some more positivity in a respectful manner, rather then TRYING in domineering a respectful, patriotic proud American who loves his Freedom and Rights and gives back in his own way to his Country as Ted does! 😀 I’d also respect you more if you would rather have bad mouthed and harassed other worthy celebrities that selfishly DO NOT offer ANYTHING towards society except and in fact cost the tax payers money each time they are arrested and tried as repeat 4th time offenders for either murder, drinking and driving, drug abuse while some over dosing because of it! 🙁 But you Sir would rather dwell on a decision that another human being made over 40 YEARS AGO! So I would respectfully say to you and other handful of critics and haters of Ted, to GET OVER IT! and YOURSELVES! just MOVE ON! and instead worry about your OWN problems in your OWN pathetic lives! AND to leave Ted and our family ALONE! I will leave you with those words to think and ponder about, because I probably am wasting my time here anyways because you will probably just delete this comment anyways! 🙁 I hope not though! In closing to you Mr. Pen, I truly do pray that God changes your heart and instills more positivity in your life! 😀 May God Bless you and yours… Respectfully Submitted – From: A concerned family member! 😀

  26. cherie says:

    All those m.f. Nazi Radicals Assholes must be flashing into tolitets ! Mr. Persident u must recall and arrest all those m.f. domastic terrorist! We love our black commander of chief Mr. Persident Obama

  27. Mark A Raymond says:

    I cant believe the stupidity of this reporter. That picture aint even in detroit. I know detroit like the back of my hand. And theres no place that looks like that anyhow. At first i thought it was the service drive on 75 .But after looking at it, theres no place on either side of 75 that looks like that. Same with 94 and 96. And i got friends in the detroit area that never heard this bs story. So heres my challenge to the editor of this. Either produce some facts or close your site down. This kinda bullshit is stupid and nothing but lies. This is why i say everyday we need a revolution in america. Not only in the govt but in the population as well.

  28. texastony says:

    This story is fake!! do not believe it!! besides…. look at that car. Uncle Ted wouldn’t drive a little piece of jap-crap like that.. I bet he has a big super duty 4X4…lol

  29. Cheeky says:

    Nice palm tree in the background of the photo. Sorry, I live in MI, there are no palms here, and there are also no REAL reports of this story. I am not a liberal, but I also refuse to buy into this war being waged by conservatives against liberals. As bad as things have gotten in this country, you’d think that our goal would be to learn to work together to fix things, not act like a bunch of preteen girls in different social cliques fighting over a boy. It’s time to grow up, stop spreading lies and hate and come together to come up with real solutions to fix the issues.

  30. Jeff Corcoran says:

    Seriously! Doesn’t anyone get satire anymore!?? This article is not a lie or hoax it is a fake satirical article. This is actually one of the better articles from the National Report, some of their articles are sometimes are too serious sounding and not that funny. This one has good writing and humor.

  31. danny says:

    This is the pits. How low can you go

  32. Ryan says:

    if anyone thinks this website is supposed to be real news, than you’re naive and gullable. every article on here is a joke people! it’s like that conservative version of The Onion, but not nearly as good. But this story had me laughing! cheers.

  33. Silvermaven says:

    He prob. has his meth lab in the trunk blow up….


    • Salvador Amander says:

      Libel requires a published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation. Do you really think this satire damaged Mr. Nugent’s reputation? That was done long ago, he should sue himself.

  35. tools says:

    Quite pussibly a joint extremist/guv joint op. Nugent needs hi tech security now. Seems many are not happy with his gun ownership, his protects gun ownership. Peta also involved?

  36. Sniffy says:

    I smell Onion

  37. Dave Grimes says:

    Do I agree with all that Ted Nugent thinks
    and says no. But it is not a crime to say or
    think what you want. People this is still
    America we are not a Muslim nation and
    We do not get our point across by violence. We all had better get a grip.

  38. Jimmy G says:

    I wonder who the Ace Reporter was…

    Palin or Cruz…

    haha…. The Tea Party gets exactly what it deserves.

    2 genius leaders…

  39. Audie Murphy says:

    Those who know are here. Those who care are here. Those who love America are here. We will protect our own and we will not tolerate treason.

  40. Ray Windham says:

    Nugent for president 2016 keep on rockin Ted!

  41. Don Wright says:

    Having been born and raised in Michigan I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Ted and I know that he’ll come out of this okay. Now that we’ve both gotten older and left Michigan, he for texas and me for Florida, my concern isn’t so much for Ted as he has his followers and more guns than you can shake a stick at….but this news the other day about Dearborn the Sharia Law going on…omg!…Where is the uproad?! I mean. getting stoned used to be one thing,,,but now it means a whole new thing…If it’s just stoning the women, that’s one thing and that’s cool as long as the guys are left alone…if the men are like, in control and the women have to do what they are told, then where do you sign up to be a muslim and if the woman doesn’t obey you, is it like you tell them; “I divorce thee, I divorce thee, I divorce thee” and it’s done? If so, we should have gone over to this Sharia Law years ago….Way to go Dearborn!

  42. Mean Dad says:

    NO, this article is actually true. Saw it with my own eyes. Helped Ted out of the mangled mess..

  43. Zeke Gobfitz says:

    I just ate a kittendog with mustard,chilly an oniuns in honior of bullit proof ted Surving another liberial terrist atack.
    stupid libations when will U learn that alluh and obamma caint kill true patroic americans!

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