RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation


Chippie The RFID Coming Soon To A School Near You!

(USA) – In an effort to separate myth from truth regarding the federally mandated Obamacare RFID chip implantation program, a public awareness campaign has been launched to tour in a number of public schools across our nation.

The operation features a jovial animated mascot, a cartoon RFID chip named “Chippie”. They use the character to demonstrate to their young audience the benefits of having the RFID implanted under your skin.

After a whimsical 30 minute cartoon following Chippie during one of his many adventures, there is a puppet show where children are encouraged to ask Chippie any questions they may have relating to the RFID chip or the implantation process. Each child leaves the exhibition with a “Chippie” stuffed doll, coloring book and several informative pamphlets for their parents to read that may assuage any lingering fears to their children receiving the device.

Many of them were eager to get implanted with the chip on the spot. “It felt like a pinch”, explained Doug Walker who attended a recent Chippie seminar a Carbon County, Wyoming school.  Holding up his slightly swollen left hand bearing the tiny hole where the needle had been inserted he said. “Now I can get free candy every time me and mommy go to the bank or the grocery store!”, he beamed proudly. “Chippie is my new best friend who lives inside of me!”

Walt Eisner, the creator of the “Chippie” character was summoned to speak to parents during the maiden flight of the brand new campaign. “We would like to assure parents that there is nothing to fear with the implementation of this new program. It is something that will inevitably benefit everyone in the long run and there are virtually no downsides. This will create elevated ease, convenience and security in all everyday transactions. With the technology available these days, the program is long overdue.”

UPDATE 11-09-13 Wyoming Christians Report Forced Obamacare RFID Chipping

UPDATE 11-13-13 Chippie The RFID Insists “I’m Not The Mark Of The Beast” In Recent Press Conference

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362 Responses to "RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children’s Fears Of Implantation"

  1. tired of hearing it says:

    People have been using the mark and the end for hundreds of years, If any other source failed to predict with such consistantcy it would have been discredited as a hoax, but as a tool to influence the populous its had more success than any text ever published, fear is a powerful tool religions, governments, groups, tyrants and dictators know this all to well, people are the real victims here, but fortunately when the facts prevail and the truth becomes knowledge we evolve a little more and advance as a society. Unfortunately this comes at a cost to everyone’s serenity and sometimes even human life. It’s truly sad that ignorance feeds the flames of this type of manipulation, but only if we learn nothing in the process. I’ve lived long enough hear these same issues come in go in one form or another in a less technological age social security numbers were the mark and TV was the great evil, now people quote and believe anything that’s broadcasted, and if the government wants to monitor peoples activities and information, we are already attached by cell phones and the internet (that type of information gathering practice has been in use for years) but just try and separate people from their phones or computers, these devices are an open pipeline, reinforced with a world wide infrastructure, and yet we volunteer with vigor to use these much more capable devices, than in contrast to a low output passive device like a rf implant. I would be a prime candidate for an implant because of a seizure disorder I’ve had since my childhood, (at one time in history people like me were claimed to be possessed by evil demons and treated as such through nothing but ignorance) an implant would let paramedics know in an instant of my conditions, meds and doctors, instead of a bracelet that states only of my type of disorder. The real nightmare for me is the lack of information and or ignorance.

    • Doug Doug Freman says:

      well get in line !

    • chaunska says:

      Nice disinformation campaign “Tire of Hearing It”!!! Are you paid disinfo working for the government…or are you really just that stupid? Seizure disorder? Wear a bracelet so a regular ol person off the street can help you rather than you having to wait for someone with a reader to come along….which at that point may be too late. Disinformationalists should really start to change their format because it is soooo easy for intelligent people to recognize….But that will take years because government policy and procedures take forever to change.
      I love calling out Government Disinformationalists out! Go ahead….prove me wrong…

      • chaunska says:

        By the way….meds and instructions can be engraved on a bracelet…

        • Don Fisher says:

          You need to do more research. A chip would not be static… and a bracelet, to date, doesn’t do very well at reporting pulse and respiration information.

          Likely much more as well.

          You got that one track mind syndrome that likely will one day destroy the planet if we don’t weed you folks out.

          Of course Mother Nature does that daily. Tweet much while you drive? LOL

          • Steve says:

            Don, if you want the chip, that is fine, you should get it; but don’t use the force of government to force others to get it, because that is tyranny. Mind your own business and stop being so damn controlling. Live and let live.

          • Bud says:

            A chip this size is not capable of reporting either pulse or respiration. All it can do is report its number to a receiving computer for the for the purposes of identification or tracking. The receivers are small and can be placed in a door frame so now the gov’t will be able to know where you’ve been and when. Don’t think they’ll do it? This is much more disturbing than the cell phone crap the NSA has been pulling… and you can opt out of having a cell phone.

      • Sick of the bullshit says:

        You are stupid. Just because you don’t like what he says he has to work for the government??? Let me guess aliens are real and have abducted you?? Lmmfao

      • Nicely stated! It’s Not the irrational fear of existing or new technology (used properly) like the boneheads/govt shills want to argue, it is the prudent fear of the corrupt use that very tech can be put to by those in charge!

    • POed says:

      You are the problem with this country. True idiocy abounds in full measure.

    • JANE says:


      • Truth speaker says:

        And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy,murder,strife,deceit,evil-mindedness; they are whisperers,backbiters,haters of God,violent,proud,boasters,inventors of evil things,disobedient to parents,undescerning,untrustworthy,unloving,unforgiving,unmerciful; who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are deserving of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them. -Romans 1:28-32 NKJV

      • Britney says:

        I completely agree with you! Unfortunately 3/4 the world is blind, if god were to come back tomorrow a good 80% would be going to hell, It’s not a joke people WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP before it’s too late!!!!! You don’t want to spend eternity burning.

        • Crushed Luminary says:

          “Not Many Will Find It” ~Matthew 7:14

          • jerry says:

            i feel so sad about so many people going to hell for such selfish things.
            if they could only stop n listen,open there eye’s and hear n see how simple it is to be saved.
            i was a sinner and still am
            i am not as bad a sinner but i will always be one. but i have found GOD and all is better. i know he loves me now and wants what’s best for me.
            i await my time of eternity with him
            he will be calling us soon
            we may suffer alot before his call but it will be worth it for eternity with him

      • Darryl says:

        Thanks Jane.

        Right on.

      • David Hussey says:

        You’re gonna burn in fire and brimstone

      • Jay says:

        Great message and I agree! God bless you for speaking up

    • Bill says:

      Well Doug, I’m sorry to hear of you difficult situation. But, this is not about you, or me, or anyone in particular. It is about the government eating our rights and liberties. The people of this country; no, this world; were not born here by the permission of any government. And, therefore, do not have to live here by their permission. Nor do they have to have their privacy invaded for the governments amusement. The need to have power over others has to be challenged. And it has to be defeated.

    • Keith Kennedy says:


      Unfortunately, the ignorant masses will accept this.
      They will obey government.

      Why did not the Repugnants bring this to the forefront when the Obama Care Act was being debated?


    • Keith Kennedy says:

      “Tired of hearing it”

      Glad you are watching Jack Van Impe regularly, because the chip dangers are not found in the Corpo-Government Media Complex.


    • Scott says:

      Well, the way I see it…. WHEN in the History of Mankind and the Human Race have we ever had the technology to track EVERY human we ever wanted to?

      Yep. Say what you wish, but the technology is NOW! Just ask the citizens of China.

      • Don Luis says:

        Chinese citizens have not claimed to having been chipped, nor has there been any such revelation from any source. We are already very easy to track. The Web is a source of much of that ability.

        Think about Amber Alert results. Very high incidence of turning up the suspect or missing person in often only a few days.

        Even cops gone criminal, with all their knowledge have not been able to hide for long.

        The chip implantation started with hoax post to FB. And there is NO Chippie mascot. That was the oax part. Fools didn’t bother too look further before going off and reveling, walling, in the power of fear mongering.

        What sad lives they have having to do this to feel like something.

    • Alana says:

      The real nightmare for you, tired of hearing it, will be the consequences in Revelation 13, if you take this mark. Cant you see that the Bible, which is Gods own word, warns about taking the mark and what will happen. The consequences will be eternal! You might want to think again, whether youre tired of hearing it or not. Eternity is a long long time, and I would be asking myself, do I really want to take that risk?

    • Worriedashell says:

      A cell phone can be turned off, left at home. I don’t use one. If you get the RFID you will never be “off the grid”. Have you actually read the details of it? How can you possibly trust that this will only be used to monitor your heath? To me this is just to ensure they know where we all are at all times, know if our heart rate is up. I mean come on are we so incapable of knowing our own body’s that we need the government watching them too. That is the only thing we have left. YOUR BODY IS YOUR TEMPLE. You may not be able to keep them from watching from satellites, listening to phone calls, coming in your home, but you can keep them OUT OF YOUR BODY. If you are dumb enough to need this, then i guess you deserve what will come of it. I just hope it is by choice, not required. From what I understand it IS required now in some cities in America, and will be in the rest soon for All City employee’s(police officers,firefighters,Garbage men,teachers,etc.) So that is really not a choice now is it? Take this chip or no job for you! Take this chip or no Social Security for you. Do your research. Think about this with an opened mind.Look at the big picture. We live in a world with great technology b4 this “chip”(modern medicine ,good vehicles,first responders,cell phones in 9 out of 10 pockets,and everything you can think of). If you are that scared of whatever it is that might happen if you don’t have this “chip”. You need to be more scared of what will happen when people do.

      • IamMe says:

        I complety agree!

      • Tertiarry says:

        Bingo…. Worriedashell nailed it. Once the ‘voluntary’ offer and its ‘good’ benefits are accepted and it moves into the ‘mandated’ along with the unwanted intrusions that come with it, people will get it ~ but too late. Don’t think that happens? Read a little history.

        …And ~ in the Governments hands? Trustworthy? In my best interest? Hear any news around Government intrusions, legal or not? Were they working for against those citizens?

        No thanks…

      • jerry says:

        i also think there will be a kill action to it if u disobey them.
        little poison or nano particles to clog up ur heart and brain

    • Well you can jump right in line for yours. But I know a lot of folks who will not. Good luck in the future will pray for you! People like you always trying to discredit the Bible. I am not sure about the chip being the mark of the beast. Could be I do know I don’t want it.

    • wildknives says:

      Seems to me that you could get a bracelet to carry this chip of health information without having it inserted into your flesh. That’s my opinion.

      • Diane says:

        The bracelet is a good idea. I think all the information should be tattooed on your chest for anyone to read so that they know how to perform CPR on you. This would have all your info in the event of a power outage.

      • CHenry says:

        There is a bracelet for that app. It is called the care bracelet. It has all your medical information you wish to share on it…All medications, all diagnosis, all insurance information. You wear it and it plugs into any computer … all the information is right there… no need to implant it.

    • Ted says:

      BAAAAA !!!!

    • jerry says:

      tiredofhearingit……forrest gump said it best!!!!! and yes i mean you!!!

  2. Scott says:

    Then a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a huge Mill
    Stone, and threw it into The
    Atlantic Ocean,
    and cried mightily with a loud voice saying!!
    Just as I have thrown away this stone, the great city of Babylon will be thrown down with violence , and shall never be found again!!!
    The Book Of Revelation, Chapter 18 verse 21

  3. BitterClinger says:

    Doesn’t John say it would be in the right hand or the forehead?

    • Bileven says:

      Just says hand and head… but he also uses the term “worship” for the mark. But if you really get the timeline, it’s after the rapture, so until millions disappear from the earth at once, it’s all pointless.

      • chris says:

        ba ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. childhood stories
        Hell and the rapture. I am so very entertained by this fairytale nonsense that I am beginning to appreciate religion. Just keep it out of the schools, where stuff has to have evidence to back it up before its taught.

        • Nick says:

          Yes exactly! Like evolution. Oh wait…

          • chris says:

            Like Evolution is exactly right. We compare the two. 1)Evolution: overwhelming scientific evidence including physical, biological, archeological, mico and macro. Its all there. 2)Religion: still looking for first piece but the books are interesting reads. Still no physical evidence. Will keep you updated.

          • Geoff says:

            Evolution has overwhelming evidence of being true. The bible has just…well, the bible.

          • Laurie says:

            Evolution has been described as a tornado crashing through a wrecking yard and leaving behind a fully-functional 747. Overwhelming scientific evidence to prove evolution…not so much. But isn’t it strange that things that were predicted in “that old, dusty Bible” have actually come to pass and are still coming to pass before our very eyes?

          • POed says:

            If they could prove evolution they wouldn’t be arguing with you.

          • Steven says:

            Yes, overwhelmingly FAKE evidence.


            Now, where is this overwhelming evidence again?

        • Hans says:

          it is starting …. in the schools.

        • MissWendee says:

          Peace Chris. :)

        • Stephanie says:

          Evidence like the “Big Bang Theory” and “Evolution”? You people are hysterical.

        • donna says:

          Chris did you ever note there were no school shootings untill Jesus was taken out of school?????

          • Kuroba says:

            The first recorded school shooting was in the 1760s. Try again.


          • the truth says:

            Funny, I thought America wasnt independent until1776

          • Steve says:

            Kuroba, you must be a lawyer, politician, or a used car sales man; because you use a just a bit of truth to tell your lie, which makes your assertion seem credible, at least until your audience actually looks up the info for themselves. The school shooting you were so quick to come up with was the Pontiac’s Rebellion school massacre on July 26, 1764, where four Lenape American Indians entered the schoolhouse near present-day Greencastle, Pennsylvania, shot and killed schoolmaster Enoch Brown, and killed nine or ten children (reports vary). Only three children survived. So, technically you are correct, but that was an act of war between the settlers and the Native Americans. You libtards are so f**king lame and think everyone else is just to lazy or stupid to fact check you.

        • jerry says:

          muslims get to pray in schools.
          that is religion
          why are they allowed to do this if religion is not allowed in school

          • Old_Khem says:

            Muslims have no more right in schools than any one else.

          • Steve says:

            Islam isn’t a religion, it is a satanic cult. The reason it is a satanic cult and not a religion is that there are no true religions that tell their followers to subjugate and kill non-believers. That is what satanic cults do. The demoncrat, lib-tard, progressive tyranny types had to take religion out of school so they could indoctrinate children into their satanic ritual of Murdering babies in the womb, as a sacrifice to their Satanic god Baal. Allah, is just another name for Baal, and that is why the Leftist don’t protest Islam being taught in our schools.

        • Truth speaker says:

          For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved, it is the power of God.

          For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, becasue they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth and be turned aside to fables. 2nd Timothy 4:3,4

        • George-Gungie says:

          Chris…believe what you want… If these people that believe are wrong so be it.. they will be just like you food for worms.. However if they are right then they have a blessed eternity. Now you choose not to believe. great and good for you, your choice but if you are wrong..you have nothing to look forward to. don’t mock folks because they have hope.. try reading that fairy tale (bible) God might just talk to you…

      • rachel says:

        The rapture is made up outside of bible.
        the rapture was essentially created by an author disassociated and millenina after the bible was written

        • Joseph says:

          Really? That’s funny…then what is it doing in Revelations?

          • Darryl says:

            The idea of the rapture is a human invention. It started with American Puritans in the 1600s, and was pushed along by Plymouth Brethren about 200 years ago, but it did not really take off until the 1970s.

            The concept of there being a rapture followed by a great tribulation is a modern construct that takes the fantastic events described in Revelation, throws in a bit of 1 Thessalonians and mixes it all up with the apocalyptic second half of the book of Daniel.

          • Steve says:

            Darryl, so you have never read the Washington Bible then. Revelations is in it, and it is much older than 1970. Not only that, but I have been to Europe, and seen bibles from the 1100′s revelations in them, and those bibles are much older than the bibles of the Puritans of the 1600′s. So, either you are miss informed or you are a lier.

      • rocquedog says:

        It’s all preparation for the Anti-Christ. This along with many other agendas, are in place to facilitate his take over. America and its God given freedoms have to be completely removed before he announces himself as it WAS the only real impediment to his complete and thorough control. Once upon a time, there was too much Christianity. That is no longer true.

      • SOPAMA says:


    • MiracleRancher says:

      Although this site may be satire, the scripture you are referring to Revelation 13:16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark IN their right hand, or IN their foreheads: This is really the first technology that makes this verse possible.

    • I denounce you satan , your games will end , the answer is on the forehead,

    • Keith Kennedy says:


      It “does” say right hand or forehead.


  4. tired of hearing it says:

    Chanupuka or whatever I stay out of the political bullshit because of idiots like your self who keep a team mentality to the point they follow their groups right off the cliff I judge government officials by their performance not their affiliations. Obviously you have NO CLUE when it comes to dealing with a personal struggle and your lack of empathy sickens me and proves why you can’t depend on people because they pull their negative assumptions out of their ass in an a weak attempt to prove some need they have molecule of intelligence in their little bitty brains. If you have some demented need to bash people with disabilities, go kick the crutches out from under a MS patient and give some one a reason to stomp a mudhole in your ass. Get a life and a brain while your at it.

    • Ben Enya says:

      Wow, I must apologize, I was following your train of thought at first but you fell off the grammar,punctuation, and spelling train so bad with this one that you lost me. Did you have that many beers between comment #1 and this one? Perhaps it was the joint you were smoking or perhaps you were trying to fix up your dreadlocks WHILE typing this latest comment. Slow down. Beginning. Middle. End. Plot. Story. Focus. Tell it! lol

    • toobadhearsomemorestupid says:

      The only people you’re fooling are the stupid ones. Because you disagree with that, you are included among the stupid ones. It’s obvious that you’re full of s**t and your weak personal attacks are testament to that. Go away. This world needs less people like you.

  5. rod knoxx says:

    walt eisner…ha!

  6. Ronda says:

    Wake up people. Do you really need to be marked to figure out where you live or what type of medical treatment you need? Tracking devices are just that. Used for tracking. When did we need for the government to know every thing about us?

    • Don Fisher says:

      My understanding is you can get chipped if you wish, or not. But it has nothing to do with the ACA. Someone, like GOP, tried to slip that into the original bill. The current ACA law has NO mention of a chip of any kind, other than the acronym for a child health program, CHIP.

      I think it stands for Child Health …. Program. Forgot the other word for now.

      The GOP got you drinking the Koolaid, have they now?

      • readytofight says:

        page 1001-1004 of the healthcare reform law clearly state the implementation of a registry and implantable tracking device.

        THEY say its for only medical information. THE KENYAN said in a news statement that “if it works we could expand it to include many things, including monetary systems”.

        This is clearly biblical.

        Stand your ground. Protect your 2nd amendment. I been saying it for years. people called me crazy. in 6 months, you’ll remember.

      • Steve says:

        Don, are you really that dumb, or are you trying to mis-inform others into thinking this is a Democrat vs. Republican grudge match? Really, you must know by now that there is no difference in the agenda and desired outcome of the 2 parties. They are basically the same, which is a choice between two evils. They want you to think you have a choice, and expect you to choose the lesser of the two evils. But as any thinking man knows, the lessor of two evils is still evil. They both lead to tyranny, loss of liberty, mass murder, and destruction of all that is good. WAKE THE F**K UP!!!

  7. Dal says:

    All you so called “Christians”?! Seriously?! Don’t try and force everything down peoples throat! That’s probably why they won’t even acknowledge us as a whole! They see you here being total jerks making yourselves seem so much more better than they are…. Who are you to condemn and tell them that they are going straight to hell? Last I read, we were supposed to love them regardless, not bring them down… How is that anything like what Christ would do? If you’d spend more time fixing yourselves before you attempted to help some one else, maybe things would be different.

    • rocquedog says:

      No one is forcing anything down anybody’s throat. If people choose to be ignorant and stay Stuck on Stupid, that’s their business. And we don’t claim to be better than anybody but facts are facts. God has stated implicitly what will happen to those who refuse him. So don’t be so defensive as that is your own self guilt showing itself.

      • Dal says:

        I can assure you it is not self guilt. If you read some of these comments though you will see what I am talking about. You, yourself may not be doing what I had explained.

    • Steven says:

      Why you got such a chip on your shoulder? Or…in your shoulder as they case may be.

    • Daniel says:

      I like your Christianity. It’s your Christians I don’t like. Ghandi.

    • Steve says:

      There is one major difference Dal, we can’t force you to do or believe anything, but the government can. That is why this topic is so important. Do you want the all mighty government with their endless laws, regulations, lawyers, bureaucrats, and law enforcement agencies telling you that you have to do anything that works against your own best interest or your perception there of, even when it comes down to what you put into your body? If so, at what point do you think their authority over you ends? Let me tell you, and all like you, that I do not get my rights from the government, I get them from god, and I will not comply with what I think or know violates my rights, and which is not in my best interest. I will not comply with any law that tries to take those rights away from me, and I will resist by any means necessary. I don’t want to harm anyone, and I don’t want to be harmed, but if you try, I will not comply. The government gets its authority from the consent of the governed. WELL, I DO NOT CONSENT AND I WILL NOT COMPLY. Mind your own business and stop trying to control others.

  8. g.r.j. says:

    This is a hoax people. it’s political satire meant to expose the ridiculous lengths people will go to reinforce their own fears. Educate yourselves and quit believing everything you read.

    • rocquedog says:

      Libtard Troll Alert.

      • InsertBrainHere says:

        Wait, what was that sound? Oh, it must have been the paper clips and loose change rattling around in your skull.

      • steve p says:

        umm dude.. it IS satire.. the national report is like the onion ..it’s meant to be funny .. you naive tool

        • jerry says:

          o i see
          musta missed the point

        • D. says:

          If this article is supposed to be funny, then is this section of ObamaCare supposed to funny too?

          [1] CLASS II IMPLANTABLE DEVICE: Page 2057 of the bill lines 3, a Class II Implantable device

          It’s not like people don’t have reason to be concerned. If someone with a disease could benefit from a microchip, they could have consented to do have it implanted WITHOUT a law. People have been implanting all sorts of things in their bodies for many years now BEFORE ObamaCare. That’s why the comment of “Tired of hearing it” fails basic deductive tests. Any healthily skeptical American who has been watching this government over the last 20 years can see the fact that this is written into the law is CLEARLY insidious.

        • Herve says:

          Satire is not making fun of something, STUPIDS
          Satire is make fun OF ONLY the TRUTH of political lies and failing of Society ,ie political Gothic cartoon ie political farce! sometime taking to next logical step in order of severity to make the point about how wrong a political movement is, like making fun of Nazi fascist, like joke about if hilter put he jew in ovens, then next time obama going to put the jews into freezers because of his support of Muslims brotherhood which was started by Nazi GOLD subs to murder Jews! in the same why that obama has funded terrorist in Syria
          because of Gothic ideals of classical dielectric philosophy Satire can only on subject of history that happens, like in many cases they will make fun of what political subject MIGHT too next has base ONLY one actions of his past ie predilection of future holocasts coming soon! so when happens prove of wrong doing, and of those staff that planning is complicit (the presidential cabinet, staff member that help in formalizing the plan of cabal or conspiracy)in the crime!
          the whole point of politics is leaving nothing to chance and plan everything even what looks like mistakes because they done on purpose! ie get the answer to question wrong for a justification of force against the enemy like the Nazi NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIFES or hrustag fire, a false flag attack that be blamed on the enemy has justification of crackdown or murder/genocidal of races or political adversary! like 911! a NAZI holy occult number of blood sacrifice

  9. Old Ga Dawg says:

    I’m glad that I have raised my child to be a very smart, grown man and that he has a career in the “medical” field”.



    • Kuroba says:

      Do you live in a house, wear clothes, read books, watch TV, or eat cooked food? I mean, you obviously use a computer.

      But you weren’t born with any of that, were you?

      • Brandon says:

        i get his point and yours as well. if the government wants to offer to put an implant into an adults arm, forehead, foot, or butt, go for it. the adult can say yes or no and is mature enough to make that choice on their own. but let anyone come to my children without my concent and put something in them or on them and literally i will return the favor to the extreme. forget lawsuits, forget courts, my children are my life and my heart.

        children are innocent and easily persuaded to do things. if you bribe a child with candy every time mommy goes to the bank then they will jump on board and say YEAH FREE CANDY. Government or not, don’t touch my kids. i will defend my children and family to the point of violence if necessary. if you want to advertise this NEW DEVICE, then send out pamplets in the mail, or post it at every Post Office. but don’t you dare go to my kids to get to me. i do have the right to bare arms, and i will practice it…

        • Pamela says:

          You go Brandon! You better believe Christian or otherwise, (I am Roman Catholic reborn lover of all that is good), that my husband and I will do anything to protect our kids with a fever the devil has not even seen. There is No reason for anyone to approach our children little alone INJECT anything in our babies bodies. My husband and I are ready to fight the true hatred that has come upon our soil and tried to impenetrate all that our forefathers fought to give to us on a silver flipping platter!!! Unite with those of your beliefs and fight, fight, fight like you know your Maker has designed you to do for your family, country, your integrity! God bless you and yours.

          Tea party member, Glock toting, pray pumping, woman of God.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I knew a Lady once who felt the exact same way about anyone putting ANYTHING into her baby…rfid chip, potato chip, vaccine, food…Nothing. However, when her toddler son injected a bullet into the starving baby, by mistake, she didn’t get mad at all, because A) Obama and B) the second amendment. She was also terrible at praying

  10. Chris Emge says:

    So far, virtually none of the Obamacare promises have come true and never will. “You can keep your current plan” – outright LIE! (The Obama Administration now admits that 51% of employer-provided plans will be terminated)
    Obamacare will be paid for by the savings in fraud and abuse – LIE, then Obamacare will cost 900 billion dollars – LIE (The current estimate is over 2.5 trillion).
    Obamacare will save the average family $2500 a year – LIE! (It looks like it will cost an average family 170% more, plus an outrageous out-of-pocket deductible of thousands ($13,000 per year in my state).
    Taxes on everything from pacemakers to selling your house. Even taxes on health insurance in the name of “making it cheaper”)!
    Web software that was budgeted for around 90 Million dollars, ended up costing over 600 Million. That software could have been developed, tested, and successfully deployed for under 10 Million. But then again, Valerie Jerritt’s daughter’s company would not have won the bid on that POS website software that does not work and cannot be fixed. It will be rewritten by real software engineers and they will claim it was “fixed”.

    AND NOW – You want us to believe that this chipping program is as innocent as the wind-driven snow? Those of who are awake know that EVERYTHING Obama has done, and will always do, is about CONTROLLING YOU. Nothing less! Liberal ridicule of peoples religious beliefs is a sign of losing the argument. Liberals always resort to name-calling, ridicule, and distortion to make their point, without the usual constraints of honor, intellectual honesty, and mature discourse.

  11. Joseph says:

    The sad fact is that some people don’t even believe something when it is written into law in black and white. These are the same people who believe everything they read is hearsay and bullshit because they don’t bother to check the facts. As a journalist, I’ve been following this story and it is absolutely true. They are starting it on pediatric patients first. Obviously, their theory is that once they convince kids that it’s cool to have a chip in you the parents will follow their lead to make their kids happy. Hitler started his reign of terror with a healthcare program that was similar to Obama’s (without a chip of course.) Look it up.

    This is just one part of the government’s plan to implement future, total control on the population. Another is using the United Nations International Arms Peace Agreement. It is their sneaky way of getting around a gun control issue that will never pass because of the restrictions put forth by the U.S. Constitution (which the DOJ is currently arguing in the Supreme Court).

    Government officials count on people who discard these stories as stupid, conspiracy theories, to convince most of the public that they only have good intentions in mind. Unfortunately, too many people in this country are weak-minded, individuals who fall into that trap. While they sit in their homes and laugh, the government gets closer and closer to stripping them of all their rights.

    Saying that they can find me anytime they want (from my cellphone) is a poor excuse for letting them do whatever they want and using your children to do it. Wake up…they are doing it right in front of your face and you are too blind to see it!

    • Robin says:

      Get the children and you get a nation..even in the bible they did it….millions will take it..but not this free thinking child of GOd, amen

    • Jeannie says:

      People please ….. for the soul of your children, grand children and yourself ….. WAKE UP!!!! Go to your bible and read Revelations …….. everything happening right now is written there! Do not allow these (Government) false so called Prophets, reel you in. In the Book of Revelations, it states that to survive, you must have the mark of the beast. It also states that the mark will be “IN YOU”, not on you! The mark of the beast is not 666, that is the mark on the beast! The mark of the beast to be put in you is a micro chip! Do not believe me …. check it out yourself! If you cannot understand the old language the Bible uses …… they do make a Bible in layman terms for better understanding. READ AND SAVE YOUR SOUL AND THE SOUL OF YOUR LOVED ONES! Amen…..

    • Rodle says:

      You’re a journalist? Seriously? And you can’t recognize satire? So you’ve been following this story and it’s absolutely true? Let me reiterate what many have tried to tell you in these comments… THIS STORY IS PURE SATIRE! Walt Eisner? where do you think that name came from? Do some research into that, and, into the names and dates of the “public awareness campaign” Does Druid Hills, KY or Enigma GA, even have schools? The ignorance in these comments is absolutely monumental.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Written by illiterate goat herders? That doesn’t make sense! I’m glad you are bothered by this; you still have a bit of a conscious thought! If the Bible is so false, how is it so prophetically true? Praying for you!!

  13. Dear God I hope this isn’t true!? I’ve been hearing a lot about this kind of thing, along with a new bracelet that Microsoft has crafted that can show what the wearers mood is or if the wearer is being truthful or not. This is some 1984 coming to fruition. I try not to be an alarmist, but I talk to my kids about this sort of thing & not to allow anyone to implant them with “chips” etc. It’s a slippery slope and a ploy to enslave us. Clearly we already have a number of zombies walking around out there that wouldn’t think twice (heck, with the promise of free candy!) to get this…those of us who revolt may be in the minority, but I would rather resist than live imprisoned by my government. These are scary times.

  14. Phindar says:

    Why does it have to go this far? This isn’t freedom. We aren’t going to be allowed to have a choice, and there is nothing free about that. First its for the children, a promise from a government that it will benefit them and us in the long run. In exchange for anonymity and privacy, our rightful liberties, we get a fake sense of security as we become monitored and tracked. And worst of all is that we give them our blessing to do this! The government will use fear and misdirection to cloud and blind its people in to doing whatever they say is best when it truly comes at a cost so high most can’t fathom the concept of paying it. It will be the few freedoms and liberties still afforded us. When the right to choose a course of action comes at the cost of a penalty when you refuse to fall into line, it is no longer freedom, it is tyranny.

    • steve says:

      I wouldn’t call Them dumb goat herder’s. over 2,400 yrs. ago Isaiah 40:21,22. Let Us know the Earth is round. It is He that sitteth on the circle of the Earth.

      • Wendi says:

        Well said!! I am thinking he is actually a troll. They seem to keep popping up all over the place to tear down anything to do with God.

  15. deathbyignorance says:

    Religion put aside, along with your faulty political views, the facts of the RFID are universal. It is a storage device. It’ll hold all your personal information, the information you keep locked up in a file cabinet in your house. Your SSN, medical records from birth, it has the capability to connect with your bank account. Not only is it a storage device, but a human tracking device as well. Don’t be so sure of yourself that it would not be used to keep records of your movements. Where you shop, where you eat, what gas stations you use the most and every road you’ve been traveling. Is the similar technology not used as tracking devices for your pets? I’m sure it would work just the same on humans. It goes beyond this meaningless healthcare reform bullshit, it’s another step in taking away the paper side of things and replacing it with something strictly computerized. No money, no checks, no reason to write anything down!! Just store it on you RFID! Everyone’s gonna be doing it :) Fools follow the wider path in hopes of becoming like everyone else.

    Wake up and educate yourself.


    Wow. for all of you that mock God, Jesus, and The Holy Bible, I definitely do not want to ride a Plane, Train, or Automobile with you! Most people respect Kharma in fears of its repercussion but, they should fear God. One day we all will be judged, thats all I have to say, its not too late to open your eyes.

  17. sprkl says:

    To all you naysayers who think the chips not mandated in obamas healthcare tax..youre gonna get a huge shock very soon!!! FYI…it IS mandated! Ive read it for myself! And to the idea of ppl wraring a bracelet w their med info and meds on it…we already have that. But it can be lost. The chip will stay for good! Its shocking..but completely true!!

    • AG says:

      Why do you have to argue about about Christ when you do not believe . The mark is real find out where the bodies two power sources are. The forehead and the back of your hand

    • liz says:

      maybe you should learn to read then, the bottom line is:

      The proposed law did not require anyone to get anything implanted
      It just created a national registry of a huge of range of medical devices from pacemakers to dental implants
      The intent of the registry was to collect statistics on how safe and effective the devices are
      HR3200 is not the bill that became law. Nor is HR 3962, which only passed the House. The “Obamacare” law is HR 3590, passed as Public Law 111-148, which does not have the registry.

  18. Walter says:

    I like when people bring up a fictional book to point out that things are ridiculous. You don’t need to reference fairy tales to make a point Julie.

  19. Brandon says:

    if the government wants to offer to put an implant into an adults arm, forehead, foot, or butt, go for it. the adult can say yes or no and is mature enough to make that choice on their own. but let anyone come to my children without my concent and put something in them or on them and literally i will return the favor to the extreme. forget lawsuits, forget courts, my

    children are my life and my heart. children are innocent and easily persuaded to do things. if you bribe a child with candy every time mommy goes to the bank then they will jump on board and say YEAH FREE CANDY. Government or not, don’t touch my kids. i will defend my children and family to the point of violence if necessary. if you want to advertise this NEW DEVICE, then send out pamplets in the mail, or post it at every Post Office. but don’t you dare go to my kids to get to me. i do have the right to bare arms, and i will practice it…

  20. Lisa says:

    I think the government has been taken over by the Aliens!

  21. Ryan says:

    Adam Savage and mythbusters were banned from talking about the rfid chip! Do not put a device in you that can transmit or recieve radio frequencies! Seriously! A bracket a passport whatever but inside your body? Are you crazy! A radio frequency device inside the body is moronic to say the least! http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dpSKVk9iobc

  22. Connie Newby says:

    Isn’t it amazing that a book written over 2,000 yrs ago predicted Mr. Chippie?!?!?! You cannot argue with that FACT.
    And Chris…why do you care what the believers think?? What’s it to you??? Why do you try to convince others that they aren’t going to be part of the Big Brother government?? Homeland Security and the patriot act make it legal for our government to track everything we do!!! Americans phone calls, Internet usage and travel??? How come every leader in the world right now is pissed and wants an explanation why their leaders have been spied on by this country!!!! Ask Snowden what else he knows ….. it will scare the hell out if you!!!!

  23. Drew says:

    Screw Obozo, Obozocarfe and this bull. It is illegal. Your not making me or my kids put one of these under there skin. I’l sue all you MF all the way to the U.S Supreme Court. This is bull. People need to wake up and take notice. We are not animals, we don’t need to be tracked. So all you Liberal Obozo dumb*ss can get over it. Try to take my 2nd Amendment Rights, you get lead, plant this crap you get lots more lead, come to my house with bull you get lead. Don’t even bother MF. We are real Americans and will not stand for any more Obozo sh*t.

  24. T2 says:

    This chris idiot drinks the obummer koolaid.

  25. cwost says:

    Chris is a Dick. Troof!!

  26. dan says:

    read revelation 13 then decide.

  27. c.j.hichey says:

    There is no need to quote the bible …here is the deal …you trust the government, you get the chip, you dont trust the gov, dont get a chip…have a nice day

    • Ed Anderson says:

      I can’t believe how many of you yahoos have fallen for this. HOAX! Read the fine print on this page. Now look up the word SATIRE.

      • CHenry says:

        hmmm never saw anything that showed this was a hoax or that it was satire in any way, shape or form.. can you point me to it?

  28. Debbie Hogan Tate says:


  29. Djdoyle says:

    Fuck you I will never let you do this to me!!!!!!!

  30. angie north says:

    How did the coversation turn to peoples belief in god? This is why shit like this happens in this country. People r too busy telling each other theu r wrong or stupid, when the real.problem or issue is left in the dust..dumb

  31. Xapyre says:

    My children will NOT ATTEND!! Nor will they participate!! Chippie is no friend of mine!

  32. George says:

    And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men, And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

  33. Vernon says:

    I clearly see Satan’s comments in this thread.

  34. Rebbecca says:

    We have come a long way without technology. Our greatest grandparents played in the dirt and didnt get sick or yelled at as kids. Yet you and I are here as proof. They used low tech equipment like wood burning stoves and mule plows. And horse drawn carriages. And still we are here because of them. They went on honor systems and paperwork. Hard work didnt hurt them. And yet we have become a society that is too big for our own good. Perhaps this chip idea isnt such a good idea after all. Id rather live like my ancestors than “progress”.

    • BIGbadJOHN says:

      I agree with you Rebecca. However, wood burning stoves, horse drawn carriages and mule plows were advancements in technology. Maybe not as large an advancement as we have today, but still advancements. I think the key is advancement at what cost? I’m not willing to advance to the point of losing my soul. And when I start hearing shows on TV start talking about the medical technology advancing to the point of a human beings being immortal is when technology is really starting to go into the realm I don’t want to explore.

  35. Invo says:

    This is moor about Deporgraming and Reprograming, Our Childern, getting the population, reddy for the Mark Down the Road…((( 666))) < it may not look like this.
    it may have a Squar pattren, or somthing elos, The Bible tells us it's comming for a Verry Long Time, This Chip, is the Benning of the End… 5 years from now? 20 years from now? one Thing for shure, the Bible is Right, the End is Comming…
    We Need to Make a Stand!

    If you don't Know the Lord Jesus, Turn to Him, He Loves Us He Died for us, turn to Him to day. 2peter 3:9 st, John314-16. 1John, 1:9.
    Repentents is letting go 100% of your sin, and trusting in Him.

    If you have any Qustains Ask me.

    • BIGbadJOHN says:

      Deprogramming and reprogramming. I think that you may be absolutely right Invo. They may be setting up honest-hearted people for this huge false flag just to make them feel like they’re idiots. Then it’ll be all that much easier down the road to get people to go along with their plan because they will then have placed enough doubts in the minds of the masses to make them think it’s worth the risk. Be wise as serpents the Bible says. We need to be, because I think they can do just what they intend to do several ways. We’re gonna have to roll with the punches.

  36. Carmen Tosch says:

    Here it what happen if you worship the beast and the idol. And have the mark of the beast.on your hand or forehead. You will have to drink the wine that god. Gives to everyone who makes him angry. You will be totured with fire.the smoke from your torture will go up forever and ever and you never be able to rest.. when i came i will surprise you like chief! But god bless you. If you are a weke.and ready

  37. jpl says:

    Oh my GOSH this is SICK. Does the smallest child get left unscathed by the indoctrination? No. Sounds like Hitler Youth to me…scoop the babes from their moms and violate them. Thus is SINISTER. People, if you have not yet opened your eyes, it may be too late for you. Please try to be imaginative for two minutes and just let yourself consider where this may be going. One particular finding of the 911 Commission was that Americans lack imagination. So did the European Jews… WAKE UP. WAKE UP.

  38. Steve says:

    No one is marking my family. Period! Try it and you die. Period! This is about freedom. All the feds want is, to control us. It’s ALL about control. Ask George Bush the 1st. He was one of the designers of the NWO.

    • BIGbadJOHN says:

      Steve, try George WASHINGTON! Open your eyes brother and study the architecture of WASHINGTON D.C.! Look at the secret societies the founding fathers belonged to. Look at the secret societies virtually every president since has belonged to! It IS all about control. Control through deceit! You can barely trust any elected official now, Republican or Democrat. There probably are some good guys up in Washington, because what good is a lie without a little truth mixed in? It’s definitely predominately controlled by the ones behind a mask though. Virtually the whole world is for that matter.

  39. Jimmy says:

    How an anyone read an article that lies right off the bat?
    There is no mandate for chip implants in the law.
    you guys LUST for paranoia, I swear.

    if youd use half the energy some of you use for crap ‘articles’ spreading paranoia like this, you might actually start to make sense to the American people.

    what waste of time and space this ‘article’ is.


    • POed says:

      Dear Jimmy,

      Surely you don’t believe everything you read on Snopes?! They are far more biased than MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC all combined. This may be written as satire, but you just proved that the low information voters are still buying the BS that they are shoveling without any hesitation. Please do yourself a favor actually read the entire document before you comment. Even though no one read it before passing it. You dems are sickening!!!

      • laguna_greg says:

        Well POed, I’m surprised people like you are allowed to vote. This kind of paranoia responds well to medication. I think you should take some.

        • POed says:

          People like you allowed to vote is how our country is in the shithole situation is is in today. Please keeping reading Snopes and make yourself more stupid than you are right now.

  40. graeme warner says:

    So what is stopping hackers with this tech? If rfid can be read/scanned it will be copied,and used to commit crimes. Is ANY technology safe from hacking?

    More effort should be made, to ensure a safe and secular planet,instead of idoctrinations of fear and division. Fear and division could be seen as a tactic to impose totalitarianism, which is so last century. Keep on keeping on,with freedom,enabling peoples rights worldwide,and using the forces currently aiming at eachother to actually help the people,such as helping out the victims of the typhoon in the phillipines. There are battles against nature we should all be helping with, and in doing so, unite the world population in exactly the right way. There should be no-one to fear but the psychos, who will reside securely. nuff said. rfid increases fear,is not secure,and should not be adopted.

  41. Kent says:

    Antichrist will have food for 6 months. According to Russian Orthodoxy, Jesus will come back to end the flying antichrist’s rule when this antichrist conceives a thought in his evil mind that he 666-isotope-ray-lasered everyone. Antichrist’s minions came up with Dec. 21 in order to desensitize people to the real events predicted in the Bible. Antichrist is 0% God and 100% man. He’s possessed by Satan since he’s 12 years old. He flies. He wears gloves to hide long nails. He’s pale with red eyes. He’s surrounded by demons who appear as angels of light. 666ed people go to permanent hell. 666 is given by lasers (isotope rays) on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Reject 666. Don’t go into a UFO to be healed by demons. Those who reject 666 will go to heaven. Also, their direct ancestors will be saved from hell. Dinosaurs live under our level. They will get out through sinkholes and lakes. To kill them, go for their nerves. Again, 666 is given by isotope rays on wrist or forehead when people stretch hands to receive small plastic grey card (world passport). Police will chip and isotope ray people on highways. Food stores will isotope ray people too. Antichrist will also release prisoners to mark people. Reject 666 at all cost. If you’re about to be marked, scream: “Lord, have mercy!” three times. Go hide with Orthodox Christians to escape 666.

    • BIGbadJOHN says:

      You’re joking right?

    • Teress says:

      The chip I’d different from 666 you ,/ we Donot want either. Hope their not doing this to kids on the spot.


  42. BIGbadJOHN says:

    First of all, to all who haven’t figured it out, this is a satirical article. It’s not real and, in my opinion, has been written and posted here to look like an authentic and trustworthy article in order to make people with a Godly religious conviction look and feel stupid. It’s pretty slimy if you ask me and shows a lack of character from people who KNOW this article is fake, yet keep egging on the issue to those unsuspecting. It’s no surprise though. This country was set up from the very beginning to head in this direction. To be Godless. I think this is exactly the tactic they are employing even in larger scale matters. Drawing in the people with religious convictions only to make them feel uneducated and simple minded in the end.
    See, say you saw this article and thought that it was completely legit, which it really appears to be unless you read the fine print. Then after you’ve put your heart and soul fully into speaking out against this sort of thing, you come to find out that it was all just a joke. It will make many well meaning people who are only trying to warn others and speak the truth feel like an idiot. It shouldn’t though! You were baited! And you were baited with the intent of crushing your belief, slowly but surely.
    This is just one instance of this sort of propaganda. What if you encountered this several times and maybe fell for it a couple times? It may have a pretty negative effect on your beliefs and make you start doubting. First, maybe you’ll just doubt that the RFID is harmful to you at all and isn’t the mark of the beast. Next, maybe they’ll even get you to start doubting that there is a God at all. Satan is slick folks! Don’t let him fool you or anyone you know.
    This article may be the sort of thing they are doing, but on a much larger scale. We have to even consider that the RFID, at least in this point in time, may be a large bait to hammer the beliefs of many God fearing people into submission. If they can make you feel that your beliefs have led you into a false fear, then that will make you question your beliefs if you aren’t firmly planted. So what they may end up doing is ACTING like they are going to implement this RFID thing full force, but then slack off or abandon it altogether. For some reason, Americans view the USA as the whole world. Remember, if the mark of the beast is the RFID, it will be implemented WORLDWIDE! Not just in our country. And who says that it will be forced? He might get more people to take it by acting nonchalantly about it.
    Nevertheless, I won’t be allowing the injection of any chip into my body. Better to be safe than sorry. I’ve lived 31 years without one and I can live the rest of my life without one. My hope is not in how long I can live on this earth, how healthy I can make my body at ALL costs, or how many material things I can gain. What good is it that we gain the whole world, but yet lose our souls? Remain FULLY focused on the life after this. If I can’t get healthcare at all without an RFID, so be it. I’m gonna die one day anyways. I could take that “miraculous” little chip and die the very next day! I don’t need it and neither does anyone else. Possibly losing my soul for the sake of technological advancement? No thank you! Oh, but they’ll try and make you think you’re being irrational and paranoid and that your God, your religion, needs to die for the sake of humanity.
    I could go on and on about this. Do I know for sure that the RFID is the mark of the beast? No, but I’d rather not take the chance. I’ll go on living without it. And even if I am denied lifesaving operations or medicines(which most can do more harm than good), I’ll go ahead and die on MY terms. I pray that God give me the strength and courage to make that decision and carry me through it just as He carried His Son through His afflictions. Take up your cross people and walk your walk in peace. Be sly as serpents, because you have to be. You’re battling one.

  43. laguna_greg says:

    I’d like to know where I can purchase Ms. Agni’s books. I can’t find them on Amazon, and I can’t find any reviews of them anywhere online.

  44. tina says:

    So if I get one does that mean you will hear if I fart ? You are all crazy there is no way in Hell u will ever put one in me nor my family !!!!! This is America admit !!!!!! Go shove that chip up Obamas ads where it belongs ! Then ship his ass off !! :-)

  45. Deb says:

    Children, this is satire. for now.

    • Don Luis says:

      Some NEED the hoaxes so they can comment and feel important for outing conspiracies .. even if those don’t exist.

      What insanity drives them to worship lies?

  46. Ted says:

    Mat 7:13

    “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.

    Mat 7:14

    “Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.

  47. Ted says:

    Rev 14:9

    Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,

    Rev 14:10

    “he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb.

    Rev 14:11

    “And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

  48. jerry says:

    what else is in this chip
    satellite tracking
    maybe a kill mode for humans who will not obey
    DNA to change ours
    i will refuse it and help others cut it out

    • Don Luis says:

      I have to guess why you keep posting this lie. Is it racism gone viral? Are you out of your mind? Are you a paid right wingnut extremist agent?


      • disgusted by idiocy says:

        Seriously! You are actually going to use a google search as your fact-based defense. I’m constantly floored by the fools that are allowed to vote this crap and the crap politicians we have in office. Get off the computer and do real research before shooting your mouth off about things you are so obviously misinformed.

        • Don Luis says:

          How many different sources came up in the search that refuted your claims, eh? No, dummy, if you read, you see the truth. If you are willfully ignorant you won’t. If you are just another Obama hater you’ll lie.

          You don’t have a debate, so you don’t find source to support your claim.

          Reading the ACTUAL law tells me and others that you are full of it.

          I’ve read it. It say NOTHING about forced implantation of any chip, and the law being quoted then misused doesn’t either. All it’s about is exactly what is claim .. regulatory law for existing medical and monitoring devices having nothing to with forced implantation.

          Your post is stupid and so are you for trying to pass it off as anything else but. Be off with you, fool.

          • disgusted by idiocy says:

            So sad that you obviously have NOT read the law which is also obvious because you think since it is on the internet it is true. You must also put your faith in Snopes, MSNBC, and CNN. Wow, to say more to you is the definition of insanity expecting you to dig your head out of the sand and live in reality. You are a prime example of the low information voter that when your argument runs thin you must call names like a spoiled little kid. I hope you enjoy your ignorance.

          • Don Luis says:

            LOL, I notice you haven’t cited a single source that supports your claim. I’ve cited many that support mine.

            As for using internet sources, WE ARE ON THE INTERNET STUPID.

            If you cite it here, then here it is.

            Your logic is a panic.

            Let’s see this Chippie character if you don’t mind. He doesn’t exist. Never did, never will.

            Site the law you seem to be suggesting you have read and I have not.. .and I mean the statute at it’s source. Or do you even know where federal law is kept on record, officially?

            I do.

            Go for it, or be exposed for the lying fool you really are.

  49. theenddoesnotjustifythemeans says:

    As a committed Christian,
    I sincerly hope that Chippy is only a hoax.
    at the rate the federal government is attempting to control every
    aspect of our lives,
    I think it is only a matter of time until
    Chippy the implant will be manditory.
    With lots of rhetoric
    to make it sound “reasonable”
    - just like abortion.

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