RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan

RFID Chip Technical Info

Here We Can See The Size And Shape Of The Exciting New RFID Chip

(Hanna, WY) – The “Obamacare” RFID chips are currently being given a test run on the proud and patriotic citizens of Hanna, Wyoming.

Over the last two weeks a special piece of legislation has been passed making it mandatory for anyone who receives welfare or any other form of government assistance to be implanted with these new identification chips. Even select government employees and officials have been ordered to receive the sub-dermal device, which is typically implanted in the fatty tissue of the individual’s buttock. Police officers, military, even garbage men will all be required to have the RFID chip by the end of next month or face termination from their jobs.

During the beta testing stage of this amazing technological development, many news outlets have remained silent, apparently waiting to see how the trial pans out before reporting on the subject. National Report, always on the cutting edge, sent me on location to Hanna, Wyoming to speak with some of the townsfolk and gather their opinions and experiences regarding their newly acquired RFID chips.

Tammy Josephine Laurence, a single mother of three who is currently accepting housing assistance got her chip implanted just hours before we had a chance to sit down and speak with her. She had the following to say:

“Well, they said I better do this, or they was gonna cut the welfare. I’m a full-time single mother. I got three young kids that need me at all hours and ain’t no man to help. I didn’t have no choice…”

When asked if the procedure was invasive she informed us that it was “a little like giving blood” and that she felt “tired after getting the implant” which is reportedly is a common but benign side effect.

I also spoke with Hanna, Wyoming’s Mayor Ted Howell, whose full support of the RFID chip made it mandatory for the citizens of his small community. Leading by example he was the first recipient of the RFID chip, having it implanted publicly at a recent town hall meeting. “This is change for a better, safer America” he said while undergoing the ten minute procedure. “With this scientific advancement, the terrorists do not stand a chance… USA will prevail…”

The ordinance has had some opposition, however, as several of the local churches have spoken out against the chips with protests. These fringe apocalyptic churches believe Obama to be the anti-Christ and claim the RFID chip is the Mark Of The Beast written about in their Book Of Revelations. They cite the RFID chip’s supposed serial number of 131618 as corresponding with Revelations 13:16-18. Of course, rural superstitions ultimately have no sway when it comes to the progressive new America and their scripture laden outcries have largely been ignored.

This journalist embraces the change and even got her very own RFID chip before heading back to the National Report’s home offices. The surgery was quick, simple and more or less painless. I can barely tell I’ve been implanted at all. A sacrifice I’ve gladly made for my country’s national security and hope you will too.

UPDATE 10-20-13 Multiple Wyoming School Districts Implant RFID Chip Technology In Students Without Parental Consent

UPDATE 10-25-13 Move Over Elmo – Chippie Seminars Leave Children Eager To Receive New RFID Implant

UPDATE 11-05-13 RFID Mascot Begins Nationwide Tour To Help Alleviate Children`s Fears Of Implantation

UPDATE 11-09-13 Wyoming Christians Report Forced Obamacare RFID Chipping

UPDATE 11-13-13 Chippie The RFID Insists “I’m Not The Mark Of The Beast” In Recent Press Conference

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1,491 Responses to "RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan"

  1. Gary says:

    These chips would be put to better use by implanting them in criminals as a condition of release. implanted in a variety of places on the body, so they don’t know where they are to remove them. To help track the ones who are likely to be repeat offenders and skip town or not report to their Parole Officers. The chips would then be used to prove that the criminal was at the crime scene at the time of a crime or not at the scene. And to track them before they commit more crimes.

    • Nancy says:

      This is a great idea!! I agree 100%

      • tonykeywest says:

        Wait till you start breaking out in sores. This is the mark of the beast.:Rev 16:11 And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

        • gerry says:

          are you serious? I just love how you christians always have to take a passage from the bible and try to make it apply to today. typical pushy religious zealot . when in fact it makes no reference to today but rather something that happened eons ago due to radiation from ancient aliens. the bible is nothing more than a few facts embellished with fables and superstitions. if you really want to learn something read “the bible as history” it is much different from the christian bible in that is explains happenings with some scientific reasoning. back then people didn’t understand natural phenomenon like earthquakes, floods, comets, etc. believing that god caused these things to happen because they had been evil. primitive thinking. Pfft. not so just natural happenings that go on all the time .

          • Arslan says:

            The Americans have been fooled again and again by their government and this is one simple example

          • FEMA camps await says:

            You are a brainwashed moron. The government treats its citizens the same way NSDAP treated Jews at Auschwitz, every inmate having an ID tatoo on his/her forearm. No doubt it was done for the inmates benefit under the medical program – Mengelecare, a few decades later progress enabled tracking implants.

            “Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserve liberty nor security” -B. Franklin

          • Nylia says:

            It’s not about being religious, it’s about knowing the truth and actually, the bible does make reference to today, you can take the example of the chip implants. It revealed that they would be required or else you wouldn’t be able to buy or sell. What will those people who don’t get the obamacare chips have as punishment? No job. With no job, you have no money to buy things. But I guess you can still say it doesn’t apply to what is happening today, huh? Before claiming the bible as inaccurate why don’t you take some time to read and understand it, so that way when you feel like arguing you can actually know what you’re talking about.

          • Gerry says:

            Nylia , you do realize this is a satirical site and this article is not real. so maybe you should read such things as the disclaimers at the end of the article. I think I do know what I’m talking about apparently you didn’t read my whole comment just the parts you want to criticize, typical of you blind sighted christians , take the bible at face value pick the passages you want to make relevant , and don’t recognize that much has been changed, edited, embellished, added to, and out and out lies made. so maybe you should read the book I suggested “the bible as history” YOU might just learn something. oh and BTW this is a really OLD article been circulating for over a year. so you are a little behind the power curve.

          • ron says:

            Did your body reject your brain at birth or is it a recent event?

          • greg says:

            man you are so wrong. how do you think the 66 books of the bible was written. 25% of is prophecy and has been right on . Scientist are now agreeing that this book is no made up fairy tales. look at the stars in the heavens and ask God to show you how real his word is and he will.

          • gerry says:

            are we still discussing this silly article. geez this was posted MONTHS ago.

          • cgold says:

            You dontr believe now but one day u will….then it will be too late….you will spend an eternity in a place you dont even believe exists….and will be tormented

          • DMM says:

            So it’ll be like Fox News?

          • Kacy White says:

            And i supposeyou are visited weekly by those Same aliens who Harvest Your DNA due to Your supreme intellegence!!!?????hmmmm..Now whos Crazy??

          • jon says:

            really i am christian and i admit christian’s can seem to be pushy or better than others i am not here to judge its not my place however history does have a tendency to repeat it’s self does it not and not to push the bible but read revelation give it some interest look at the mark of the beast new world order illuminate this is only my opinion to each his own we all have free will.

          • anton says:

            are you serious? I just love how you christians always have to take a passage from the bible and try to make it apply to today. typical pushy religious zealot


          • BEN says:

            Poor Gerry will be able to buy and sell but all that will get him is eternity in hell. There is absolutely no need for this in any human right now. The only reason is to spy on where you are 24 hours a day. Why do they need to know that? Whether this is the Mark I don’t know but if not we are not far from it. Repent before it is too late.

          • David says:

            I would not expect anything diffrent from a hardcore atheist. Atleast you are true to your colors. The pasage that talks about the mark, the buying and selling, all refers to things in the future. Read Revelations.

          • Jdub says:

            Buddy. The shit is true. This is a sign of the devil. I am NOT religious. I do not believe in god, go to church, or worship anything more than a nice rack. But this is the real deal. Stay the fuck away from these chips.

        • Terri Hawkins says:

          Actually. My grandfathers roommate was chipped. She probably didn’t even know it. Had she known it would not have caused her death. She died from infection. They chipped her to monitor if she told anyone about the billion dollar estate he left my mother and did not tell her he was a wealthy man. They killed my mother in 1996. Over it. M and m children stepped right into the path of this grand scheme. My boyfriend was chipped just last year they caused brain damage when implanting the chip. Now he is tracked and televised also.
          I think that our government should not take advantage of poor people as a condition of benefits. I do not feel they should subject the people to anything they would not apply to themselves. We are not lab rats.

          • Terri Hawkins says:

            I would also like to state. It is the Bushes that I and my family have been under attack from. It is Bush senior that ordered the death of both my grandfather and mother. I have been dealing mostly with jr.
            He kidnapped my son over 12 years ago. Are present administration is still scared of them. It is about to hit the media that Jr. is going to be indicted for nine counts of murder. I guess would would be a little paranoid too.

          • DMM says:

            So there are some crazy people who are just ignorant that his is a fake article on a fake news site, then there are the crazy religious ignorant who already confuse fact and fiction further blurring the issue, then there are those that are just plain crazy crazy that need to stay on their meds and far away from sharp objects. I actually have a friend who went off his meds recently and has been going off on tirades similar to this. Quite troublesome and sad really.

            Either time to hit up the pharmacy for a refill and a sedative and make sure they don’t let you near a computer during your 15 minute break at the loony bin OR this is quite the troll try to one up the crazy ignorant and crazy religious in such a way that they begin to question even their crazy.

            My what a tangled web we weave.

        • Boris says:

          It is not mart of the beast. Mark of the beast on forehead means vicious thoughts and mark of the beast on the right hand means sinful deeds. True Christians understand that. It will be completely unlike our God to let someone to take His children away without their consent or even knowledge.
          These chips are marks of totalitarian government. That’s all. I will fight if necessary to not get it, but if they will prevail it will neither stop me from going to Church nor bring me to hell.

          • WOB says:

            Boris, there’s no biblical support for your claim regarding the meaning of the placement of the Mark of the Beast.

        • Christy Lynch says:

          AGREES! The ones that disagree haven’t read the Bible and have no clue as to what is coming and what has ALREADY taken place from the Bible. Thanks for speaking up Tony!

        • David says:

          Geez, the mark of the beast will be on the forehead, don’t jump the gun…..

      • jeff says:

        your a moron

    • Ian says:

      Gary, are you stupid, or do you have a mental issue? How dare you propose a wonderful idea that makes perfect sense, and any sane person who would hear this down to earth suggestion would say, hey! Great idea!
      Are you a radical, or what?
      You obviously didn’t take you dumb ass pill today…back to liberal indoctrination for you, buddy…
      Seriously, well spoken, my friend.

      • Lester says:

        nobody needs to chippd , The bible says no man shall trade , sell, nor barter without the mark of the beast. that’s exactly what this is the mark of the beast our gov. is ran by Luciferions people that worship Lucifer. FACT ! you don’t believe it prove me wrong .

    • tonykeywest says:

      this is a hoax.

    • Janice says:

      That is a better idea, but that is too close to the mark of the beast. I will have get that voluntarily under any circumstances. I don’t care what they say.

    • I would like to tell you of my experience with RFID chips. First incident was when my Grandfathers house mate died in 1996. She had soars covering her body. Since then I learned it was due to chip implant. She had not had a tetanus shot . She died from infection from the implants themselves. I myself was drugged taken to the hospital implanted with RFID chips. Since then our government has not only been tracking me they have been exploiting myself and my family through some reality TV show. I have been imprisoned by this situation since 2002 and still. Last year they went and drugged my boyfriend took him in and implanted him. He came back insane. They caused brain damage…They continue to track and broadcast him also. I am trying to get us out of this situation now. If you have any info that can help or if I get any please let’s get keep in touch.

      • Gerry says:

        Terri I would say you need a psychiatrist. would be nice if you would learn how to spell and use proper English. sounds like you are a bit paranoid and delusional. this is a satirical site and the article is fake.

        • Terri Hawkins says:

          Gary I would say just because you can spell…. You are a typical citizen that knows nothing except what they tell you. Like sheep led to the slaughter.

          • Terri Hawkins says:

            Oh Gerry It’s the keyboard.

          • Samantha says:

            Why is it so hard to let others have their own opinions and theories on the matter-fact or fiction..?? Gerry..go somewhere. ..you’re only making an ass of yourself and I’m pretty positive that your negative comments change nothing of their opinons…shut the f*ck up.

            By the way…I’m a Christian. …God bless you. ;)

    • Gordon Jenson says:

      All religeous beliefs aside, this is a classical example of govt. tyranny. People loosing their jobs and public aid? really? I think a better question is that we should make it mandatory for every public official, and tell them they cannot hold their post of office until they do! I also feel that implanting children without parental consent violates their civil rights. But then since the current administration got into power, we have let them do whatever they wanted. Its time to make the average citizen heard, and restore them to us. I further agree that they should be used on crimminals, then politicians

      • Terri Hawkins says:

        I think dogs and cats are appropriate. Perhaps people with dementia. Other than that very bad idea.

    • red says:

      id agree but putting in to people without free will is going to be wrong

    • Mike says:

      A complete lie made to create fear and influence your vote.

  2. Salwa says:

    Gary – I agree!!! Good plan

  3. Jennifer says:

    That’s really messed up..As Americans we have our rights and saying if these people don’t get one of these chips implanted in them that their going to lose their job is ridiculous.

  4. Rich says:

    ITS A BAD IDEA FOLKS. Even for implanting criminals. How hard do you think it would be for some techno wizard to simply reprogram someones chip and place your chip’s ID at the scene of a crime? This is simply more BS and we will all pay the price for it in the end (Lol, no pun intended). But the truth is that it can be abused and that means it will be abused. I’ll have none of it.

  5. Obama says:

    That’s right, just get on your knees and warship me. Go get your chips so we can all be so safe. And get those guns off the street too. We don’t want these guns to end up in cartels hands. All hail the bankster of society.

  6. Ray says:

    Wow!!!! Really, what has this country came to inserting a chip In someone so the government can keep an eye on everyones movement, well thw government and Obama can insert this chip where thw sun doesn’t shine. No-one sees it Obama is the american HITLER!!!!! I like my privacy. The BIBLE tells you the marking of the beast, the president is rhe beast, he is destroying this country drom the inside out..Its time to wake up!!!

  7. MJ12 says:

    Sounds to me like Hanna, Wyoming would be best viewed in the rear view mirror.

  8. Rich2 says:

    As Rich have say. ITS A BAD IDEA FOLKS. Even for implanting criminals. How hard do you think it would be for some techno wizard to simply reprogram someones chip and place your chip’s ID at the scene of a crime? This is simply more BS and we will all pay the price for it in the end (Lol, no pun intended). But the truth is that it can be abused and that means it will be abused. I’ll have none of it.
    - See more at: http://nationalreport.net/rfid-chip-now-being-issued-in-hanna-wyoming-as-part-of-new-obamacare-plan/#sthash.scyVkPRe.dpuf

    Thinks and look around? Big brother=less freedom

    If they tell you eat shit would you?

  9. britt says:

    In there butt hahaha this is silly

  10. Renee says:

    While I don’t like Obama, this is bull and you know it, stop printing and spreading lies!

  11. Pez says:

    You people are the most uneducated I have ever heard. You make me sick that I am human and close to the creations you are. As blind as a bat and as dumb as rock. Your government thinks they are prophets and are nothing but satanic followers. The only terrorists is the governments who tend to rule the world. You people are nothing but sheep.

  12. UncleMonkey says:

    Are you retards still debating this? no wonder the US is on the decline…

  13. UncleChip says:

    It’s for the betterment of world society, I am requesting you all be chipped. I’m getting chipped. Support the New World Order today. Hooray for one harmonious world. I wish we all lived in a world like the Chinese of the Mao era…all hail Uncle Mao! The Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, and all those wonderful, selfless humanitarians are looking out for our best interest…I can’t wait for the Amero to replace the dollar either and we’ll be part of one big happy North American Union…it’ll make me feel at one with all the other people of our great planet. You must decide to comply; resistance is futile and shows you care too much for your personal privacy and property. You can’t take it with you. These things are just superficial. I’m also signing up for voluntary termination at 65. I mean really, if we’re not contributing anymore(even though I feel it was my duty to pay SS tax), I should let others have a chance with money I’ve generated…all hail Barrack Obama Bin Laden! Osama-care and death taxes are a VITAL source of government income….can’t take it with you, people. It’s all gotta start somewhere…GET CHIPPED TODAY PLEASE…SAVE LIVES….SACRIFICE YOURSELVES FOR THE GOOD OF THE OTHERS….

    • jon says:

      and when we don’t get chipped have fun in the f.e.m.a concentration camp or should i say federal emergency management agency roflol.

  14. Herb Roberson says:

    Where is the A C L U when they can actually be useful!

  15. Jane says:

    This is totally false, as of today. May be on it’s way in the future but as for now it is false: http://obamacarefacts.com/obamacare-microchip-implant.php

  16. tino says:

    To all of you chip believers it is totally unnatural to implant anything into your body unless is a device to make your heart going. Pretty soon if you allow the government to do that they will also implant a controllable brain so you can do whatever they want you todo. What is the difference between China vs. USA

    • Terri Hawkins says:

      RFID Chip Now Being Issued In Hanna, Wyoming As Part Of New “Obamacare” Plan.

      They are also preparing children in schools to be chipped.

  17. Drew says:

    Anyone who believes this is true should have their citizenship revoked and sent to a remote island where they can cause little harm to anyone else. Seriously, you’re a moron if you believe this.

  18. Bobby says:

    Drew, you’re an idiot do some research.

  19. paul says:

    To Garry all of you that believe that Scriptures are just a book you will see when you are dead see where you sol will bee then like the rich man will cry a loud and remember the words that were spoken in the Bible but it will be to late and your punishment will be for ever in torment I do feel sorry for idiots like you that are following the Satan instead of our loving heavenly Father

    • DMM says:

      This is hilarious…. I’ve read the bible 5 times all the way through. I was raised in a VERY christian environment and probably know way more about it all then you do. The whole reason I don’t believe it is I’ve actually read it COVER to COVER. I presume you’ve not as the bible is filled with contradictions, fables, and an outright bi polar god who acts more like a demanding child than a benevolent supreme being.

      In fact did you know that Judaism (the Old Testament) was formed from a polytheistic religion? God was the head of other gods like Zeus was. Those other gods were downgraded into angels and thus the stories changed and evolved into what we see now. Also, did you know that the old testament wasn’t even written in Hebrew? It was originally in Greek and wasn’t even put on paper until much after the events had passed and they were only stories told from person to person (I’m sure no one ever forgot something or altered something as time went on hahaha!).

      Also, looking at the old testament compared to the new testament we have two VERY different gods. One who is angry and does great deeds, uses his powers and then we have a more chill and loving god who is understanding but doesn’t use his powers like before. Oh wait a second… lets look at the life and times of the average person in the old testament: don’t understand science, largely nomadic, not a long life span. New testament: Roman civilization, more philosophical, more established culture, more solid scientific background. Could it be that man’s view of god changed due to their living conditions?

      SIlly sheep.

      • Gerry says:

        DMM couldn’t have said it better myself. you rock!!

      • Terri Hawkins says:

        Well DMM, I think we live in a dumb society that cannot fathom the fact that just because you have title … it means you are a person of honor. I have never been on meds, had mental issues or any irrational thoughts. In a short period of time the headlines are going to tell you exactly what I’m speaking of. In fact it is George Bush that is mentally ill. He has split personalities. He was never able to do his job. And you going to learn both he and his father are pedophilers. Sorry to burst you safe cocoon in your mind.

    • Gerry says:

      paul maybe if you learned how to spell and made any sense I might really read your comment but I do not worship satan or any other being except for mother nature and I feel sorry for you because you are so ignorant that you have no idea what you are talking about and are a sheeple for following a bunch of superstition and stories.

  20. Justin says:

    There is no mandate for implanted RFID in Obamacare, however, it does call for the setting up of a database for implantable devices, that are to be marked with RFID. You can read more about it at my website: Dont Chip Me Bro. There is a lot of information on implantable microchips / verichip / nfc. Don’t buy into the myth that Obamacare will force people to be implanted with a chip.

  21. Yourmom says:

    So, considering this isn’t true, never was true and has since been proven to not be true…how do you get people to take you seriously?

  22. Marie Devine says:

    Insurance, including ObamaCare, is counter-productive in God’s earth, meaning it produces what you do not want. You reap what you sow is God’s law; you plant tomatoes you do not get anything else. You plant an insurance payment expecting to get a medical bill paid; but you must first reap a medical need, a disease, accident or some other affliction. By FAITH are you saved; God created us to stay safe and healthy and not to FEAR whatever befalls you; instead rebuke and reject Satan’s lies of anything else and stand firm on God’s promises and provision through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  23. Daniel says:

    So how is it that the majority of you can knock on the religionists about their beliefs. The reality is that none of us know who is right when it comes to the after life. The point here is the government is illegally requiring FREE AMERICAN citizens to implant a stupid locator chip into our body’s. Look we are free peoples with the right to speak vote etc. The fact remains the goverment is a organization that cares only for the peoples that are involved within its confines. Do any of you really believe that a man that who was voted into office because he is black actually cares about any of you. If you belive that well you all deserve what comes with a locator chip. Not to mention all of us weren’t born with a RFID chip. Therefore its a foreign object that DOESN’T BELONG in MY BODY

    • DMM says:

      The article is fake you idiot, in fact this whole site is filled with fake and satirical news.

      The ID chip the actual bill is discussing is for implanted medical devices. For instance a hip replacement or a bar that replaces a bone and so forth. This way you can tell who made it, whose body it is supposed to be in, as well as make sure that the device isn’t used again in another person.

      This has nothing to do with being religious, this has to do with being dumb…. it just so happens most dumb people tend to be religious.

      • Cashrules says:

        Not to religious, but I’ve researched this and it is true.

        • MsGypsy says:

          The Thread That Would Not Die

          Please share your research. Because creditable research has also revealed that the names in the article are falsified, the Mayor of Hanna, WY was never interviewed, and the ACA as passed does not include this requirement anywhere. If you have proof to the contrary, please share so we can judge for ourselves which one is correct.

        • DMM says:

          No it isn’t like I said… they are not putting chips in people like the article is claiming. They are putting ID chips on medical devices and implants (hip replacements, heart devices, etc).

          “First off, the referenced information was not part of the “Obamacare” health care legislation actually enacted by Congress. The page numbers and language cited in the example above were taken from HR 3200, an early House version of health care reform legislation which was never passed by Congress; passages cited from HR 3200 are therefore irrelevant. The cited wording did not appear in the replacement bill (HR 3590) eventually passed as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and although similar language was included in initial versions of the subsequent reconciliation bill (HR 4872), it too did not appear in the final version of that bill as passed by Congress.

          Second, nothing in any of those unpassed bills mandated that anyone be implanted with any type of microchip or RFID-based device, for any reason. The passages quoted above reference a section of the legislation that simply called for the creation of a registry which would allow the Department of Health and Human Services to collect data about medical devices “used in or on a patient” (such as pacemakers or hip replacements) for purposes that included tracking the effectiveness of such devices and facilitating the distribution of manufacturer recall notices. Absolutely nothing in those bills required that patients receive any type of implantable device (microchip or otherwise) or authorized the government to mandate the implantation of devices in patients.”

  24. Jack says:

    But we all know we can trust government!

  25. jackie says:

    am I so old school that the bible says the mark would be on the forehead where this crap come from

  26. Dale says:

    This has the potential to be abused – anything that can be abused, will be abused. This gives way too much power to the govt.

    • Gerry says:

      Dale and all the rest of you that are panicking over this article read the disclaimer at the bottom of the article!! it’s a satirical site, and it’s all fake. so sorry you are not smart enough to figure that out. don’t get your panties in a wad over it.

      • Terri Hawkins says:

        Gerry I’m curious.. What is it you do? Does it really bother that we are messing up your humor column with real issues? Do you feel superior in a comedy thread perhaps you should use your intelligence to help solve some of the real issues plaguing our country instead of judging people that have real problems.

        • Gerry says:

          Terri, No it doesn’t bother me that you are “messing up my humor column with “real” issues” what does bother me is that so many are taking this seriously and creating a panic for nothing. I’m not judging anybody but it seems you feel the need to judge me for some reason. and as for real problems honey I can tell you about real problems but I doubt you can relate. you sound like such a wonderful Christian woman altho I doubt you are. more like an aggressive hateful, individual who is bitter and vengeful. that is what I see from your comments. so stuff it.

  27. Chuck says:

    Too funny… this is completely not true, didn’t happen, not happening. It’s a freakin’ JOKE, folks.

  28. Norma says:

    This is all the devil trying to make it seem like it’s not the mark of the beast when in fact it is. Some people are going to be blinded by what they need or what they think they need and not rely on God to get it done, so when humans tell you lies I hope God forgives you but once you take the chip it’s over, you have wrote your ticket to hell

  29. Anthony says:

    No way am I getting this poison “rice” in me. This implanted chip will rupture and release toxic killers if you try to remove it. There’s no effing way you’re going to put that in me. If it can kill you when you attempt to remove it, who’s to say the government can’t make it release toxic poisons in your body from a click of a mouse?! No way!!!!

  30. stan says:

    according to the bible I read the rapture will occur before the mark so if you truly are the Christian you profess yourself to be then you have nothing to fear. as for me , my walk with GOD is my own and it will be only me that he judges for my sins. I will not take any chip, mark, or any other form of device that would make me choose aginst GOD and I will protect my children from being forced as well.

  31. GINA says:

    DMM, youre so funny! Are you a writer? If not you would be great at it!

    • DMM says:

      Actually I’m not… thank you. Guess maybe it is something to look into. Though I will say the funniest thing I’ve read on this is the actual article if is absurdly fake. I’d say some of the religious responses were amusing as well except for the fact they are dead serious and that troubles me greatly at their ignorance and that they are more likely than not propagating a lie.

      As Orson Scott Card wrote in Ender’s Shadow:

      “You frighten me, when you say there isn’t time.”
      “I don’t see why. Christians have been expecting the imminent end of the world for millennia.”
      “But it keeps not ending.”
      “So far, so good.”

  32. Jefta says:

    Watch a video about the chip

  33. Daniel Young says:

    This is all lies.Do your research.

  34. Daniel says:

    Check Hanna, Wyoming local newspapers. This is all lies.Do your research.

  35. ashley says:

    how is everyone so blind, don’t you think that if they were actually trying to do something like this the would show you the truth? who do you think controls the media, who pays for it? you sure don’t, but it probably the same people that are paying for the new world order and everything that’s coming with it.

  36. The Pensioner says:

    Since that chip is the size of a grain of rice, why don’t we ship some to the Chinese. They love the stuff. And they eat the chips and we can track them and televise them like Terri says. I know that eventually they’ll come out in the wash but let the chips fall where they may… is what my grandpappy used to say.

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