Rawlins Wy – Lunatic Masquerading As Doctor Continues Reign Of Terror

Pre Riot Downtown Rawlins Wy: The Largest City In Southern Wyoming

Pre Riot Downtown Rawlins Wy: The Largest City In Southern Wyoming

(Rawlins, WY) – It has been difficult to cope with the backlash I’ve received from my previous stories regarding the Hanna, Wyoming RFID Chip. For several days now, my work email (janemagnijournalist-at-gmail-com)  has been flooded with angry responses from Wyoming citizens and even Hanna, Wyoming’s mayor, Ted Howell, sent me a stern scolding for the social upheaval I have caused his town.

Equally difficult is the legal repercussions I am facing for inciting riots, defamation of character and criminal mischief.  Several warrants have been issued for my arrest in the state of Wyoming and it has been made clear that if I step foot in Carbon county again I will be arrested on the spot.

As I endure my own dark night of the soul, so too does Carbon county. The surviving residence have began piecing their simple lives back together in the shadow of great tragedy. The pain of loved ones lost; The distrust of the news media; It all still hangs heavily over the barren plains of southern Wyoming.

If Rawlins Wy and its surrounding areas didn’t have enough to content with, a sick, deranged individual posing as a doctor continues to prey on their vulnerable state. He has been implanting his victims with rogue RFID chips claiming it is now a government mandated procedure. Insisting he is sanctioned by the state he offers to implant official government issued Radio Frequency devices for half the price of other doctors.

After filling out his bogus paperwork you will be given a medical exam, which focuses mainly on the buttocks. A topical anesthetic is applied and with an object that greatly resembles an ear piercing gun he implants a small, grain sized RFID Chip in the fatty tissue of the victim’s hind quarters.

National Report has been told that in the days following the riots, 5 townsfolk of Rawlins Wy came forward claiming they willingly allowed themselves to be chipped by this impersonator. It is feared many more victims have yet to speak up, possibly too embarrassed to admit they were duped by such an unusual and outlandish ruse.

Though the citizens of Carbon county have let their negative opinion of me be known; I still feel a strong bond with the southern region of Wyoming…. I too was tricked by this lunatic mastermind who may have destroyed my journalistic career and left the people of Rawlins Wy living in fear.

I will continue to give updates and search for this mad man until he is behind bars where he rightfully belongs. I can only hope that by bring the true criminal to justice I will redeem myself in the eyes of Wyomingites.

Jane M. Agni, Signing Off…

Photo credit: Rawlins, Wyoming, By Jimmy Emerson, DVM,  Source: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/, Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/auvet/5045110452

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  1. LSPFB says:

    Hmmm. I think I’ve seen that man. I believe it’s Julia Robert’s brother. In fact, here’s a mug shot I found of him: http://www.mugshots.net/eric_roberts/

    He never WAS any good.

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