Portland, Oregon Deemed “Most Racist” City In The United States

 (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

In a recent nationwide survey conducted by the Oklahoma Symposium of Racial Studies, researchers claim to have pinpointed the individual US cities that are most plagued by racism. The list included locations such as Atlanta, GA, Phoenix, AZ and Chicago, IL. However, the city crowned most infected with the cancer of racial intolerance came as a shocker to many: The so-called “liberal” utopia of Portland OR.

Yes, it seems the City Of Roses came out at the top of the list for most racial tension, blowing all the other cities away with their tie-dyed, race-riot.

Researchers cite several instances in which the occupants engaged in activities which would make one think that underneath all the hipster attire lurks a horde of rabid klansmen in hippie’s clothing. From run-of-the-mill racism to even more abstract and subtle forms of prejudices that can only be found in the rainy, north western city, PDX seems to be absolutely brimming with bigotry.

On the heels of this study comes Portland’s annual White Man March, organized by the white nationalist group, American Freedom Party. The North West chapter of ANIFA were absolutely helpless to stop the gathering, which took place Saturday, March 15th. In a shocking twist, most of ANTIFA’s Portland members have succumbed to the racism that surrounds them and become remorseless fascists themselves.

Portland schools also employ racial segregation during their parent / teacher conferences. The superintendent of Portland’s public school system declined to comment, but it’s suspected that the reason behind the school’s separation of parents by their skin color is to avoid any potential confrontations between racial groups. A teacher in the Parkrose district who wishes to remain anonymous told National Report the following.

The African Americans are resentful of the whites, because they have gentrified their old neighborhoods, pushing them further and further out towards the fringes of the city.”

On the opposite end of this racial divide is the progressive liberals, whose heart’s bleed for whatever cause is deemed most chic. They hate themselves for being white, yet think lowly enough of the African Americans to assume they always require their heroic assistance. Portland seems to be more of a lily-white utopia for haughty pseudo-humanitarians rather than the cornucopia of diversity that it is commonly portrayed as.

You will find the highest concentration of these closet-racists primarily in the heart of Portland. The city itself is ivory faces as far as the eye can see, until you wander out away from the city that you will actually begin to see any other races intermingling with the sea of snowy white bodies. It’s an unspoken truth that Portland is predominantly white, and they want to keep it that way.


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213 Responses to "Portland, Oregon Deemed “Most Racist” City In The United States"

  1. Brett says:

    This comment thread contains some of the stupidest vitriol I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as stupid as holding a study that *RANKS* cities in what seems to be a perverse racist-olympics.

    Tell me, how do you quantify racism? I’m very curious.

    Yes, I live in Portland. It has serious issues with confronting racial issues. (White) people get uncomfortable and don’t want to talk about it. That’s messed up, and it warrants discussion. What it doesn’t warrant is the claim that Portland is somehow “more racist” than the rest of the country.

    Also, as a resident of Portland, the author seems to be selectively avoiding the use of inclusive pronouns when referring to the city. Don’t get me wrong, I loved her book, and I generally like her work… but it’d be more honest for her to make and effort to acknowledge her complicity in the problem instead of pointing to the rest of the city’s residents and shaming them.

    • Brett says:

      Okay, I lied a little. I haven’t read her book or any of her work before this. I just didn’t want to seem like a resentful meanie.

      Distancing herself from the problem is still bogus, though.

      • Barry Wilson says:

        Your no meanie just too lazy to look for an answer to your own question.
        How do you quantify racism.? There was a study done. Did you read it,? Did you find out what metrics it used? Did you find out if it took surveys. Did you do anything to find out if it is possible to quantify racism.
        You are part of the problem,if you don’t bother to investigate and make a reasonable judgement.

        Did you know that blacks with good credit were and are being denied loans to start a business.
        If you have any intelligence, when something seem odd to you. Find out what it is based on. Maybe it’s not that odd, just new to you
        Good day

    • Clement says:

      Actually, Tigard a suburb of Portland is more racist than the City of Roses. At some point cops noted that whoever put out Nazi fliers were barely guilty of littering. Of course, those same cops never found the culprits don’t ya know.

      BTW, roses do not grow altogether that well in Portland as it is generally rainy and overcast.

      In Tigard, minorities strike fear and loathing into the heart of the suburban hicks who never met a racist attitude they could not embrace fully while kissing it on the lips. All one can hope is that all these hicks roll their chubby selves into Vancouver (another awful place) and never cross the river again.

      • Black Dahlia says:

        Actually I find Vancouver to be far more tolerant than Portland. As far as employment is concerned Portland is terrible for African Americans. The racism is not so much overt as it is Sly Slick and wicked.

    • mary lewis says:

      Protest too much? The annual WHITE MAN MARCH, if this wasn’t so sad i’d laugh about that one. Then U have the annual NAKED WHITE PEOPLE RUN OR RIDE. WOW. GO PORTLAND.

  2. Susan says:

    If it were a Black man march?would it be called racist?

    • RLD says:

      No, it wouldn’t and if you’d bother to educate yourself you’d know why. But I seriously doubt any self sufficiency will rouse itself in you so here’s a little clue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoG4pNWUVZw

    • King Trawal says:

      Susan, you are one stupid, racist cunt.

    • mary lewis says:


      • Dnh95 says:

        Damn that epidermal obnoxiousness is at it again. Race only matters to racists.

      • Brian Lichner says:

        That’s a remarkably idiotic all-caps rant. If you don’t like everything that white people built here, feel free to go back to your third world country of origin where everything is surely much worse.

        • Eliza Logan says:

          Uhh Brian, go back where? We were here FIRST. Facts. Our ancestors built this country for free. From the tips of Oregon to the edge of Florida. Fawk you mean “go back?” No that would be the pillaging ancestors of yours – flea small pox infested shyt tards. Don’t you ever tell blacks to go back anywhere when this theoretically AND technically our land. The whole planet Earth. Check your birthrate honey BTW. Your heaux females aren’t reproducing. ZERO percent. Be kind or be extinct. You need this to survive.

          • Zane says:

            you are all funny. Niggers came here from Africa and those countries. You want to come to our (the whites) country and try and tell us about our country. Baker City Oregon is a racist little town and worse than Portland by far. There is a reason the bloods and crips fight so much is Bloods are west coast and Crips are east coast. Go home niggers. all i got to say is you all are funny as fuck. I am from portland and yea we got people who are dumbasses but there are a lot of other places with dumbasses too. that guy in texas who went in an armored car and shot at the cops there was a dumbass but he had his reasons for taking those actions. WE ARE THE WHITES AND THIS IS OUR COUNTRY. WE ARE AT OUR HOME NOW YOU GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY

        • Damien says:

          with absolutely NO due respects, good sir, that “third world”country you referenced just happens to be the country that Europe, in it’s entirety, saw fit to invade for its mineral wealth, enslave its people for their physical and psychological prowess, endurance and stamina. I would also point out the fact that it is not a country but a continent and it was not a third world continent until contact with Europeans, their wonderful invention called capitalism, gun powder, and their ideology that in order for one man to win another must lose…completely. As for going back there….why should we? We should not go back there unless and until America becomes willing to transplant every institution that was founded off of the free labor that slavery provided to that “third world” country continent as labor applied implies ownership-according to your own philosophical doctrine (labor theory of property- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labor_theory_of_property) [In his Second Treatise on Government, the philosopher John Locke asked by what right an individual can claim to own one part of the world, when, according to the Bible, God gave the world to all humanity in common. He answered that persons own themselves and therefore their own labor. When a person works, that labor enters into the object. Thus, the object becomes the property of that person.]-and this natural law does not apply to black people because??? Now you, good sir, are an opinionated pawn on a vast chessboard but you believe, in your heart, no doubt, that you are somehow better than and more entitled to America than the people your people stole it from and the people your people stole to make it what it is today, however, you are not., Historically speaking, your kind are not important=you were the helping hand that was just as poor as the slave but psychologically wealthier in the knowledge that there was a bottom, that that bottom, was black, and that you were white. starving like us, but, at least you were white.

        • Black Dahlia says:

          As you well know most black families have been here a lot longer than most white families have so there’s nowhere to go back to.

        • Ken says:

          Actually, a lot of America was built on the backs of slaves. Soooo…

    • Giamia says:

      Black people have never gone out of their way to destroy the white family structure. They just want to be able to live normal lives without being judged by their skin.
      Their matches are not for supremacy, but equality.
      I cannot say the same for their historical counterparts.

    • Tara says:

      During the 2016 Pedalpalooza, there was a Black people only bike ride. It specifically said that if you weren’t black, you had to bring a black friend to participate. I didn’t hear anything reach the news or a ruckus about it. Does that count?

  3. David says:

    I doubt the methods the “study” used have much construct validity. And this article just assumes that the study’s “findings” are true, lazily referring to some things that could be seen as consistent with racism, without ever addressing the methods or examining the issue.

    Portland is fairly segregated and has a low black population and a high 20’s “hipster” population. Segregation (its gentrification) doesn’t mean racism, it means that blacks are disproportionately of lower SES, which is a legacy of historical (and enduring systemic) racism and has been a problem everywhere for a long time.

    I would say that I think there are a lot of young whites who, living amongst a high density of their own demographic, are relatively sheltered. This quality of being sheltered and relatively privileged, combined with natural in-group bias, I think probably engenders (mostly unconscious) oppression via systems, along with a lack of examination of white privilege because hey, in Portland you CAN live as a young white guy in an oasis of young white privilege. But that’s just naivety, privilege, and being sheltered. When you don’t struggle yourself and don’t have to live in a very diverse world, your ability to understand the struggle of others is compromised.

    Other cities where there are more equal numbers of blacks and whites I think are just forced to co-exist. When you are surrounded by people of different races, you are forced to honor that you are just one kind of person in a sea of many demographics.

    Portland I think has way more liberal awareness than many other places.. though that’s not to say that its totally integrated with people’s hearts and minds. The south in general I think has way more deeply, overtly racist people.

    I’m white so I can’t speak to this issue well. A couple black people have told me they don’t experience Portland to be very friendly.

    • Clement says:

      Portland is full of the same boring, slightly pudgy, thoroughly uninteresting middle class white people as any southern or midwestern small town. Portland is a small town in taste, education, self-awareness, etc.

      The hipster population is not that large but it gets press because it is the flavor of the year…several years ago. The pudgy middle class white population is just as afraid of the hipsters as it is of minorities or anyone from California. Oregonians are hicks and not much more.

      Once you grasp that reality everything else is quite clear.

      Just remember that the burbs, especially Tigard, are much worse than the city proper. Tigard does not even try to hide its racism. It is evident everywhere in parents and their children which is horrible. Of course, these racists would be alarmed if they were called on their racism in public but they enjoy harassing minorities in private and do so whenever they get the chance.

      The only hope for dirtwashes like Tigard is for the current population of chubbies leave for smaller cities like Vancouver the other hick capital of the area. That will leave space for decent folk.

      • ZIP says:

        Okay, skinny Clement, excuse the people whom you deem pudgy. Tigard and other ‘burbs aren’t “racist” – get a grip. They are simply places where “African-Americans’ have not gone to settle, and therefore there are very few of them there. I grew up near Tigard, and was just shocked when I went to the East Coast and heard the racial discussions going on there. I couldn’t believe the animosity between resentful blacks and whites. …and then I went to the South! Are you kidding?! You want racist, go to any of those places. It simple economics, Clement, which may not compute with you — blacks have not migrated en masse to the Portland/Tigard area because (a) they were not brought there as slaves and subsequently freed to settle there, and (b) they have not gone there to seek economic opportunity, as there has been no such thing in the Portland Metro (incl Tigard) area in decades. So, blacks have been too smart to migrate and settle there for no opportunity, and they weren’t brought there enslaved. That makes the local population racist? Please.

        • Brian says:

          Actually they are. Lake Oswego and Tigard deemed it illegal to be black and own property until the eighties. But hey there was not racist social engineering in that area with politicians directly tied to the Kkk and the modern nazi party going back almost a hundred years or anything.

        • Pamela Slaughter says:

          If you really believe that Portland, Tigard, etc., aren’t racist, that it’s so white only due to lack of opportunity, then you are being cheerfully and willfully ignorant. That’s what keeps racism alive. Denial, I mean. I was born and raised in Portland. And the racism that I experienced in every single grade by my teachers the the administrators every year, is unbelievable by today’s standards. Today, teachers are still very racist and unfair toward children of color, especially black children. But they are more subtle and know not to get caught striking a child or making them sit in the cloak room, or never give them an A, even when they get all of the answers right. They punish harshly and often instead. Don’t refer them for opportunities. Write lies or exaggerations in student records. Punish or shame the children and don’t communicate with the parents.

          You probably didn’t know that this state was settled largely by bigots from the south that migrated here after they lost the civil war. That’s why blacks were not allowed to live in Oregon by state law. When that law was lifted, it was still illegal to buy real estate if you were black. The real estate agent that sold a black doctor a home in the segregated black community was disciplined by the loss of his license permanently. And then there was Katrina, I mean, Vanport. A breached levee, no warning, people drowned and lost their possessions. But instead of forcing them to go, it forced them to stay, which is the biggest reason that there is a black population today in Portland. It’s legal for black people to purchase property these days, but only a blissfully ignorant fool believes that the circumstances are equal and fair when it comes to loans, rent, jobs, daycare, schooling, punishment, healthcare, etc. But you get to choose whether to even admit that it is true. Too bad you can’t be forced to live with all of that, in addition to constant rudeness and apathy. For a while. Not for your entire life, like so many others. Maybe it would force you to at least acknowledge that your fellow citizens don’t enjoy the unfair privileges that were put into place to protect white supremacy..

          • Sheri says:

            Wow Pam Slaughter. Reading through all the trolling comments I was ready to give up. Saw yours and it was worth the trip! Not only the bet comment here, but you are telling the truth plain and simple. Everyone wants to make jokes, or make trolling comments to avoid dealing with the truth. That OREGON is IN FACT a RACIST place!

      • Black Dahlia says:

        You are quite right that our government has very thoroughly helped to destroy the black family. Unfortunately many black families were willing participants. 73% of all black children are born to women who have never been married. This is a recipe for disaster. Daddy government has now taken the place of fathers husbands providers and protectors. It has never worked and it will never work

  4. kidvelvet says:

    Heh…funny article.

    I did get a kick how this was also tagged with “Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich”.

    Did everyone here also call into Phil Hendrie during his show as well?

  5. Johnny says:

    Dear Portland, Oregon:

    I know you. You are very racist, especially towards conscientious African-American men. I intimately know you because I have lived in you. You are intensely racist and the world needs to know. I am not bashing you, but I must say that something is going on in you. You have a history of White supremacy. Google “Mulageta Seraw”. Google “Aaron Campbell”. It does not surprise me at all that you have topped the list. Your racism is “institutional” racism to the fullest.

    • Jay says:

      I’ve lived in Portland for 39 years and yes, like every other city/town there’s racism but to say it’s the most racist city in America? I don’t know about that. The racism isn’t just against African Americans it’s from them also. All of this “black power” BS is just as racist as “white power”. I’m so sick of hearing about special programs for minorities. Why can’t everyone just go to work, pay their bills and enjoy their families? We’re all just people. GROW UP EVERYONE…!!! Stop all of your bickering and we’ll get more done you bunch of infants.

      • Lauren says:

        I was thinking about moving to Portland. I still wanted to after the article. I still wanted to after the first few comments. Jay’s comment made me completely 100% not want to move anywhere near Portland.

        To answer your question, it would be as if there were a race. Racer A and Racer B. At the beginning of the race Racer A jumps on Racers Bs back, and Runs 99% of the race on Racer B’s back. Racer A jumps off to finish the last 1%, when Racer B asks for a 5 minute break before the last stretch. Racer A would be an asshole for telling him to tough it out because “they’re both people.”

        Don’t be an asshole.

        • Jay says:

          You my friend are an idiot. I’m not talking about riding anyone’s coattails. I’m talking about being responsible for yourself like a functional member of society. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, yellow or green, GET OFF YOUR AS and stop sucking the taxpayer’s tits. No more naacp or handouts to the native Americans. No more racial slurs or anything like that. We’re all Americans, save for the illegals, start acting like it. I’m a minority, as in Native American, and sure I could stick my hand out to the government and get my “due” but I work for everything I own and if your sensitive ass can’t handle honesty and reality, stay the fuck away from my town. My color is Red, White and Blue…..

          • Lauren says:

            Haha whoa okay. Well I see that you don’t get it and I respect that. Have a great day!

            And btw the government gets more in handouts from your precious tax dollars then the descendants of the slaves of this country do. Millionaires get tax breaks on their homes. Rich clergymen don’t have to pay taxes on their religious businesses. Your anger is directed at the wrong people, but with your level of knowledge about American history I understand your frustrations. No one likes a mooch.

          • Lauren says:

            And I can see you’re the angry arguing type so just so you know, I don’t care. It’s not your place to have a firm grasp on what it means to literally be held back. You have your own history that I’m not fully aware of in the same way. I know your ancestors did go through a lot and do go through a lot every day and that I’m living on the land that they and the African’s built. I understand all of that. I guess what I’m trying to urge anyone reading to try to understand is that Black people in this country were held back. I agree now a days they’re just messing up, and are more responsible for their negative image. We used to be fighters and rebellious and now Black people feel like “this isn’t our country so why should I try?” And so I agree with you in that that IS a lie, this country belongs to every citizen and the apathy in the Black community is terrible. All I’m saying is to get mad at the great grandchildren of people that were literally told no you can’t vote, you can’t own homes, you can’t go to school, you can’t marry who you love if they’re not the same color as you, eff off, and not at the people that are smiling in your face while at the same time lining their pockets with our cash and directing your abundant anger elsewhere, while laughing at your for your own confusion, is odd. Statistically because of the economy Whites are applying for welfare at the same rate as Blacks in this country, not just because people are lazy but because times are hard. How can you judge a person that’s life is already so bad they have to ask their lying thieving government for food? Why be mad at the poor? Your colors may be red white and blue, which is adorable, but your governments colors are green green and green. THAT’s reality. But don’t worry, I’ll def stay the “fuck away from YOUR town” because I’m so sensitive and idiotic.

          • gayle says:

            I’m from Portland, I’m black, and it is a racist place. However, the whites do not have to confront their racism daily, because blacks and minorities are so few. They are not competing with huge numbers of highly educated blacks for jobs, as business competitors, college, housing, etc. Matter of fact, they don’t ever have to see blacks or minorities if they choose. Therefore, their racism is hidden, until they are challenged for some reason. Whites in Portland try to “act” liberal, but they are deep down conservative, in that they despise “secretly” people of color. Mostly too, it’s that they do not know any or many, and their though process and behavior is built on stereotypes. However, they would never admit to it. Bottom line, Portland is racist. Always have been, and they have fooled themselves (eases the guilt) to believe otherwise. Very beautiful place for white people. Not so wonderful for those of color, especially blacks. BTW, most things have nothing to do with laziness, but lots to do with opportunity.

          • Mike says:

            Yo It wont let me reply to the Lauren guy, but does he understand that as long as you have roughly 3 or more people assemble at your house each month constantly you can claim to be a church and be exempt from taxes? I mean you don’t have to be white to know about the government…. Although it makes your property public property… Also talking about slavery you do realize that its 2014 and wages are picking up for all races? Also why classify everyone as a race we are all pretty much identical when it comes down to your DNA, and such so why throw everything into race… I mean if this Lauren guy wants to go look up some accurate current history he would see that wages for most Government officials have been frozen for 5-8 years now… On top of that regular minimum wage has been on the rise for a long time. I mean in Oregon its only 4 dollars off from what I make in the government at the moment…

          • Johann says:

            That is a truly uneducated statement , this nation was built off the sweat of other peoples hard working backs. And to sit here and say blacks, Browns, or any other minirority walks the same walk as any white man or has the the same advantages then you’re kidding yourself. The facts are the facts and the numbers don’t lie do your research. White men still run every major business, and run pretty much this free world, and don’t intend on sharing that advantage with anyone else anytime soon. And the reason why there are still programs around like the NAACP, Is because blacks are still fighting for equality that we were so called promised. So until we are all in equal level playing fields, I find your statement to be slightly jaded and confused

        • ZIP says:

          Yes, Lauren, it has EVERYTHING to do with opportunity. And it’s not racism that leaves you poor black folk without it — nobody has it in the Pacific Northwest. Go study reality — there is very little opportunity for anyone in the Pacific Northwest — that’s why so many children of the area have to move elsewhere to find jobs. So if blacks are SMART enough to not migrate en masse to the area where there is very little opportunity for **anyone**, then kudos to them.

          It’s not always about “racism” and people aren’t always discriminating against you because you can’t find opportunity. Wake up.

        • Jay says:

          So what you’re telling me is that you’re dwelling on the past? How this country was built is definitely wrong.. you hate the way it was built yet you stay here and claim you’re an American. Love this country or leave it. I could cry about the whites taking my ancestors land/country but I don’t because I love this country and without the past it wouldn’t be the United States of America. You people are perpetuating the racial prejudice in this country.. no I’m not talking about any race, I’m talking about people dwelling on race. I don’t see race, I see people. As soon as everyone sees that way we’ll be doing much better as a society. No more dwelling on the past, let’s focus on the future. How about no more help for certain ethnic groups… let’s help Americans. Period. I’m not the asshole here, I’m trying to make our country great again and undivided. What are you doing?

      • Clement says:

        There are special programs – all the programs in fact – for whites. Why should there not be special programs for minorities?

        Are you seriously that delusional? It is not a level playing field. That is why special programs – you know, like trying to level the playing field just a little – are important.

        You have lived with special privileges your entire life and you call other people immature? Really, get with the program and live in the real world.

        • Cathy says:

          The programs are for whites??? Excuse me but that is a bald faced LIE. My little blue eyed blonde son needed help a couple decades ago in Texas and he did NOT qualify because he was not an illegal, a mexican or a negroid. Take it else where you liar!!

          • Stark says:

            Cathy: Negroid? I’ve been living in Portland for a few months now, and it’s a white utopia almost fully realized. Never have I seen such closed-mindedness and deep-seeded racism. You’re a moron, clearly—a sheltered, racist soccer mom. Stay in Texas. And tell your “little blue eyed blonde son” to go fuck himself.

        • ZIP says:

          Please enlighten us about these programs for white people, because I think there are virtually no white people who know about them. Do share these with us. Most are quite aware of scholarships and other assistance for “people of color” but very few have heard of all these “special programs” for white people. Must be a big conspiracy going on.

          • Will says:

            All the programs that are not specifically earmarked for black people are for white people. Really? You didn’t know this. There’s a black history month because all the other months that are not specifically earmarked as such are for white people. In other words, all the things that are not specifically called black….are for white people. Everyone knows this. That’s why the NAACP exists. Why can’t black people get jobs? because all the white people own the businesses. Why no or deficient education? Why do they live in ghettos? If you try, I’m sure you can come up with the answer. Hint: Because white people have all the power and they do not like black people and will continue to do everything in their power to keep them from advancing. As they’ve always done throughout history, and continue to do as I waste my time responding to simpletons such as yourself.

      • Cathy says:

        AMEN! I was born in Portland and lived in Oregon for 30 years. At this time I’m in Texas after spending a few years in Florida and California. Blacks like to say racism is taught in our white homes. BULL SH*T. When I was growing up in Oregon my southern born and raised parents and ancestors NEVER said one single bad word about any race. Then I moved to California when my husband joined the service and I was treated like crap on the streets, in the stores, and at work by BLACK PEOPLE. THEN I grew to hate them. You blacks can blame my parents all you want but it was YOU that taught me to stay far and clear from your hateful selves. Enough said!!!

        • Lulubelle says:

          Youre just ignorant, thought I should point that out. People are jerks sometimes and it has nothing to do with color. You call blacks hateful yet you entire comment was full of the same hatred. So basically you’re an idiot to say the least.

        • Johann says:

          That’s a clearly ignorant statement. But you did walk your walk and it’s unfortunate you were treated unfairly. Just think if your skin was the other color just 50 years ago and you were walking the streets minding your own business doing nothing wrong in your great state of Texas right? I know for a fact in east Texas you might’ve ended up hanging from some tree. Point being, life is unfair. You can’t judge people off the few experiences you encountered.

      • Birie says:

        You Jay…
        Look up the definition of racism. Minorities CAN NOT be racist. Perhaps you mean prejudice ?

    • Clement says:


      “At this point, we don’t have any suspects,” said Jim Wolf, Tigard police spokesman. “But officers are keeping an eye out. And we are working with residents and business owners, too.”

      Seriously despicable people living in Tigard.

  6. Paula says:

    I find it remarkable how people are taking offense to this instead of contemplating that this may indeed be true and if so how can we make our city a more desirable place to live for everyone contributing resident.
    Ask yourself the uncomfortable questions: Like “what if my child brought home someone of a different ethnic group”?
    How many different ethnic people do you know or trust?
    It is really sad that with all the different ethnic groups that reside in Oregon none are on city council nor are they represented in the work place.

    • Clement says:

      Portland, as the most racist city (aside from Tigard of course) in America, suffers from economic collapse (frequently), high unemployment (frequently), lack of sun, lack of business development, lack of good schools, lack of good stores, etc.

      When a city is the hub of racism in America no one wants to bring energy into the city. Oh, the children learn their racism at home. Yet another generation that is incapable of being good people.

      That is the reality of Portland.

      • Meg Henson says:

        So, your lies mean what? I am a second generation Oregoninan (mixed race), and I got out of there the week I graduated from high school.
        I speak from experience, and with my mouth, or in this case, my fingers. How in the world can you make your anus speak? However you do it; please stop. You are an example of the problem.

      • ZIP says:

        … or maybe the economic base of Oregon, timber and fisheries, collapsed an one point in the past and that left economic turmoil in the region?
        Dunno – just a thought…

  7. Jason says:

    Wow. [Laughing…] Visit the city before you comment here, please. I grew up 50 miles south of Portland in Salem and will comment from 1st-hand knowledge that most of Oregon is white. It’s just the way it shakes out. Cali folks travel further north to Washington, Washingtonians travel further south to Cali. Oregon and especially the Willamette Valley are what they are. In 1990, I graduated from a Salem high school w/ close to 1000 students — and only 5 were black. Less than 20 were hispanic at the time. That was nearly 30 years ago. Hispanic populations have risen, but not black populations. It’s not a social experiment, it’s Oregon. Liberal or not, it has problems that belie the ‘liberal utopia’ label. And NONE of them are so bad that I wouldn’t raise my kids there. Except in Salem. 😀

    • hah says:

      I grew up in — what was at the time but is now part of SLC — rural Utah and went to a high school with nearly 1500 students. Also graduated in 1990, fancy that.

      Myself and maybe 3 others were the only dark(ish)-skinned Hispanics.

      Not a single black person in sight.

      Utah, by the way, is one of if not THE reddest state in the US.

  8. Tyrone says:

    Lived there 3 years ago. Worked in Salem lived in Beaverton. Had a man over a traffic dispute tell me to go back to my side of the town (Portland). Even though I was 5 min from my house near Albertsons. . My wife experienced the same. So glad to be in Texas and longer there

    • ZIP says:

      bfd. he would’ve said that to you if you were purple or orange or white or pink or black. They aren’t that happy about any outsiders in the area — no use trying to play the race card with that one, dude.

  9. Tim says:

    An open letter to Portland:

    Underneath all that brash political correctness, hiding beneath your “Keep Portland Weird” bumper stickers and between the spokes of your green bicycle revolution lurks a monster
    no one wants to acknowledge. Oh yeah:you’ll whisper sweet nothings about racism and equality but then you’ll bludgeon the issue to death with a downward dog sigh.You’ll suck the life blood out of any neighborhood then prance about in a frenzied riot of police sanctioned drunken ecstasy [ Last Thursday on Alberta anyone?].
    I lived in your pale-faced utopia,your template of culture for 15 years and it stunk.
    I’ve been away for a blessed while and i’m still trying to wash the stink off.
    “Oh but Portland is so beautiful, so accepting of alternative lifestyles” blah blah blah.
    I’m calling you out as a fake and a phony. You need to get right with the ugly side of yourself. You need to quit burnishing your tarnished veneer and end the narrative that you’re something special. Because you’re not. Bust your friggin’ bubble Portland and step up to the plate of real justice and equality.

  10. The Pensioner says:

    On the other hand, having a lot of ‘tittie’ bars will do that to a city…

  11. Alan says:

    I believe Portland is a very racist city. Former Trailblazer, Greg Oden, told espn Portland was not a good place for a wealthy young black male. So, it must be hell for a poor black kid then.

  12. Phteven says:

    The problem with the racial segregation in Portland Public schools and why so many of them think the black population is moving to the fringe areas of PDX is because they are part of the issue as well. It’s a two sided story.

    Let me explain. Why do we need inner city gang violence? Why are those words also associated with the word African American? Why the hell do White people feel insecure around black people -esp at schools? Why drive by shootings? Why are so many black people being arrested when the demographic should be less? Portland Cops are they racist? Some will say yes, others will point fingers else where.

    I’ve seen Wilson high and there are by far more white people there than Park Rose high. Violence, Grades, Attendance, Drop-out Rate are all different between the two school’s as seen in their report card and other studies. Are these numbers associated with color?

    You can throw all the money in the world to help minority and inner-city students rise above and beyond “white middle class” but those type of kids also have to push themselves into wanting to succeed. Throwing money at support groups to change this won’t happen. The “White middle class” never got there through support groups or hand outs. They did it by not joining gangs, not shooting up people they dislike, getting arrested. They worked hard, wanted to graduate and push themselves to do better than their parents. It’s funny but white people were also immigrants in a new foreign world too. Sure they were never slaves, but it’s the 21st century. Everyone born today should be born with equal and similar chances of making a good living. Change needs to happen on their end too. By lessening all the vices, issues, problems between demographics will be fundamental in lowering any kind of discrimination or hate each group may share.

    Unfortunately the reason why white people may feel insecure about the minorities is because some of those minorities chose to do those crimes, join gangs, drop out and live in poverty. The makes them look bad when it shouldn’t. We shouldn’t look at them like that. But we do and so does the media…

    • stacie says:

      I agree that Portland is racist but not by the color of skin , as much as it is by religion, if you do not claim to be a christain or practice any belief , you can difinatly loose friends or in my case business , I am religious free and proud

    • Ash says:

      I don’t know who you think you are but you are saying racist things and trying so hard to not sound like you’re being racing. Maybe you actually believe that you are not racist but purely by assuming that the children of minorities don’t want to do better you are being very racist. The truth is that they do want to do better, but many of them are born into families that cant afford to pay for college. Many inner city schools that are known to have a high population of minorities are also the first ones to be shut down by the city or not given as much funding as schools that are predominately Caucasian. How can we expect them to do better when we make it so clear that we don’t want them to and don’t expect much from them to begin with. It is your kind of thinking that allows this to continue. You say that everyone should have equal opportunity but then obviously do not, and if you truly believe that everyone should have equal opportunities then people like you should be outraged and do something. If we don’t get mad enough about the lack of equality in our country to do something then nothing is going to change. If a Caucasian kid were shot or brutalized by the police you can pretty much bet that his criminal record would not be presented at court. Nobody deserves to be killed by police for no reason and to bring up a criminal record that is not relevant to that case or why he was stopped by police is something you only see when a black person is killed, and it is used to justify murder. Children are the ones caught in the cross hairs of racism and anytime a child is violently killed it is a tragedy. You may not see the relavance of this to portland but racism is everywhere and no matter where black people are they have to live in fear of that. It is something that affects everyone so to say that black people are the problem is completely unfair. Saying that the race is violent is a stereotype that only worsens the problem between black people and law enforcement. The reality is that many black people are law abiding citizens, like anyone black people just want to live in peace and be able to give their children the same education that a Caucasian child in a public school would get. The system has continuously placed African Americans at the bottom of the totem pole and it is a widely known fact that they consistently receive lower pay than a Caucasian working the same job would, they are not promoted as often as well. How can they do better for themselves when there is always someone there to keep them down??? People like you who refuse to put yourself in another persons shoes and would rather list stereotypes and false facts ensure that racism continues to live in america. Nobody in their right mind takes pride in receiving handouts, people who use them do so because they have no other options and the minimum wage job they are working just wont pay enough to ensure their child can have a meal every day. Our nation needs to do a better job of taking care of each other and actually caring about one another. Instead we see only ourselves and how others affect us negatively. We would rather let a child go hungry at school than pay a cent more on our taxes and that is a shame and its selfish. People want to do better, they just cant because of the way our government treats the lower class.

    • John says:

      Check this out I am a black male 28 been in Portland since I was 13 ex gang member and let’s hear from the mouth of what you call nigga check this out northeast Portland was the black community for decades I went to king school was nothing like being s black kid at a school named after a black man I moved to sellwood and my grades dropped was called names was only four black people there including me called a white boy my friend till his parents called me a nigger shit Portland is very racist even to this day go on Alberta as a black man or woman jacks had always been out store we made that store last all these years and they are trying to get the store to get the black people out of the area want them to stop selling chicken that made the store what it is why is it when white people just hang out they okay when we do it gang task force come bug us and yes I am a ninth block but nine block is a place of unity we are bloods and crips we are family mean and woman we don’t gang bang there we come together there and they hate that but a few blocks down is where the trouble makers hang out why but the peaceful ones who are just enjoying the day and we not raciest we have black white Mexican people who all hang out shit anyone can as long as they not starting trouble but we see the racism everyday when people walk across the street away from us but some don’t and the ones who don’t we say good day to but to say Portland is not raciest is crazy it is very racist I have mixed kids and I won’t even let them live in Portland the people here are disappointing you would think after so many years it would be better it is worse and even worse when you bug the real northeast Portland people people who been here before you even thought about it my dad was killed in northeast so northeast has a very deep meaning for me I went to school in the northeast grew up in the northeast I watched people beg banks for land to better houses and shops to see no help givin but when a white ask its givin I have watched the gang houses for youth that where here took away so how is the gang youth to get help or get out if you take away the homes that helped keep gangs small and contained you take away a home that’s Kent to help gangmembers stop or to slow them down and think about they life to put up a drug and aa for whites you have tore our good up and set our youth to a spot where they have no places to try In Keep them from gang life police bug blacks and think that’s gone help but it upsets us cause we just trying to live like the rest we have watched the disruption of our living you move all the gangs to one spot and wonder why gangs have been more active you move us out of where we know northeast witch if you walk around northeast you can tell it was a all black area at one point in time not even eight years ago Portland is not the place if you want to live free no matter your color you will be judged by your skin color in every way

  13. Jen says:

    Not at all a surprise – the article or the responses, rather a disappointment – mostly at these responses. Take a long look in the mirror PNW – and turn it around instead of getting defensive. Fear or bias based on skin color, assumptions because of economics, this is prejudice, racism, not rationale. This article isn’t an accusation as much as it is a highlight on what needs to change. The responses play right into that.

    My colleague, a geographer, mapped the racial distribution in PNW cities from US Census. Compared to other US cities, the closest comparison would be places in the deep south or midwest. Portland is progressive in many ways for the environment, for homeless, but when it comes to diversity I have experienced so many embarrassing moments hosting visitors from other countries or other parts of the US with a hint of color in their skin. These experiences vary from passive aggressive behavior or racist jokes, to outright shouted racial slurs or demands that one speaks English in America. This NEEDS to change.


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    • Adrian says:

      How about you give the native Americans back their land and pack up and go back to EU

      • Val says:

        Skraelings whom you call “native americans” are Asian land bridge immigrants. And when the Aryan race came over in ships that could cross the oceans we came upon a people we called skraelings which means wretch. The called us white gods. They didn’t even know how to forge iron.

  15. Rocko says:

    If you really want to know how racist a metropolitan area is find out how many minorities are members of the local country clubs. Since almost all CC members are voted in by it’s current members if they have very low or zero minorities on their membership list it’s a sure sign that it’s a racist city.

  16. Kathy says:

    I’m surprised at how many people are getting offended. I’ve lived her my whole life and I’ve seen a ton of racist shit. It fucking sucks and is heart breaking to see. Portland may be a liberal city, but as soon and you step outside the lines is when things get super conservative. Yesterday at a Walgreens in Milwaukie I witnessed and older white guy telling a middle eastern man to get the fuck out of our country if he can’t speak our language and threatening to pull out his knife. There’s been a handful of times my friends and I have gone out to restaurants in Portland and people have refused to sit near us, because my friends are Indian. There’s a huge gang of white supremacists in Portland, etc. To the people getting offended by this article…open your eyes.

  17. Friday says:

    Keep giggling.


    “The Cop Who Liked Nazis
    Portland police officer gets new scrutiny.

    New allegations about a city police officer raises a dicey question at City Hall: How do you deal with a cop who, at the very least, has a thing for swastikas?

    The activities of Sgt. Mark Kruger, a prominent figure at anti-war protests, came to light after lawyer Alan Graf and the National Lawyers Guild filed a lawsuit against the city, naming several cops, including Kruger.”

    MARK KRUGER, how awful.

  18. Friday says:

    “According to Seaver, as teens he and Kruger spray-painted Nazi graffiti such as “Heil Hitler” and “SS Rules” on Rocky Butte. The graffiti, some of which appears on an old video documenting the spray-painting activities, remains there today.

    What’s more, Seaver, who says he met with Kruger until recently, claims the officer’s activities continued into his adulthood. He says that in 1999, employed by the Portland Police Bureau, Kruger built a shrine on Rocky Butte called “The Ehrenbaum,” or the Honor Tree, which honored five Nazi soldiers. Graf’s investigator, in an affidavit, says he couldn’t find the shrine but found screws on the ground where Seaver said it had been attached to a tree.”

    MARK KRUGER, how awful

  19. October says:

    I find it kind of funny that when people hear “racism” they immediately think it’s about black people. Don’t get me wrong, racism toward the black community is a huge problem, especially in Portland.
    But, hello, there are plenty of Hispanic, Asian, Arab and other people in Portland, too, and there’s plenty of racism towards these groups, too. I know from experience that Hispanics experience racism from both white AND black people in Portland, just fyi. Try to be aware that racism doesn’t affect just one race, and it doesn’t come from just one race, either.
    But since Portland is mostly white, I think it’s good to be aware of the dominance you hold in the city and exactly how a collective negative attitude toward “other races” is never, ever an okay thing to do.

    As a side note, I’ve lived in Eugene and central Oregon, and while they’re both definitely not any more racially diverse than Portland (ha! as if!) I’ve found there’s a lot less racist attitudes around in those areas. Probably because most of the people living in both aren’t native Oregonians so they have a less enclosed sheltered view.
    People around Bend move there from out of state for the outdoor activities, and people in Eugene are usually out of state people who go to the university.

    So to people in Portland who think it’s okay to discriminate… try visiting D.C. or something! Get out of your comfort zone!

  20. Richard Kent Matthews says:

    Most absurd article I have read in years. Let’s talk Charleston.

    • Earlene Powell says:

      I doesn’t matter how all you people feel about the color of someone skin, which is igorant… In the end, all racist, bigots, liar and wicked people will be DESTROYED!! by Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ. Love one another because we all are of the human race. Amen

  21. Roberto Astorga says:

    As a Latino man, I admitt it: Yes, Portland is living under a very dangerous illusion, specially now that urban growth is inevitably changing the city. Who has the time to invest thinking about hipsters? I am more concerned about my children’s education and my ability to safe my house from gentrification.

    I honestly do not give a rat ass if you are a techie, an artist or else. I do not even care if you are white. Race classification is in itself an act of violence.

    My first experience in the city was related to racism in TRIMET (the driver attacking my wife, who is Mexican). Since then, I knew something was really wrong, but I am not here searching for your acceptance and tolerance. I am here to raise my children. They will learn to deal with
    these issues and will thrive.

    Get used to it.

    • Roberto,

      Thanks for your comment. Racists riding Tri-Met is nothing new. What was wrong with the driver? Why would he have attacked your wife? Best of luck I’m sure you’ll do fine raising your children right.

    • blahblahblah says:

      This comment is several months old but maybe someone will respond anyway. I am a white woman married to a Latino man (Mexican-American). We both grew up in the same neighborhood here in Los Angeles and it’s never been much of an issue. We have visited Portland several times and really liked it. Lately we have been considering relocating and buying a house there. The neighborhood we have been living in has become so expensive that even starter homes are 700,000 or more! My husband’s company has an office in Portland and I can work from home so jobs are not an issue. I have read that Portland is not very diverse but my husband says that he doesn’t care. He seems exited about the prospect of moving and owning a house. I am more concerned. I have been in situations where I was the only white person and was taunted or threatened for it. It sucks. Fortunately, it did not scar me like Cathy and I was able to see past the actions of a few individuals. I don’t want my husband to be subjected to that bullshit. Are we being naive in assuming that Portland will be welcoming?

  22. SJK says:

    I’m Asian & grew-up/lived in Portland for 42 years. Then I moved to the LA area which is far more ethnically diverse. Contrary to what one might think, I found LA to be far more racially divided than Portland. And I’ve seen or experienced far more racist “interactions” in the 3 years I’ve been in LA than in all my years in Portland.

    Also it’s not just a white against black problem. I’ve seen blacks being racist toward whites, Asians, Hispanics, & other ethnic groups. As well as Asians & Hispanics toward others. Racism exists in every ethnic group.

    Last, the “whiteness” of Portland is skewed. Eastern Europeans are lumped into that number. Portland is actually more diverse than the numbers lead one to think.

  23. Onguard says:

    Portland is a shot hole crime is off the chain thieves, rape, racist, these hipsters are in 4 a big surprise rents are doubling landlords are doubling rents people steal bikes like tictacks lot of poor white trash fat ugly women, and men and the coast ant much better.

  24. Onguard says:

    Living in Oregon should only be done in RV

  25. Portland state student says:

    I’m a half black and half white male so excuse my bias. I agree Portland is outrageously racist. I continuously am made to feel out of place, subordinate and not of the beauty that is qualified by whites. If you are a minority the whites in this city will remind you everyday you are 2nd to them. I have a college degree in biology yet finding a job fits one of two categories. I am either qualified on paper and don’t meet the white interviewers interpersonal test or I get a job bases on affirmative action; “there’s not enough blacks in the work force and we lose money if we don’t hire you.” I’m sick of it!!! Portland is racist as hell! Portland police are the worst!!! Rarely will you see a black cop! Thank you for writing this article and drawing special attention to the racial tension and almost criminal gentrification of Portland. I’ve lived here all my life. Blacks are treated like shit by this city don’t let the WHITE HIPPIE LIBERAL “keep Portland weird movement” fool you! listen to this article— I’m not sure about the study in question but how the author describes Portland is spot on!

  26. Pickles says:

    What do you expect? Liberalism is only there to save face and censor our true feelings.

    • Jellybelly says:

      I think it is inherently a racist place, but it’s the lack of awareness that keeps it alive. I lived there for 10 years and went to Benson which is one of the few schools that is not predominately white and I feel grateful to have been exposed to the diversity there which was hard to do at that time because the neighborhoods were so separated by race. The entire time I went to school there, I was interacting with non white people and placing myself in a somewhat uncomfortable place because it was unfamiliar. But there was no education or academic studies to help us have a healthy environment. We just made it work and guess what? It did. We were happy and there was very little violence. Even in a “racist city,” there are people that aren’t racist. Just like in a non racist city there are racist people. We just need to give people more spaces to interact and stop separating everything. Also, after Portland, I lived in LA and I saw racism there, just in different ways. Now I go to a university in northern California where people love to point out when others are being racist and cast people out for it, which creates more tension and less motivation to change, but don’t try to create an environment where we can talk about deconstructing it. There has to be a middle road.

  27. Nelson F. King Sr says:


    • Brian Lichner says:

      You can’t even spell the word, much less understand it.
      Sorry that the free welfare we hand out to you isn’t enough.

      • Eliza Logan says:

        How little is your wee wee? See if there’s enough letters in the alphabet Brian to describe the measurements. I guarantee with your insecure weak self that your “man” size stops at the letter B….BOY.

        Stop being stupid, pig natured and disrespectful

        • Uber says:

          Wow, that’s incredibly juvenile – but my guess is it’s much bigger that your brain, perhaps smaller than your mouth

      • Tim says:

        You know the majority on welfare are white?

  28. Nelson F. King Sr says:


    • vladtheimpaler says:

      we dont need colored people everywhere,believe it or not people are happy that way,and when you show up,all the drama starts.the gangs the racism accusations the lawsuits the complaining the burden on social services.go fuck yourselves stay out of oregon if you dont like it because you are not welcome,we have seen what diversity has done to california.thats our true nature and were proud of it.

  29. Uber says:

    One thing’s for certain, the article and especially a majority of these comments are the most deeply racist things I’ve come across in quite some time. Until you can speak and act in a race neutral way, you’re part of the problem and definitely not the solution.

  30. Eliza Logan says:

    How about a van load of Bloods, a caravan of Crips, a boat load of trannies, an air force one filled with Mexicans, a yacht of Africans, a spaceship of East Indians, a banana boat of West Indians, a submarine of Chinese and a party bus of Brazilians dance ass naked deep in the middle of Portland to the calming sounds of Young Thugga with guest appearances by J-Lo and Boy George. And then you fukkers will know ‘LIBERAL – Liberation’ …..all disrespect. Too many people of every other race built this place for free. NO paid labor or fair treatment for the last 550 years. Stop GIVING them this entitlement. Break their spoils. Force their racial suicide even if it means a civil war – Whites vs. The World. Wipe em out! Whites have ALWAYS been the miniority. Respect that fact.

    • vladtheimpaler says:

      are you talking about wiping out whites?lol good luck you colored whore.we got the nuclear subs not you.we control satellites ,not you.you will always be exactly what you are meant to be,the white mans servants.get used to it bitch,there wont be any majority colored america,not in your lifetime.so suck my white dick bitch.too many people of every other race built this country?what now you are making up history now?whites built america whites built europe,you never built shit.lying to yourself must be a terrible way to live.dont blame us cause we whooped ya.

  31. vladtheimpaler says:

    jane angi,you need to swing off the nearest tree you black ass kissing loser.go fuck yourself,we owe these colored locusts zero.

  32. Jesse m says:

    This is such a joke. It’s really simple. The tension comes from the “welfare” state we live in.
    While hardworking Oregonians pay for these freeloaders and suffer because of it. And yes, we are gentrifying. All of the Californians are running from the failed state and pushing us all out. White, black, brown, green. Wake up, this topic isn’t what it seems.

  33. STEVE WILSON says:


  34. Farty Fartsalot says:

    Portland is full of SJW types. And SJW types think EVERYONE & EVERYTHING is racist. So…. it’s best not to take this seriously.

  35. John McGee says:

    Journalists use emotionally-charged instigator words like “racism” and “intolerance” because they don’t give a shit about the truth. Journalists ought to take more time explaining WHY things are the way they are, instead of simply condemning whites. In a land where multiculturalism is indoctrinated and enforced nobody can win. The only person who wins in a multicultural society is CONSUMER CULTURE. Race matters. Race is genetic. Culture matters. Culture is historic. Not all races/cultures resonate and coexist peacefully, as history has proven time and time again. Do we listen? No, but people are starting to. I agree with the above comment stating that Oregon receives California’s deplorable’s.

    Diversity=white genocide, and what’s more, it’s happening in a State founded by our ancestors to uniquely preserve white prosperity and harmony. We don’t want no trouble.

    Black and hispanic crime rates will destroy Portland, Oregon and everything it stands for.
    Mark my words.

    By the way, great election this month. Hopefully we can take the steering wheel of this country back, and forestall the dispossession and displacement of our own country.

    America started going off the rails once we abandoned white virtues and ideals of home, hearth and heritage. We are the creators. We are the innovators. We are the builders.
    White men and women hold the fate of humanity in their hands, and this is apparent to anybody whose objectively studied the deeper lessons of history and biology.

  36. This is not a surprise, considering the history of the state as a racist utopia. http://gizmodo.com/oregon-was-founded-as-a-racist-utopia-1539567040

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