Kansas Town Hosting 21st Annual Overbrook Gourmet Dog Meat Festival


The Fine Citizens Of Overbrook, KS Enjoying A Stroll At This Year’s Gourmet Dog Meat Festival

(Overbrook, KS) – For three generations the modest hamlet of Overbrook, KS has been cooking up a dish that by most American’s standards is shockingly taboo. Canines have been on the community’s menu since the early 1970s when refugees from the Vietnam war were relocated to the quiet, close-knit township. Grateful for their new-found liberty, the Vietnamese were eager to share many of their ancient customs with their Kansasian neighbors.

As 1985 rolled around the Vietnam-born immigrants had gradually moved away, leaving Overbrook once more a predominantly white community. However, the tradition learned from their foreign friends is one that holds strong to this day.

Overbrook, KS held their first official dog meat festival in the fall of 1992, a low key event where villagers brought in their own doggone dishes to be sampled by family and neighbors. Every year attendance has steadily grown and now the event is host to hundreds of hungry townsfolk each clamoring for a taste of all the tail-wagging wares.

2013 finds the town embracing their unique culinary custom and proudly exclaiming to the rest of the country “we eat dog and that’s okay!” I took a trip to this charming borough to speak with some of the locals and see what they had to say about their new-found reputation as the dog meat capital of United States.

Sandra Mossley, 41, has lived in Overbrook, KS all her life. She tells National Report about the first time she tasted cooked dog at the tender age of 7.

“My parents would always put a dog on the roast when it was a special occasion. I can remember being 6, 7 years old, it was New Years Eve and my folks had been cooking an amazing roast for the better part of a day. It filled our house with a savory sent. It was so sweet and tender. The meat was mouth-watering. Falling off the bone. I was hooked. When I asked what it was my parents just smiled and said they would tell me once I was a little older. I was 13 by the time I knew what we had been eating. I was already hooked…”

Lenard Wilkins, an elder member of the city council was also in attendance. I asked him if the city has caught any flack from neighboring towns because of their taboo tastes.

“We’re ready for the nation to know what we’re about and why it’s okay. Get with the times, people. Realize that it’s perfectly natural to eat man’s best friend. It takes an evolved, open-minded person to break out of these imposed ideas of what is and isn’t okay to eat.

He went onto say “We’re proud of our heritage. This isn’t animal cruelty. Isn’t it more humane to eat the animals instead of locking them up in cages in shelters for the rest of their miserable lives? That sounds terrible. We love our own pets but there’s a definite separation between pet and food.

PETA has stated plans to picket next years dog meat event. They released the following statement via twitter. “This is ghastly… Dogs are our friends not our food!”

One thing is for certain, these folks definitely know their way around a BBQ pit. I was overwhelmed by their generosity and candid nature. Here I was an outsider yet they treated me as one of their very own.

In closing I wish the people of Overbrook the best of luck in all their future endeavors and look forward to attending the event again next year!


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224 Responses to "Kansas Town Hosting 21st Annual Overbrook Gourmet Dog Meat Festival"

  1. Kj7 says:

    To those who are saying this story is fake: Get your facts straight! This festival has been going on since 1992. I grew up in that town and my parents still live there. I attend this festival everywhere and it is NOT barbaric!

  2. Overbrookian says:

    what we do in our town is no one elses business AND its completely LEGAL. we dont torture the animals we kill them quickly and cleanly. you people make it sound like were all a bunch of monsters killing peoples pets! thats not true! we just dont think its taboo to eat dog meat!!!

    • Betty says:

      So where do you get the dogs – from a shelter?? Just because they aren’t someone’s pet doesn’t make it right. Dogs were domesticated centuries ago – why would you keep up a custom that is barbaric!You are monsters!

      • I wish your townspeople would make up your mind. Yes it’s fake! No it’s not !! I have a disturbing feeling it is certainly true. If that is the case, your town will forever be responsible for a brand new low in American life… Death is never humane… and your decisions to treat it lightly like it doesn’t matter… well… indeed.. I feel quite sorry for the lot of you…. What sad excuses for human beings you all are.

        • Xbaker says:

          Lorraine….”our townspeople”??? You gotta be kidding me. They can post under any name they want. You seem hell bent on wanting to believe all of it. You, my dear, have been trolled. Google it.

          • Lorraine Keshner says:

            Google your town? yeah right !! Obviously, you and your townspeople are mentally ill… Google that…

    • michelle says:

      theres a reason its acceptable to house them and not acceptable to eat them
      you are all clearly sick fucks

    • Ron says:

      You are an idiot if you think people believe you eat dogs like it was the fourth of July. It is against the law.

    • Cheryl says:

      You are not an Overbrookian. You’re a goofball. Go get a job and keep yourself busy with something productive so you don’t have time on your hands to be spreading silly rumors.

    • Julie says:

      Sorry, but It stops being ‘no one else’s business,’ when it appears in a newspaper that can be bought by anyone, without a subscription

  3. F. Struffolino says:

    Is this a joke? Really, is it?

  4. Tonydont says:

    Elvis lives in Scranton

    • Allen says:

      He is the Mayor

      • Scranton Royal Family says:

        Actually Elvis is not mayor of Scranton we are a simple city ruled by a municipal monarchy Elvis is King of Scranton and his royal heinous wants to inform you the 2013 annual Kitten roast is still planned next Tuesday at the park just north of Wally World and this year’s slogan chosen by Miss Stanley s 11grade class is “Ain’t nothing wrong with Hound dog but I prefer crispy kitten on rye”

  5. Renee Kimble says:

    Another reason to spay and neuter animals! Such an uncivilized custom and should not be allowed in the U.S.

  6. Al says:

    And people eat their young at the great young eating contest in Portland, Oregon. It has been a tradition since 1987. Jane M. Agni is the person who runs it.

  7. Erin B. says:

    However you feel about this event, please do not assume that ALL Kansans do this or support it. I am a Kansan, and am repulsed, but I will not be ‘picketing’ the event. However, I doubt I would stop in the town if ever travelling through. I’m sure their comment would be ‘fine, stay away’, so arguing about it is just a never ending circle. I just don’t care to be lumped into a group that only a handful of people support!

  8. Beth says:

    Why isn’t this illegal?

  9. O'brook Native says:

    Wow! Look at all the kind-hearted people, wanting to “kill their children”, “hope terrorists bomb” the town, and would “love to shoot everyone of you myself.” Totally compassionate. Too bad all you compassionate people aren’t intelligent enough to do a 30 second Google search and find out that this article is false (Jane Agni does not have published works outside of this website, the article is actually plaigarised from another website, picture and all, the picture that happens to be photoshopped and is not an actual picture of Overbrook, KS), or even the ability to read the disclaimer on THIS website that it is SATIRE. For those of you without a dictionary, it basically means that people sit around and think up sicko stories for the rest of you who believe everything you read on the internet. Put that’s too much effort, keep doing the Lord’s work wishing death upon Overbrook’s children.

    • Xbaker says:

      Well said O’brook Native!! Well said. Too bad people won’t bother reading your response before jumping on the bandwagon. SMH!!

  10. Xbaker says:

    Be very sure each of you check out the petition linked above. You will find it very interesting. SMH

  11. catinacat says:

    This is wrong in all areas… Scientists have proven that a Dogs brain functions on different levels the same as human child for pleasure and pain. How in the world can you brutally kill and eat these animals? Cows, Pigs, Chicken, even horse is not hard to come by.. so why not stuff your bellies with that,. animals bread for food. The people from Vietnam ate dog I suppose because there was nothing else to eat..This is just plain unacceptable…

  12. Misty says:

    Dog spelled backwords is what????????????? DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thou shall not kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Misty says:

      *Dog spelled backwords is what????????????? GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thou shall not kill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Xbaker says:

    Since all of you are so very quick to believe the worst about Kansas…..you should also come to the spring cat skinning, the fall squirrel eating festival and the Hamster stew party every winter. Come ON people!

    • DebiDime says:

      Thnx for the post. I’m asking myself –

      do people know so little about Kansas, that they would quickly assume this is truth? My gosh, have they ever heard that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the interent?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would eat my own shit dipped in bbq sauce before I would eat a dog. Just seems so wrong. How the fuck do you humanely murder a companion animal? Not condemning anyone just stating my own thoughts.

  15. hal says:

    Dogs are made of meat. We eat meat. Coincidence? I think not. 🙂

  16. RB says:

    Peta isnt any better!

  17. RB says:

    People are meat…

  18. Arf says:

    Ok, dogs are animals. They eat meat and some have been known to eat humans. Guess what, cows,chickens and pigs can be trained just like a dog as well. Also the people saying leave your traditions behind must have forgot about the first thanksgiving. Do you think the pilgrims left their traditions behind? Idiots!

  19. BluestockingofReason says:

    Wow. Frankly I am less disgusted by the festival of the dog meat than by the volatile judgmentalism of all the people who don’t approve. Just because you don’t eat dog meat doesn’t mean it’s morally wrong. Otherwise Chinese and Vietnamese people would all be immoral by default, which is truly not the case. Muslims and Jews don’t eat pork, and I’m sure they think this current obsession with bacon is disgusting and sick. In all seriousness, somewhere in the world, somebody eats everything. In Middle Eastern countries, they eat sheep brains and in Peru they eat guinea pigs. Lots of countries also eat rabbit, like Spain. Both guinea pigs and rabbits are also common pets. Somewhere in Asia they eat tarantulas and I have a friend from Zambia who eats caterpillars. It’s really all about your culture and where you grow that determines which foods are taboo and which are okay. But really, meat is meat. So really people, lighten up and remember that “I disagree with you” does not equal “You are evil” nor does it have to equal “I hate you.” Do I personally eat dog meat? No. Would I be willing to try it? Maybe once out of curiosity, but I probably wouldn’t eat it more than once. And yes, I do love dogs as pets. My rescued Sheltie is lying under my desk as I type this.

    • Cat & dog farms exist in China and many other parts of the world. Lighten up? Obviously you have not seen the horror that is called “culture”… The fact of the matter is that the people who believe in the torture of dogs and cats and all others, believe that the more an animal suffers before he/she dies, the better tasting the meat will be. Having your skin ripped off of you while hanging upside down for MONEY not custom, not tradition. Animals are torched, beaten, boiled while fully alert…. they are tied to motor bikes and dragged thru the streets. Do yourself a favor, go find a video of these hell on earth … I guarantee you will get on the floor and wrap your arms around your dog and never be so flippant again.

      • Betty says:

        Thank you Lorraine! Maybe if this Satirist had watched the videos of what the chinese, & vietnamese did to the dogs & cats before they ate them it wouldn’t be so funny! And just because it’s ancient culture doesn’t make it right!

  20. joan jotz says:

    You people are not human, you make me pysically sick! This is cruel and barbaric, stop!

  21. Xbaker says:

    I am amazed, and even somewhat entertained, by the comments that bring out people’s true egos and prejudices. Seriously, people. You REALLY believe this and hate Kansas that much? We really have evolved with the rest of the world, believe it or not! Wonder how crow tastes??

  22. Sam says:

    I live about 20 miles from Overbrook and look forward to this festival all year. You wouldn’t believe the things they can do with the dog. None of it goes to waste. It’s DELICIOUS!!! They even grind up the bones into a powder then add coloring and water to make face paint. It’s all natural and the kids love it!

  23. Jeff says:

    I have lived in Overbrook my entire life but only started hearing about this festival a few years ago. It was kept quiet for a long time but now it’s becoming more accepted. The picture in the article is from last years event held in the downtown.

  24. Donna Abecasis says:

    That is disgusting. What’s next ? Your cousin????

    • Overbrook Chamber of Commerce says:

      To all of you city folk across the country let us explain to you our philosophy; when you buy your kid a puppy because its so cute, then as it ages and you no longer want it so you take it to the humane society you are condemning it to death. Those of us in this town and the surrounding communities, knowing how much you all like to recycle, are putting to use your abandoned property at our gourmet dog festival.

      Overbrook Chamber of Commerce

    • Allen says:


      I believe that eating your cousin is in the same category as marrying your cousin. Unless it is your 3rd cousin, it is probably illegal.

  25. BluestockingofReason says:

    Oh and by the way, this entire article is SATIRE, which means it was completely MADE UP for entertainment and/or social commentary purposes. This online journal is similar to The Onion. And yes, I did know this was fake when I wrote my comments above, and I still stand by them. I think the intent of this article was to make people question their assumptions about taboo foods with the moral: Different isn’t always bad; sometimes it’s just different. At least that was my interpretation. And as an addedum, some places in Indonesia also eat dog meat–I forgot to mention that in my comments above.

  26. Debi Brown says:

    What on earth is wrong with the people in Kansas????? This just makes me fear for the future of mankind in general.

    • Carl Jung says:

      I belive the problem lies within some people lack the ability to understand satirical staitments of falsehoods.

      Also it just might be that they don’t understand how tasty the slowly smoked phallatic shaft of a Rottweiler taste in a half baked loaf of bread.

      Or simple illiteracy its all mind bending to me.

      • Allen says:

        Carl, your reply is AWESOM, well said!! You know, of course, everything on the Internet is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH, it is the LAW!! And yes, a Rotty Sammy is delicious.

    • abc123 says:

      No Debi, the problem is not with Kansas. The problem is with people like you, who believe everything that they hear with out looking further into it.

  27. Justin says:

    Free range labrador, cant beat it.

    • Red Rover says:

      Actually if if they don’t go down with the first shot to the head you just beat them with a baseball bat just like you would a baby seal

  28. cynthia says:

    I have NEVER read a story that is filled with so many bold face lies in my life. Whomever had the GALL to print this fabrication/FICTION let alone write it….you need serious help.

    This story is FALSE. I repeat FALSE.

    175 comments from people who actually believe this garbage. Seriously? You guys are nuttier than the writer of this article.

    There is only ONE Overbrook, Kansas and I know for a fact that the so called picture of this town is NOT a picture of the TRUE Overbrook, Kansas.

    Also, the so called people who were supposedly interviewed for this article, DO NOT EXIST.

    I have taken the liberty of forwarding this article to the Mayor and City Council of Overbrook, Kansas. They in turn will no doubt be seeking legal action for the false representation of their City which they have every right to do.

    I strongly suggest that the “writer” of this “pack of lies” RETRACT and apologize to the citizens of Overbrook, Kansas and maybe even to the IDIOTS who believed this garbage.

    • Niki says:

      Thank you Cynthia for confirming what I thought.

    • I sincerely hope this story is not true.. Nothing would please me more, however, nothing that people are guilty of would ever surprise me. Man has shown himself to be arrogant, selfish and without compassion. As for the “idiots” (your words) who commented on this so called festival? …. Anyone who hears of an evil committed against a defenseless being, and does nothing… is as guilty as the monsters that perform them. I would rather be called an idiot, then sit on the sidelines and be trash and I’m sure there are enough idiots in Kansas to go around, so don’t get too huffy sister.

  29. Student says:

    Wow, the ignorance of the “Enlightened” is amazing! This must be how Goebbels got Germany to willing betray and slaughter their countrymen. I always wondered how that happened. Thanks for the lesson in brainwashing.

    I hope protestors do show up in town. If they actually waste their time of this “Festival” then they are not performing their idiocy somewhere else. Maybe they could get with Fred Phelps, he seems to be about their speed. I wonder if there is a Red Herring festival somewhere? 😉

    Oh by the way for everyone who believed this I am a French Model. Why? It says so on the internet.

  30. Erica Rose says:

    It’s amazing what passes for being “enlightened”. I imagine the next festival in Overbrook will be a fetus tasting festival… “ohhh but the fetuses didn’t feel a thing, you really shouldn’t be so narrow minded, it’s sooo delicious!” You people are really twisted, and my opinion of folk in Kansas has just gone through the tubes. And as for anyone who’d dare to call me bigoted or narrow minded… I’d rather be considered bigoted or narrow minded than to be associated with the likes of people like you.

  31. Erica Rose says:

    oh… and as a woman myself, my opinion of Ms. Agni is roughly on par with your garden variety abortion practitioner/supporter.

  32. Jeremy says:

    Jane you are a real POS the way you wish these people best of luck. I wish you the best of luck because there’s alot of people like me in this world who value a dogs life much more than yours, Id sleep with one eye open.

  33. James says:

    How has no one who commented here realized this entire article is false? I can’t tell if this is a parody or superbly falsifying facts which (as a journalist myself) is the most deeply disturbing part here.

  34. Hypocrites says:

    Honestly, I have no idea if this is fiction or fact. I could care less either way. What I am concerned about, is how people can get so extremely upset about humans eating dog meat when they consume MILLIONS OF POUNDS of meat from other sentient animals every year. What makes a dog so different from a cow, or a pig, or a goat? Honestly, relatively little. Not much more than the fact that we 100s of years ago decided to domesticate dogs and cats, making them “pets”. If you consider it wrong to eat dog meat, then you should consider it a crime to eat ANY form of meat. Period. Otherwise you are all hypocrites. And before you go all crazy and start with the “Man is supposed to eat meat” nonsense, just realize that well-respected research has proven (without a doubt) a plant based diet to be the healthiest diet one can possibly eat. Not to mention the extreme abuse suffered by millions of factory farmed animals each and every day. Hypocrites. It’s all psychological.

  35. Johnny Midnight says:

    It just tastes like chicken. And seriously. They are going to put them down anyway and incenerate the remains. This is a win win. All dogs go to heaven anyway. Its better than Pomana Ks and their cat shooting olympics they hold every July.

    • Bat Crazy says:

      Thats nothing. In Bolivar Missouri they have a fresh calf fry with the steers moaning in the background while their testicles get fried up…

    • This runs in your family, doesn’t it. Sick, demented beings, believe me when I say, no one in their right mind would visit your backward town… true or not…. I hope a dome falls on your town, so you can’t reproduce. Either way, you buried your town and your tourism.

  36. rose says:

    Sick town. Can’t believe suck disgusting people live in this country.

  37. David Nguyen says:

    Humans are the only creature of behaving like the devil, dogs are never meant to be eatened just like human cannibalism is forbidden.

    • I think you should start barbecuing your children and babies. It’s clear they are all half-wits anyway and will grow up to be as useless as their parents. This way, it’s a win win. The likes of you won’t populate the planet and will eventually die off. The earth will be a better place without the likes of you and your backward town.

  38. email says:

    In fact no matter if someone doesn’t understand then its up to ther viewers that they will assist, so here iit happens.

  39. christina says:

    this dog eating stuff should never even be up for debate. what is this world coming to?! DISCUSTING! WHO EVER EVEN THINKS BOUT SUPPORTING YOU IS DISCUSTING AND SICK!!

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