Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty Of All Charges In Murder Of Reeva Steenkamp

(AP Photo/Mujahid Safodien, Pool)

(AP Photo/Mujahid Safodien, Pool)

<National Report>Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius, who gained worldwide fame during the 2012 Summer Olympics, has been found guilty in the murder of his girlfriend by a recently released public opinion poll.   The poll (a joint effort conducted by National Report and the Center for Public Opinion Polling) found that 98.5% of individuals worldwide believe Pistorius to be guilty (+/-3%).

Pistorius shot and killed his supermodel girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp (a beautiful and successful women clearly dating Pistorius out of sympathy) in the early hours of Thursday, February 14th, 2013.  Pistorius is accused of murder, illegal possession of ammunition and two charges of firing a gun in a public space.  Pistorius’ defense claims the shots were fired in an attempt to thwart a burglary.

The trial, which began March 3rd in South Africa, is being compared to the infamous OJ Simpson trial and has been very critical of Pistorius.  Witness testimony has painted Pistorius as a trigger-happy individual with a short temper.  A close friend of Pistorius described him as a man who “loved weapons” and was present on two separate occasions where Pistorius recklessly discharged a weapon, once in a restaurant, and a separate occasion out of a car’s sunroof after an incident with a police officer.  A former girlfriend of the alleged murderer, described Pistorius as a man with a temper who was fond of guns.

“I feel very betrayed by this story.  Oscar inspired so many during the 2012 Olympics and all that is gone now.  He (Pistorius) has become the Lance Armstrong of the Paralympics and his reputation will forever be tarnished,” stated Birmingham, Alabama resident Paul Horner.

Pistorius, who had both legs amputated when he was 11 months old, became a household name during his run in the 2012 Olympics when he became the first amputee runner to compete in the Olympic Games.  Nicknamed the “Blade Runner”, Pistorius used two controversial running blades to compete.  Critics claim the running blades gave Pistorius an unfair advantage in competition with able-bodied runners.

National Report extends its best wishes to the family of Ms. Steenkamp whose life was tragically cut short.



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76 Responses to "Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty Of All Charges In Murder Of Reeva Steenkamp"

  1. Lewis says:

    Extremely biased

    • JohnK says:

      Yep – I think he’s guilty but I don’t believe this article at all. I’m sure it would be closer to around 75-80%, going roughly on comments on websites.

      98.5% is a bit far-fetched

      how can it be 98.5% in a range plus or minus 3% anyway.

      Plus 3% gives 101.5%.

  2. Louise says:

    Reeva was “clearly dating him out of sympathy” ?. You are sick. Ever heard of “presumed innocent until proven guilty”? Actually have ANY idea as to a motive? No.

    As for some bloke in Alabama feeling “betrayed”, who gives a toss.

    • Sandy says:

      Jealous, possessive, , quick to anger, anxiety disorder. A troubled soul with several guns! Bad combination.

  3. Jeremy says:

    This headline is misleading. The whole story is based on a public opinion pole and not the results of Oscar’s trial.

  4. Lilli says:

    There’s plenty of evidence and even proof (internet records) that Oscar is lying. However, before all this happened he was a very successful person on his own and a much bigger “star” than Reeva. Clearly, She wasn’t dating him only from “sympathy” as tragic as things turned out.I don’t know exactly what happened but I do believe the prosecution has proved he is lying.

  5. Hein says:

    If you think Reeva dated him out of sympathy you are crazy. You have to get your facts straight before you publish anything. She wasn’t that successful, she only beecame known when Oscar shot her, so no, she wasn’t that successful. You’re only looking for sensation and not the facts. You are not a judge, you have no right to judge him,.

    • Linda says:

      Well said!

    • Wessie says:

      You are sick talking about her that way, she sure as hell didn’t ask for what happened. Idiot

    • Robert Anderson Moore says:

      she was not dating him for sympathyshe was not famous or sought after at allhe was the one in the public eye who was famous well beyond forever expectations of being famous.and it is truly possible that he did expect an intruder considering what has gone on in Africa of all the robberies and murder set up taking place inside people’s homes it was very likely that he thought there was an intruder in that home. I feel very sorry for him…

  6. Kathleen says:

    Please take this rubbish down. The headline is extremely misleading. What kind of journalist are you?!

  7. Herman Payne says:

    You need to be ashamed. You are not a journalists arse worth. You need to be fired for rubbish you suck out your thumb. As a country this trial is deviding us. But the fact is that when he was on top everyone praised hus name and stoid by hum now he gets judged and gets turned on. It was a huge mistake but we dont have the right to crucify him. And then peopke like you are misleading. Shame on you.

    • Anthy Orphanou says:

      Nice one Herman!

    • Lien says:

      I know a few people with very bad tempers but they are not “murderers” as well as people that love guns and they also are not murderers!!!!! So in fact nobody is to lose his temper or love guns or even have a argument with his of her partner! Sick people in a wonderful world!!!

    • Robert Anderson Moore says:

      pathetic journalist trying to make a name for themselves I feel so sorry for those pitaful people.

  8. celeste says:

    The title needs to be changedit’s already causing rumours that he has actually been found guilty in court

  9. suitcase says:

    Scientists should get some of his DNA, and grow a cloned replica Pistorious. Possibly this clone will have feet and not murder anyone.

  10. gerald says:

    obvious- Gerrie Nel for president.

  11. Recovery of Oscar Pistorius

    The man has been crucified for the world to see his punishment.

    Guilty or Not, I consider no other punishment to match the emotional pain and suffering of Oscar from hero to zero in the public domain.

    The “blade runner” may still astound the world media with his recovery.

    I believe in the ultimate plan of our Creator, who blessed this man with a special talent among athletes, to allow Oscar to become a better Oscar, the Icon of love and grace of God that surpasses all human understanding.

    George Kleynhans

  12. tim says:

    He is as guilty as OJ, lets hope the verdict is not the same.
    It has been shown he was jealous, controlling and a bully, she was frightened of him, he didnt even get her a present or card for valentine. Not much love on his part.

    • Sara says:

      Oscar is NOT a bully. Neither is he controlling, abusive or guilty, he’s innocent until proven otherwise. He’s not Lance Armstrong or OJ either. No one really knows what OJ did or didn’t do. Please stop spreading hate around the internet, you have no right to judge.
      As for this article, nothing but trial by media. “Dating him out of sympathy?” Clearly biased towards Reeva’s family; I doubt Reeva would like to see Oscar treated like this because she loved him and he loved her too. I also dislike this poll concept because it’s not up to the public to judge innocent/guilty.
      All of you leave Oscar alone. Judge not lest ye be judged.

      • Sandy says:

        Not a bully!!! ….. He is arrogant, spoilt, rich kid who thinks he owns the block!!! Did you listen to his testimony, so many contradictions. There is only one truth. A liar changes his story all the time. He killed Reeva, period. Who on earth would walk towards danger in the pitch dark? Who would not gently touch your loved one and say that there is someone in the house? A life was taken, he needs to pay. I live in South Africa, I know all about the crime. Sometimes we do lock our bedroom door, we always arm our alarm, but, we do wake each other when we hear a noise. His version, or rather versions, are pathetic.

      • Ell says:

        Well one day I hope no one shoots you dead through a bathroom door as you innocently do your business and then people like you start writing idiotic things on the internet about the shooter being innocent because he was afraid and paranoid. You’re a fool.

  13. Attorneys24 says:

    The man has been crucified for the world to see his punishment.

    Guilty or Not, I consider no other punishment to match the emotional pain and suffering of Oscar from hero to zero in the public domain.

    The “blade runner” may still astound the world media with his recovery.

    I believe in the ultimate plan of our Creator, who blessed this man with a special talent among athletes, to allow Oscar to become a better Oscar, the Icon of love and grace of God that surpasses all human understanding.

    George Kleynhans

    • Monica says:

      Well spoken.

    • Sandy says:

      Emotional pain and suffering! Wake up sweetheart. Look at Reevas Mom, look at her pain and suffering. He has another girlfriend already. Did not mourn very long. After hearing that Gerrie Nel was going to make application for OP to have a psychiatric evaluation, his comment to a journalist was ‘Its a joke’. Imagine what Reeva went through. The fear, the pain, alone. Every night when I wake to go to the bathroom, I think of him walking in the pitch dark towards the ‘threat’ and I don’t believe him. Our home is also pitch dark at night. There is no way I would be able to walk down our passage at night as I would not be able to see, let alone see an intruder.

      • Attorneys24 says:

        When will Oscar learn from his mistakes?

        Author of his own misfortune

        His fatal mistake of shooting four bullets into the door became worse with his complicated version of events.

        The instruction to his defense team to submit this complicated version of defense, in my view, will become the second fatal mistake in his life.

        He, and only himself, can recover from these mistakes by taking responsibility for his actions, disclosing the real events to his defense team.

        Defense case

        Many other witnesses may testify with evidence in favour of Oscar, however in my view the only person who can make a real impact is Oscar himself.

        The defense team will advise but when all said and done, Oscar should have had enough time to take a long and hard look at his own version.

        The ultimate test to turn his life around before the defense close his case.

        • Sandy says:

          Amen. When I heard of the shooting last year, my heart broke for OP. I prayed, I touched his face on the TV, I wept for him, not giving Reeva a thought. I told my hubby how I felt for OP and my husband said ‘Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang’ and said that’s anger. A light bulb went on! What about Reeva. What has distressed me is listening to him blame his lawyers, the witnesses ……. Everybody is wrong, but not him. To shoot through a closed door is with intent to kill whoever is behind the closed door. Admit it, accept responsibility. He killed Reeva and if it were an Intruder, he would have killed that person. He is guilty of taking a life. I was raised by a narcissist and am so aware of the contradictions, manipulation and the blame game. They will never acknowledge what they have done. I see right through his act and all his versions! Please remember Reeva and what she must have gone through behind that door. Thank The Lord for Gerrie Nel. He is her voice.

  14. Arthur says:

    Ohhh to be Prince Caspian with stump instead of feet!

  15. Sarah says:

    The only thing I can agree with is the sympathy extended to the Steenkamp family. Had the police investigated with an open mind, they would not be suffering as they are now. Due to the fact that Denise Beukes stated that the police had been called for domestic violence on several occasions they (and the world) believed that Oscar was abusive. This turned out to be unfounded but too late for the majority who look at the first reports and then real life takes over so they do not see the amendments, the retractions etc. Oscar will be found only guilty of CH because that is what he has already admitted to, because of the judge being a rehabilitation rather than incarceration judge, he will more than likely get a suspended sentence; then the people who believe him to be guilty will be up in arms and claim that it is due to (1) his being white (2) his being rich (3) his being famous (4) handicapped; some or all of these reasons. The fact is Oscar Pistorius made a very, very bad decision born out of fear and the fact that he felt under threat on his prosthetics and will never recover totally. His punishment is already the worst he can get!

  16. Willem says:

    *woman. Idiot

  17. The Pensioner says:

    He should be hung upside with thick ankle clamps on his feet until he’s dead…

    • DOUG says:

      Pensioner- you’re even funnier than the story. Hung upside down by his feet???!!! Thick ankle clamps??? He doesn’t have legs. Good thing you’re not on the jury.

  18. First year law student says:

    No matter what anyone else says, according to the law the onus of proof lies on the State and NOT on Oscar so actually he does not have to prove that he is innocent but the court has to prove that he is guilty BEYOND reasonable doubt which means that if there is even the slightest bit of doubt that he is innocent he might be acquitted of the charges and that is FACT, unlike what you posted 🙂

    • JohnK says:

      Hey, while that is generally true the “onus of proof” in a self-defense case or putative self-defense case is much more balanced.

      It isn’t assumed that a person that admits killing someone did so in self-defense. They have to convince the court that it wasn’t simply an attack that they themselves initiated.

      It’s different because Pistorius has obviously admitted to shooting Reeva. The prosecution has nothing to prove on that front.

      Presumption = attack (on intruder).

      Pistorius has to convince everyone it was in “perceived self-defense” – if he can’t do that, then the prosecution has no more work to prove it’s an intentional killing = murder.

      Your point about “reasonable doubt” applies more to the question whether he shot at Reeva, knowing she was there, or not. And there the onus is on the state to contest his version effectively.

      Bit complicated but make sense?

  19. Michele Paoli says:

    Chase, you haven’t got a clue
    As for most of the comments apart for Sarah’s: Lynch mob mentality. Oscar has got more class in his stumps than you have in your whole person, each and everyone of you.
    Mr Pensioner. Hello! Are you there? Oscar doesn’t have feet! That’s how much you know! Now go back to sleep!

  20. Wian says:

    This is the worst article i have read in my whole life!!!

  21. Estelle says:

    I do believe that Oscar is guilty and that he is playing on his emotional outbursts to try and create an atmosphere of sadness. Yes! it is very sad. but for Reeva’s family that has to go through this traumatic time is not what anyone should have to endure. They say you are innocent until proven guilty, however what ever the outcome whether he is found guilty or not, he will have to answer to God Almighty, creator of heave an and earth.

  22. Wouter says:

    Oscar killed himself today beacause of this shit report. Get a life moron.

  23. Danie says:

    You all make Oscar out to be this bad man if you have a look at everything and go back to Reeva’s family they did not have much and now she is gone and they now they will not have all of that and she was not an angel like every one makes her out to be she is not all that good what went on that night only GOD and Oscar will now so you all can stop thinking you do now what went on that night



    The four shots fired by Oscar killed Reeva.

    Short and simple should be his explanation on the events leading to this tragedy.


    I blame the defense team for the complications in his version of events.

    Barry Roux had all the time in the world to prepare his client and himself for this trial. He is a criminal defense advocate with experience and should have foreseen the danger that a defense too far fetched may result in evidence being rejected by the Court.

    An advanced criminal defense lawyer demands the truth from his client to prepare for the best defense available on criminal capacity and intention.


    I am convinced that when Oscar fired four shots at a door after hearing a noise, he must have foreseen that somebody may be injured or killed, however negligent or reckless his shots might have been, the million dollar question is: What was his state of mind, what knowledge he had when the shots were fired?

    This question un-answered, the risk that the Court will find the answer from other witnesses or circumstancial evidence, rejecting his evidence will be disasterous for his defense.

    The fact that he fired four shots indicates a crime of passion: Oscar could have been so outrageous jealous, out of his mind, mad for the moment, temporary insane, in automatism, wanted to open the door and take control of the situation.

    Oscar still owes himself, Reeva, Steenkamp family and the world a proper explanation.


    Absolution – fire the defence team

    Blame the defense team with Barry Reckless.

    Come clean and tell the Court the truth.

    Defense of criminal capacty

    • Anonymous says:

      To infer that adv. Roux and Oscar’s defense team were ill-prepared and messed this up for Oscar is a stretch of the imagination @George Kleynhans.

      Barry Roux is a seasoned advocate with 30 years worth of experience under his belt and he is no stranger to defending complex high profile cases. I doubt he would leave the preparation required for this case to chance.

      Given the various pieces of evidence led including Oscar’s time on the stand, I think that Oscar was thoroughly briefed and advised on how to approach this case but he chose to deviate from his defense team’s counsel and spin a web around himself with his contradictory responses.

    • Mary Dee says:

      Insane jealousy she brought a card with her that night saying she loved him so what exactly was he jealous of. If it was an intruder then he would have foreseen that an intruder wd likely have killed him raped and killed Reeva or poured petrol on them and set them alight which is what intruders recently did in South Africa. A man was charged with shooting his pregnant wife and killing her having mistaken her for an intruder, he was charged with Culpable homoside and given a suspended sentence. A father shot at a car which he believed was being stolen but was being driven by his daughter and she was killed. All charges was dropped. A woman thought someone trying to get into her house and shot at him hitting him twice but having fired more than two shots news reports differed on the number of shots. She believed he was an intruder she was not charged. All of those mentioned did not have a disability and in the case of the father his life was not in danger. So why then is Oscars version so hard to believe. He did not blame his defence but asking a person who is not legally trained why their defence conducted their case in the manner they did is an unfair question so putting that back to his defence team is not blaming them and how do you know he has not given the explanation that is truthful. Intruders murder people every day in SA and there are numerous cases of family members killed accidentally mistaken for intruders so why is it so highly improbable in this case. There is no motive, no history of violence, the States case based on circumstantial evidence such as one neighbour 100 m away hearing a woman’s voice argue so loud she had to cover her ears, no one else heard this n voices don’t carry that far. Reeva ate two hours before she died to tie in with this arguement but experts state that determining how long it takes food to digest is neither an exact science and takes at least 6-8 hours.

  25. Noel says:

    Why do so many articles refer to Reeva Steenkamp as a supermodel? Supermodels are cat walk models at the very top end of the game. They are twice as tall as Reeva as, and almost half as old!

  26. Wiseman says:

    Zuma faces Gerrie Nel…

  27. Ernst Kuschke says:

    An fine example of poor and biased journalism.

  28. Roland says:

    Wake up you sods, to thwart a robbery, one shot through a closed door is sufficient. Anyone on the other side would either run or shout out. He knew she was there and did his damnedest to make sure she never got a chance to tell her story. SA law dictates that a warning shot be fired and you may only shoot again if your life is threatened. Is he a murderer or such a wimp that he was afraid of who “might” have been behind the door?

  29. KB G says:

    What confirmed guilt for me wasn’t brought up at trial…it is the fact that Oscar Pistorius is dating. With such remorse that he “acts” like he has at trial, why would he be dating. AND
    a 19 year old girl whose brain hasn’t even fully developed. He has been embraced by her
    parents and she is supporting him through this ordeal. Absolute insanity from my view.

    • SBG says:

      Ive been watching this unfold with interest, I don’t think we have the right to judge, does having a temper and liking guns make you a murderer? Is it really unreasonable to fire through a door if you think someone is behind it who will come out of the door to cause you harm?
      What was his motive to kill her? He is a successful athlete, has wealth and privilege, it just doesn’t make sense to me.
      My concern is he will be found guilty to appease all the people who say that if he isnt its because he is a while SA Male, that is not acceptable. Racism goes two ways…
      To say Reva was dating him out of sympathy is laughable, to call him names for being disabled is deplorable and the whole thing being televised it the worst decision in a long time.
      To have a young woman’s private life splashed all over the news, give out the details of the personal messages she sent, and her intimate life is just not right
      There are judges or jury’s around to deal with these things, we should all just leave them to get on with it, whatever the verdict, there will be a portion of unhappy people, a family struggling with their loss, a young man whose life is devastated

      • Annie says:

        I agree with you except about the decision to broadcast the trial. Without that we would only have biased, largely inaccurate and sometimes actually fictional accounts of the day’s proceedings in court to go by. As it is, those who have been following the trial rather than reports on it and are watching and listening with unbiased eyes and ears are able to see the lack of evidence for murder and that if there was a problem in this relationship, who that problem lay with. The poor girl is dead though so let’s leave that at that.

      • Sandy says:

        1Corinthians 5:9 I wrote unto you in an epistle not to company with fornicators: (10) Yet not altogether the fornicators of this world, or with the covetous, or extortioners, or with idolaters; for then must ye needs go out of the world. (11) But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such a one no not to eat. (12) For what have I to do to judge them also that are without? do not ye judge them that are within? (13) But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

        If we were not to judge, how could we determine if someone was a fornicator, covetous, an idolater, a railer, a drunkard, or an extortioner? At sometime you have to say, I should not fellowship with that person because he or she is a drunkard. We must judge that persons life, in order to come to the conclusion that they are a drunkard.

        If you were not allowed to judge then you would never not fellowship with someone who is a drunkard. This idea of not judging gives people an “easy out”. You can do anything, go anywhere with anyone you like. This is pleasing to the non Christian or a person who calls themselves a Christian but their life does not bear fruit.

        We are entitled to our opinion, we have been given brains to use and to learn the difference between right and wrong. What he did was wrong. He knew the gun laws in SA,. He was reckless on two other occasions as well re guns. Fact. Reeva died, Reeva suffered. Let’s not forget what she went through. There are always consequences in life. Even our children understand that.

  30. The author of this article is incredibly biased. Yes Pistorius is a murderer,but the truth is that he’s a deeply troubled man whose athletic ability caused others to overlook a lot of red flags and character flaws.This is a tragedy for both families,who are no doubt devastated.What’s waste of potential and life…Very sad and unnecessary loss of life.

  31. Loerien says:

    Thank God its done… Oscar makes me sick… R Steenkamp was a woman of love life and laughter… Now she’s gone … Hope you get what you deserve in jail…

  32. za says:

    True Linletta, loss from both families, may be it’s an accident that could have been avoided.

  33. Jason says:

    You guys are pricks.

    • KB G says:

      How about growing up and getting a dictionary so you don’t have to embarrass yourself by using disgusting language.

  34. Dante says:

    clearly all you people do not know what you talkin about its aired on our tv station so we get to see the trial. What no motive. Stupid if u ever watched the trial or even paid attention she dated him out of sympathy and he killed her due to her wanting to leave him due to his anger managment problems. so many gaps in his statement and his testimony. so unless you have watched the whole trial and not been listening to rumors people have said and u make a retarded comment like that then its gonna be taken like a pinch of salt and you gonna look like an idiot. and get your facts straight next time before you embarrass yourself

  35. Dante says:

    where was the card saying she loved him if there was a card stating that then the trail would be over and it would be found to be a miistake but its not cause the trials still on. And to all the people that do not think if I know im sleeping next to my girlfriend and I hear a noise I will first check if she is lying next to me if not then it would be her in the bathroom common sense an if she sleeping next to me I can feel if she is still there or not when I wake up .who is stupid enough not to think and look if my girlfriend is next to me in bed before jumping out of bed an start shooting at weird noises oh wait Oscar is that stupid if he thinks we going to believe his lies

  36. proiz says:

    there is big posibility that oscar will go to heaven if he repent nw

    • KB G says:

      Oh pahleze! That’s surely not for any human to determine. Stay out of “God’s” business. I’m sure you have enough of your business to handle.

  37. Sboeh says:

    Guyz dont be biase follow the humans right …

  38. Dafaq? says:

    Damn you and your flippin clickbait

    • KB G says:

      I’m with you. It was definitely a “bait” article and I was livid when I first opened it.

      I read that the final verdict will be on September 11th…wondering if they wait for the sentencing until another date.

      Thank you for calling the writer on their hubris….and I bet the article was read even more with the title…which of course would be the writer’s intention.

  39. Bullshit says:

    What a misleading title.

  40. Chris says:

    I don’t believe this out of sympathy?? Reeva was a gold digger that’s all she was. She was with Oscar only to claim up the social ladder.

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