Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize in Jeopardy

A petition seeks to strip Obama of his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

A petition seeks to strip Obama of his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

(National Report) – President Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize under false and misleading circumstances according to a growing petition urging the Norwegian prize committee to strip the US President of the 2009 prize award.

The petition initiated a few days ago, is listed with Roots Action dot org, an internet action web page where citizens of the world can have their voices heard, grievances aired, and sleep well knowing that others agree with them. They seem fairly legitimate and truly collect signatures.


If the Nobel Committee honors the request, it will mark the first time in earth’s 6,000 year history Norwegians did something not Norwegian. It would also be the first time anyone has been stripped of a Nobel world prize.

The reasons and considerations for stripping President Obama of the prize, along with signatures, are many. Everything from “I didn’t vote for him”, “my hate burns for him like the rays of a thousand suns”, “he looks like Satan on the History channel”, to more poignant reflections on the use of unmanned drones and his Kenyan citizenship.

obama-poster-can-we-murder-civilians-in-drone-strikes-yes-we-canEveryone has an opinion or a belly ache. The trick to curing a belly ache is to know the difference between effective medicine and a placebo.

The petition itself has the feel of an electronic democracy where each voice is heard and a pollster gets paid a penny every time someone shares their two cents. Pollsters are diabolical, bottom-feeding carneys that use emotionally controversial topics to drive more opinion and web-traffic income as a matter of course – Kind of like internet political-cultural satirists, only more oily and morally twisted.

The Nobel prize committee is a financially autonomous organization. They do not care for internet opinion. Other voices, even American voices, do not count. The Nobel organization is not crowd, country or taxpayer funded. The US democracy is more or less, taxpayer funded. Conservative or liberal, letting a congressional representative know your opinion does have an impact.

The petition seeks to gain 250,000 signatures, about the same number of provisional votes cast in Ohio during the November 6, 2012 election where President Obama was elected by the popular and Electoral College vote to a second term.

The irony of 250,000 signatures isn’t very funny and shouldn’t be. The only way the Nobel Prize committee will strip Obama of his 2009 peace prize is if a conservative is in the White House, and majority in the senate and house exists. Then We The People can vote within the republic to send unmanned drones straight up their Norwegian fjords to take away Obama’s Peace Prize.

Because that is how peace is done, with votes not empty emotional hissy fits disguised as petitions.


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7 Responses to "Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize in Jeopardy"

  1. NeoconsNailed says:

    I don’t get it — the headline and first two sentences offer great hope, then the writer blisters it to pieces with sarcasm.

    • Barbara Bagwell Barbara Bagwell says:

      Obviously you are an Obot, bent on luring the unsuspecting to sign the petition and collecting their data. Spend that earned blood money to cross the river Styx, Liberal.

      Thank goodness there are Americans wise to these petition games and know that researching these things is important.

  2. NeoconsNailed says:

    OH — Cruz and Palin up top on every page here. That explains everything. As good as a banner saying “Danger — neocon BS! Harmful or fatal if swallowed!”

    • Nigel Covington Nigel Covington says:

      Well NeoconsNailed allow me to be the first to humbly offer you to leave.

      • Bilbo Flagons says:

        Let NeoconsNailed move on, Nigel. He is digging in his own gravy
        ~Does he not realize who Mama Grizzly stands up for? I mean, what kind of person has no respect for a woman who defends the people’s right to shit in the woods? All the while, she’s tightly gripping that cold, blue, steel barrel that protects her from bears, moose, reindeer, Ted Cruz, and liberals. Always scanning with a probing eye to the edge of her surroundings… reactions like a hairpin trigger… ready to pounce on any opportunity or soundbite. And then she stands up and wipes and just leaves the toilet paper there without burying it, shouting “In your FACE, Obama.” every time, leaving little white Sarah blossoms for all wildlife hikers to enjoy…and possibly collect as election memorabilia.
        ~You can bring a horse to water, but unless you want to pick up its tail and suck real hard, you can’t make it drink. Let him go, Nigel.

  3. Bilbo Flagons says:

    I can’t believe he’s only getting ONE Nobel Peace Prize this time around! Can we get him a six pack of these things? No one has done what he has done to the world. Even though he said he hated signing
    it, his implementation of NDAA was s stroke of genius! No one has done more to instill fervent Orwellian guidance than this Leader. Let’s hear it for Obama!

  4. NeoconsNailed says:

    Thank you Barbara and Nigel for demonstrating what passes for adult conversation nowadays — allergic reactions. Most of the time I get called a radical rightwinger, even an anti-semite(TM), so I don’t think I’m very “liberal” (the biggest misnomer in the lexicon). Right on about the Orwell factor, Bilbo! As long as we’ve all got it straight that Palin, Cruz, Romney and other neocons are no less Orwellian than Barry.