Why is Obama’s Mistress Under Secret Service Protection?

President Obama and the First Mistress Valerie Jarrett

President Obama and the First Mistress Valerie Jarrett


By Nigel J. Covington III

<National Report> Is there no end to the many ways Obama has to screw over the American people? Not only is he the most divisive president in US history he’s the most arrogant. Without doubt no other presidency has ever been caught up in more scandal, or has committed more crimes then Obama. Now its comes out that the president’s part-time “squeeze” has 24/7 Secret Service protection and nobody in the White House has a clue why.

Chicago slumlord and close intimate friend to the president Valerie Jarrett, an African American (according to Obama) and insignificant White House aide has been a “protectee” of the Secret Service since 2010 and at the expense of the American taxpayer.

The president’s move to approve Secret Service protection for a simple aide whose job in essence is that of an office clerk or secretary is unprecedented but the president has ordered his staff to refuse to answer any questions about the highly suspicious move. He has also advised the DHS to refuse all FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests about Jarrett including how much her full-time protection detail is costing the American public.

Jarrett’s White House colleagues say they are unaware of any specific danger or threat made against her that would warrant around the clock protection or justify the need for her to be chauffeured wherever she goes with her own entourage of heavily armed Secret Service agents.

According to Jarrett being accompanied by bodyguards round the clock is “more of an intrusion than a perk.” Though she refuses to answer any questions about her personal Secret Service detail she has said the decision to assign her protection was not hers. She added that she finds questions about the rationale for her protection to be “ridiculous and offensive.”

But one White House insider from the secretarial pool who claims to be a friend of Jarrett states its been common knowledge for years that the president often meets privately with the aide and that the two have been very close for a longtime.

Since the president has in effect issued a gag order about his clandestine affair and secret meetings with the aide what are we the people who are paying for this extravagant expense to think about the necessity of assigning a full-time Secret Service detail to her? So we went out to the street to ask the public for their opinions.

We posed the same question to everyone we asked… Why does a simple aide need Secret Service protection around the clock. Here are some of the answers we got…

Diane K. “Who is Valerie Jarrett?”

Dave C. “Apparently the president believes if the first lady is entitled to Secret Service protection than the first mistress must be entitled as well.”

Mario J. “Maybe Obama wants to keep an eye on her.”

Linda V. “I don’t know… did Bill Clinton give protection to his whore Monica Lewinsky?”

Kathy A. “I really don’t care.”

Leroy R. “Obviously Obama’s been banging this broad maybe she has classified information prudent to national security? Or, maybe she knows how to suck a dick better than anyone else and he wants to keep that private?”

Belinda W. “Who is Valerie Jarrett?”

Kenny L. “She probably lives in a bad neighborhood, I mean she’s black so I’m just saying.”

What do you think about the president assigning a Secret Service detail to his number one skank? The National Report encourages comments and open discussion on the issues we face as a nation. We invite you to please leave your comments below.

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4 Responses to "Why is Obama’s Mistress Under Secret Service Protection?"

  1. This lady is a little too into accessories for my taste. It sends a message of sexual deviancy. If she wants to be viewed as a public servant, she should wear a uniform, maybe something somber in black with a small apron to catch stains and save the taxpayer money on dry cleaning. Wearing earrings and a necklace and a flashy watch and probably an ankle bracelet or toe ring is just gauche.

  2. Ashley Downes-Cox Ashley Downes-Cox says:

    Obama should be ashamed of himself. At a minimum, he should be getting 8′s and 9′s. But this woman is clearly no higher than a 5, 6 tops. Our country is going down hill fast, and this is just another black mark on our record. Even France has a hotter First Mistress than us. We’re wasting our tax dollars on this?

  3. hln says:

    She isn’t his mistress, she’s probably his Control.

  4. While we at Watchdogs of Our Freedom have no specific evidence of a sexual relationship involving the president and the “Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs,” aka Valerie Jarrett, we suggest that it trivializes the relationship to treat it merely as a sexual dalliance at taxpayers’ expense. Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian-born Marxist, has been President Obama’s closest adviser since she was insinuated into his midst by her father-in-law—a fellow traveling Marxist who worked hammer-in-sickle with Obama’s mentor and truest father figure, Frank Marshall Davis, a hardened and unyielding communist. Her family tree is also intermarried with that of Bill Ayers—and she continues to confer closely with former Obama adviser Van Jones, who was exposed in 2010 as a full blown communist.

    What we can report with considerable confidence, and have reported on our website, is that Valerie Jarrett is almost certainly the individual who (without the slightest pretext of constitutional authority) issued the blanket stand-down order during the battle in Benghazi while Obama was absent from his duties. And, inexplicably, she was obeyed. We would suggest (and fully believe based on our information) that Valerie Jarrett’s frequent private meetings with POTUS are less about lubricity than they are about control and command; she is, in other words, Obama’s handler, and a conduit for higher authorities who prefer to remain inconspicuous. This is a relationship of such significance to the security of the United States, and so potentially damaging thereunto, that the clandestine affair may simply be a cover. There is an old Intelligence Community adage that “it is always better to look stupid than guilty,” and in this instance it may be preferable to appear horny than to be found treasonable!

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