Obama to Visit Mosque, Host Muslim Leaders on July 4th

 (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

<National Report>White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest announced today that President Obama will be visiting a Washington D.C. area Mosque on the morning of July 4th as a goodwill gesture to Muslim Americans.  The name and location of the Mosque are currently being withheld for security reasons.

The President has long been criticised for being sympathetic towards Muslims and has even been accused of secretly being Muslim himself.  His announcement to visit a Mosque on the morning of America’s most patriotic holiday will likely add to this criticism.

According to Earnest, following his visit to the Mosque, the President will host the traditional White House July 4th cookout.  Several influential Muslim leaders have been invited to attend the cookout, as a further gesture of goodwill.

American Muslim Ahmed Mohamed Usman, who will be attending the cookout, had nothing but praise for President Obama’s decision.  In an interview this afternoon on NPR, Usman had the following to say:

“America is supposed to be the land of freedom and of tolerance. Finally we are starting to see this. If America has Christian prayer breakfasts, so must it have breakfasts praying to Mecca. If America is to put the 10 Commandments on display, so must she display the Quran. To be welcomed into the highest office of America to celebrate her birth and independence is an honor and is a step for Muslims in America to begin to establish our rights. President Obama is truly opening the door for Muslims in America.”

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  1. matt says:

    So many gullible people on here, I bet all of those ‘lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes’ ads on this site make a killing.

  2. Poliwatch says:

    Must be, he wants to pray to allah to apologize for celebrating the 4th.

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