Obama Spent $4k on Marijuana While Visiting Colorado

obama_jointOn Friday, a Secret Service agent alleged that President Barack Obama ordered him to spend approximately $4,000 on purchasing marijuana during a recent Colorado visit. And now, that agent has been fired by the Department of Homeland Security for carrying out that order.

The “Commander in Spleef” was in Colorado last week, partly on vacation while also meeting and greeting Americans on the street, delivering speeches, and hanging out with Governor John Hickenlooper. The incident allegedly happened on Tuesday evening, while visiting Denver, with Obama asking now-former Secret Service agent Tom Brannigan to run an especially questionable errand.

“He told me he had `the need, the need for weed.’ It sounds corny, but he actually did say that,” Brannigan claims. “So he gave me a bunch of money and told me to `scare up some quality buds.’ I didn’t think it was right or wrong. I’m a Secret Service agent. I’m not paid to ask questions about morality.”

Brannigan took the $4,000 in cash to a chic, trendy marijuana boutique store called “Euflora” in Denver, where the staff allegedly helped him pick out the perfect drugs for President Obama. “I was supposed to get him three-grand’s worth of pot, and use that last thousand to silence whoever I purchased it from. But they insisted they’d protect the identities of their clientele, no matter who it was,” Brannigan says. “So I spent all of it on marijuana.”

Brannigan claims Obama was “thrilled” with his purchase, and spent the evening “smoking up” with Governor Hickenlooper and Denver Nuggets basketball player Ty Lawson. He also says Obama was planning to bring most of the marijuana back to Washington DC with him, though he couldn’t confirm or deny whether Obama had actually done that, or if he had smoked all of the marijuana before leaving Colorado.

But despite the fact Brannigan was supposedly acting on orders given by President Obama directly, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson fired him on Tuesday, July 15th, for quote “gross negligence and dereliction of duty,” shortly after another Secret Service agent informed her of what had happened in Denver.

“Buying the President illegal street drugs puts him in harm’s way, and that’s the opposite of what we in the Secret Service are supposed to do,” Pierson allegedly told Brannigan while sacking him. “Your job is to protect the president. That’s it. If he wants to shoot himself, you stop that from happening. And if he wants to overdose on drugs, you stop that as well.”

Brannigan served in Afghanistan with the United States Army Rangers from 2003 to 2005, and then in Iraq from 2005 to 2008. before the Secret Service recruited him. He was assigned to President Obama’s protection detail in 2011. Since news broke of his firing, the Koch Brothers have reportedly offered him a job as a privately-contracted bodyguard, though Brannigan has not hinted toward whether he’d take that offer or not.

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15 Responses to "Obama Spent $4k on Marijuana While Visiting Colorado"

  1. Malcolm. says:

    Maybe if Obummers brain wasn’t so addled by drugs he might be actually able to do his Job!

    • Hash loo says:

      Malcolm maybe if you used your brain you would understand satire.

    • marty says:

      Do you actually believe the nonsense that comes out of your mouth? Are you REALLY this stupid? No. I have to have more faith in the human race than that. Or perhaps you’re still a monkey.

  2. Lougjr1 says:

    Well, is that supposed to be a surprise? we all know that Obama used drugs in the past, he even said so. so what’s the surprise? He still walks around like he’s using something ! Do you think the American people care one way or another ?

  3. suitcase says:

    Obama likes to smoke weed when he is playing golf, as most everyday golfers do also. It makes the game of golf more interesting, and not just some guy hitting a ball and then chasing it like a dumb dog would do.

  4. It’s just so hilarious…and PATHETIC…how you all are so blinded with irrational HATE that you miss how OBVIOUS it us that this is SATIRE.


    PATHETIC in your HATE, all of you.

  5. wagu says:

    He smoked $4000.00 worth in one night? That settles it, our president is superhuman.

  6. Grant Devereaux says:

    Since this story does not appear at any reputable news site – anywhere, not even FOX news, I have to conclude it is a lie. Like so much of Conservative Blogs that make stuff up to try and start rumors that they hope become perceived as fact.

  7. marty says:

    Good for him. Better pot than alcohol.

  8. Ganja was utilized thousand of years not but because of his fiber and marijuana seeds, which are by the way one of the better natural reservoir of cloth and oil, but besides because of his quality to cure a whole slew of disease for which there no be an medicament present in the conventional school medicine.

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