Did Obama Silence the Media on Benghazi, Force Lara Logan Out?

<NationalReport>Lara Logan, the CBS correspondent behind the ’60 Minutes’ report on the Benghazi attack, is taking a forced leave of absence from the network following intense backlash from the left. Logan, along with longtime producer Max McClellan, announced on Tuesday they are taking the leave as a punitive measure for the “shortcomings” in the Benghazi report aired on October 27th.

The report in question focused on an interview with former security contractor Dylan Davies who took part in fighting the mission in Benghazi and had first hand knowledge of the failures of the Administration and the Secretary of State, Hillary “What difference does it make” Clinton.  Davies spoke of rushing to the scene of the attack where U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens (#wewillneverforget) was killed and striking one attacker in the head with the butt of his rifle.

Along with the staff shakeup, CBS released the results of an internal review in an attempt to save face for the crumbling program.  “The ’60 Minutes’ journalistic review is concluded, and we are implementing ongoing changes based on its results”, a CBS News spokeswomen said.

While the network declined further comment on exactly what changes were to be implemented, internal sources at CBS have confirmed extensive discussions between the White House and CBS executives prior to the announcement.  Our source, speaking on condition of anonymity, described the discussions as follows:

“There were several meetings with members of the Administration at CBS headquarters here in New York.  The whole scene was surreal.  Several black SUVs would be ushered into the underground parking garage.  The occupants would not enter through the front doors, rather they would be led to the freight elevators in the back and up to the top floor.  While I was not present in the meetings I could see them taking place in the conference room and things seem to be extremely heated.  I would say this happened at least three times since the report aired in late October.”

Congressional Republicans have insisted on getting to the bottom of Obama’s involvement and subsequent comments meant to mislead the American people.  Five GOP-led House committees have investigated, demanded document and witnesses, etc but have been met only with resistance from the Administration.

What Next?

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4 Responses to "Did Obama Silence the Media on Benghazi, Force Lara Logan Out?"

  1. Hey all of you , Americans have been taught throughout history that “The Pen Is Mightier Then The Sword ”
    What I’m saying is why hasn’t the Media come to the aide of every American and went after the truth about Benghazi . The media went after President Nixon with a passion ,so now they keep quiet with a president that is surrendering America without even raising one ink pen . The constitution starts with “WE THE PEOPLE ” AND LARA LOGAN IS BEING LOOKED BAD FOR THE TRUTH ! If she told any lies then why was there a top level meeting about CBS 60 minutes who along with Fox News was stepping up for all of us little people .
    I hope somebody will step up and start hearings on IMPEACHMENT as he has made Nixon look like a Sunday school teacher .
    Every Republican Congressman or Senator should be ashamed of not putting America back together again .

    I thank each and every representative who is working behind the scenes to bring us a stronger UNITED STATES OF AMERICA then ever before .


  2. Zeke Gobfitz says:

    I am sorry but this article missed the mark.
    Too much information and not enough spin.
    The reader should reach the conclusion that the attack in Benghazi is being buried by the President and will be exposed through the diligent efforts of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform led by the brave and resolute Conservative Representative Darryl Issa.

    At no time should the reader be allowed to grasp that funding for security at the American Embassies was slashed by Congress outright and again through the Grand Bargain/Sequestration measures.
    Many millions of corporate sponsors and think tank dollars have been spent manufacturing the perfect environment to foment public distrust against the President’s mishandling of this American tragedy.

    In the future please refer to your monthly memos regarding the correct phraseology when detailing news and opinion for public consumption or else advertiser and sponsor backing may have to be diverted to other news sources willing to engage in the correct forms of social engineering.

    This is hard but noble work here and the stakes are too high to muck this up with independent
    viewpoints being foisted upon the voting populace.
    Buck up!

  3. Bob says:

    The Communist News Network is reporting that the Communist Broadcast System made a mistake and is being punished for it? Say it isn’t so. But this late in the game; What Difference Does It Make? All Barry had to do is skip one little rally, pay attention and get those people out of there. tsk…tsk…tsk…Let’s not compound the mistake and elect Hillary…
    Dump them all! Just dump them all….

    • Real Christian Patriot says:

      Bob, I’m with the Christian Patriot Movement (the real thing, not one of those cheap knock-offs) and I…we…have been looking for a man of clarity and integrity such as you to lead our nation back to greatness. I want to invite you to participate in our first annual Restore Our Presidential Efficiency (ROPE) pageant at the Ramada Inn Hotel & Convention Center in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 31st. This is an invitation-only event and is only extended to a few good men (leave the missus at home). Also, bring a black or blue suit and don’t forget your American flag label pin and/or tie (no stains, please). You’ll need to prepare a five-minute speech telling ROPE judges why you would make the best choice for President of these United States. Front runners will be bankrolled as candidates in the next Republican primary for such things (date TBD). Thank you for your noble and godlike service to Christ’s America!

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