Obama Presidential Library Planned for Ground Zero


Thus far reported to only be in the planning stages, though sure to be controversial, secret documents obtained by The National Report, reveal that plans are already being made for a Presidential Library for Barack Obama. Presidential libraries are something each of our presidents is honored with. That in itself is not surprising. It is the location that has some scratching their heads while others are furious.

Correspondence between planning committee members reveal that Obama’s personal choice is the yet to be leased, top 10 floors, including the penthouse, of the Ground Zero building in New York City, better known as ¬†Freedom Tower, which now stands where the World Trade Center once stood. Given the allegations that Obama is a Muslim, that he has Muslim ties and is not really an American, some see this as not only insensitive, callous and arrogant, but a slap in the face to those who lost their lives, the victim’s families, as well as patriots everywhere.

The obtained memos further reveal that the President and the Barack Obama Presidential Library Commission are not entirely unaware of the anticipated reaction to such a location. One of the suggestions offered by a member of the group, whose name has been redacted, suggests that they stress the President’s unprecedented war on terrorism and his record of keeping American’s safe, going on to note that the indiscriminate drone killings in the middle east, as well the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, should be included in all talking points when dealing with the media. One memo goes on to stress the President’s commitment to all Americans, demonstrated by his day to day working relationship with the NSA, as well as his tacit authorization of phone and wire taps as well as online interceptions of the communications of ALL Americans. “The idea is to present the President as a man of the people, of ‘plain folks’, highlighting Obama’s recognition of the ‘little guy and gal’ who get up every day and go to work in order to make this country strong. These are the folks who have for so long been ignored and overlooked by this country’s security establishment. For years people toiled, raised families, paid their bills, and went on vacation with absolutely no oversight from the U.S. government. Now, they can plainly see that under Obama, who they are and what they have to say, are of the utmost interest,” yet another committee member was quoted as saying.

Though the Ground Zero library plans have yet to be finalized and the debate is sure to rage in some quarters, the commission is nevertheless moving forward with raising the hundreds of millions required for such a historically significant undertaking. Some early contributors though, include Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, George Sorros, the Society for Muslim Tolerance, as well as other sure to be controversial individuals and organizations.

Early design suggestions include an area called, ‘Spiritual Hall’. In this area of the library, all religions will be honored. A synagogue, a chapel and a prayer room for Muslims, complete with kneeling mats and a miniature tower for calls to prayer.

On a another floor, the library will have for sale, Obama’s bestselling autobiography. One more floor will house the portrait gallery whose walls will be lined with paintings and photographs of the President meeting with world leaders, accepting his Nobel Prize and other highlights of what the committee is tentatively calling ‘The Greatest Presidency.”

Plans thus far include an area entirely dedicated to children which will include free crayons and coloring books with likenesses of the President himself.


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  1. suitcase says:

    I hope this move by Obama will appease the Muslims and that they won’t attack America anymore.

  2. David says:

    You have to admit. The lighting is perfect for reading

  3. Karen Williams says:

    Obama should build his library in Kenya!

  4. Back40 says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed!

  5. Paul Bodnick, XX1111 says:

    Keep us informed

  6. Obsequious Jones III says:

    When are the they getting a Whole Foods?

  7. Beorge Gush says:

    Wow, the amount of numbskulls getting “informed” on this site is sad. You people are morons squared.

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