Obama to Opt Out of ‘National Prayer Breakfast’

ObamaPrayerBreakfast<National Report>Washington, DC–In a move sure to have the ‘loyal opposition’, his detractors and Washington pundits up in arms, a memo purportedly originating in the Oval Office, is asking a select group of Democratic leaders to ‘quietly’ look into excusing President Obama from any more National Prayer Breakfasts. The National Prayer Breakfast, held the first Thursday of each February, has been a tradition in Washington since 1953, and each year is attended by the current President. No sitting President since Dwight D. Eisenhower has ever been absent from participating in the event which is widely seen as an affirmation of the belief in “God and Country”.

The memo, marked ‘Top Secret’, reveals that the President, though he has been an attendee in the past, has long felt that the prayer breakfast is ‘morally divisive’, violating the separation of church and state, and is overtly exclusive of atheists or other religions such as Muslims. The memo goes on to add that Obama not only seeks to opt out of the next two National Prayer breakfasts before his 2nd term ends, but that he would like to avoid any more formal government affiliated and sanctioned ‘Prayer’ sessions at all. The memo reportedly asks that the select Democratic Congressmen and woman and Senators (known to be staunch allies of the President), ‘make inquires’ as to whether the President’s absence would be viewed negatively and impact Democrats who will be seeking reelection in 2016,  or that it may be misinterpreted in the media as being ‘anti-Christian’.

Many American in fact do not believe that Barrack Obama is actually a Christian. Most polls show a significant percentage of the American public believe instead, that Obama is either a Muslim or has no faith at all.

At this time, according to White House insiders, no decision will be reached until  the results of a Democratically commissioned poll on the topic are in and  have undergone further evaluation in focus groups.

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10 Responses to "Obama to Opt Out of ‘National Prayer Breakfast’"

  1. Master's Johnson says:

    Well since he’s a Muslim and they pray five times a day, maybe he’s thinking enough’s enough, just let me sleep in…

  2. Voice of Reason says:

    Maybe he plans on doing something that morning that will actually help.

  3. Marge Martin says:

    I’m happy to see President Obama opted out of the National Prayer Breakfasts, feeling it violates the separation of church and states, and is exclusive of atheists or religions such as Muslims. I know he is not an atheist, but I will be glad when atheists can be elected to office. I see his memo was marked “top secret” — apparently so as to not rile up all the religious nuts in this country. Our town has a Prayer Breakfast to which the Mayor is obligated to attend. What nonsense!

    • Brandon Johns says:

      You commies violate separation of church and state all the time. You want to end religious freedom for all Americans. There have been atheists in office. Their names were Stalin, Mao, Pol-Pot, and Castro. There is nothing wrong with celebrating an aspect of American culture such as prayer. Why should they include atheists? They don’t believe in God. You want atheism celebrated by the government.

  4. Steven Wallace Steven Wallace says:

    In my research for this article, I discovered that although this country is forbidden by the Constitution, from advocating one religion over another, every National Prayer Breakfast, and its prayers are exclusively Christian. Makes me wonder why Constitution loving patriots aren’t up in arms about it like they are about free ranging cattle.

  5. mzaz says:

    SURPRISE ANYONE??? This isn’t the first time and sure won’t be the last

  6. Barry Sotoro says:

    Obama did not “opt out” of the National prayer breakfast, he was faceing Mecca at prayer time

  7. Bob says:

    Religion should stay private with each individual person not forced on the public in any way. Freedom of religion is a right in this country but it should be kept to ones self and their congregation.

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