Obama Files Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman Following Acquittal in Shooting Murder of Trayvon Martin

 (AP Photo/Howard Iken)

(AP Photo/Howard Iken)

<NationalReport>Washington, DC–Just when we thought the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case was over after Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Obama Administration has taken the steps needed to file federal charges, thus sidestepping the well established double jeopardy, against Zimmerman.  Unidentified sources within the Administration have confirmed that Obama, and Justice Eric Holder at the Department of Justice have filed charges against Zimmerman in the Federal Court system.

As recently written by Debbie Schlussel, “Double jeopardy is a misunderstood concept in America. It only means you can’t be tried twice for the same crime in the SAME COURT. In fact, liberal Justice Department officials–and the American Presidents who direct them–often make sure that Americans are repeatedly charged for crimes of which they’ve already been acquitted, by charging them with new “crimes” for the same crime, such as “violating” the alleged victim’s civil rights.”

At approximately 10:01 pm EST this evening Judge Debra Nelson (pictured right) announced that the all women jury had found Zimmerman not guilty of fatally shooting and killing the 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, just over one year ago.The case has received national attention and nearly wall-to-wall coverage on all mainstream media outlets.  While Al Sharpton and the entire staff at MSNBC has advocated heavily for a guilty verdict, we on the right have been praying for an acquittal for Zimmerman who was simply exercising his right to “Stand your Ground” (a Florida statute that apparently allows individuals to follow, track, then attack young Black youth before shooting them dead if feeling at all threatened throughout the process).

Obama has actively used his influence throughout the case (think “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”).  Earlier this week, multiple sources, including Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the entire right wing, has reported on the involvement of the Federal Government in spending millions of dollars in support of anti-Zimmerman protests (race riots).  According to Fox News, ” The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.”





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4,039 Responses to "Obama Files Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman Following Acquittal in Shooting Murder of Trayvon Martin"

  1. People are so ignorant if Trayvond was white & Zimmerman was black we all know damn well that Zimmerman would be incarcerated right now!

  2. john says:

    They need to just leave it alone or actually get involved with somthing that matters

  3. David says:

    Fuck Mark O’Mara Don West & George Zimmerman 6 Jury Too

  4. Amanda says:

    I think he should be left alone, it was just another thug looking to cause trouble and ended up getting caught and did what he thought he had to to not get caught. I think George did society a favor and save Florida residents tax money. If that is true about double jeopardy then why wont they go back after Casey Anthony? It is all politics! Always has been with Obama. If it was a Black guy who shot a white kid or if George would have shot a kid of any other kind of race and got off Obama would not have a word to say about it.

    • SMH says:

      he was eating skittles you inbred imbecile

      • tony says:

        You are as ignorant as they come. Bitch that was someone’s son who was coming home from a store in a neighborhood that his parents moved them to to better their life and still ended up dealing with an idiot who was a failure and thought he was a cop. Get your life together what if it was your son, nephew or brother.

    • DED says:

      Looking to cause trouble????? Got caught???? Doing what????? Killing a young man did society a favor, could or would the same be said if were you or one of ours?

  5. Téo says:

    “Comedian Chris Farley look-alike Justice Debra Nelson”. Very nice. What exactly does what Justice Debra Nelson looks like have anything to do with this article? I wonder…

    I call bigot on the author of this article. I’m sure that his superior intellect is completely unaffected by the racial implications of this situation, enlightened man that he is. He’s just not that fond of women.

    Please consider this post my formal request to Chase Logan, and to the National Report editorial board, to apologize to Justice Debra Nelson and to all women for that uncalled for and incredibly sexist caption.

  6. Disgruntle says:

    Uneducated racist black America at it’s finest right here. Time to start the riots right?

    • DED says:

      Educated racist American at it’s worst aka Disgruntle right here. Time to get it right.

  7. Marcus says:


    • Tissue says:

      People, why have we forgotten. Trayvon Martin did not initiate his death, Zimmerman did.

      So now I can’t walk or ride my bike to the corner store, without my nosy neighbor with his license to carry a hand gun, questioning me.

      If Trayvon Martin lost his life because of his dress code. Maybe the designer or the manufactor of that hoddie, should be charged for the death and not Zimmerman. It all boils down to the hoodie that caught Zimmerman attention.

  8. charles bronson says:

    zimmerman pursued, stalked, followed trayvon because of what he was wearing & assumed trayvon was a black person up to no good, zimmerman was armed & had every intent on using his weapon, if he could get this black hoodlum to engage him in a physical altercation. i have every belief that zimmerman had his weapon drawn, when trayvon martin decided to stand his ground; if you look @ zimmerman’s defense attorney, you can see him grabbing the dummy’s right arm, before getting on top of the dummy; so how did the defense attorney know that trayvon grabbed for zimmerman’s right arm? because zimmerman told his attorney that, that was what happened. zimmerman found not guilty, not innocent**

  9. Y’all talking big but bring your racist ass to Baton Rouge with that bs. Bet the results be different. Get ur ignorant ass smashed. Rip trayvon Martin. Fuck u crackers from the bottom of my heart. Go Obama

  10. First of all I ain’t heard nan 1 of you mention who has fimal say in all this…the judge of all judges ruler of all rulers!!! God got this whether it be now or later! That’s this countries problem too mant ppl have lost our “in god we trust” spirit n have allowed unneccessary things to happen because their afraid to take back wat the devil has stolen!!! I just buried my best friend July 2nd and she was 10 months pregnant an innocent bystander shot n killed! 4 children left without a mother a baby fighting for his life and I don’t see anybody wearing pink sweat suits with belly pads hollering “justice for Da’lyne”….why because at the end of the day she was a black woman shot n killed in a black neighborhood by a black man….smh so yes this is a race issue cause had she been white n pregnant shot in that neighborhood it would have made national news just like trayvon being a young black male shot in a predominently white neighborhood by a non black person…wake up EVERYBODY!!!! KILLING IS NOT AN OPTION ITS A CHOICE!!!!!

  11. gsc says:

    All of you need to go back and read your own statements. This all needs to stop. It is sad anyone was killed! It is sad someone will carry that guilt for a lifetime! It is sad that 2 families lost family members! Do you think GZ got off? No! He didn’t! He will pay for the rest of his life for what happened that night. So will his family.

    The trial is over…..Please let it be over and move on to a better time and a better place. Find something to be happy about! Anger eats you alive and kills your heart and soul. Don’t allow that to happen to you.

    If you allow anger to rule your life, TMs life will be for nothing. If you want to help him, then move on…move on…to a much better place…

    • kj says:

      God bless you Trayvon Rip..All i can say gone too soon all this could of been avoided if zimmerman would just let u be…I pray for the martin family to be strong and fight for whats right which means trayvon didnt deserved for his young life to be cut short…

      • Bewildered and Disappointed says:

        Reading these comments allows me see that there are some severely damaged individuals living under the banner of one nation… Justice for all. The heart that ceases to feel and have compassion towards another is not human at all, IjS.

  12. Jaz says:

    Tyrone shut up you sorry excuse for a black man… How dare you blame that innocent child… You are a disgrace… I dont think GZ is racist but he did kill a unarmed man… You really ticked me you dummy…

  13. charles bronson says:

    TM is the one who stood his ground, GM stuck his face, porky body & gun in TM’s space, TM grabbed GM’s right arm which was holding the pistol & popped GM in the nose with his right fist & knocked GM backwards; this is when GM struck the back of his head on the concrete; GM had likely fired the gun just as TM was throwing his punch; & was shot in the heart by the way. If TM was banging GM’s head up & down on the pavement, there would have been more damage & likely a skull fracture; TM was dead instantly when he fell forward onto Zimmerman. Prosecutors did an awful job, GM’s defense was able to put TM on trial & keep the truth away from GM. I only hope with enough pressure GM will one day tell the whole truth & nothing but the truth!!

    • dee says:

      Wow some of you are truly ignorant mean cold hearted people. I cant believe what i read here you guys are really heartless and barely human and truly should be ashamed of yourself. I know for a fact if this was your child you wouldnt be saying such mean things no matter what you say now. You can try your best to raise your kids right but we all go through our phase as teenagers this poor kid didnt have a chance to grow up and its not fair. I do feel some grief for this man but he did it to himself he decided to pursue Trayvon when he was told not to and although hes not going to jail he will pay he will never be free.. He will have to answer to a higher power now.

      • James says:

        Dee your reply is perfect! The prosocuters blew this case from the opening argument! This young man was here with us for a very, very short time. I’m sure both men were not angels but one of them became one WAY,WAY to soon! I’m a 46 year old white male with one 17 year old beautiful daughter. If she was the victim

        • James says:

          If she was the victim in this case they would be covering my trial for the killing of Zimmermion! Just want to say to the parents of this young man. GOD BLESS YOU!!! You have handeled this whole thing way better than I would have.

    • JDHowell says:


    • angery black man says:

      I can bet my top dollar u wouldn’t say that to a black man’s face smh fucking devils

  14. Ed Brown says:

    This article is nothing more than a stretched exaggeration to gain this website clicks – and it appears to be working. Yes, the NAACP is leaning on Justice to continue their now year long investigation into this case – hoping they’ll gig zimmerman on hate crime/civil rights charges – but there’s nothing new about that … it’s been ongoing since April of 2012. And Holder has already conceded that this case is not anywhere near the ballpark of hate crime status.

  15. Mzmekia says:

    I wish he do,he should not have got off in the first place, I’m glade it wasn’t one of mine I would have took him out myself f..ck what y’all talking about

    • MayCauseIrritation says:

      Could you please repeat that in English?

      • GZNOTGUILTY says:


        I agree! Translation, please!

        • William says:

          there are to many ignorant people out there. and they are the ones that scream the loudest about it. when it’s simple it was done in self defence not out of race. that’s why this is just waste of taxpayers money and the Rev AL Sharpton go on trial for hate mongering he has caused more riots!

          • I just have one question for anyone saying “it was self defense!” how in the hell is it self defense! if you were walking back from the store minding your own business and some dude came and along and beat the shit out of you how is that self defense you just put a gun in my fucking face dude I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you! Had it’d been Zimmerman dead then it would be self defense

          • Shut the fuck up!!

        • Humanity says:

          well if you do not understand it was a fo;;ow up to the Holder decision and your ignorant ass should know what FU_ K spells where is the Humanity were you raised by JACKALS

    • Zion says:

      If you shoot one of his children, you will die. Now, was that elementary enough for you two idiots?

    • cathi says:

      I know thats right. Stand my ground.

    • JDHowell says:

      Learn to spell you fucking idiot. There is a difference between “glad” and “glade”. The afterwards go back and reread the facts. You fucking idiot.

  16. trayvon2 says:

    For whoever talkin bout trayvon was ah thug Tryna kill Zimmerman,eat dick and die,fuck you mean he was ah thug!!

  17. John doe says:

    Just goes to prove we have a racist president….if that dead boy was white he wouldn’t give two fucks about him. Somebody impeach or kill this racist cocksucker before he runs the country into the dirt

    • DED says:

      You deserve everything you are wishing upon someone else!

    • Naee says:

      Not understanding how you came to that conclusion….

    • White Woman says:

      So true

    • For A Fair Chance says:

      he wouldn’t care because if the boy was white and the killer was black he would have been arrested and it would not have taken six weeks to have him arrested after the killing took place

      • only problem with your thiery is that according to the way Obama considers himself black when he is actually half white too, Zimmermans nationalities are half Peruvian, 3/8ths white and 1/8th black. So according to Obama”s method of deciding race there is no way in hell this guy is white. Also, if the boy was white it would not of gotten all this media publicity and would not of been deemed as a civil rights case and would not have been called racist. There are crimes that happen everyday that involve blacks committing crimes on white males and they never make the local news channels. Look on internet. Get enlightened this was the media trying to make a political statement

        • Johnny says:

          stop talking shit if d kid was white d black person tht shot him would be in jail in minutes, i swear u assholes think your so slick trying to flip d script i mean when since a white person being killed by a black person not a big deal

      • Black Man says:

        If this boy were white and Zimmerman black, Zimmerman would have been charged initially with murder and definitely would be serving a life sentence now

    • Nadira says:

      Sounds to me like you lil racist yourself buddy… maybe you should be careful what you wish on others, it may end up kicking you in your cocksucking arss…

    • John Doe 2 says:

      The only person RACIST is your stupid, ignorant ass!

    • Nivlem says:

      John Doe…our society is racist. But you’re correct he would have cared about him, because if Z’man had been black and TM white, he would have already been sitting on death row.

      Ah… the sweet smell of racism… I can smell you guys a mile away.

    • Kingdom Living says:

      Actually John Doe if the child had of been white the president would not have had to do anything, because Justice system would have put Zimmerman on death row, that’s the difference.

    • fahjahron says:

      fahjahron I agree he is a piece of shit and a racist, he only wants to give to the fat and lazy, but lets not get drastic and kill em just make em live off food stamps n welfare/ his new bullshit plan for the socilist black republic he approved. I hate no one but totally would beat the shit out of him if he were a civilian

      • Just sad says:

        you wouldn’t beat the shit out of a grape in a fruit fight because you’re a PUSSY that sit on forums and talk mess all day. you coward.

      • jay says:

        Fahjahron u probably living off the system urself because u couldnt be educated sayin stupid stuff like this……

    • Just sad says:

      So sad that you would wish that on someone. Obama is a black man who knows what it feels like to be racially profiled and disrespected because of race. SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE. How many times does the President of the United States have to be called a monkey for you to realize that people are terrible and racist…much like yourself. Your anger and racism won’t let you understand that when it comes to blacks, no matter what you do in this country, some people will always feel threatened by you because of your color.

    • NoJustice NoPeace says:

      Hey didnt your mother ever teach you that what goes around comes around. And that making threats towards the president is a felony. Shaking my head the people in this country. (Oh wait, does that make me a racist because i said the people)

    • Dorrell says:

      Man whoever your bitch ass is why the FUCK YOU trying come for my president why the FUCK YOU ain’t say that about them raggedy ass Bush’s they the mother fuckers WHO drugged the country in the ground you the racist cocksucker

      • Wow you are illiterate says:

        wow. you can not speak properly. I suppose and education would help you understand the issue at hand.. drugged the country into the ground.. pure poetry there. With all the amazing things Obama has done for this country so far.. i guess it is hard for you to let bush go for his mistakes.. Wait a minute.. Obama didn’t do anything.. I guess that’s why people still focus on Bush hmm. not to say Bush was the best president ever.. because by far he was not.. but the man at least put forth the effort to do what he thought was right and what he though would help.. he wasn’t a spineless puppet like Obama.

      • openureyes says:

        Take an English class and then maybe you might be able to try and make that point work, but it won’t. Obama has spent more money than all of the other President’s combined. He is giving the worthless people that don’t want to work everything they want and more. He has taken God out of this country. He makes everything about race. I could literally go on about this for an hour but I don’t have that kind of time, some people have to get up in the morning and work for a living because your president not mine doesn’t hand out free money to the working people

    • king says:

      John Doe You Bitch die tonight in yo sleep or shoot yo self you rainbow color changing redneck Faggit dick in the booty KKK WANNA BE BITCH PIG BITCH

    • Steve says:

      LOL John Doe you’re a coward! John Doe LOL

    • Lena says:

      Seriously dude…… Are you blind? Busch must have been the best damn president considering he messed things up. Obama is up against people that don’t want him in office because he is black…. Try being in a office trying to pass a bill to fix shit in your country and everyone turning it dont just to make it look like you failing how would you feel? Understand that just because he’s in a hire office doesn’t mean he make decisions alone. No matter what the race is its NEVER okay to pursue anyone and kill them for wearing something that fit the description. But thats your opinion and i just gave you mind. Dismissed.

    • evildonslady says:

      John doe you ignorant fuck. You dumbs ass crackers take it upon yourselves to kill innocent children in schools, movie theaters, malls you white cock of shit. Lets get something clear George Bush white ass ran this country to the ground.

      • The justice system says:

        Because black people never kill anybody, and obama isn’t doing our country any better than Bush. Black people kill more innocent people with gang violence than what you are referring to the only difference is that it doesn’t make national headlines because it is always happening, and Zimmerman wasn’t white he is Hispanic just an FYI.

    • Jamesetta Tolbert says:

      John doe , you better be careful about making threats against the President of the USA..You’re certainly a stupid one!!!!!

    • sandy says:

      How the hell u know it dnt matter wht color he was the fact is tht it was wronge GZ took the law in his own hand wht if it was ur child think about tht before u say stupid shit, in he cnt make the country no worser then wht the last president did he better actually….

    • Terry says:

      I’m reporting your comment to the secret service mutherfucker!

    • Janice says:

      Your comment shows that you are a racist fuck. Grow the hell up… it is 2013. If the boy was white they still should have fried the racist fuck who shot him. The President has done more than any of the other racist presidents have ever done. It figures the guy would be found guilty in the state of Florida……

    • Tim says:

      You sound dumb as hell . How is Obama going to be a racist and his mother was white ? You are such a jackass !

    • vboo412 says:

      You dumb ass mother fucker. I hope u get anything that comes to u for the thought u have! Obama always adresses the nation on every tragedy! Goes to show how much of an asswhole and how irrelevent u r! Where were u when he shed tears for the poor children at sandy hook…u bitch ass… I. Pray for the conviction of the unlawful man how. Ever he gets it! Fuck Zimmerman!

    • Zion says:

      And I guess ole “Dubya” did a bang up job as prez huh? #goofballs gone wild

    • Let's do this. says:

      @ john doe

      Run the country into the dirt! Bush already did that. I wish you would touch one hair on our president head…..I would love to unleash the beast, been waiting to start this race war……I’m ready.

    • Crystal says:

      I believe Bush has already done that thank you…but please keep going …. your showing your true colors

      • White Cracker says:

        What the hell does Bush have to do

        With any of this? He hasn’t even been

        In office for 5 years.

    • Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself! If this kid was white, nobody would have given a fuck about him! But since he’s black its a big issue! Nobama has ruined this country and he’s gonna take out our justice system and everything else he can by the time its all said and done!

    • ILOVEOBAMA says:

      Shut up idiot!! That’s all you have to say about the president!!! Sit down, shut up and listen!! Welcome to the FEDS!! If the young man was white, would you have something to say!! I think not!!

    • White Cracker says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      Honestly if blacks hate it in America

      So badly and feel that any non-black

      Is a racist and they are just treated so

      Poorly and unjustly, then I’m sure we could

      Scrounge up a few boats and send right back

      Where the hell they came from. To their

      homeland The Africa that all seem to pine for.

      The motherland. Either you’re American or you’re

      African. You can’t be both. We don’t run around

      Referring to whites as Irish-Americans or German-

      Americans, we are simply Americans. So either

      You’re an American or get the Fuck out of America.


  18. LaSha says:

    No one honestly and truly knows what really happend except for Martin and Zimmerman. There was only 1 eye witness that said Martin was on top of Zimmerman slaming Zimmermans head in the ground. Everything I heard and saw the procecution say was Zimmerman thought this Zimmerman thought that. How does he know what Zimmerman was thinking? He simply doesn’t. I also recall that when they chose the jury, there was at least 1 Martin supporters included because the defense was trying to have her removed, but they wouldn’t. The defense obviously had the supporting evidence needed to convince this woman other wise. There’s no need for individuals or groups getting upset or causing riots. Unless you were in the court room during the trial, you have no idea what all was presented and neither does Obama. All it boils down to is this is based on race. Everyone that is saying justice wasn’t served because Martins black is being racist themselves.

    Read up on the different jurors http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/07/13/who-are-jurors-deciding-george-zimmerman-fate-here-look-at-panel-6-women/

    Look at some live coverage http://www.foxnews.com/live-coverage/zimmerman-trial

    and quit making this racial!!!

    • justice says:

      What if it was your child.

      • Rita says:

        So we should watch fox news edits to get to the truth… That’s pretty funny and reveals a lot about “your truth”.

      • Stop saying that says:

        If it was my child assaulting someone and he got shot.. what ever the circumstance then i did a terrible job raising him and have no one to blame but myself.. stop using that as a crutch.. wrong is wrong.. child adult.. dog.. doesn’t matter.. clearly suffered the penalty of those actions.. The death sucks no matter who it is.. death is a horrible thing.. never to be justified.. but when someone is wrong .. and thats the only alternative to save someone who is right. what else is there to do.

    • Rita says:

      So we should watch fox news edits to get to the truth… That’s pretty funny and reveals a lot about “your truth”.

    • Stephanie says:

      Im officially sick to death of this! Im embarrased and ashamed to even admit that I for one second supported this psycho. I had to google this because I knew there was absolutely no way our president was getting involved in this crap just to find out he is!!!! What freaking planet are we on! Im sick of fronting the bill for his stupidity. What a joke!!! Please lord give us our country back and save us from this over stepping arrogant joke of a president. I know one thing is clear. If he doesnt defend a white citizen for instance the 78 year old man who was beaten over this case, tax paying hard working white people will be ready to raise hell over this. Watch and see.

      • Let's do this. says:

        Stephanie please raise hell! No more talking, let’s just go to war. Let the survivors reestablish the country. Let’s stop kidding our selves, it seems we will never truly treat each other with love. So no more debating, no more marches, and please no more demonstration. Time for taking is over, only war can truly save us.

        Ready when you are…….

    • Kingdom Living says:

      LaSha I understand your points, but that child is still dead and what I do know is the 911 call and the direction to stay in your car. When people are being followed instinctively they get on guard, now you walking minding your business and you see a car following you so you duck, dodge, and dip between homes trying to act casually and then all of a sudden this man appears so its fight or flight what would you do? Treyvon being young decided to fight. Mr. Zimmerman “stands his ground” shoots the young man killing him. So how can we activate stand your ground when you are simply “neighborhood watch” A hood, a young black male = “thug” It is all about accountability accepting the responsibility for actions that could have been avoided. So the Zimmerman family and friends celebrate and the Martins go visit a grave site. this is cause for getting upset rioting is unnecessary. I believe justice was not served and not primarily because Treyvon was black but it does play a huge part. You have to admit if that were a white child named Trevor and a black man he would be on death row.

      • Reese says:

        @ kingdom living

        Amazing, so very simply put. You make the most sense on this entire site. Its sad and tragic but where will rioting get anyone? Possibly more people being injured or killed. I feel for both families. The Martins lost their son. Zimmerman’s family probably never imagined how their lives would be turned upside down by Georges actions. Neither family wins in this one.

    • jay says:

      You are obviously not a black person living in America

    • Black man. says:

      It is racial. Only those of you who are ignorant of this country’s history and the ongoing abuse of African Americans by the so called justice system think that this was not race based. But let’s take race out of it. Zimmerman didn’t stand his ground. He stalked and killed a young man who was returning home from the store. Regardless of race Zimmerman is a predator that stalked and killed a youth who had every right to be where he was.

    • alan says:

      Way to speak rationall. I’ve had the same thoughts, still sad anyone had to go through this situation. No matter skin color.

      • Black man says:

        What we do know is that Zimmerman stalked and killed a teen who had every right to be where he was

  19. Peta A says:

    At the end of all this we have to be accountable for ourselves. No matter what oppression happened something has to be done to change things. History about what happened and what we went through can’t continue to be an excuse for black America forever. When will accountability come from the homes of these communities and a need to change overall the better the future of there children. I know i was educated enough that if a man was following me the last thing i would do is to confront and fight him. Some call it common sense but others will only see what they want to see

    • MANOFPOWER says:

      No some would ask why is he following him or why would he get out his vehicle and try to confront him after being advised not to… He wasn’t a cop but a profiler himself… FACT…

    • Kingdom Living says:

      If he had of run he probably would have shot him in the back. Would this have been better? Historically even if black people tried to move past slavery, how can we when racism rises daily in many forms. the hood in itself already was a stereotype anyway. Nothing can change unless people make a change…will it happen, nope because children are taught to hate. Generations don’t learn the word “Nigga” or “cracker” its taught and its sad. So regardless of the racial intensity this case has presented while Mr. Zimmerman goes home to a bar b que, makes love to his wife, kisses his children goodnight. the martins are crying out, looking at photos, and visiting a grave.

    • MamaSeng says:

      Peta A,

      So, let me make sure I understand you: you are saying that you are good with the outcome of death to a person confronting someone who stalks them? Nice blaming the victim. If, in fact, Trayvon did confront this psycho for following him, it was his right to do so.

      At what point do the people who benefit from the unearned White-skin privilege get to stop making excuses for themselves and have some accountability for their behavior to make a better life for their children? History is not an excuse, as so many uninformed and uneducated, ignorant people like to say. History has an impact on the present. Why do you think there is an effort coming out of Texas to rewrite the history books to say that Africans came over to help build America rather than the truth that they were stolen, enslaved, raped and beaten? Because it shows the ugliness of the history of this country and how White people have benefited from that ugliness. I’m always amused when people want to “truth tell” about the “ills” of the African American community but cannot, under any circumstances, turn that scrutiny upon their own group. Before you call yourself reading African Americans for some falsely perceived failing, take a look at your own life.

      • sick of hearing lies says:

        Quite blaming the white people for slavery, read your history book your own color meaning blacks sold you to the whites and trade them for goods.You are the one that is ignorant cause it wasn’t even you it was your ancestry that were slaves not you.I’m sick of hearing it blacks were not the only slaves ,and what about the poor Jews that lost there life’s to Hitler.They to were slaves do you think about that or what about the people that came over that were from England or the Irish.It’s always about the whites.How about the four black so call kids that recently beat a white man just for going to get gas then threw him out in the road and a car kill him I just guess he had that a coming.Its not that whites are racist and that is why your young black’s are behind jail.it cause they choose that criminal lifes so quite blaming us,.As far as Obama goes he need’s to help people with job’s and quite spending money on other thing’s.Or get him out I can’t believe he got in any way’s.

        • Let's do this. says:

          It’s not just slavery, it’s the treatment after slavery. But I do agree the hell with blaming whites. Let’s just go to war with each other. It seems you will never get it. And, I seriously lack the patients to explain. War is the answer! This American everybody get alone is bullshit! That will never happen. We were never meant to live with each other….who are we fooling.

  20. Nessa says:

    AT this point and time it’s not about just putting a person in jail, but asking that justice be serve for the simple fact that George Zimmerman was never in fear, and if he was, why did he get out of the car when he was told not to follow. George was Armed with a weapon, and he wanted to prove a point. How do we not know if Frank Taffy or some of the others that were first response to the scene wasn’t the person to put them cut, and scraps on Zimmerman. How come Zimmerman wasn’t man enough to take the stand and prove that he was the one screaming for help….he could have given us a chance to hear his voice under otha….the juror was mislead, the witness for the defense was paid off and Zimmerman will have to spend the rest of his life miserable.

    • Kimberly Woods says:


    • gej88 says:

      Sorry, he was in fear. He was getting his head pounded in the sidewalk. Two witnesses and forensics show that. Even Martin lawyer Daryl Parks admitted it when he told Piers Morgan that Zimmerman should have hung on for the cops to get there. Of course, this was after a minute of struggling and yelling for help. Prosecution witness was John Good said it was Zimmerman yelling for help.

      During their closing, the prosecutors never said “we proved” because they didn’t. They sounded like defense lawyers up against a slam dunk case with appeals to emotion and offering baseless alternate theories like “might have” “possible that” “we think”. Asked the jury to follow their heart and common sense instead of the evidence. Legal Scholars like Alan Dershowitz even said the case should have never gone to trial.

      • David Braun says:

        You would do the same. A black man just killed a white guy in Chicago… Where is the President for the white folk.

      • jay says:

        Gettin his head bashed in cause he was following someone…..tht mks a lot of sense ur a genus like the rest of ur kind

  21. White Cracker says:

    Obama is a racist and a hypocrit. He never planned to let Zimmerman walk only to use him as scapegoat. Heaven knows we have to grease that squeaky wheel and appease the blacks. If we don’t keep that wheel well greased they will all rise up like a pack of wild animals to devour all of us racist white folk. So, if Zimmerman is Hispanic, how is it that once again, all of this crap is the fault of us racist white folk? Maybe Obama should try banning the wearing of hoodies, then maybe normal people won’t keep mistaking all of these poor, deprived black kids for thungs, resulting in crap like the Zimmerman case.

    • Amy says:

      You are one ignorant human being. So a black person wearing a hoodie automatically looks like a thug? You wonder why people of color assume that the majority of Caucasians are racist.

    • For A Fair Chance says:

      a pack of wild animals? really? interesting choice of words White Cracker.

    • DED says:

      Not every white person is racist but you certainly are madam!

    • Dee says:

      Thank God for Obama, your people the white and Mexican jurors stood up for theirs. Obama is standing up for his. I am waiting for him to paint the White House black in Honor of Trayvon!!

      • sick of hearing lies says:

        they should of never let him in to begin with.And then to vote twice well im sure he won’t get a third time.He sucks that’s why the black’s wanted him for a president so he could give to the black’s and fuck the whites.you got the black history month ,you have your own black chamber of commerce ,you have a black beauty pageant.No such thing as white history month, we have just regular chamber of commerce,we do have a miss america pageant were blacks are aloud but yet were not aloud in your clubs and you call us raciest .you have bet that is ok but if we had wet you would say we are raciest.well im proud to be white

    • NoJustice NoPeace says:

      FUCK UP!! You need to take yo ass back to the womb and start life over again, and maybe, just maybe, you will be born with some type of intelligence.

    • John Doe 2 says:

      Your name says it all, but you forgot to put stupid dip shit in front of WHITE CRACKER!

      • David Braun says:

        I wish it was 1950

        • Dee says:

          Be Brave enough to act like it’s 1950 different folks will bring different strokes.

        • jay says:

          U cldnt handle it if it was 1950 all over again…… its a different day and i beat ur probably scared of n intimidated by evry black male tht u come in contact with….u r pitiful

    • Cally says:

      Ban hoodies? That would affect more than just “thugs”. Anyone who has been on a college campus knows hoodies and sweatshirts are a must have for college students in the fall and winter. And what about Justin Bieber? He wears hoodies and ski masks, so he’s a thug too? Being a thug is a state of being. It has nothing to do with an article of clothing or skin color. What next ban jeans or wearing certain colors because of their affiliation with gangs? I don’t think so. I’m a law abiding citizen and I’ll wear what I want and should not have to worry about someone judging me based on my clothing. Besides what was so “strange” about Trayvon wearing a hoodie in the rain in February? George had on his red jacket.

    • Fran says:

      Please stop the racist talk…….

  22. Black and proud says:

    It’s so sad but I know that Florida will not another dollar from me. I will not visit that state ever. I’m praying for the Martin family. We all know that whites can’t win against blacks!!!! They are scared of us lol. True fact. They know with hands they can’t win. But violence shouldn’t be in our minds period. Who cares what they think! Let trayvon rest in paradise and let the president work his magic.

    • Doesnt matter says:

      I’m sorry, but have you kept up with this trial what so ever. You claim whites can’t win. Um hello, The suspect Zimmerman wasn’t “White”. He was Hispanic. Don’t make silly comments. This whole case is sad. A young man is now dead based upon a crime that has a lack of evidence proving what truly happened. Only the two men know, and the man upstairs.

      • Dee says:

        He’s white, His dad is white his family is white his heart is white. HELLO

      • cristy says:

        umm, hello dont make silly comments that child killer is half hispanic and half white and like that man said thats close enough

    • White Women says:

      We are not scared of black people you fool. If anything we are scared to open our mouths around you people cause anything we say is always turned into a race issue. If the majority of you people weren’t so arrogant and ignorant, then maybe we wouldn’t be so racist. Think about that Black and proud!

      • White and proud says:

        Kick ASS baby!!!!!

      • jay says:

        White woman u sound like poor white trash….blacks r the minority which means tht there r more white ppl who r POOR…Living off the state….in jail n IGNORANT jus like u

    • sick of hearing lies says:

      thats cause your like cockroaches you fight together and if it isnt free you’ll steal it.It pretty bad how five of you will jump one poor white person.so sad

  23. Malo says:

    Zimmerman is three things I hate….FAT, WHITE, and MEXICAN.

    • White Cracker says:


      White = Caucasian

      Mexican = Hispanic

      Not the same race! Trying learning the difference before insulting another persons race.

      • halo says:

        Umm did u watch the trial!? Zimmerman’s mom is Hispanic and his dad is white…

      • Haha says:

        You forgot one:

        Fat = American

        • David Braun says:

          Our President Needs to worry about his job!

          With several controversies fading and a period of intense foreign travel over, President Obama is narrowing his focus this summer to two issues, immigration and the economy, that could help determine the success or failure of his second term.

          On immigration, Obama is devising a new, more public strategy that will include events in states with large Latino populations, advisers say — part of an aggressive effort to pressure House Republicans who remain skeptical of proposed changes. The White House intends to rally GOP constituencies friendly to the cause, as well, including business and evangelical groups.

          The president also plans a series of summertime events focused on steps the government can take to drive economic growth, aides said. Many in the White House see a Sept. 30 deadline to renew government funding as probably the last opportunity for Obama to scale back the deep domestic spending cuts known as sequestration before the 2014 midterm elections.

        • John Doe 2 says:

          You are a real brave bitch behind that keyboard, I bet you wouldn’t open your ignorant ass mouth face to face! Another pussy ass bitch just like Zimmerbitch.

        • SMGDH says:


        • cristy says:

          white craker = cant spell/ uneducated………… what the fuck is a thung? you stupid fuck! fuck some african american we are STOLEN Africans living in america!!……. America the land of the racist white man a country built on the backs and in the blood of africans hundreds of years of free labor that built this counrtry.if yu dont like black america take a minute to consider that we were not voilet people when we came here your ancestors beat, killed raped and commited horrible crimes on our people they tore apart families and showed us violence and even after all that once the slaves were free and tried to go on with life you stupid white muthafuckers couldnt handle that and your people still killed our people.white people helped shape “black america”

        • LOL says:

          @SMGDH and cristy,

          if you wish to make fun of ones persons spelling. Please ensure that you can spell yourself (cristy), and also that you don’t have massive run on sentences. The lack of grammar and punctuation show the lack of education. Have a great day!

        • White Cracker says:

          Yeah African American hoochie mamas

      • Dee says:

        He knows the difference White A$$ Cracker. Half White. Half Mexican.

        • Dee says:

          Yes we do fuck off in the WHITE HOUSE, while your people ride around with hoodies in the wood red neck…

        • Dee says:

          Find a dictionary to learn how to spell. Or do you call it Dickshemarry

        • White Cracker says:

          True, the president definitely fucks off, fucks up in the white house

          FYI dumb ass, whites don’t wear hoodies unless they’re a wigger, blacks wear hoodies! Be on the lookout there’s crazy white folk in the woods! Get a life, get off food stamps, welfare, WIC and all the other free shit your getting and find a job. Perhaps we need to close all of those racist blacks only colleges, tv stations, churches….etc etc etc

          If you want this equal then stop waiting for whitey to give you a hand out. Your life is what you make it, not what whitey gives you. Stop bitching and moaning because black were slaves 150 years ago, who gives a shit! You’re not a slave. Try doing some reading on how the Irish in America were treated during the slave years. What you’ll find is that black slaves were treated better. And headsup, my family picked cotton right along side the blacks and Hispanics. So shut and stop bitching about how the poor black folk are being descriminated against. You don’t have a clue

      • Melissa says:

        You too are an idiot. Hispanic is not a race. Look up David Ortiz, Jennifer Lopez, Zoe Saldana & Salma Hayek & see if they look the same “race”. There are even Asian & Arab Hispanics.

    • White Woman says:

      Seriously? Get a life!

      • Dee says:

        He has one sitting home replying to post scratching his pot belly drinking beer. Screaming YE-HAW!!

        • SMGDH says:

          @DEE KMSL


        • White Cracker says:

          See you’re assuming that because I called myself “Whitcracker” that I must be an uneducated redneck. Look who’s the racist now!

          • SMGDH says:

            @WHITE CRACKER


          • cristy says:

            no ones assuming ur racist!! you made plenty of racist comments! your a loser assuming all “blacks” are on welfare or some type of assistance 3 white bitches live around me none of them work all get assistance! Im “black” i get up go to work everyday all my co-workers are black including my boss we run one of the best establishements in our city!!! BLACK PEOPLE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND STRONG!!

    • Wanda says:

      Zimmerman is mix race, white and cuban

    • Jc says:

      You Malo are fucking stupid…at least get your facts straight. Animal.

  24. divamydeae says:

    Tyrone.learn some sense.flip script.if trayvon shot zimmerman,i ll bet u anything,he ll be on death row you are indeed an uncle tom.

  25. Leigh says:

    Everyone that is commenting back and forth with the death threats and such is so sad! We are all the same black white Hispanic or Asian, living in America means exactly that we are all equals people need to get off the Internet and couch from having your minds polluted with hate and violence and no self respect and full of self pitty and think your entitled to care free lazy life need to take your kids to the park, create something, or do something useful to better the HUMAN RACE and with yourself! No changes are being made by threats via Internet… Make up your own mind and keep it to yourself, it’s sad that none of these comments have nothing to do with the case at hand and I am sad I waisted my time assuming the public would have something to say that actually says something, The death of Trayvon is a horrible sad thing no matter the “case” on Zimmerman.

  26. Richard says:

    Tyrone McD for our next president :D

  27. Super Bitch says:


  28. Brian Murphy says:

    this trial was not dealt with in a lawful manner; the judge was biased and her behaviour questionable Zimmerman shot dead a minor aged 17. so Zimmermann has to prove his innocence. Clearly it is not possible to have a fair trial in Florida as the legal system is flawed as per the Bush election where the votes were rigged by his brother the governor of Florida. I am in E.U and this trial is clearly a miscarriage of justice. In fact it is not a trial at all but a trial by media etc. Clearly the U.S. public are biased and do not want the truth to come out in the open. This attitude is crazy. and the consequences possibly horrific; It is in everyones interest to have a fair trial and justice is required to be “seen to be done” without any smart ass lawyer or screwball judge screwing up due process.

    • gej88 says:

      Yet Zimmerman did prove his innocence.

    • Guest says:

      Actually, Mr. Murphy, Zimmerman did NOT have to prove his innocence. That’s not the way the system works. The state had to prove his guilt…and they didn’t. The defense is NOT required to prove anything at all, because the accused is supposed to be considered innocent until PROVEN guilty. Like it or not, right or wrong, the system did exactly what it is supposed to do. Guilt was not proven (apparently) in the minds of the jury, so he was acquitted of he charges.

      And, by the way, I did watch the entire trial from Viera, FL. I do agree that the judge acted in a biased manner – but, she was clearly biased in favor of the prosecution IMO.

  29. Wanda says:

    I don’t think education had any thing to do with bring respected as a human being, the color of a person skim shouldn’t matter but it does, and for those of you who say it don’t is in denial. Stand your ground laws as designed to allow race killings. SIMPLE AS THAT. Now…when my black Brothas and sistah as one stop and think and do something that will reunite the black communities than and only can we start to be productive. Buy gums and stand your ground as well!!!

  30. David Braun says:

    Our country is falling apart, we are still currently in a war and our financial system is destroyed, the use dollar continues to lose value. Mr. President, when are you going to start running the country?

  31. Gambeeno says:

    When can people learn to just get alone and stop all this hate. I understand we are in the USA, were we are free speak what we like, but instead of downgrading just simple let it rest! We need too learn, how too become one, and work as a team! Everyone will be judge when judgement day comes! God Bless This World Cause It’s Far From Perfect!

  32. king says:

    All of you Idiots need to shoot your selves if you think that Zimmerman is not a Racist! ! And a Murderous SOB!! Remember the 911 caller told him to stand down and did he follow her suggestions NO!!! SO THERE YOU HAVE IT “”INTENT”” enough said. And as for “Tyrone” your a very uppity ass Negro and most definitely a Uncle tom!! And this come from a Ivy League College Educated Black American.

  33. Tracy says:

    No he wasnt anthing but a TOP FLIGHT SERCURITY GUARD and he decided to take the law into his on hands cuz he seen a black kid minding his own business but he will reap what he sow. BASTARD!!

  34. David Braun says:

    Physical self-defense is the use of physical force to counter an immediate threat of violence. Such force can be either armed or unarmed. In either case, the chances of success depend on a large number of parameters, related to the severity of the threat on one hand, but also on the mental and physical preparedness of the defender.

  35. Leigh says:

    You All sound insane!

    Thanks Lesha for the links ;)

  36. White Cracker says:

    IMPEACH OBAMA-Muslim, Socialist, Racist!!

    I feel sorry for the people in this country, walking

    around with blinders on, totally oblivious to what

    Is taking place right in front of them!! Open your

    Eyes and see all the shit this man has dumped on

    America. What a waste

    • Dee says:

      Bah..Bah ..Bah.. Quit your crying cause the most powerful man in the world is Black!!

    • John Doe 2 says:


      • White and proud says:

        Are you people really this STUPID to what is going on in this country….Welfare is really dumbing you people down…Wake the hell up!!!!!

  37. David Braun says:

    This article is about the mother of Barack Obama. For the British equestrian, see Anne Dunham.

    Page semi-protected

    This is a good article. Click here for more information.

    Ann Dunham

    Stanley Ann Dunham 1960 Mercer Island High School yearbook.jpg

    Ann Dunham in 1960


    Stanley Ann Dunham

    November 29, 1942

    Wichita, Kansas, United States


    November 7, 1995 (aged 52)

    Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

    Resting place

    Ashes scattered into the Pacific Ocean off Koko Head, Oahu, Hawaii





    Alma mater

    University of Hawaii



    Known for

    Mother of Barack Obama

    Home town

    Wichita, Kansas


    Barack Obama, Sr. (1961–1964)

    Lolo Soetoro (1965–1980)


    Barack Obama (b. 1961)

    Maya Soetoro (b. 1970)


    Stanley Armour Dunham

    Madelyn Dunham

    Stanley Ann Dunham (November 29, 1942 – November 7, 1995), the mother of Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, was an American anthropologist who specialized in economic anthropology and rural development. Dunham was known as Stanley Dunham through high school, then as Ann Dunham, Ann Obama, Ann Soetoro, Ann Sutoro (after her second divorce), and finally as Ann Dunham.[1] Born in Wichita, Kansas, Dunham spent her childhood in California, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, her teenage years in Mercer Island, Washington, and most of her adult life in Hawaii and Indonesia.[2]

    Dunham studied at the East–West Center and at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, where she attained a bachelor’s in anthropology or mathematics[3] and master’s and Ph.D. in anthropology.[4] Interested in craftsmanship, weaving and the role of women in cottage industries, Dunham’s research focused on women’s work on the island of Java and blacksmithing in Indonesia. To address the problem of poverty in rural villages, she created microcredit programs while working as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development. Dunham was also employed by the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and she consulted with the Asian Development Bank in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Towards the latter part of her life, she worked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia, where she helped apply her research to the largest microfinance program in the world.[4]

    After her son assumed the presidency, interest renewed in Dunham’s work: The University of Hawaii held a symposium about her research; an exhibition of Dunham’s Indonesian batik textile collection toured the United States; and in December 2009, Duke University Press published Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia, a book based on Dunham’s original 1992 dissertation. Janny Scott, an author and former New York Times reporter, published a biography about Ann Dunham’s life titled A Singular Woman in 2011. Posthumous interest has also led to the creation of The Ann Dunham Soetoro Endowment in the Anthropology Department at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa, as well as the Ann Dunham Soetoro Graduate Fellowships, intended to fund students associated with the East–West Center (EWC) in Honolulu, Hawaii.[5]

    In an interview, Barack Obama referred to his mother as “the dominant figure in my formative years … The values she taught me continue to be my touchstone when it comes to how I go about the world of politics.”[6]

    • tony says:

      That’s what im talking about.

    • SMGDH says:



  38. Kingdom Living says:

    It is so sad that I see such racist, bigoted comments in 2013 I knew that it still existed but the rise that this case has created has really shown me how people really feel concerning race relationships. My opinion while everyone is in support of one or the other a child has lost his life. Sure he was an adolescent whom probably made mistakes just like all kids do in their coming out of adolescence into adulthood, but he will never have the chance to reflect back on those things because Mr. Zimmerman got out of his car “neighborhood watch” approached this young man (causing retaliation) a struggle and this child is dead. I don’t fault Mr. Zimmerman I fault the justice system because regardless of who was right or wrong how would any of you feel if Trevon Martin was your son, would you be so quick to take action and support the stand your ground law?? We will never really know what happened that night, but I as a Believer can only pray for both families because this is disappointing, to go without punishment for taking a life walking away with two band aids and a headache, while the parents of Treyvon planned a funeral. I can only ask if the hood was worn by Trevor (Caucasian) and Mr. Zimmerman would have been black would this have even been a hard trial, nope sad to say. I am not saying this was about race, but when you see a Black man in a hood “Thug” is the first thing people say judging a book by their cover. I will continually pray for this place we call America stolen from a great people (Indians), worked by the sweat of others brows (slaves). I assume it is easy to be on the outside looking in when you think you home is perfect, but close your eyes and imagine in a few minutes how that could have been you son overlooking any race but just fact, would you then say “stand your ground?”

    • Smokey Spruce says:

      Beautifully stated……Thank you for your prayers because our country desperately needs them!

  39. Kimberly Woods says:

    Thank you Obama we cannot continue to let child murderers go free.

  40. Mr digg Em says:

    To the person talking all that nonsense about how educated you are, guess what your a fool

    wake up. if this happened to you wouldn’t be singing the song you’re singing so stop thinking about your education and think logically. I’m pretty sure if you talk to your grandparents about racisim they will fill you in. Peace brother i hope your education don’t get shot one day.

  41. Gene in L.A. says:

    This is not a true story. None of the major media are reporting it. It’s made up simply to stir up controversy, as if there weren’t enough of that already. REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A TRUE STORY.

  42. samuel moliwulo says:

    God is the final arbiter of true… may God save the process. Aman!!!!

  43. Papa Jeff says:

    Oboma would not do this for for a white Cracker

  44. Anthony says:

    So will Zimmerman be tried again in a different court because I don’t think it fair for him to kill and walk free he broken Alot of law even lied to the judge which I’m not understanding if we ass black to kill another kind of race we would have life before we see court but I’m saying is this if Zimmerman was to follow the dispatcher rule Trayvon Martin would of still been alive I never merry him but I see him as a brother to me

    • Troy says:

      school and grammar are two very important things you need in life Anthony. Now you need to get up and get your Devry on. And you also need to pick up a law book. I know there are big words but if you put your mind to it you can accomplish anything. He broke no laws. And his story’s were consistent. The lead detective on the case confirmed it. Did you even watch the trial? Or would you not understand what’s going on?

  45. Troy says:

    This is just ridiculous. George Zimmerman isn’t even white!!!! The prosecution was terrible and its whoever s fault for hiring them.the theatrics didn’t work and there were also 2 black women who were on the jury. What does that tell you? Get educated people. And don’t walk around people’s homes at 4am that’s just common sense.

    • cristy says:


    • cristy says:


  46. Lena says:

    Im a 24 black female, college student 2 jobs own place own car. Brother same thing sister same thing and we were raised by a single mother who taught us to work and pay for what we wanted. Yet we still grew up with values and morals. Its bad in every race not just black. For people to dismiss the circumstances surrounding the murder is mind-blowing. We are taught to defend ourselves and once you are being followed you start to get ready for what ever is coming. Its called a defensive mechanism so how can you blame TM for what he did which was stood his ground? people say GZ was all banged up but if he would have left him alone and not followed it wouldn’t have happened. Calling the police wasn’t enough for GZ… He just had to be a hero and defuse a problem that wasn’t there and look where that got him. Point is you can not play cop and expect for things to not go sour. He didn’t racially profile him but he profiled him to fit the description of PAST break-ins but yet white people telling black people the past is the past and it shouldn’t alter your views about white people but yet GZ did just that. He judged TM by what he wore which fit the description of PAST criminals. GZ caused the confrontation by pursuing him after being told not to follow the boy(action)…. GZ getting his ass beat and eventually killing TM(reaction). Im aware GZ isn’t white but that doesn’t mean the verdict didn’t play in his favor. White people stop the bullshit nobody is mad at white people nor blaming them for this but let’s be honest yall think yall are still superior than another races. I guess that’s what happens when white men put on ties and slacks. The urge to take over shit is overbearing. Not all black people commit crimes just like not all white people are racist or sex offenders. The case was about boundaries and crossing the line which caused this shit to happen. Think what you want but that my thoughts. Please stop with the comments about white man being blamed because that shit didn’t kill TM… GZ. Black people need to stand up and get their shit in line because shit is not changing unless we change as a people not just a race. Be breezy :D

    • Troy says:

      George isn’t white!!!!

    • Bewildered and Disappointed says:


    • SMGDH says:




    • Smokey Spruce says:

      Well said dear. You sound like such a nice person! I am a 35 yo well-educated white woman and I’ve been more shamed and disappointed by the HUMAN RACE in general. There are many wonderful and very loving people in this world such as myself. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be born “different”. Discrimination is EVERYWHERE….. I’m married to an Asian American and I’ve seen how he has been discriminated against at times. The obese, the handicapped, and the disabled often get looks or whispers of disgust which is fueled by anger, hatred, and prejudice . I hope people will look up these words and their definitions and make a resolution to change if any of these characteristics are within them. Everyone needs love, friendship, support, and acceptance. There’s nothing better than just being accepted and loved for the person and individual being that each and everyone of us are, but I can’t accept the hatred and ugliness within so many people. Rise up and dare to change, be brave and courageous and look at each human being as a beautiful creation that has a story about life. We’ve all suffered trials and tribulations, but Mr. Zimmerman definitely brought this upon himself.

  47. Brenda Postlewaite (wolverton) says:

    i think some thing is wrong with this picture this is to be a new photo of this man that the boy had done to him that night the took place on Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer who fatally shot Martin during a violent confrontation on a rainy night in February, 2012.

    if the boy did this to him in feb why is the picture saying the photo was taken in dec.

    Trayvon Martin Timeline

    Dec. 3, 2012 — A new photo is released showing George Zimmerman with a bloody, broken nose on the night of the shooting.

  48. Cathy says:

    We live in Satan’s world. He is smiling either way because it is a lose-lose situation. Only God can provide true justice. May God continue to bless both families and if Zimmerman feel that he is wrong, may he ask for forgiveness. Nobody in their right mind will want to spend time in prison for any actions they have performed (right or wrong), so I’m sure he would say anything to try to prove self-defense. As someone stated above, we don’t know Trayvon’s story because DEAD people can’t talk. But it is not our place to judge.

  49. Rapper says:

    Zimmerman was just doing what all rap songs promote

  50. Smokey Spruce says:

    Im just curious, Do you as a civilian feel safer with George Zimmerman on the streets? I know I don’t because obviously he is capable of MURDER and doesn’t see anything wrong with committing this crime. My heart breaks for this injustice. Mr. Zimmerman could have just taken his whooping “like a grown man” but instead he brought a lethal weapon to a fist fight and killed a young man. I’m so ashamed that so many people are filled with such hatred. It’s very hard to comprehend the magnitude of this unnecessary killing. I’m not sure those woman truly were educated enough to interpret the law and definition of manslaughter, because at the least it was that.