Obama Files Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman Following Acquittal in Shooting Murder of Trayvon Martin

 (AP Photo/Howard Iken)

(AP Photo/Howard Iken)

<NationalReport>Washington, DC–Just when we thought the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case was over after Zimmerman’s acquittal, the Obama Administration has taken the steps needed to file federal charges, thus sidestepping the well established double jeopardy, against Zimmerman.  Unidentified sources within the Administration have confirmed that Obama, and Justice Eric Holder at the Department of Justice have filed charges against Zimmerman in the Federal Court system.

As recently written by Debbie Schlussel, “Double jeopardy is a misunderstood concept in America. It only means you can’t be tried twice for the same crime in the SAME COURT. In fact, liberal Justice Department officials–and the American Presidents who direct them–often make sure that Americans are repeatedly charged for crimes of which they’ve already been acquitted, by charging them with new “crimes” for the same crime, such as “violating” the alleged victim’s civil rights.”

At approximately 10:01 pm EST this evening Judge Debra Nelson (pictured right) announced that the all women jury had found Zimmerman not guilty of fatally shooting and killing the 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Sanford, FL, just over one year ago.The case has received national attention and nearly wall-to-wall coverage on all mainstream media outlets.  While Al Sharpton and the entire staff at MSNBC has advocated heavily for a guilty verdict, we on the right have been praying for an acquittal for Zimmerman who was simply exercising his right to “Stand your Ground” (a Florida statute that apparently allows individuals to follow, track, then attack young Black youth before shooting them dead if feeling at all threatened throughout the process).

Obama has actively used his influence throughout the case (think “If I had a son he would look like Trayvon”).  Earlier this week, multiple sources, including Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the entire right wing, has reported on the involvement of the Federal Government in spending millions of dollars in support of anti-Zimmerman protests (race riots).  According to Fox News, ” The Community Relations Service (CRS), a unit of DOJ, reported expenses related to its deployment in Sanford to help manage protests between March and April 2012, according to documents obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.”





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4,039 Responses to "Obama Files Federal Charges Against George Zimmerman Following Acquittal in Shooting Murder of Trayvon Martin"

  1. BornEverlasting says:

    The only reason the killer got out of his car was because he was armed. Just a word of caution. If you are not the police or some uniformed officer and you see me walking at night minding my business. You do the same. Don’t follow me. Don’t get out of your car to confront me. We will have a problem, and I will not run. And if you get too close your head may find itself being bashed into the pavement. That is just the way it will have to be.

  2. BAHUNTER12 says:

    Absolutely RIDICULOUS. The court case was tried. Let the President embarrass himself and show his race card. Is Ovomit now gonna start involving himself in civil law cases now or is it only because of the BLACK/WHITE issue. Check out the facts folks. Trayvon was not the little ray of sunshine he was made out to be. Ovomit has been trying to destroy this country from the beginning. Now he is gonna try to do it from inside out through division.

  3. Chris says:

    How about looking into the case in NY…Roderick Scott shot and killed a white youth of 17 yrs. And was also found not guilty of Manslaughter. Mr. Scott is black. The system worked for him. It’s just not for George Zimmerman.

  4. Rod says:

    I’m not pro Zimmerman, but I am tired of the rhetoric that because he was not found guilty it MUST have been based on prejudice rather than evidence.

    Why is the President getting so involved in this? To me that clearly shows bias, more than any action anyone else has taken. He is NOT part of this at all.

  5. Rick says:

    I had lunch a couple days ago with my friends, and we were debating this case. One of us thought the verdict was fair and two of us did not.

    We did not agree at all. The friends I was eating with were white. If you are black and have a problem with the verdict please remember there are people supporting your view, and it is bigger than a race issue.

    I was praying that the protests would be peaceful, and that in a reaction there would not be an over reaction – those things will just make matters worse. Peace.

  6. Gman says:

    Hey, Chase…

    When you write about the President, you should call him PRESIDENT OBAMA, not just ‘Obama.’

    It is a matter of respect and, quite literally, proper form. Unless you work for Fox or Limbaugh…

    Get it right next time, please.


  7. drama free says:

    My thing is even the operator told GZ to stop following him so I just don’t understand the whole thing. .. If I was being followed by someone for blocks I think my instincts would also kick in to protect myself. Why didn’t he simply just talk to the kid or anything instead of scaring him by following him n causing fear n reaction anyone would do if being followed like that. I honestly believe this was GZ way of trying to b the law he always wanted to b. Y listen to the operator n leave the boy go n walk away what was he doing but walking home n eating skittles n drinking tea his only crime was wearing a hoody god for bid my 6 yr old wears a hoody please put urself in TM’s parents shoes this young man black White mixed Chinese Dominican purple blue orange should not have died.. rip Angle

  8. turok mokto says:

    Has anyone ever heard of “Escalation of Force”? The crime simply doesn’t fit the punishment. Beating some nerdy rent a cop up is not punishable by death. If Trayvon was so dangerous, then he should’ve called some of his nerdy rent a cop buddies for back up lol. Ok, maybe that would’ve lead to multiple gunshot wounds then; I stand corrected. The bottom line is that we are lost in general. Just to think that we have the right to judge one another is complete bullshit. I mean really, which one of US is perfect? Funny thing is… One of these day’s we will all receive judgment. Then we will see who is around to leave silly comments on the verdict.

  9. Curtis Blow says:

    Come on… are you just openly lying to people now? I mean… I know this site always does that… but it’s usually in a manipulative, fact twisting way. You’ve progressed to straight up bullshit now? Go figure… lying conservatives. Any of you people who just believed this bullshit without doing any research… great job on proving how stupid you are…