NYPD Officer Kills Baby Following Breastfeeding Argument


(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

<National Report>In a continuation of the ongoing police scandals rocking the New York City Police Department, three-month old infant Layla Smith has been pronounced dead following an August sixth incident. This closely follows the July seventeenth death of NYC resident Eric Garner after the use of a prohibited choke hold by officers against him. Garners death was ruled a homicide by the NYC medical examiners office.

Suzanne Smith, Layla’s mother, had been sitting on a bench in Queens waiting for the bus when Layla began to insistently cry. Knowing that her baby was hungry Ms. Smith began to breastfeed her daughter. Witnesses at the scene report that she was then approached by a NYPD Officer, later identified as Michael Fitzsimmons, who requested that she stop feeding the baby in public as it was “indecent”. Ms. Smith refused to comply with the directive and told Officer Fitzsimmons that she wasn’t doing anything illegal. Officer Fitzsimmons again insisted that she stop and threatened to arrest her for indecent exposure. Ms. Smith calmly responded to the Officer that he could not arrest her because breastfeeding in public wasn’t against the law.

“He got so mad at her”, said Tyrone Webb, who witnessed the unfortunate altercation. “He started yelling at her, saying that he was the police, and that she didn’t know s**t about what was against the law. He got all red in the face, pointing his finger right at her nose. She just sat there and kept feeding the baby calm as could be, being real polite and reasonable. Someone else tried to chime in and tell him he was wrong and he told the lady to shut up and mind her business.”

As the argument transpired the bus approached and Ms. Smith stood up and moved Layla to her other arm, momentarily exposing her whole breast to the Officer and other onlookers. Ms Smith then clipped her breastfeeding bra shut and went to get on the bus with her baby.

Sandra Parker, another witness to the incident, described what followed next: “He screamed at her to stop and told her that she was under arrest. When she ignored him and kept walking toward the bus he grabbed her by the back collar of her shirt and violently yanked her backwards. The poor baby just toppled out of her hands. She hit the ground and the poor little thing just started bleeding from her head. The Officer saw what happened and actually continued to cuff the mother while she began to scream. It was the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen!”

Onlookers grabbed the injured baby and attempted to staunch the flow of blood from her split head. Officer Fitzsimmons is reported to have made the statement to the crowd that “it was an accident but you can’t resist arrest”. Layla was transported to Queens Hospital Center. Her mother was taken to the precinct for processing. Layla subsequently died, without her mother, from her injuries at the hospital.

Officer Fitzsimmons has been placed on paid leave pending a full investigation. The NYC Police Department has issued a statement expressing their concern regarding this “unfortunate” event and states that all citizens must comply with orders to submit to arrest peacefully so that accidental injuries can be avoided.

Local community leader and Smith family friend Harold Jackson has called for the arrest of Officer Fitzsimmons on charges of murder, calling his actions a travesty of justice. Ms.Smith was released from police custody with no charges being filed against her. The Smith family has not yet commented on the death of their daughter.

Update- A candlelight vigil will be held at Alley Pond Park starting at 6pm Thursday Evening to remember the brief life of Layla Smith.


NYPD Cop Who Killed Baby Cleared Of All Charges


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1,061 Responses to "NYPD Officer Kills Baby Following Breastfeeding Argument"

  1. Totally wrong officer shouldn’t be on desk leave his ass should. Have been fired instantly. There was no need for him to bother the nursing mother. He must not have a wife or children. Nursing is a part of life where it’s done should not be a problem to anyone for it does not hurt any one. I sure the office was nursed by some one or something . Why denie the hungry infant. Lock him up and throw away the key. Dam crying shame he is responsible for the. Death of that baby and should be punished.

    • Pamela B says:

      We can only hope that he doesn’t havery a wife or children because I am sure he wouldn’t treat them very well either!! Horrific tragedy. This man should not be on PAID leave……He killed a baby. He should be in prison along with other murderers!!! Disgusting!!!

  2. michelle b says:

    This officer is a disgusting human being. I hope that he dies and rots in hell forever. The poor innocent baby just wanted to eat but instead she had to die because of this sorry excuse for man.

  3. Kate says:

    Arrest this police officer immediately.

  4. Sal says:

    What a absolutely disgusting man !!!! He should rot in jail and then in hell. Nursing is one of the most beautiful things between mother and child. What a absolutely moron, hope he gets punished for this!!!

  5. william Moore says:

    the officer should do the honorable thing and eat his gun.

  6. schrodinger says:

    Even if you think you are in the right, it is always in your best interests to cooperate with the police when they are arresting you, and let the courts sort it out. That’s what courts are for. If the arrest is unlawful and you feel that it was a violation of your civil rights, then take it up in civil court– not on the street. I’m sorry for this woman’s loss, but it was totally preventable if she had made better choices. She should have just stopped nursing her baby, even though she was in the right to be doing so, and gotten the officer’s name and badge number. Then she should have reported the interaction to his supervisor for additional training. She may have been able to avoid the arrest altogether. But she made a different choice and the officer made the decision to arrest her. At this point, she could have cooperated instead of leaving to get on the bus. The cop saw that as evading arrest/detention, and he responded accordingly, with increasing force. Now, had the woman stopped where she was and not tried to board the bus, there probably would not have been a physical encounter which resulted in the baby falling from the woman’s arms. It is unfortunate, but it was totally preventable, had the woman simply cooperated with the officer, bring up the breastfeeding issue in court or with the officer’s supervisor, and let the courts do their job. The officer was only doing his job, as well, and this woman’s unfortunate and incorrect choices resulted in very serious consequences (a dead baby and an arrest record). Very unfortunate indeed.

    • Lisa Albeo says:

      He was doing more than just his job he was being a bully he also could have prevented this by not being so rude and nasty by trying to arrest her for something that is not against the law and keep his cool as she did! She is just another victim that was treated as less of a human and to continue to go after her after she covered her self was so wrong because he didn’t tell her she was under arrest until she was leaving so why not let her leave and a civilian would be arrested doing the same to her!


        • Disgusted* typo I wish I could stop the corrupt so called police even in Massachusetts.. Ugh what are they for bulling and practically getting away with murder. Bring him back into courts NEW JUDGE !!! LEGALIZE BREAST FEEDING MANY WOMAN DO IT ON THE BENCHES EVEN AT WALMART . WOW !! DID A COP NOT ARRESTS THE WOMEN I’VE WITNESSED BCUZ THEY’RE WHITE ??? I’M WONDERING . HOW ODD.

  7. Aaron says:

    Sounds like the “story” was a bunch of bs.

    • Bourne Ma wack ass make Pigz bogus cops not Police are currently laughing histerically at this saying ” Nice he was cleared of all charges and it was a BLACK BABY!!! ” They need to be made into bacon bits.. WORD UP . I’M DICUSTED AT THESE PIGZ HOW WACK CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE. STATEYZ BEWARE . MASSACHUSETTS HAS MANY PIGZ ALSO . HOW IS THIS FUNNY ?? COWARDS . THEY NEED TO BE LOCKED UP SERIOUSLY . LAUGHING AT SUCH A SERIOUS EVENT SHOULD BE A CRIME ESPECIALLY FOR SO CALLED POLICE OFFICERS . THEY’RE OBVIOUSLY WACKJOBS . I’M APPALLED.

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