North Korea Prepares for War After Seth Rogan Announces Sequel to “The Interview”

The Interview to be released on October 10, 2014.

The Interview to be released on October 10, 2014.

By Nigel J. Covington III

Fridays surprise announcement by Seth Rogan, confirms he and James Franco, have inked another movie deal with Point Grey Pictures for a sequel to their highly controversial new movie “The Interview,” which is scheduled for release on October 10, 2014.

The film’s plot is about two celebrity talk show hosts, (played by Franco and Rogan) who land an interview with North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un, in an effort to revitalize their careers. But the CIA intervenes and recruits the two popular journalists to assassinate North Korea’s Supreme Leader.

Rogan gave up few details about the sequel which is due to be released sometime next year. He did say while Dennis Rodman, is on vacation in North Korea he is brainwashed as a “sleeper agent” who returns to the U.S. as the Manchurian Candidate sent to kill both Rogan and Franco.

The reaction from North Korea, though predictable, has some concerned after the Supreme Leader toured the Kim Il-sung Military Academy, in Mangyongdae-guyok on Friday. Here he addressed about 1500 primary age students, teachers and school officials during an assembly.

According to North Korea’s state run news service the Korean Central News Agency, (KCNA) Kim Jong un, spoke harshly about “recent terrorists threats by the United States to undermine North Korea’s people, economy and sovereignty,” (never mentioning the movie by title.)

Students were then told in this time of “national peril” they had all been conscripted into the Korean People’s Army (KPA). According to KCNA students would resume their classes and training in one week as military cadets in the Young Red Guards Youth Cadet Corps. It was further reported the new cadets were overcome with joy and “national pride” knowing they were destined for a glorious new life in North Korea’s military services.

During his brief speech Kim Jong un, said, “We face a formidable enemy who is resourceful, intelligent and strong. But the United States is rot with corruption, its military is spread across the Middle-East and 88% of the American people are addicted to the highly addictive mind altering narcotic marijuana. America is vulnerable, the time to strike is now. If we strike now while the U.S. is weak North Korea will enjoy a great victory by leaving millions of imperialistic money worshipping capitalists incinerated in the flames of our mighty nuclear arsenal.”

"Children overcome with joy celebrate their acceptance into the fighting Youth Cadet Corps."

“Children overcome with joy celebrate their acceptance into the fighting Youth Cadet Corps.”

According to KCNA the crowd clapped and cheered to show support of the Supreme Leader before roughly 20 primary students rushed to Kim Jong un’s side onstage to hug their beloved leader and to celebrate the good news and show their willingness to serve the North Korean people. KCNA released the photo above with the caption… “Children overcome with joy celebrate their acceptance into the fighting Youth Cadet Corps.”

In his closing statement the Supreme Leader said, “The Korean people never forget.” “To whatever generation is tasked with representing the dignity of the peaceful Korean people, to whatever generation it falls upon to fight for the sovereignty of a free and united Korea, know that it is your generation whose images and stories will grace the pages of our great nation’s history annals of the future. And it is you… the people of Korea will never forget.”

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  1. suitcase says:

    The USA military lost a war against the backwards Afgahni’s, who fought with muskets and donkeys. Imagine America in a war with a superior force such as the North Koreans. The Koreans would wipe the floor with the Americans. This Rogen guy may have just put the USA in the dustbin of history.

  2. DarrenD says:

    I heard Obama is about to implement Sharia Law based on the Hobby Lobby decision. The GOP played right into his hands!

  3. The Pensioner says:

    I am not part of that 88%. Dang it, all Anderson ever has is rag-weed.

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