Netherlands to Continue In World Cup Despite Doping Scandal

VanpersieThe Netherlands’ shocking 5-1 blowout win over Spain on Friday made headlines all over the world.  But on Saturday, FIFA officials discovered something that should jeopardize the team’s future in the 2014 World Cup: that several members of the team, each of whom were part of the starting eleven that beat Spain, have tested positive for doping.  And in an even bigger scandal, FIFA is refusing to do anything about it.

On Saturday and Sunday, FIFA officials administered random drug tests to all of the participants in the 2014 World Cup, and during those tests, it was revealed that six players from the Netherlands and one player from Belgium have tested positive.

“These seven players, whom we will not identify, have tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.  It is a shame, a real shame,” says Dr. Giorgio Bertolucci, the FIFA official in charge of drug testing. “We have privately issued fines to each of the players, and will monitor them closely to ensure they do not cheat in the future.  The clubs have also been fined, and three fitness staff, two from Netherlands and one from Belgium, have been expelled from these games.”

When asked whether the players themselves would be sent home, Bertolucci shook his head.  “No, no.  None of the players will be penalized beyond the fines.  We have spoken with them and again, they will be watched closely for the duration of these games.  But Netherlands will continue in the cup.  It would not be fair to the people of Holland for their entire team to be punished for the actions of a handful of bad seeds.”

But why those players specifically will be allowed to continue, and who those players are, remains unclear.  FIFA officials have released statements to Brazilian news media repeating  what Bertolucci said, but have thus far refused to name the players, explain what performance enhancers specifically have been found in their systems, or elaborate on what sort of fine the players were issued.

Sunday evening, Spain Head Coach Vincente del Bosque responded to the story with outrage, while discussing the scandal in English with ESPN. “This is disgusting. I am disgusted by this.  There is no other word I could use right now. These players, Española, they played their hearts out, and for what? To get beaten by a team using steroids? I know life is not always fair, but this? FIFA should be ashamed of this. You have to wonder who paid who, who bribed who. But we will soldier on and get past this insult, one goal at a time.”

UPDATE:  World Cup Doping Scandal Worsens; More Players Test Positive


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83 Responses to "Netherlands to Continue In World Cup Despite Doping Scandal"

  1. Danny says:

    Surprise surprise! I saw this story on TV earlier and now this confirms it. A 5-1 win over a major team like Spain is impossible. Van Persie and Robben are good but not THAT good!

    • Jeroen ten Bokum says:

      Oh? So in your view Germany couln’t have won over Portugal with 4-0 also? Aren’t you forgetting that the Netherlands are still vice worldchampion?

      • sam samuel says:

        if this is true re drugs they must be sent home and results reversed. cheats

      • fr4nticc says:

        Man,that game… germany could won for more….without dopping… because they were familiared with the humity and the temperature… importuguese and im ashame about what my team did…there was no preparation for the game..you will see the diferences, germany MADE like a footbal academy for them team…they bild that shit…they made all the trainning sessions at the same hour of the game…they bild that near all the stadiuns they gonna play… and we(portugal) we choose a fuking hotel that make us fly 3-4 hours….you know in that latitude the wather and temperature and humidity change in a small distance… so…we allways gonna play with a humidity diferent of the training sessions temperatur… !! they were the better team and they deserve the 4-0 win… and.. for that notice about the dopping…when i saw the game i told a friend… holland dont last the whole world cup running like that… now i know why they ran like that…but can be the same problem as portugal…i dont know!!

      • Jimbo says:

        Yeah, check the germies for drugs…im sure they were loaded too!

      • Henri says:

        That is not the issue Jeroen! Fact is that the Dutch cheated. Accept that!

    • David says:

      Despite being somewhat the 2 best attackers in the world (together with Messi, Ronaldo) they are that good! Spain is just over the hill and The Netherlands have a young hungry team and of course they were very lucky in the first half.
      If they truly would have used something to enhance their performance then those player would be banned instantly. Just look at Maradona 94

      • Eric says:

        Are you stupid? It clearly states that 6 netherlands players are using steroids. Netherlands are not just ‘that good’ and its a joke that theyre allowed to continue. FIFA is corrupt.

        • Cardinal says:

          Are YOU stupid? Nowhere does it say they used steroids. At this time we have no idea what performance-enhancing drugs they used.

          • butts Carlton says:

            If it was EPO it would allow them to work at a higher/fast rate than the other team in the second half, making them quicker and less prone to tiring.

            If it was steroids the’r muscles are stronger, they can run fast, change direction quicker.

            Either one of the Major PEDs which they’re most likely to have used.

    • Dutcheese says:

      Danny I think you need have a good look at ALL of the goals from both sides. The only goal Spain scored was coz of acting skills, whereas each and every one of the Dutch goals were class, Dutch class. I’m not sure how aware you are of the football world, but the Netherlands being a small nation is known to create World class players, and that too since decades! And why is Spain a major team to you? Coz they won the previous World cup, in extra time with just the 1 goal? That should explain to you that Holland was still competitive! This time, the lions roared and bit off the Spanish heads! Go watch the goals again, and see whether your statement makes any sense..


      • Veronica says:

        World class actors such as Robben diving on several occasions and finally creating a chance for a free kick as they were dominated by Mexican team for more than 80 minutes. Yep world class!

        • unknown says:

          idiot the guy tripped him it was clear. The dutch deserved to win they were putting all kinds of pressure.

          robben is no cheat. the mexican goalie is lucky he doesnt even look at the ball he always turns his face like a pussy.

          mexico deserved to lose.

    • dana reyes says:

      That explains why Costa Rica can beat three world champion teams and make history but get beat by them in penalty shots that’s why they changed the goal keeper at the last minute and dope test 7 players from Costa Rica team after history win against Italy it is not fair if they cheat they need to be disqualified but FIFA have their minds made up of who they want to win that’s why they gave the golden ball to messi in the final when there were so many players from many other teams more deserving of it

  2. Rachel Patton says:

    I’ll bet Robin Van Persie was one of the dopers. I’ve been watching his career for more than a decade, back when he played for Arsenal FC, and I still watch him now that he plays for Manchester United. I’ve never seen him move around the pitch like that or tackle the ball so aggressively. It’s obvious he was on drugs during that match. And if you watch it closely you can even see marks on his arms and his eyes are red!

  3. Americans.. says:

    the people who believe this are even more retarded then the one who wrote this pice of sh*t story.

    you ppl in usa can’t even name the game correct, let alone make such an accusation.. you ppl and your media..

    • Eric says:

      Genius fifa released this themself. Pull you head out of your ass before you talk.

      • Harry says:

        Yeah, the FIFA released this themselves, this world news that is only covered by this media outlet…
        So, who has his head in his ass?

  4. gopo says:

    it is all about money, you can buy what ever you want, they fine the club and bla bla bla, just took the money and is done, so you have money you can dope yourself and win what ever contest you train for. shame for you old greedy man who just decide this

  5. Mrnobody says:

    I do not think that is true, is there any other publication about it? Are they trying to cover it?

  6. Jim says:

    It’s illegal to publish false information, I hope this will be removed very soon.

  7. Lox says:

    Written by a frustrated Spanish reporter?

  8. real dutch man says:

    lol bullshit cant take it that spain is beated !! fucking retard fifa FAKE !!!!

    just skills bro !

  9. Bullshit says:


  10. Bas says:

    In all fairness, players from Spain also tested positive on doping after their 1-0 win in the final of 2010… So it seems they’ve got it coming ;)

  11. Chris says:

    Hahah bullshit

  12. joey says:


    this reeks of cheap press techniques

  13. siedi says:

    me and my friends saw some dope eyes during the game

  14. Squid says:

    Serious? Of course this is a gossip!
    Always when there is a surprise in football they will say something about doping. Just fucking stop with these nonsens.
    If it was for sure fifa will do something on this.

    • Dean L. says:

      Are you stupid? Don’t you realize how corrupt FIFA is as an orginization? They are covering it up because the story is getting them bad press! I do not think this is bad about Netherlands, it is bad about FIFA who is famously corrupt!

  15. tim de nijs says:

    The Netherlands didn’t use doping chille won with 0-2 against spain, it is just a terrible tournament for spain

  16. Tom (Dutch!) says:

    MY GOD!!!! I feel so sorry for you America …

    It must be horrible to be fed these bullshit lies by your gouvernment or other benefitting parties/people. With every sports event its the same … USA sucks and we get some crappy story on why whe ice-skate so good. Because we skate to work in winter???? How ignorant are you?

    Spain is over the hill. No problem after 6 years of domination. They’ll get back where they want to be in 4-6 years. Chile had no difficulties with them, and I think AUS will beat them too.

    But to claim this on rumours of doping, is just below all standards.

    We owe it to ourselves to survive groupstage in each tournament! So we win! A lot. But not all … We send EU players of 40+ age to the US to harvest some of your dollars.

    If you took soccer as serious as football, USA would easily be one of the better teams around. But you don’t. And you keep on being your ignorant self. And thats why nobody really hates you. But nobody really likes you neither …

    So back off. Stick to gossip regarding Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

    And for those of you who think they know their drugs and recognize eyes/faces or behaviour: Shut it. You’re a country that spends more on the war against drugs than on education. You have no idea!

  17. zak says:

    Bullshitt!! the whole article is bullshit.. U think if this were true, wouldn’t they ban those players just like what happened with Lance Armstrong!!

    Small minded retarded minds!

    • Veronica says:

      The don’t ban because FIFA is a fake and restructuring would need to happen from top to bottom. Refs not making fair calls. It’s a joke & Netherlands didn’t prove to be as strong on Sunday. Water breaks lol please never seen in any world cup only after Van Gaal requested Portuguese ref water breaks. Have there been water breaks after Netherlands vs Mexico game? NO
      Shouldn’t tip top world class athletes perform in any kind of weather, cause Netherlands coach did say his players were as cool and fresh and in better shape than Mexican players, right, Netherlands a joke FIFA corruption.

      • John says:

        Mexico LOST, Veronica. Get over it. Mexico lost because they weren’t as good as the Netherlands. Period. First half they were ok, but the second half they were completely dominated by the Netherlands. The water breaks were only there because the temperature was about 40 degrees centigrade. Get over it and stop crying and whining about Mexico. Mexico is simply in a lower league than the Netherlands. And this story about Dutch players using drugs of some sort is just complete and utter nonsense. Starting to get annoyed by all this BS spread around about the Dutch. They were together with Germany the best team of this tournament and both should have been in the final match if it weren’t for Argentina’s anti-football which even the presence of Messi couldn’t prevent.

  18. Juls1314 says:

    As a professional cycling fan, the fact that Spain’s head coach is “outraged and disgusted” is hilarious. (See Operation Puerto).

    This bums me out. I really wanted NED to go all the way. They livened up their 2 matches (although now we all know why).

  19. pica boca says:

    Now countries can by the copa del mundo for the price of the fines.I’m officially done with this corrupt organization.

  20. Kaoz says:

    So, if this is all true and they have been fined, then if they will not stand down the players, then strip them of the points from the first 2 matches then… thats a fair balance

  21. Nick says:

    If Robben used doping the score would be 10-1 ;-)
    Go Holland!

  22. Jasper says:

    Hahahahahahaha, what a load of CRAP!!!!!!!

  23. JJ says:

    Hahaha what a bullshit.
    Bad loosers.

  24. Brian says:

    DQ the whole team.

    Armstrong couldn’t have won the TDF without his team being on drugs, and neither could the Netherlands in the World Cup.

  25. Alfred says:

    Oh my god, cant believe it

  26. Bob says:

    So 5pa1n loses and now its due to doping??

    I guess they should also investigate Chile…..and if Australia beats them….too!

    Pathetic story!

  27. Willem Hoogduin says:

    The world is just jealous! If they can’t win, they start a smear campaign! I am sure the Dutch drink only milk and are strong because of centuries of fine nutrition.The Dutch will never take it as far as saying that Colombia doesn’t feel fatigue because of coke and the Brazilians have that samba soccer because of the big loads of Mary Jane they are smoking! It is a disgrace!

    • Thomas says:

      Hi Willem,

      I’m curious about the nutrition type of holland, because besides croquette and Pinda kaas I didn’t try anything dutch food good or healthy since 4years I’m leaving here…

  28. N.H says:

    To blame Spains loss on some doping rumors is nonesense. These players should be punished for their poor choices yes . However steroids did not let the ball go in the goal. Spain has played poorly this entire worldcup. Not like champs whatsoever. They have only themselves to blame. And when they won in ’10 they also had players test positive for steroids, but they still kept their title and it was not a disgrace then. Fair is fair they did nor deserve to win this year.

  29. Sheeple says:

    Christ, anybody who believes this is a gigantic idiot, if this was true then they would be banned immediately.

    ”omfg we lost give them a bad rep hopefully some idiots will believe us and spread it!!1!!”

  30. Held de baas says:

    And again the American journalists come crawling from the sewers, like the rats they are, and start making up lies to get attention. It’s ok, I understand. Which such a great nation of gunslinger and mentally challenged fat people it is hard to handle the fact that you are not good at a sport. But let’s be honoust, you are not good at an international sport, unless you yourselfs proclaimed it a world championship, while you are the only ones playing it (American football, baseball). So just crawl back in your little rathole and just accept we are better. No need to make us look bad, while clearly you guys fail at this sport

  31. Gerard Vragender says:

    You know nothing, Matt Rock.
    The winters are cold, the DUTCH ARE COMING!


    Gerard, lord of the Vale

  32. erica says:

    sure they are on drugs van persie took red bull so he can fly to the ball

    the rest of the team took a aspirin against a headache that there are still idiots like the guy who wrote this piece of shit

  33. Flonker Steen says:

    … Ted Cruz & Sarah Palin: National Report…America’s #1 Independent News Team…
    And now for some copy-pasting by me, myself and I…


  34. Gonzalo says:

    It was mos

  35. AlexC says:

    They are from Holland, they probably had some space cake covered with special sprinkles.

  36. Stormin says:

    Spain lost 5-1 to Netherlands because they are overrated , Why didnt the Netherlands beat Australia by 5 or more goals or even Chile. Typical Spainards crying baby sore losers . Your not good enough and thats it. As for the doping reports it doesnt say anywhere that they are steroids , its probably a minor prohibited subtance that has little effect otherwise i think Fifa would have acted.

  37. WOOP says:

    This ofcourse hurts the reputation of FIFA and soccer in general, but when stars like LeBron James are entering the soccer arena surely the people will reaslise that everything happens for a reason, escpecially now they have recently discovered that God Is Real.

  38. Sepp Blatter says:

    Yes this is true. Van Gaal and five Dutch players have been tested positive on doping. We choose ignore this. We gave discounts on our normal bribe-rates, too. We are being motivated to do so by the Illuminati.

    Love and peace,
    Sepp Blatter
    FIFA boss #1

  39. fair play says:

    Why is everyone arguing in this forum, there are players that are using steroids and should be penalized. End of story.


  40. ana says:


  41. will says:

    Had it been just 1 player from the Costa Rican team (because they did test 7 players after their 1-0 win over italy) , they would have sent the whole team home.. Fifa has truly showed their real colors this time around..

  42. jean carlo says:

    this bullshit meanwhile costa rica my team got 7 players that went to doping which any of them was positive and they let holland to cheat , it is disgusting how fifa works …

  43. real dutch anti doping says:

    This is just another frustrated American Newspaper that still believes that Lance Armstrong never cheated and can’t stand the rest off the world playing honest sports.

  44. Grace says:

    I think: what would happen if one player, only one, of my team Costa Rica were positive in that test? Remember that seven players of Costa Rica’s team were calling after won against Italy to be tested. (and we won after the referi didn’t give us one penalty that everybody saw, only him didn’t see it)…Seven players and no one was positive…all of them were clear. I’m pretty sure things would be different with one team like us….And tomorrow we will play against Netherlands??? or esteroids???..I hope I can see soccer and justice tomorrow at this game..If FIFA allow it!!

  45. April says:

    Whether this is true or not, i find it comical that so many of the comments left by non-Americans are so stereotypical concerning soccer in America ie we suck at soccer so we have to write an article justifying why…you forget our women have two World Cup titles under our belt… So we’re not that inept. However, I do know that FIFA is corrupt and would certainly not want anyone to know about this, if it were true. There’s no need to be rude, cruel, or name call in the comments because people want to know if there’s any legitimacy to this story or because people are outraged by such accusations. Either way, Robben is a cheater…Nice acting skills for the pk vs Mexico.

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