Mutated Fukushima Giant Hornet Responsible For Multiple Nebraska Casualties

Giant Hornet

Giant Hornets Such As The Ones Pictured Above Have Been Responsible For Multiple Deaths In Nebraska Last Month

(McPherson County, Nebraska) – In the wake of the world’s most catastrophic nuclear disaster, hospitals in central Nebraska have recently been reporting several deaths caused by a particularly venomous species of Asian wasp that has found its way into the states.

It was reported that these pests have been contaminated by radioactive debris from the failed Fukushima power plant. This has caused them to nearly quadruple in size, and become hyper aggressive.

As if that wasn’t horrific enough, the giant hornet also possesses venom which is nearly 2000 times stronger than that of the common wasp. We spoke to doctor Leon Hobbes of the Nebraska Medical Research Symposium and he reported the following:

“I have never seen anything like it… One sting causes nearly immediate necrosis of surrounding tissue. The venom then quickly spreads causing the destruction of organs. Most victims succumb to renal failure often within hours. Some have had such intense allergic reactions that the complications were enough to cause death within a matter of minutes…”

It is believed that the wasps found their new home in McPherson County, Nebraska via a shipment of Japanese snack crackers to a local Asian grocery outlet earlier this spring.

Komon Hakai, the owner of Niku Benki Asian grocery issued a public apology earlier this month after the recent rash of deaths caused by mutant hornet attacks.

“The entire shipment was riddled with larvae. We threw it in the dumpster and wrote it off. The next morning we noticed the dumpster was teeming with all these huge flying hornets. We called a professional exterminator to deal with the issue but I’m assuming several of the hornets were not able to be destroyed in the process and escaped.”

The authorities tell residents that if a hive or any of these insects are spotted to please not attempt approaching or agitating them in anyway. Unlike Honey Bees, these hornets have the ability to sting their victims multiple times without dying.

If you suspect an infestation call your local exterminator for more information.

Photo credit: Giant hornets, By Unknown, Google image search labeled for reuse. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/whatsthisbug/comments/3609o9/my_brother_snapped_this_picture_earlier_and_we/


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    Fuku Warning! US Gov’t Orders 14 Million Doses Of Potassium Iodide!
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