Multiple Arrests Reported In California Town Following “Impeach Obama” Rally


Huge crowds gathered at overpasses across the country today to call for President Obama’s impeachment.

<NationalReport>Residents of Eureka, California are reporting of multiple arrests this evening during the wildly successful “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” campaign (a campaign in which literally 10s of people have participated by waving signs on highway overpasses promoting the impeachment of President Obama).

Early reports indicate that protesters were verbally and physically abused prior to being arrested.  All 6 protesters taking part in the rally are currently in police custody.  County and city officials in the area have not yet released a statement on the event or the names of those arrested.  Communications have been difficult and local media outlets are scrambling for more details.

Passing motorists stated that the arrests took part at the 101/255 exchange just North of downtown at around 7:45pm PST.  Local resident Artie Campbell was driving home with his family when 8 police cars drove past him and stopped on the 255 bridge.  Artie had this to say of the incident, “I haven’t seen anything like it in my life.  The protesters seem to have been minding their business and those police officers did not appear to be local guys.”  When asked to describe the victims, Mr. Campbell replied “two of them were older ladies and one of them appeared to be a teenage boy.  The other three were heavier set middle-aged white men.”  According to Campbell, the officers were taking turns ridiculing the victims and at one point even pepper-sprayed two of the older men before placing them in flex-tie restraints and escorting them to nearby squad cars.  Artie referred to the scene as “modern-day fascism” and suggested the officers may have been federal agents sent directly from the Obama Administration in an attempt to silence opposition.

The campaign, organized by overpassesforobamasimpeachment.org, has just one simple goal, “The removal of the corrupt and criminal President of the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama.”  Multiple state branches of the organization have formed and membership is growing steadily.  Their largest event, held in early July caused a 10 minute delay in traffic in the Los Angeles area and reports of todays protests from across the country continue poring in this evening.

What Next?

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187 Responses to "Multiple Arrests Reported In California Town Following “Impeach Obama” Rally"

  1. Susan Jeavons says:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    Ehat part of that doesn’t those who arrested these citizens comprhend? Have we already lost our 1st amendment rights under Obama?

    • Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

      I think that you are smart enough to know by now that Obama could not care any less for the constitution and will not bend but break every law to get his way.

      • Jayson says:

        No crap, that doesn’t mean you can’t recite the constitution to remind people and to rebut Obama’s crap.

        • Chaz says:

          Obama has labeled the Constitution as “deeply flawed”. Really? Obama’s just another puppet. We the People need to understand what JFK referred to back in the ’60s as “secret societies”. The Bilderberg group, the Bohemian Grove, etc., funded by International money changers seek to eliminate much of populace.

    • Nathan says:

      Waht rites?

    • DanS. says:


      MObama thinks, and SCOTUS J. Kagan agrees that the Executive can make an order for national security or something – nice, eh?

      If the pic is accurate, it’s the Sheriff’s Dept. probably “enforcing” a no traffic distraction and presenting a danger to drivers , and all that horse manure. Most likely the locals got a call… more plausible deniability. Ain’t life grand!

      • Outrageous says:

        While that may seem logical, the test is the Bill of rights not thoroughfare traffic. Al the police have to do is make sure the roadway is clear and free of obstacles. All this scenario did was skirt the constitution making protest subordinate to police desire to fade this to an unrelated civil issue, my opinion. Of course we’re dealing with an alternative application in these circumstances, specifically, INVERSE MORALITY has re assigned your 1st amendment rights to local authority, which is not only constitutionally illegal, it’s also perverted, which gives you some idea of what you are dealing with in your LPA. Perverts ALWAYS cross boundaries, and they love the reactive and sensationalize atmosphere this stoke in the public, because they are perverted. Radical liberalism is a politics of perversion, and people seem to be highly tolerant of this.

      • Well then I suppose they better get to taking down all the billboards and video advertisments that line our nation’s roads and highways!

    • Lin says:

      Did you hear that those “police cars” had no identifing marks, on them ? I watched the video three times and it looks like there were not any licence plates on the cars

      This is not the America I grew up in. These people were not doing anything illegal.

      What is happening? Get Obummer and his cohorts out of our Government.

      • Eureka Native says:

        You do realize this story is 100% false correct?

        I live in Eureka,there is no overpass in area as pictured,the police vehicles in picture are not of this area and there are articles in local Humboldt county news sites calling out this false story created by NeoCons to get low IQ idiots riled up

    • Unsan says:

      Obama’s jack booted thugs showed up.

    • Thomas Kane says:

      Is that why you have to obtain a permit to have a protest?Welcome to the NAZI STATES OF AMERICA!!!

    • Doug Paul says:

      SIG OBAMA!

      SIG OBAMA!

      SIG OBAMA!

    • Eureka Native says:

      This story is 100% make believe,created by NeoCons to rile up low IQ followers.

      DO 1 minute of research before you flip your lids and believe garbage spewed from either side.

      go to LostCoastOutpost to read a real news site of Eureka/ Humboldt county which explains how this propaganda was created by this website of yours

      • Outrageous says:

        Yeah well, that can backfire when folks start figuring macabre like the name of Obama’s dog, Lolo. No wait, LOW IQ!

    • Eureka Native says:

      Google search this article from 2007 to see where these photos really came from and the real story associated with them,not the lies you clown tea baggers believe…..

      October 24, 2007 at 23:07:25

      Photos of the Blackwater Protest at Moyock, NC


      • Outrageous says:

        OMFG! Truthers are EVERYWHERE these days. Movie’s not over. Will you please WAIT! Okay, so someone get to the part where the sheriff throws protesters off the bridge! And a baby!

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          it was THREE babies, but the media only reported the African American one, because the race card. One was illegal, so it was departed-deported, on the tax-payer’s dime. Which baby got lost in the shuffle? The normal white one, of course. Wake up, sheeple!

          • Eureka Native says:

            No Lillian,you are the one so interested in race baiting. Serious question here,how ignorant are you really?

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            I’m not race-baiting, I’m Baby-baiting. If Americans would stop coddling their infants so much they’d be able to compete in global markets successfully. The only baby of the tossed bunch that was ever going to do a single day’s honest labor is the departed-deported one, driving up the costs of my (and YOUR) strawberries. We all suffer. Sad.

    • Kenneth says:

      Susan, president Obama, and almost every politician who serves under his administration are doing everything they can to strip us of these rights. They has zero understanding and zero respect for the US constitution and the US Bill of rights. And remember they have their own personal police force spread out all around our country, and when they deem necessary, they will send these so-called “police officers” out to deal with anyone who dares to oppose the “Great and Mighty Obama”. President Obama and all his puppets are deluded, thinking they have any kind of power. They are where they are because God is allowing it. And in spite of their great hatred of Him, they are helping to accomplish His will. Like every other human being on planet earth, God gives them a space of time to repent and come to their senses, and when that time is up, God gives them over to Satan. And then God works through even Satan’s efforts to accomplish plans and purposes. God knows the beginning from the end, and His master plan is going just as it should. So we as Christians should expect more and more of this type of treatment. We are in the last days, the days just before our exit and the unveiling of the “Antichrist” and the return of our Lord Jesus Christ to planet earth to finally, once and for all, CRUSH and DESTROY Satan’s rebellion and Satan’s rebellious followers. And then Christ will setup His physical earthly kingdom,which will never end. Maranatha Lord Jesus!

    • Kim says:

      He is expressing how the peoples rights are being infringed because they aren’t being allowed to protest. Guess that only applies for Egypt

  2. Troy says:

    This is such bullshit!! Who the hell is Obama, or the agents that arrested these peacefully protesting people, to stomp all over the constitution. When the American people have had enough, there will be the blood of agents like these, trickling into the sewer drains in every state in the U.S.. This Muslim, treasonous traitor, piece of shit excuse of a human being Obama is trying his best to cause civil unrest in America. He better be careful what he asks for. It might not turn out the way he expects it will. On the contrary, he may end up on the business end of someones 2nd Amendment.

    • jackise says:

      right on Troy,i wish someone would get him,i hate this sob

      • Heimdalls Henchman says:


      • Zachary says:

        All of America Hates Obama

        • Zachary says:

          Most of America realizes This is End Times and Knows that Jesus will Take Care of it, so we keep Praying and not Fighting, Prophecy will tell you whats happening and that it’s Inevitable.

        • Rusty says:

          I don’t.

          • Kenneth says:

            Pointing out that our president is a wicked man does not mean we hate him, it just means that America still a moral backbone. I don’t hate Obama, I hate his behavior and the destruction he sis bringing upon this country. I think the best thing that we can do for him is to pray God Almighty that our president either comes to his senses, or is removed from office and pays for his crimes against the American people. He needs serious help.

          • Tiffany says:

            The latest WND poll says 92% of Americans want Obama impeached everyone of our senators that won’t vote to impeach him should be fired!

          • Thank You Satan says:

            All joking SIDE, WND is a RADICAL LIBERAL media.

          • Thany You Satan says:

            Go here> http://youtu.be/yXJiCWIEpkM Advance to 21:45. Decide for yourself.

      • Mr. Johnson says:

        Watch yourselves. Obama’s thought police are watching to get any sign of people opposing Der N***** in chief.

        • Eureka Native says:

          Finally one of you being honest and admitting all of your hatred os about the color of his skin. So pathetic that people like you still exist. Oh well keep being miserable while your wife and daughters,sisters and nieces all gag on African American rods

    • Jan Osborn says:

      I agree this is getting way out of hand. I sure hope the people taken into custody. Are well and Seen alive,back with there families. :(. To many people disappear and have accidents under the present ruler. :(. Keep up the great work. Impeach Obozo. We have to do something. We the people are sick and tired of beig abused by the user/loser and Chief.

      • Tammy Swanson says:

        We MUST Impeach and try for HIGH TREASON. Obama, Holder, Biden, Clinton for starters. AMERICANS, they have already put into law (Obama and Holder) a 120 page manual at the DOJ, called “Investigating Terrorism, and Criminal Extremism” IN IT, IF you are a Constitutionalists, A Christian Patriot, or have ANY affiliation to the TEA party, YOU ARE A TERRORIST!!! YOU WILL BE TREATED AS SUCH, NO FAIR TRIAL< NO DUE PROCESS!!!

        YES PEOPLE DISAPPEAR!!! ALSO, OUR government is planning a shock an awe campaign for September or October, they like 9/11. It will probably involve food shortage, and cause panic. This is what will allow OUR terrorist government to put into place "Martial Law". ONCE THEY DO, If you ARE a Constitutionalist, a Christian Patriot, or have ANY affiliation (ever liked on facebook) with the Tea Party, YOU WILL BE TAKEN TO THE ALREADY SET UP FEMA Camps! All the fencing around the FEMA camps, are made, TO KEEP PEOPLE IN!!!


        • Outrageous says:

          Radicalization occurs simply by applying INVERSE MORALITY to every feature of the constitution. For example, freedom of speech is now curtailed by political correctness.

          Other examples are: 2nd- Gun Control, 3rd- Asset Forfeiture, 4th- PATRIOT Act, 5th- NDAA, 6th- Indefinite Detention, 7th- Military Tribunal, 8th- Enhanced Interrogation, 9th- Judicial Activism and 10th- Federal Supremacy.

          Radical liberals did all this damage while America has been preoccupied with fast food, debauchery sex/abortion and Hollywood/entertainment.

          Ronald Regan did overwhelming damage to this generation via pharmaceutical corruption of baby food and infant vaccinations no one seems to have a clue about. He’s the father of pharmaceutical eugenics in the US, and people STILL worship the ground he walked on. People will deny this today, but it’s 100% true.

          Draw a division between Obama and Oprah and you alienate people, and yet BOTH of these are monsters.

          You have to RADIATE this stuff into the culture for people to be aware of it, and BOTH of them will kill to stop it all the while America’s got it’s nose in a bag of fast food, condoms and a grip on the latest movie release featuring arch enemy of society, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

          The last person named was meant to provoke you. This monster has a following of a couple million in the US, none the wiser he’s as involved in Holder’s issues as Obama is in denial of it.

          People aren’t fighting this, because they don’t know about it. They know about debauchery, but they don’t know politics and the radical liberal agenda for the US. I will tell you the radical liberal agenda for the US.

          The radical liberal agenda for the US is REPATRIATION, and America is going along with this too preoccupied with a grab bag of goodies to care, and the ONLY thing holding them off at this point is America is weaponized; they have two things coming at you nonetheless – sliders and Helter Skelter.

          America is doing this> giggling and laughing

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          Government stockpiling of aluminum and steel wire are driving the commodity prices of these items way up and limiting availability to anyone feeling the need to secure their property. Why does the Government need to stockpile an additional 4200 miles of 8′ wide high-grade chicken wire? To keep Bo out of the Rose Garden? Or to keep us out of Washington, permanently? Not for the Mexican border certainly, they use an iron piling system for that.

          • Outrageous says:

            Figure the mentality of the Obama security team. Here’s a POTUS that SKIRTS, and his security detail is oathed to protect him from redress. Do they know he does this? I don’t see how they couldn’t. In fact, What’s been shared among the OTHER enlightened is they service this macabre practice with victims. Congress, same. People are looking for salvation from a bunch of Quislings whose unprincipled coup d’état is only possible because mainstream America is too busy jxxking off to nude images of Brittany spears to care about reality.

        • Bill Bailey says:

          Don’t be fooled Republicans are in on this and may have even engineered it. HR 347 all but 3 congressman voted and ALL Senators. Be strong, Be safe! Be prepared!!!

          • Outrageous says:

            Correct. 80% of congress is Fabian Society.

          • This has nothing to do with party affiliation. It’s Americans trying to exercise their 1st Amendment rights to free speech and redress their grievances to government. I have attended 7 such rallies and no one cares about party. They care about America and where its headed under the usurper in chief and it’s not a very good place.The Gestapo in California won’t have a chance if there’s 100’s of rallies with 100’s of people on overpasses across the state.

            We are taking a stand and I invite everyone to join us.

          • Outrageous says:

            Two party system is a Hegelian hoax.

        • J. Boguslavkie says:

          In the Book, Behold A Pale Horse, William Cooper (the author of the book) Says if you are one of these Patriots it would be wise never to be home on a Major Holiday. Why? He states , most people will be home enjoying themselves with good food and maybe some over indulgement of alcohol. “Sitting Ducks”. I recommend all Patriots to read this book.

        • David Line II says:

          After everything is said and done we have been warned for the last 30 years on this happening by different writes and others. Look at history and see this has always happened in civilizations

        • Lin says:


          i TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. Get O’hitler our of our white house. Revoke all his appointees and repeal his executive orders. He should be tried and convicted of TREASON , all his appointees reversed and his executive orders repealed.

          AMERICA is a CHRISTIAN NATION and we must protect our CONSTITUTION at any and all costs

      • Pamster says:

        There were a lot of dead people under the Clinton administration, too.

    • joe says:

      ummm right……. a whole lot of arm chair politics……… was anyone posting here, out there, in your town, county, state protesting? were you? or were you sitting here bitching about it on your computer or on your cell phone…. This country has already been taken away from the people… and no one has done squat!

      Thank you!

      • Nancy says:

        I was out there and so were a lot of people all over the country Why don’t you come and join us . I cannot tell you how good it feels to get up and DO SOMETHING!!!

      • Outrageous says:

        @Troy True. People know more about fast food, having an abortion and the latest entertainment release than they do about the constitution.

      • eric says:

        have you?

      • dave says:

        I was out there, were you?

      • Lin says:

        I would have been there if I could get there, I can’t, but I can at least make my opinion known and maybe in some small way it will help.

        Thank you for letting me express myself here.

    • YA says:

      Didn’t see him arresting the brothers and sisters protesting the Zimmerman verdict…

    • J. Boguslavkie says:

      We are past the time of complaining. It is time for action.

    • Beagle Mom says:

      we can certainly hope so!!!!!

  3. Laura Thorne says:


  4. This is very disturbing !We have freedom of speech and freedom to protest. Why would they pepper spray anyone that was peacefully protesting? We have that right. I hope this just makes folks more determined than ever to take this traitor out of office….

    • GuyFawkesLives says:

      Did you people not witness what happened to Occupiers? We were beaten, pepper-sprayed, bloodied, and all possessions were taken. The library and all the books were confiscated.

      I don’t believe that you are just now understanding that this is a police state.

      Protest the government and you will have your rights taken away.

      • Dude says:

        Yeah, but all that happened at the hands of their fellow dirtbag occutards.

        • LIndaTX says:

          Many of my friends also do freeway blogging – they hold lighted signs at overpasses criticizing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They suoport Bradley Manning as a whistleblower. Come out and join them. They have not been physically attacked by the police.

          • Outrageous says:

            Notice the sign in the middle: Obama’s image with the word “CULT” printed in large black letters underneath.

            Add the letters O (first letter of Obama’s last name) to the beginning of CULT for OCULT. Add the letter A (last letter of Obama’s last name) for OCULTA. The correct spelling would be occulta, double C, but the message is nonetheless clear and the reason this particular protest was attacked.

            “Occulta” is the “hidden light” AKA The Fraternitas L. V. X. Occulta, or Thelema for those of you who are familiar with Alister Crowley.

            THIS is why they got attacked. They correctly identified Obama with SKIRTS. Can you figure police backing him up, he involved in some of the most notorious child abductions of our day?

    • mmm says:

      You realize that this is a fake news site, right?

  5. Bryan says:

    Fucking pigs following unconstitutional orders from 0bunga should be dealt with as we dealt with the British in 1776.

    • Steve says:

      You are all sheeple if you believe that any local law enforcement was involved with this. Obama has his own people that do his dirty work. Real police won’t have anything to do with him. “Pigs” really? Grow the fuck up!

  6. Joshua Woods says:

    Sounds like they were on the overpass in Arcata. Arcata is the most liberal nut city in Humboldt.

    • Eureka Native says:

      Josh this story is fiction,never happened in Humboldt county.

      try doing a search of author,even he is fake.

      wake up

  7. Outrageous says:

    Agitation Propaganda v Bill of Rights protest; Police powers of domain awareness, threat assessment, rapid dominance/arrest during a peaceful protest routs 1- 4th and 9th amendments. California is the little EU and worse, since police in this state are eager to exercise summary judgement/execution under martial law. Kelly Thomas – an example of how bad this can get – was killed for asserting himself against a Nazi cop. Police that do this are paedomorphs. They are psychologically child-like and unable to bridge intelligent adult decision making with process of law. Hellish looking, isn’t it? Radical liberalism works this way. The application of inverse morality to virtually ANY DCBR issue does this. Boycott fast food, abortion and the entertainment industry. All of these are the service mechanisms precipitating this type of control.

  8. Teresa Allen says:

    The Rutherford Institute. If anyone knows how to contact the CA people pass this info along. They defended Brandon Raub when he was illegally detained & put in mental institution for a few days. They take civil rights cases. http://www.rutherford.org

    • Eureka Native says:

      Yes Teresa contact the immediately about an event that NEVER REALLY HAPPENED! LMMFAO


  9. Wayne says:

    This is Atypical of Obama’s Facist Regime, Obama is not an American citizen for one & he is bent on destroying America This ripe piece of shit needs to be dragged out of the White House by his feet & him & his entire family need to be hung by their necks from the tallest tree until they ase dead!!!

    • Brent says:

      Boy am I with you 100% Wayne, Very well said!!!!


      • Lin says:

        Wayne you are entirely correct. I only wish I do really do more than express my opinion, but even this may help in some small way.

        Thank you Wayne and Brent

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      No Trial! The secret evidence is all out in the open. Malia is DEFINITELY old enough to have been in on EVERYTHING since the ‘re-election’. I feel kind of bad about Sasha, she probably doesn’t really understand, but when she’s older she’ll be just as evil. No trial, they’ll fix it!

    • Beagle Mom says:

      that’s what i say too…..a tall tree and a short rope!!!

  10. Me says:

    That which you allow, will continue.

  11. Can this be confirmed? Why no other reports at all??

    • LornaJaye says:

      I saw live video while the arrests were starting from an I phone of one of the protesters. You will not see it on the news, because it is illegal to arrest them for a peaceful protest, and to publicize it will make the current administration look bad, and force people to admit there is a problem in America! I will be taking part very soon in one of these protest, and proud to!!

      • Eureka Native says:

        You are a LIAR. This event never happened anywhere in Humboldt County.

        wake up or do the real world a favor and leave it

    • Rebecca says:

      The same reason there are ” no other reports” of anything the Government doesn’t want you to hear about- I was on an overpass that evening in Texas and a car drove under the overpass setting fire to the grass to the north and south of the overpass trying to smoke us off the bridge- did you hear about that? Nope even though 2 fire trucks came out any 2 lanes of traffic were shut down and 5 local cops, 2 sheriffs officers and 2 DPS were there – you still didn’t hear about it – one lady that was there actually got it in film with her camera and got the license plate number! But you still didn’t see it on the news!

  12. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    California is, BY FAR, the easiest state in which to ‘disappear’ someone, despite its lefty population, because most of the people who could help you are stoned, and hardly anyone is white, so nobody knows any lawyers personally. Due to the enormous donations to the Obama campaign everyone is waiting for their payback and don’t want to jinx their slice by asking hard questions about missing malcontents and freedom lovers, they just smoke another bowl and remember you tearfully while watching cartoons and being outraged-high.

    • Theodore Bear says:

      i recommend that those arrested contact The Pacific Legal Foundation and file constitutional lawsuits against the General secretary wanabe and his corrupt A.G.

  13. Those being arrested in Calif. need to bring a rapid LAW SUIT against the Nazi thugs who squelched their 1st Amendment Rights !

    We don’t have these problems in Texas because our cops protect rights not step on them.

    Plus the “Obama” name here is now “lower than whale dung” as it is anyway .

    The facts are out, so only A TRUE MENTAL MIDGET still believes anything he has ever said !


    IMPEACHING THIS INCOMPETENT IS NECESSARY TO HEAL ALL THE DAMAGE HE HAS CAUSED SO FAR ! How many more northern cities are gonna end up like Detroit over these next 4 years ??? 5, 10, 20 ???

    • jackise says:


    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Sacramento is almost entirely Nazi, but as you move north towards OreBAMAgon tolerance of patriotism is replaced by crybabys and bearpoops. The most common trick in Demoncrat California is to ‘deport’ anti-Obama protesters to Mexico, put them in dresses and get them drunk then release them near the mafia warlord compounds. You’ll never hear from them again, and somebody else does the dirty work. Typical Obama.

    • rich says:

      times come to push back, and hard. let it start then….

      Rock on Col.

      former Razorback in ft sill.

    • Eureka Native says:

      Too bad its a fake story…

      pictures were taken from….

      October 24, 2007 at 23:07:25

      Photos of the Blackwater Protest at Moyock, NC

      please dont reproduce,Col. Jackass

  14. Me says:

    Keep up the good work, and the activism!


    • Sue says:

      Sad… Did any of the protesters who blocked traffic in multiple states over the not guilty verdict get arrested or pepper sprayed? :( I agree keep up the good work and apparently off the overpass.

      • Roni says:

        No, there is no pepper spraying going on because “this could have been my son” Obama is supporting those protesters. You see those holding the signs on the overpasses are not government supported. The Trayvon Martin deal is government supported. Black skinned, black Dictator equals no rights for whites which includes the 1st Amendment. Look at the football player who made the N word remark, he is facing being fired, yet the same week Charlie Rangle called all Tea Party members “white Crackers, nothing, absolutely nothing was done to Charlie the old racist fool. There is an extreme division in this country since the phony, secretive, lying, Marxist Ba—rd came to be in charge of our country. Remember his campaign words, “I will fundamentally transform America” that’s the only truth he ever told. He transformed us into a laughing stock and created a division between the two dominant races thus we have Black Mobs attacking whites for no reason other than the color of our skin.

    • Sheila says:

      This is where we can reach the most people. We are not breaking any laws if we are not obstructing a roadway. Sorry about the slow traffic, but it happens :/

    • Barbara Vacek says:

      Where do you want us to go? Behind a building somewhere. Get off it people. Quit jabbing at those that are STANDING up for YOU. There are no MASSIVE traffic jams. Where we go, its always a traffic jam. With or without protestors. Please. When they protested here in Houston over the Zimmerman verdict, the crazy people went out ON the freeway and STOPPED traffic. Now they should have been arrested. But no, not a hair on their heads were touched. Hmmm. Quit attacking people on the same side. We have to unite to win over this tyrant in OUR Whitehouse. The overpasses is where we can be seen and to try to motivate everyone to band together. I have never felt so patriotic than I did on the day I stood on the overpass for OUR country. Wake up and get INVOLVED. Or one day you might just wake up in a FEMA camp.

  15. Sharon Jones says:

    If those officers were not local it is another case of Obama overreach. They should be arrested and pepper sprayed and fired.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Amen girl! ANYONE who arrests someone who doesn’t like Obama should be burned alive in front of their entire family, who should be forced to eat the body, because of his damned overreach! Who the hell does Obama think he is?

  16. Chief_Cabioch says:

    you would think an atty would step up and take this Case, like a Dershowitz or someone wanting ink…this could be big…..a Civil Rights suit against the Government could be Huge


  17. Sean says:

    I’m now hearing from the overpass movement, that this report is false? Any verified proof yet?

  18. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    Apparently 4 of the 6 were released after signing vows of silence, WHICH WOULD NOT HOLD UP IN COURT, but the other 2 ‘ringleaders’ have not been heard from by anyone yet.

    • Sean says:

      Any verification for that Lillian? I’m still being told by organizers that this story is false.

    • Barbara Vacek says:

      Vows of silence? What?

    • Eureka Native says:

      Lillian you are spreading lies…

      storys fake and the pictures are from an anti blackwater protest in North Carolina from 2007

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Well! I never! So now BLACKwater, not Obama, is the one ordering drone attacks? How does THAT make them any money? Way to play the race card…and come in last. Also, FYI, people from North Carolina never protest anything.

        • Eureka Native says:

          Ok Lillian we get it,your witty and you understand this whole article is fiction. Obviously many of your friends and fellow tea sack suckers don’t. Their comments show the true unbridled hatred for a man they know nothing about aside from satirical stories like this.

          Do you consider yourself a good person for perpetuating their ignorance? Congratulations you lonely cat lady,enjoy the box of wine to yourself,its truly pathetic life to live not trying to help this country work together. You are no better than anyone,in fact quite the opposite.

          no need to respond,I’m done with trash like yourself

          • Opine says:

            If Obama had an identity there would be no need to make one up for him. Also, since he was spotted in Humboldt the day of this project, one has to wonder if that wasn’t HIM standing under the bridge with the shopping cart trying to pick off the infants the the state police were throwing over the guardrail. I’m just saying. I’m sure glad someone documented this. I wonder why Alex Jones wasn’t on this one. I’m just saying. Oh yeah, I already said that.

          • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

            Cats are Nature’s Poo hypodermics, as The National Report has covered in a series of investigative news pieces over the past few months, generating quite a bit of Pulitzer buzz. If you have one(A cat, not a Pulitzer), DON”T TOUCH IT!!

            I’m flattered that you think people require my input to pursue ignorance,but in my experience it has a life of its own, and I’m loathe to take credit for anyones achievements, even our valued readers. This site is dedicated to JOURNALISM, the kind America expects and demands when they can’t be deceived by manipulated facts and overreaching, authoritarian Meanies intolerant of dissenting opinions.

            Anyway, as a practicing Muslin and failed geometrancer, I never touch alcohol or any kind of cube. STOP projecting! And furthermore, my tin tracheotomy prevents me from sucking tea bags, or anything else for that matter, without blowing bubbles onto the front of my outfit, as IF I would anyway. Tea bags are full of Panda Pee, FYI, gross. You sound kind of thirsty, however, and there’s nothing funny whatsoever about crippling dehydration, especially if there’s a lemonade stand 80 feet away right on the other side of a superbusy highway and your straw is only 79 feet and 8 inches long. I’ll spin a prayer wheel for you.

          • ProjectRecovery says:

            Whoa! We have a witness brain damaged by a cop assault… @LF Talk slowly. Think through your ideas. TAKE YOUR TIME. We HEAR you! What side of your brain was lost in this horrific incident? Do you remember the cop that hit you, or was it Obama himself? R E L A X. Take an aspirin, and type s-l-o-w-l-y. We are here for you! Will it help if I sign? Do you have an attorney? OMG, I hate violent protests!

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          Actually, the tele-typy thingy I have to use,with my two good fingers, not to mention the east bombay operator employed by the state of california to ‘assist’ me in communication keep my word per minute rate pretty low, But the editors at The National Report have always valued content over volume and fully participate in the American Nation Disabilities act, bless them all. I admittedly use a lot of commas to abbreviate the hand pain and apologize if it leads to a condensed translation of the fact stream.

  19. Jill says:

    Seriously? I sure hope this brings attention to this cause and impeachment can occur. D

  20. AmazedHuman says:

    Now, is any of this a surprise? Our media is either paid-off or scared silly of this traitorous president we have who has done such outrageous things as taking an end run around the 4th amendment with NSA, has the IRS scandal going, Benghazi swirling around his head, speculation about the deaths of the Navy Seal 6 Team, ObamaCare set to bankrupt American and eliminate full-time positions in place of part-time jobs…..I could go on forever…. with millions and millions of us are calling for him to be out of office…and the authorities can come up with some scatter-brained reason for arresting the few who are willing to get out there and demand what we all want? What, exactly, is going on in this country? And why is it being allowed to continue?

    • Tad says:

      Or…. The story was fabricated to stir up the (quite frankly) easy to stir up right wingers…

      Look at the pictures then notice the weather then look up Eureka’s weather from the past week. Nothing but SOLID overcast and yet the teen is getting arrested in broad sunlight at about 3pm (judging from the shadows) furthermore, it being roughly 3pm and yet the police showed up at 655pm…

      This story was obviously fabricated. Everyone calm down.

    • Outrageous says:

      Corporations own the media, and you will spend the next five years figuring this out while they level America. Advice: convert neighborhood watch to SDF and seek state leadership, YESTERDAY.

  21. Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

    Pursuant to the advice of legal counsel Lillian Fabricant no longer has any opinion on this issue other than to wish the missing demonstrators and their families well during this period of confusion.

  22. Ben says:

    Wow, I was wondering if this would make national news. I saw this whole thing go down. The “teenager” in the story was a classmate of mine (Zoe Barnum High 2010) named Jeremy Matthews. I tried to call him yesterday but his phone has been disconnected. Lots of gossip around town about this…I hope they start releasing some details soon.

    • Eureka Native says:

      Which teachers did you have at Zoe? You do know it’s a continuation school correct?

      class of 2010, good thing pics from North Carolina 2007

  23. Joshua Woods says:

    I have to say I doubt this a little (at least the Eureka part) because there has been nothing that I can find in the local news. There should be something if this happened.

    • Floridian says:

      It will not be in the news. You are naive if you think Obama’s dogs will report anything against him. How many arrest did you find out about with all of the Trayvon “rallies”?

  24. Outrageous says:

    Hegelian psyop. Speak your mind as though it were real. They are trying to shake Obama/Opraha’s involvement in SKIRTS abductions. Be aware this is backfiring on them at this time. They won’t be able to kill enough people to keep this down, but they are sure trying!

    • Yolanda says:

      You people are pathetic Obama has done more for all of you than any other president ever has that is a fact and one day he will be seen as the next Lincon for all he has done so get over it and please shut the hell up these small minded money grubbing fag haters got exactly what they deserved

      • Outrageous says:

        Minion/shill cultures are outrageous!

      • overpasses says:

        Yolanda? Is that your name? Oh, well in that case, that explains everything.

        • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

          I don’t think name calling and vague personal attacks are appropriate for for this discussion or site, it diminishes the validity of ALL our arguments and our journalistic mission here at the National Report. Yolanda is entitled, even welcomed, to express her opinions here, and should be able to do so without being codedly racially taunted, however wrong she may be. The sad reality is that money grubbing and fag-hating are in fact commonly, if not causally, linked, but the truth is that that’s one of the few things I honestly am unable to link to pinatas and sombreros zipping from cactus to cactus across the dessert, but then they keep zigging and zagging and making the postures it would require to be hidden by oddly shaped Saguaro Cacti long after they’ve left the spiny forest, and they keep doing it all the way to downtown Austin. Anyway, money grubbing is a truly American trait, Mexicans just mail it ‘home’ taped to a woodpecker leg or inside a chili pepper. Please be respectful of our readership, and your point will be made more emphatically to all.

      • Pissed says:


      • Beagle Mom says:


      • virginia says:

        are you blind girl?

  25. Me says:

    This is why you pack heat. If we are to have a revolution, let it begin by killing some stupid cops who violate your rights. Shoot them and throw their lifeless bodies onto the road below the bridge.

    Enough of these Obama supporting asswipes!

  26. This is faciest bull shit alright !

  27. Pissed says:

    What do have todo to get that THING (NOboma) out of our house and out of the US? He is the the lowest form of scum. All he wants is to run the US into the ground and use our money to go on way to damn many vacations. He must be related to Hitler.

  28. Tiffany says:

    This is such bull shit! They did nothing to the angry Travon Martin protesters because if I had a son he would look like Travon. Not to mention over 150 people kicked off Facebook for talking trash on our wonderful president

  29. We must expose and crush this police state.

  30. Sean Murdock says:

    Holy crap! Uhm, helloo!! People – this IS A SATIRE SITE!!! SATIRE. All of this ‘news’ is in jest. All of you people fail to understand that this site (which is pretty funny by the way), and others like it (The Onion, for example), are SATIRE SITES. Holy shit!! You right-wing tea bagger hillbillies should read an actual newspaper or watch something other than Fox news. Wow. What a bunch of fools you are.

    – Laughing at you,


    • Outrageous says:

      Agitprop reality theater. Act stupid like the rest of us, will ya, or get some popcorn and SHUT UP!

  31. Outrageous says:

    It’s street theater. Good grief, you would stand up at a movie and holler, “IT’S FAKE!” WE KNOW IT’S FAKE! We know. Join the party!

  32. Barb says:

    Oh, go o-o-n-n-n-n, Sean Patrick. We “fools” don’t normally hang out on waste-of-time “satire” sites, but I’ll swear, everyday the “real” news is full of jaw-dropping tidbits and we say “Well, I’ve heard it all”, “Can’t top this”, “What are they going to do next?!”. We “fools” wouldn’t put anything past this administration. But, thanks so much for your derogatory comment, you are sooo smart and intelligent, I’m sure no one equals you. Carry on. Cheers, darling. Laughing at you arrogant elitists, also. Pardon us for living. :)

  33. Outrageous says:

    Obama said Americans are stupid. I guess you could play it back and ask him why he named his dog LOLO and the relationship this bears to the numbers 7777. Naw… too stupid.

  34. Micah says:

    I am going to keep this short and sweet. Obama, go back to the hell you came from and tell Satan we don’t want his kind here.

  35. aj says:

    Get that Muslim out of presidency…..

  36. Dragin says:

    I am a Libertarian. I have one problem with the picture….. It looks too staged. The posters are mass produced and have the look of commercialization. And the way they are arranged lends to the notion there are more people standing in the photo than just 3. Not takin a stand so no need to attack me. I come in peace. Just pointing out an interesting fact. If there gonna can a photo, then at least try to make it look legit.

  37. JR Andersdotter says:

    Wish Charlie Wilson was alive!! Maybe we should enact voter intelligence testing. It should be taught in cursive. If you don’t pass you don’t vote.

    • Outrageous says:

      Too complicated, because you could control voting by controlling learning and intelligence. WAIT! They are are already doing this in California, and it WORKS!

  38. An American says:

    Just proves the point first they lost their 2nd Amendment now they have lost their 1st

    • An American says:

      My fellow Americans, we can point out all the logical facts about all the many and different fallacies of gun control and how unconstitutional it would be, but the would be tyrants bent on more gun control are not going to lessen. Why? We keep asking, I’ll tell you why; it is time to face the sad truth that they have an Agenda. They know what we are saying is true but their not really doing this to protect us it’s to protect themselves. When they are done, this only the first step, when they are done, it will be only them and the criminals that have guns and their not worried about that after all they will still have their armed guards and so on and so forth. We the people will be either Criminals or the sheep left unprotected, and from that point on they will be able to do anything they want, Many of our elected officials want to be our RULERS they want to control us, that is their agenda. These are indeed the first steps to that end.

      Our only hope is that when we have had enough and stand up them, and they know we will at some point, is that our police and military decide that they to would rather have FREEDOM over TYRANNY and turn their arms against these tyrants. Because if you don’t, and the tyrants are counting on that, it will be a short-lived stand for what was the United States of America land of the FREE.

      What being said I can only say to our present Military and Police PLEASE help the citizenry of which you are part. You will be retired or out of the service at some point in your life will you live in freedom or tyranny, this may be in your very hands in the not distant future. You need to keep that simple fact in mind if you are ordered to unconstitutionally take guns from innocent law abiding citizens either under the muse of marshal law or an unconstitutional law or regulation. If ordered to do so you are required by your oath to arrest those persons as traders. WE all have taken the oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. Upholding that oath will not make us the criminals they will say we are. They will be the real criminals. God, Country and Family

  39. Benson II says:

    We’re pretty sure there were over 500,000 people in the march on DC. Totally ignored by the socialist press.

    I suggest we instead get in our cars go to DC, with appropriate signs all over the cars. Pack all the highways in and out as far as the eye or helicopter can see. Leave only one lane open for ambulance or fire trucks. Make it the longest biggest traffic jam ever in recorded history. Let the stinkin press ignore that. Hell the line could continue out of the state in every direction if all the people who oppose Obama and his helpers joined in.

  40. Blacks can riot and bash innocent white people. Mexicans can rally and complain about how Arizona is really Mexican land. But white people are arrested for putting on a peaceful demonstration.

  41. Marty says:

    Totally bogus! I live in Eureka those photos are not of any local place. 255 / 101 is not even in Eureka it’s in Arcata a liberal ass hippie university town. I contacted several local news agencies and they all said this is the first they had heard of it and when they checked the were told this was a fake story.

  42. Outrageous says:


  43. Best to respond with a thousand times more gatherings

  44. Dick Downey says:

    Sounds like it would have been a perfect place to set up a place to take out all the gestapo agents with a half dozen snipers with M-14s and silencers. I think it’s probably going to come to that eventually.

  45. Keith Right says:

    Lol…what a bunch of dupes. You guys wouldn’t know satire if it smacked you in face.

    Eat children you say? What modest proposal could you mean?

    If your party could get their crap together you might actually achieve something besides erecting this huge intelligence barrier between yourselves and reality. Have fun in the bubble.

    • HOLYMOLY says:

      Nasty! Get back to the theater, will ya! We got cops throwing infants off the overpass and shooting cute little poodles for God’s sake. Deal with the tragedy! IMPEACH OBAMA NOW. HE’S COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTROL!

      … TAKE! Let’s eat!

  46. Toadie Right says:

    In the People’s Republic of Califruita, DISSENT IS NO LONGER TOLERATED! YOU WILL LOVE DEAR LEADER!

  47. Bruce A. Frank says:

    There is no overpass at the junction of 101 and 255 in Eureka, CA. I cannot find ANY verification of this story except in the rabid blog sites.

  48. Rusty says:

    This whole thing is really, really stupid.