MSNBC Anchor Resigns; Admits to Spreading “Lies on Behalf of Obama”

 (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

(AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

<National Report>According to inside sources, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, host of “NOW with Alex Wagner”, resigned from her post today after 2 1/2 years with the network citing ethical and moral concerns.

In a resignation letter obtained by National Report, Wagner claims she has been spreading “lies on behalf of Obama” and using her position with MSNBC to “falsely promote a brutal dictator.”

Wagner goes on to say, “I have spent my entire professional career working toward a position based on false pretenses.  I have worked hard to obtain a position with a major news network and expected to be reporting on serious issues.  Instead, I am handed Pro-Obama scripts and asked to be a mouthpiece for the administration.”

A CNN report this afternoon suggested Wagner had recently been empowered by the bravery of Russia Today reporter Liz Wahl, who quit her Kremlin-funded network during a live broadcast.  A second RT reporter, Sara Firth, left her position with the network today as well, giving Wagner the confidence to make the decision to walk away from her show.

Executives with MSNBC are reportedly working hard to manage the fallout following the news and are doing their best to lessen the impact to their credibility by suppressing the story.  Paul Horner, spokesman for MSNBC, issued a press release this afternoon claiming Wagner had long been unhappy with a contract negotiation and her move was simply a “promotional stunt.”

It is not yet known who will replace Wagner on her 4:00 show.  Early reports suggest the network will be making programming adjustments over the weekend.


UPDATE–Alex has not actually left the network, nor did she say any of the things above. Alex, call me, I will treat you better than that chef boyfriend of yours!


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93 Responses to "MSNBC Anchor Resigns; Admits to Spreading “Lies on Behalf of Obama”"

  1. John Gunn says:

    Just saw this on the Senator Ted Cruz page. Yep, the poster fell for it.

  2. Jeff McDaniel says:

    I always thought she was too cute to be soooo stupid! I have a new respect for her. Maybe she can get a job with the real hottie journalists over at FOX! Oh and how you liberals liking your crumbling house of cards right about now. Hate to say…no I don’t! I fucking told you so!

    • Mike says:

      Jeff…………..it’s a satire site. Hate to say..you’ve been punked.

      • Loral O says:

        What is the satire site? This appears pretty legit to me. I am now unable to find any other articles on google that were there an hour ago. ….? I despise satire. It is nothing but lies told as if they were jokes. Not funny!

      • Fake name says:

        Sad thing is, the only part that isn’t true is that she admitted it and quit.

      • Just waxing about how the girl should think, Sotero should be removed by the US Military ! He is an enemy agent !

      • Donna Weaver says:

        Jeff, YOU are such an uninformed person as I have EVER seen. Get REAL, and GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roger says:


    • G says:

      Damn, Jeff, you sure are a new and improved kind of retarded (even by crazy conservative standards which is REALLY saying something!) to have fallen for this. How does Fox News jizz taste, loser?

      • Catfish says:

        You are the turd in the punch bowl. There is no cure for thr ignorand liberal disease dummy.

        • Dan says:

          Catfish; Bottom dweller..hum…..and you can’t spell worth a turd…bigger dummy!!!hahaha

        • Kim Curtis says:

          Where did you learn to spell? Also, you must have a really dumb computer to let you get away with those spellings! Anything newer than a Commodore 64 has spell check! How embarrassing for you!

      • liam says:

        I love your comment to Jeff,,or is it Jif ,,wait one is a peanut butter,, the other is a form of peanut butter that comes out of his arse ,,,hmmmm; Jeff or Jif Jeff Jif hey wait a minute I just combined Jeff with Jiff now I can Have meh’ peanut Butter with a real arsehole ,,thanks buddy now thats what I call a real friend …..lol.

    • Roadscholar says:


      • Tim says:

        It’s “moron”, moron.

        • Roadscholar says:

          “Moran” is taken from a right-wing nut job protest sign calling Obama supporters “morans.” The joke being that he was calling us stupid, when he was too stupid to know how to spell “moron,” and too lazy to look it up. So now when we want to make fun of right-wing idiots, we use “moran.” Do you get it now?


          • Roadscholar says:

            Hey, here’s a fun project! To see the sign that started the “Morans” meme, go to Google Images and search “Morans Tea Party Sign.” See? That’s what we in the reality-based community call “fact-checking!”

            Now that you see how it’s done, give it a try in your spare time!

          • Catfish says:

            I believe you are more closely associated to road kill.

          • Bluwater says:

            LOL! Oh Skippy, if I turned every misspelling from a left wing loser into an event, I wouldn’t have a life. Enjoy your slip-up because that’s what you have. From the same people that discovered “faux”, and spent 8 years just tickled with themselves every time they wrote it. LOL! Chuckle on chucklehead.

          • Robert says:

            You’re talking rubbish Roadscholar.

          • Dan'L says:

            Nice recovery — and, how do we know you’re not lying? Or, is it the same story with the “Roadsscholar” handle?

        • Jeffro. says:

          Know your meme.
          Get a brain.

          You own it, Moran.

    • AJ says:

      Hate to tell you this, but if this is what you consider “hot” this skinny, unknown, liar….who nobody pays any mind to to begin with….you’re pretty pathetic.

  3. Andrew Buchen says:

    If she left truly because of the BS she was forced to endure over Obama I applaud her.

  4. Bob says:

    Jeff, you do realize that this is satire. You can have someone look up satire and explain it to you.

    • Eddie says:

      Bob….you gotta cut liberals some slack , They always operate with a mental deficit. Always keep in mind that tact is for those not witty enough to grasp sarcasm. But the truth of the matter is all politicians are the same…same whore…different kimono !

  5. DarrenD says:

    It’s not satire! They frog marched her out in handcuffs! I was there!

  6. emptynest says:

    Yep. It’s satire and I fell for it hook line & sinker.. I foamed at the mouth and even put it on twitter, which spread like a plague.. Posted a retraction but should have realized that it was too good to be true.. MSNBC anchor would never do that.. Going against Obama is not in their DNA.

  7. Jack says:

    Watch where she goes i cant believe you people are so stupid. Money takes the place of truth anymore don’t you get that

  8. BB says:

    This is like declaring fish have an affinity for water.

  9. Susan says:

    It isn’t true. I wish it was, but sadly it isn’t.

  10. At least somebody has guts. By 2017 the US will cease to exist……….total chaos. This is what Obama is all about. Pray people…….you are about to be suicides. Ambassador Mount

    • Roadscholar says:

      Gee, record highs on the stock exchange, housing coming back, unemployment down, low inflation, prices stable… Yeah, what a rotten job he’s done. And “you are about to be suicides…” What does that even mean? Save some stamps and buy yourself a clue.

      • Grizzly 1 says:

        Grizzly 1

        Hey, Roadscholar . . . are you out of your mind?

      • DrEcon says:

        Gee… maybe its because stock prices are funded entirely with QE phony money and when that is factored in, stock prices are actually at rock bottom. Also inflation is a growing bubble artificially surpressed by the fact that ten million fewer people are actually working than when Obama took office. If they ever come back to work, the effect will devastate families and the middle-class earners. Then there’s housing, which probably has bottomed out but isn’t coming back any time soon in most markets.

        If you believe that economic circumstances are better now than they were 8 years ago, you are utterly out of touch with reality and need to go take a class in economics.

        • Roadscholar says:

          Been there, done that. Losers always have a reason why the data is “skewed,” even tough it’s the data the whole adult world relies on. I bet you believed the guys who, despite the polling, saw Romney winning in a landslide.

          Besides, you defeatists and alarmists who peddle fear and depressing Foxed-up fiction are saying—what— that things are still damn near as bad as they were after Bush’s tenure nearly destroyed the economy? That Obama should have cleaned up the geopolitical/economic quagmire the Republicans left behind faster or better?

          Or are you just mad you can’t seem to get the president to say “Yassuh, Massa, i’se gwine git rite on dat, Massa!”

      • Catfish says:

        It is for certain Road Kill has no clue.

      • saturnx311 says:

        If you can say all that seriously then you must have a huge screen TV , or maybe one in every room so you can sit there drooling like an idiot listening to their lies.
        Gee, look at the national “debt” if you want any kind of barometer. Look at how the US and Israel are so hated across the world, look at all the “economies” of the countries that have been taken over by the Israeli Jew Fedral reserve banking cartel.
        You are a gullible idiot if you can say all this in a serious way

    • Dan says:

      Good doctor in all your wisdom how is one suicide by another?

  11. Apotter says:

    National Report is the same kind of outlet as the onion. Both are for satirical value not for being newsworthy.

  12. dan goor says:

    The resignation simply supports MSNBC character, one of a political, and highly biased Democrat propaganda machine, good luck Alex!



  14. CarolinaSistah says:

    At a time when Americans are desperate for the media to be honest and uphold the integrity of journalism, this piece (if it is satire), is not helpful, nor is it funny!

  15. ike says:

    little lefty thinks they can discredit the right for posting their own lies for them. typical idiot leftists and their failed logic.

    • Roadscholar says:

      Gee, at least we can write coherent sentences… making us smarter than you! Besides, right-wing media and political discourse is practically a compendium of logical fallacies. Ad vericundiam, ad bacculum, ad hominem, begging the question, straw man, false antecedent, you name it. Because the wingnut audience has no skill at logic or critical thinking, they slurp it right up. The most gullible gaggle of dolts imaginable.

      • patrick says:

        The fact that you believe that the economy is coming back, and 10 million less Americans are not working, all this great propaganda at a cost of 7 Trillion dollars added to our Nation’s Debt. Well genius I have some water front property in Florida for sell real cheap.

        • Roadscholar says:

          I don’t need to believe, because I know firsthand. I own a historic woodworking business, and hear every day how the related trade is doing. It’s exploding is what it’s doing. I just hired another millman and will probably take on another this fall. Everyone I know… painters, installers, glass companies, lumber companies, carpenters, general contractors, hardware stores, etc… are booming.

          Plus, our best friend has been a real estate agent for 30 years, so we know that that market has been improving steadily.

          What you have is propaganda. I have experience and observation of the real world.

          Oh, and it’d be “10 million fewer Americans” if it were true, which it’s not.

          • oak says:

            Couldn’t be all the houses and buildings being destroyed by wildfires,and storms increasing the need for said supplies, and yes there is at least 10 million out of work, many just gave up looking for work and are living off welfare.

          • hynzerelli says:

            U do know that the Fed Funds rate is .25. The real estate market is touch & go which means the only place folks can put there $ for any return is the stock market right??

            Add in the fact the price of oil was close to a hundred dollars a barrel for a while so the energy producers despite Obummas onerous regulation pushing policies have the US as the #1 oil & gas producers in the world. This has also been fueling the economy’s limited recovery.

            Oil has came down & the Fed’s QE1, 2 & 3 dollar print fest means we’re in for another downturn very soon but don’t worry Obumma will blame Bush.

          • Hynzerelli,
            Thank you for taking the time to comment. President “o”bama is truly a gifted man and performer. No president in U.S. history has been able to pull off the Blame Game for as long as “o”bama, let alone getting away with it into the 6th year of his own scandal ridden, disgraceful & failed presidency. No one is born with such talent my friend. “o”bama’s well honed acting skills and the endless depth of his ability to deliver a speech or press briefing while looking directly into the camera knowing full well he’s lying to millions of Americans is nothing short of an outstanding performance.
            One of the president’s best lies without doubt has to be the “o”bamaCare” scam when “o”bama burned millions of Americans in a single sentence… “If you like your doctor [insurance] you can keep your doctor [insurance].” Ha that one sentence did more damage to the country than all of “o”bama’s lies combined. That there was art.

        • Dan says:

          Pat i take some of that water front in Florida..you do know Florida is surrounded with water on both sides right? With lots of water fronts everywhere…..What an idiot!

  16. Kenneth Bentley says:

    Alex Wagner did the right thing . It is one thing to tell the truth another to mislead and lie to everyone just to make a buck without a conscience . She will find a better job hopefully and leave the lies behind . Let msnbc live with their lies and watch their network crumble along with the ed show . I hope he wakes up before it is to late and he ends up falling on his sword . He was a loud mouth obama supporter and can’t see the truth behind the lies . I guess the lessons have to come the hard way .

  17. Eyes of truth says:

    So I’m just supposed to believe a random post with no credible sources on a conservative website, yea sounds like conservative news. Lmao, yea this Is a legit report.(that’s sarcasm by the way, didn’t want you to read it and assume its fact like you normally would.) #clowns

  18. Jose Segarra says:

    It’s too bad because Alex Wagner is a brilliant newscaster. I will dearly miss her beautiful smile. However, now that she joined the dead heads/know nothings of this world, I will never/ever/indubitably watch/listen/attend to any show where she is attached to!

  19. Dave Ellis says:

    She’s gorgeous! 😉

  20. Bob says:

    People! Her program has been on all week!

  21. judy says:

    Maybe she will use this article to find the courage to make it true. If Liz Wahl can do it ……

  22. m cowells says:

    peninsula, water on three sides.

  23. stew jones says:

    So all of a sudden Alex Wagner has “seen the light” and can no longer spread the bullshit she’s been shoveling for last two and a half years and we are supposed to applaud?? Get the F**K out of here you little Obama shill. You and MSNBC can suck it!

  24. Karen r says:

    I am very disturbed by the above comments. If Alex quit because of “Obama’ lies”, why was the first family attending her wedding? I think the right wing conservatives need to take a step back and look at what this President has done for us: the stock market is at the highest it’s ever been; new housing is at an all time high; unemployment is at 6.2 percent (5 percent is the norm) compared to 13 percent under Bush; consumer spending is up, especially with cars; gas prices are the lowest they’ve been in 3 years. Because of the Affordable Health Care Plan (ObamaCare), New Yorkers are paying 53 percent less for health insurance and thousands who were not insured are now insured. This is true for all the states which tapped into the health care plan, whether they call it another name or not; i.e. KentuckyConnects. My opinion of right-wing conservatives is that they need to get educated.

    • Dan'L says:

      You’re living in a complete fantasy! I suggest you reach out and grab yourself a little chunk of that thing we call reality. Her’s a decent place to start: http://www.trunews.com/

      You will be surprised at how much your very favorite “News” media has been lying to you — especially about “things financial!”

  25. Marc Moses says:

    Congrats to all the idiots here who are continuing the “war between the sides.” You will most certainly do much to help to complete the destruction of America. C’mon people………quit with the bullschidt bickering on social media. If we do not start trying to come together now……we will be trying to come together later……fighting those who will most surely topple us.

  26. that guy says:

    It’s always funny when you see mainstream news organizations and the word credibility in the same sentence.

  27. Thank You for putting it out what the ISIS controlled media is doing

  28. Savannah says:

    It has been announced that Clinton has told the US government that she secreted enough secret, confidential, private documents to more than embarrass Obama and the WH, and has threatened to disclose if she is ever indicted.This is one of the main reasons Obama has given his backing to her campaign. So as to make sure she steps into the WH. The Democrats are pouring Millions of dollars into a fund to make sure Donald Trump does not set foot into the WH.
    So now she is resorting to Blackmail as well as lying to the American people. If she does win the PE, then America will be run by a Liar, Blackmailer, Dictator, the outside world will be aware of her sordid past and will not recognise her as a trustworthy President to have dealings with.
    Clinton is the vilest woman in the whole of America, she is not a fit person to step into the WH. She is Americas number one pathological Lier, deceitful to the core. She is a DICTATOR and will bring America down to her own level.
    She has had people killed that have stood in her way and she will continue to do the same IFshe enters the WH. It will be Americas biggest mistake if she enters the WH. The rest of the world will have no respect for this vile woman, knowing of her sordid background.
    The Super Delegates need to think real hard before they vote.
    Look at Clintons past history and wonder if her past history will continue IF she gets into the WH. Hopefully, they will not make the biggest mistake in Americas history.

  29. Savannah says:


  30. Susan Abbott says:

    Of course, they have to make up some other reason for her resignation. They cannot live with truth. I am so sick of the mainstream media who thinks they can brain-wash all of into believing their lies and twists. Some are very vulnerable to this kind of reporting because they do not bother to study the other side! They are so complacent and apathetic that they just accept whatever the popular thought at the moment is. The liberal Progressive movement have no idea what they are pushing for! The kind of government they think they want has never been successful for long anywhere that it has been implemented. They don’t know the threats to our freedoms that are already in place! If it happens they are going to be shocked at what befalls them!

  31. Jerry says:

    To the ideologically indoctrinated left – “the end justifies the means” – which means she / they, like all cultists, nothing is out of bounds for the cause, are willfully, willingly blind to truth, to reality, to all that says that they are wrong, immoral, even evil. This becomes even more dangerous when these indoctrinated ideologues are positions of power and authority- eg; Obama.

  32. skye says:

    This is not a DEMOCRACY . I’m sick of hearing you left nuts say it is. Read or say the pledge of allegiance…… On the REPUBLIC for which it stands one nation under god. Not one democracy in which we tell you every little thing to think or do because we are your masters . You Democrats are fucking retarted.

  33. Kristen says:

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  34. mememine69 says:

    When will the Internet’s social media be more influential than the newspaper sites and TV news?

  35. ghostdance says:

    One thing at least was correct in this post. The way they characterized MSNBC is totally accurate.

  36. LDBM says:

    I would like to see that resignation letter published with a signature or personal email address. Otherwise, it’s hearsay. What is the proof Alex Wagner said those things about Obama? I’ll buy the story when I see the proof.

  37. WEB says:

    U no what cracks me up the must. The libals when they fine themself loosing they pic on u bout bein stuped. i fine out relly fast jist how stupid they is cuz they luv Hillary and Obomer. How studpid is that. Oh how they r so unformed it is so funny i pee my pints ever time. Ever tame i feel sad i think bout how libals r mizerble peopel then i start to fell bedder.

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