Missouri Fair Rodeo Clown, Tuffy Gessling, Arrested For “Hate Crimes”


<NationalReport>Late Thursday evening, federal agents arrested Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown that donned an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair, for committing a hate crime. Tuffy has been moved to an unnamed detention center for further questioning, possibly regarding terroristic intentions.

The National Report spoke briefly with Mr. Gessling’s attorney, Reid Nosse who had this to say:

“My client is suffering severe mental stress from this incident. He’s broken. From this point on, he will be nothing but a sad clown: a smile painted on the outside, but actually crying on the inside. He will never again wear his squeaky red nose with pride. He was simply exercising his right to free speech”.

A spokesperson for President Obama declined to comment on the situation.

What Next?

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203 Responses to "Missouri Fair Rodeo Clown, Tuffy Gessling, Arrested For “Hate Crimes”"

  1. Kim Smith says:

    Folks..he has NOT been arrested.The guy who wrote this SHOULD be arrested for inciting the masses.Seriously dude I am from Missouri about 30 miles from the fair and lived in Sedalia many,many years.Leave us alone and quit making up Bullsh*t to upset people.HE HAS NOT BEEN ARRESTED!THIS IS A BIG FAT LIE!!!!!

  2. johnny recla says:

    This is a joke people. Read the dang thing I mean seriously.

  3. Rabban says:

    We all need to start wearing clown noses in solidarity and protest. What he said may have been stupid, but he doesn’t deserve to be arrested and broken down.

    We also need to stop posting comments and take this “battle” to the streets. We need to take a note from the Egyptians and the Chinese in the sense that when they don’t like what their government is doing, they take action, not post a snarky comment.

    • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

      Or, take them off.

      • Lillian Fabricant Lillian Fabricant says:

        Those Orcas look just like clowns, or Juggalo weirdos anyway, and I’ve worn a protest/solidarity nose since 1985 because nobody better ever tell me I have to save a whale. This is America, and those things are, like, P.U.!!!!

  4. Jeannine says:

    Let’s call our state reps and organize a protest!! Otherwise it’s just bitching on social media! Let this clown take down the clown in the oval office! Actions not words bring change! I’m calling mine now and I’m going to talk to e1 I know and see if we can rally at our state capitol….what say you??

  5. carole says:

    How sad this country has become that our lazy self centeres president thinks any one poking fun at him is a racist. He should go back to his white hating church with his white hating wife and sleep another 20 years

    • W. james says:

      The media and the official racist hunters seem to forget that mr. Obama isn’t really black, there is just as much white in him as there is black….

      • Maceo says:

        That is bullshit.

        Or is it just that you are so proud that your ancestors who brutally forced prisoners of war to enrich them and their git during the day and committed brutal rape at night were able to taint superior black blood with their weak blood? Well, before you get too smug, realize that because black blood comes from the Garden of Eden, it stays superior. BTW, you racist people admit that is true. You call Black people Mud People. Which is true. If in doubt, read the first part of Genesis. Your weak blood was not made by the same God that made Adam & Eve.

    • Maceo says:

      Do you really think that the President of the us gives a damn about what some rodeo clown wears?

      If our President was so petty to order this arrest, all of these pissy tea party jokers that post stupid ignorant crap about one of the greatest Presidents of all time (He actually got healthcare reform passed!! That doesn’t mean much to you fat cats with insurance, but it means a lot to the poor people who can’t afford medical treatment) would all be getting audited and harassed by the fbi.

      Grow up, this arrest was made by a local fed acting on his own in a misguided attempt to boost his career.

  6. Beverly says:

    Do these people ever watch Saturday Night Live??? They make fun of every President. This is just stupid

  7. Lori OHarver says:

    This is FALSE. NO arrest. Free, alive and well …. LAST night at the Missouri State Fair Beer Tent.

    Tuffy Rocks ….. STUPID MEDIA SENSATIONALIST LIARS? Not so much.

  8. Peggy says:

    Is this America where our Constitutional right to freedom of speech and the right to bear arms ,among other rights, are being challenged? It’s time to get the current socialist dictator wanna be out and also those who value money & power over the rights and common good of the people need to go! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

  9. Will Baker says:

    This doesn’t really say that he was charged for the hate crime because he was wearing the mask. This only says that this clown, who once wore an Obama mask, got charged for a hate crime.

    “Late Thursday evening, federal agents arrested Tuffy Gessling, the rodeo clown that donned an Obama mask at the Missouri State Fair, for committing a hate crime.”

    For all we know maybe he went home and then stabbed a black man on a bus because he wouldn’t sit in the back. The article doesn’t say. This is an easily misread article. I don’t know, but it could be bogus news trying to mislead. The fact that he wore an Obama mask is just describing him and his history, not describing he incident that he got charged for. It just says “Tuffy, you know the guy that does the Obama act at the statefair? He got charged for a hate crime the other day.”

    The common response is “those #$*#%@ in the white house, they snuffed Tuffy cuz he wore that Obama mask!”

    It doesn’t even say that he got charged for what he did at the state fair. There’s many things you could do with that mask and calling a volunteer or something that an act could turn into a hate crime, but it seems like he was charged for something at a later time.

    I haven’t read up on the case other than blub, but this is a bad article.

  10. L.A. says:

    Freedom of Speech is no more and satire is dead. Needless to say, when rodeo clowns wore a Bush mask, no one said boo, and all the liberals clapped and cheered that it was funny and appropriate.

  11. If Tuffy wearing the mask is considered a “HATE CRIME”, then What the heck are We to think of the establishment that sold the mask? Or the company that manufactured the mask? Why don’t We just go after and arrest the man that the mask was designed after? Seems as if that would solve all the problems!

    • Drew_Law says:

      Because they simply make masks. If their slogan was “Obama masks for fueling hate crimes” then one might question the manufacturers motives. Unless you know for a fact that the manufacturer has some secret Obama hate crime club that meets at undisclosed locations to discuss spreading their hatred for Obama, I think the manufacturer is the least of our worries, but I’m glad you zeroed in on them, even though doing so really doesn’t get at the issue. Instead, all you’ve done is created an irrational thought process, because of what you believe in your tiny head to be completely rational. Meaning: Read a book.

  12. Rex Crouch says:

    The HATE CRIMES are being committed by the unAmerican Freedom Hating Obama Administration.

    This has happened because people voted Democrat. QUIT Voting Democrat!

    • Maceo says:

      Oh yes, by all means stop voting Democrat. Let’s have more like the crack king cia bushie and get the rest of amerikkka hooked on crack. Or the dumbass bushie, who along with his drag queen brother conspired to commit election fraud and cheat the american people out of their right to vote.

      This country really needs more of that type of criminal.

  13. Southern pride says:

    Would they have done that if he was wearing a bush or Clinton mask!!!

  14. Junior says:

    Absolutely Asinine! Impeach his ass! Grow up Obama u cry baby! He mad fun of me, well get over it u sissy

    • Maceo says:

      Do you really think that the President of the us gives a damn about what some rodeo clown wears?

      If our President was so petty to order this arrest, all of these pissy tea party jokers that post stupid ignorant crap about one of the greatest Presidents of all time (He actually got healthcare reform passed!! That doesn’t mean much to you fat cats with insurance, but it means a lot to the poor people who can’t afford medical treatment) would all be getting audited and harassed by the fbi.

      Grow up, this arrest was made by a local fed acting on his own in a misguided attempt to boost his career.

      Take your foot out of your mouth

  15. Kim says:

    This is frickin insane! He is an entertainer. Not a effing terrorist! I can’t stand our president along with many others. Does that make us terrorist? NO! Its called freedom of speech and we are intitled to our opinions.

  16. Dolphins Kuechel says:

    How long is this takeover of our country by this group of out of control enemies of our nation going to be ignored. We have rights that are being taken away unlawfully every day. This man a clown is being charged with a hate crime. Has no one heard Al Sharpten or Jesse Jackson. How about the black panthers. Hate. The only hate i see is coming out of an arrogant bunch of leeches in the government.

    • Maceo says:

      Of course you once again show your ignorance. The Black Panthers were only trying to improve their community.

      Your mad dog faggot, hoover sent agents in to start violence. Read your history.

      The only time the Panther Patriots used violence was when they were attacked or when ms hoovers people started it.

      • Thats right they should have sent the swat team in and arrested all the black panthers and charged them with hate crimes. Makes more sense than arresting a RODEO CLOWN making fun of Real REAL RACIST JACK ASS we are ashamed to call President.

  17. hilketh says:

    Its time for you guys to organize a wearing obama facemask protest march all round america to put this pathetic loser in his place

  18. Janice Cormier says:

    this is so full of crap, The only thing this rodeo clown did wrong was wear the mask on his face, it should have been put on the bulls a**. I am so tired of anything and everything white people do and the blacks or what ever they want to be called this week play the race card……..Get over yourselves Obama , barry or what ever your name is……you will be GONE next election and we can get back to REAL business and it can’t come fast enough.

    What happens when I have to listen to black rap music with the blacks calling each other nigger over and over and over, but that seems to be ok……well if the blacks don’t want to be called nigger, they it should start at THEIR HOME, not mine……find better things to waste time and money on yall stupid liberals,,,,,,you make me and the rest of this country SICK !!

  19. disgusted says:

    Absolutely absurd!!! Rodeo clowns get paid to make fun of people, protect cowboys and “MAKE US LAUGH”!!! Its all part of the show and to condem a man for doing his job is uncalled for. Better watch out if you were going to dress up like Obama or one of the other past presidents for Halloween you might be arrested or labeled a terrorist.


  20. Val says:

    I’m appalled at all the hate this article created. Look at how some of you are treating each other. It’s heart breaking and proof our country is broken. I’m sad for that clown, as it was his right to wear whatever mask he wishes to wear and say whatever he wishes to say. His rights were taken from him….bottom line!! We are so broken, it’s scary!

  21. Dan says:

    I read in the comments that we, as Americans, are losing our right to free speech. That is not all that correct. We as ‘white, heterosexual, married, working, Americans are giving away our freedom, our rights and privileges. Political correctness is nothing more than tyranny with manners. It makes the “most revered individual” a second class citizen. I can lose my job, my home , and everything else I have worked for just because I say the “ni****” to which I say FUCK THAT! Either everyone has free speech or no one has free speech.

  22. Donny bennett says:

    Barbara your damn fool rodeo clowns wear mask all the damn time, just shows how much you know about the rodeo world you dumb bitch

  23. brenda baker says:

    So if my white kids dress up like Kobe Bryant or Will Smith for Halloween will they be arrested for hate crimes?? This has gotten a bit out if hand. I have seen many actors and rodeo clowns alike make jokes of previous presidents and never arrested. This is ABSURD!! George W Bush Sr or Jr never had anyone arrested because they were a butt of many jokes. This country has gone to hell.

  24. Brad Boyett says:

    I am disgusted by our Government !!

  25. Malenko says:

    Now I know why the Obama look alike played the Devil in the TV series The Bible. He turns into a snake also. The only people who have protected speech under Obama’s constitution are Arab extremists terrorists.

  26. Shari says:

    This makes me ill that in the United States we have failing schools,homeless people,starving people,children being abused,and drug running among just a few things and our government is worried about a man who is wearing a mask and is a clown in a rodeo- Please all of you in the government agencies GROW UP!

  27. Shari says:

    Further more I would like to know why it is when a white man is killed by a person of a different race that is fine but let it be the other way around and it is a HATE Crime PLEASE

  28. Mary says:

    MACEO, your a real idiot! Just stop talking you just make yourself look more foolish!

  29. Drew_Law says:

    Look! I realize everyone is upset about this clown being arrested by our federal government. But, there are laws. Just because one might not know the law is not prima facie evidence for his defense. Meaning, just because Tuffy might not have known that what he was doing was not protected speech, doesn’t mean he could use that as his defense.

    Legally, based on constitutional law and precedent,Tuffy’s speech was not protected under the Freedom of Speech clause.

    I’m not making any racist accusations. This is strictly a legal issue.

    • You can spin anything and file lawsuits for any reason. This is not to do with the law. It’s using the law to to show the public that our worthless Press Barack Obama can’t be criticized if your white. Our Hope And Change when this worthless piece of trash leaves thewhite house. Thats my opinion.

  30. Larry Everly says:

    You have got to be shitting me! If this is true……America it is time to step up and make changes! This is a total outrage and last I looked our constitution gave us freedom of speech. Oh wait. Obama did not write it so it is not valid and is worthless.

  31. Barack Hussein Obama and his Colored People organization are the Racist Bastards that need to be jailed and thoroughly investigated for conspiring to commit terrorist acts. No Joke. Thats my opinion!

  32. Duke says:

    Be tuff Tuffy !!

  33. Whatever says:

    This is an outrage! — that so many people would be so incredibly stupid as to take such a pathetic attempt at satire seriously. Get a grip, people.

  34. Teacup says:

    Anybody notice with all of these posts Maceo kept reposting basically the same 2 messages over and over every couple minutes just to antagonize people and to stir the pot? This is what the democrats do to distract the general public from crap that really matters, and to stir up racial hatred. Somebody should beat his/her ass for being an antagonistic little prick!

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