Missing Malaysia 777 Airliner Possibly In North Korea

Landing DPRK<National Report>Media reports from around the world continue to create more questions than answers with regard to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Indications from a crash at sea to the aircraft being offered for sale on the internet have proven impossible to substantiate. Sources in China now indicate that the missing Boeing 777 may in fact be on the ground in Pyongyang, North Korea.

High definition satellites have rendered images of what looks to be a Boeing 777 on the ground at a military installation in the DPRK.  All identifying airline markings appear to have been removed with the exception of a small Malaysian flag remaining on the upper portion of each side of the fuselage. Of equal concern is a spy photo depicting a Malaysia Airlines 777 landing at Pyongyang’s Sunan Shuofang International Airport on March 9th, 2014. This would be considered highly unusual inasmuch as there are no scheduled airline services from the carrier to any destination within the DPRK. Chinese ambassador Liu Hongkai has not been successful with his inquiries to the secretive state as this incident continues to unfold.

Reports have surfaced that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had been shopping for a new presidential jetliner and had become frustrated that his requests to purchase a new 767 or 777 aircraft directly from Boeing had been rebuffed and that it is plausible that he “may” have taken other more draconian measures to obtain an aircraft of this type on his own. It is well known that “Dear Leader” has an affinity for western luxury goods from Jet Ski’s to exotic cars, 4k flat screen televisions and other niceties that are totally unknown by the citizens of his reclusive nation.

Unnamed CIA operatives have indicated it would not be out of character for Kim Jong Un to go to such lengths to acquire an aircraft in such a brazen fashion. These same sources indicated that “Dear Leader” recently dispatched agents to steal for him a new 2014 Corvette that was on world tour at a Beijing car show as well as a deluxe walk in bathtub on display in a Honolulu Costco store. If it turns out that the mercurial leader of North Korea has gone on a global thieving spree, there may be even more such incidents to come.


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  1. Charles Gerkin says:

    Most likely scenario. Little Kim would steal his grandpas false teeth!

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