Is Miss America A Secret Muslim Terrorist?

Miss "America" trying to pose like the Statue of Liberty to throw off suspicions of Muslim terrorist activity.

Miss “America” trying to pose like the Statue of Liberty to throw off suspicions of Muslim terrorist activity.

A new Miss America was crowned on Sunday night, and she isn’t even an American. Right now you are completely outraged, and rightfully so. While I normally enjoy beauty pageants and anything that celebrates attractive people like myself, I feel that the Miss America judges have taken too many liberties with their votes by choosing a winner who only lives in America, not an actual American. Nina Davuluri became the first Miss America to win that title without being from America, rather she is from India. Some people may argue that she was from New York, but it is clear that she is an Indian (Dots, not Feathers). She even did a Bollywood style dance as her “Talent”. We already have the Miss Universe pageant for Foreigners, why do the coloreds need to ruin Miss America for us too?

The new Miss America in her homelands traditional garb, using hand signals to tell other terrorists about the next plot on National television.

The new Miss America in her homelands traditional garb, using hand signals to tell other terrorists about the next plot on National television.

We all know what happened when we allowed the first black woman, Vanessa Williams, to become Miss America in 1984. She disgraced the title and America by showing off her sin colored milk sacks and fish cave in Penthouse magazine and was forced to vacate the crown. That is what happened when we allowed a black who was actually born in America to hold the title, just imagine what this Muslim Terror baby will do to ruin the good name of Miss America. Just imagine all of the possible terrorist targets she now will have access to while under the guise of “Miss America”. As a matter of fact, she was in Atlantic City when the boardwalk was burned to the ground. Coincidence? I think not.

Vanessa Williams became a disgraced Miss America after showing off her Tribal body in Penthouse in ways that even National Geographic wouldn't allow.

Vanessa Williams became a disgraced Miss America after showing off her Tribal body in Penthouse in ways that even National Geographic wouldn’t allow.

Now you are asking yourselves, but what can we do about it now? Well, my friends, the answer is simpler than you might think. We need to do the same thing to her that we need to do to Obama, Impeach her immediately. We need to write to our Congressmen and Senators and tell them to strip her of her crown at the same time that they strip Obama of his Dictator status. It is quite clear that Obama and this girl are in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, and are trying to bring down America from within. Is it any coincidence that Obama decided not to go to war with Syria at almost the same time as a Muslim from that same area of the world was made “Miss America”? I don’t believe in coincidences. How did it happen that one day after this terror baby is crowned, we have a mass shooting in our Nation’s Capitol on a Navy Base? Obama, Davuluri, the Miss America judges and the Muslim Brotherhood have all been planning this and many more attacks since January when the last pure Miss America was crowned.

The rightful Miss America of pure heritage.

The rightful Miss America of pure heritage and true beauty.

So, in conclusion, I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the new Miss America is a Muslim terrorist cell leader who is working with Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood to bring down America from the inside. We must not sleep until both Obama and Davuluri are removed from power. We must immediately get them both impeached and end their war on America. If they remain in power, we are all doomed.

God Bless America!!!  Let's keep the Miss America pageant pure and wholesome for our White, Christian Nation.

God Bless America!!! Let’s keep the Miss America pageant pure and wholesome for our White, Christian Nation.

God bless, and stay safe, especially around Muslims because they are all terrorists and you never know who is hiding a bomb under their burkas or bikinis.

After Obama was disqualified from the Miss America pageant, he found another Muslim terrorist to take his place, and she eventually won.  If we don't remove them both from power, we are all doomed.

After Obama was disqualified from the Miss America pageant, he found another Muslim terrorist to take his place, and she eventually won. If we don’t remove them both from power, we are all doomed.

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89 Responses to "Is Miss America A Secret Muslim Terrorist?"

  1. Julian Taylor says:

    She is distressingly ethnic!

  2. King says:

    Man, I think you’re a special kind of stupid. What makes you think that all “Americans” are white?

    • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

      White Christians founded America, therefore REAL Americans are White. You can’t argue with that fact! God bless, and thanks for reading.

      • King says:

        By real you just mean legal.

        • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

          Yes, all White, Christians are legal, everyone else should either leave or live by our rules.

          • Julian Taylor says:

            You can’t argue with that God-given logic!

          • King says:

            At this very moment, I think you have the most backward-logic in the world

          • Ben Hortin says:

            Are you for real? If you want to go full right of way than native Americans (I’m not sure of the exact politically correct term but I am referring to those who, in the past have been called Amerindians) are true Americans. They lived there before Columbus came and it was with Columbus (or another previous expedition depending on who you believe) that white-skinned people moved to America. They then set about making their own rules and have helped the land flourish but came uninvited and took control of the land now known as America. people nowadays aren’t moving to America to ruin the country. They’re moving to improve not only their own, but other people’s lives. The view that people, like Muslims for example, should live by christian rules. How would you feel if someone told you you ha to pray to an idol or commit adultery? Why is a Muslim woman being told not to wear a burka or not to cover her face, which their religion dictates they do, any worse than a Christian being told to adulterate etc? think about it and have a more open view, maybe one day your life will be saved by a foreigner… unless you don’t want them there to save you?

          • Ayush says:

            Seems like you and Julian didn’t have any education in your own country’s history(my sympathies…….), even if you are dumb enough to not know, you could google it out and check that who exactly did inhabit US before it was found

            PS: You do know what is ‘GOOGLE’ don’t you??

          • Casey says:

            Stupid as you are Indian native live in America because white shit come

          • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

            Have none of you people ever heard of Manifest Destiny??? You should probably do a Bing! Search for that, and Bing! it on!

          • biker says:

            you are a narcissist religious psychopath.

          • Rocky says:

            The fact that people like you claim to be an actual journalist (when you’ve ‘graduated’ from ‘western baptist “College” ‘) and people fall for that is sad enough.

            Secondly she’s Hindu, she isn’t muslim.

            Thirdly, Manifest destiny? lol this isn’t the Middle Ages.

            And finally, your webpage has a banner of Sarah Palin. Ted Cruz at least some credibility… but Sarah Palin? shows the kind of intellect you possess(and incase u don’t get sarcasm, let me make it clear: u have ZERO intellect)

            listen man, its one thing to be conservative. and its another thing to be a white supremacist and racist. people like you are the reason why this world is in a perpetual chaos. and please don’t blame the terrorists and evil doers in the world for doing messed up things: you guys are all the same. you have a one track mind, and are self righteous to the point where u don’t care if u hurt someone who doesn’t look, talk, or live like you.

      • Jeff says:

        No, they stole it from Native Americans.

      • AreYouKiddingMe says:

        …really? People like you (those who subscribe to your asinine, flawed, ridiculous rhetoric) are the reason why America is going to hell in a handbasket. “Real” Americans are those who were here long before white folk.. American Indians (Cherokee, Iroquoi, Sioux, Choctaw, etc) are the true Americans which you speak of. White folk came here and desecrated the land, raped it of its resources, forced the so-called savages out of their own homes. ANYONE born here is entitled to the same, including the pursuit of happiness. This country was not founded on Christianity; it was founded on the principle of religious freedom, not just freedom for Christians and screw everyone else. Please, instead of spewing your vile, hateful views online, go take a college American History course and re-educate yourself. You, sir, are a disgrace to Americans everywhere.

        You post a picture of Miss Kansas, saying she is a “true” American, insinuated that she should have won the pageant. Her talent was horrible; she did not have the training needed to pull off that aria and it showed. Speaking as someone who has a degree in music and is qualified to critique vocalists, she made several mistakes, her intonation wasn’t spot-on, she missed notes, and her face gave her away. I was truly hoping she would have made it to the final 5, but her talent was what sealed her fate. Miss New York did a traditional dance in Bollywood fashion. Your uneducated stance that she was giving “hand signals to terrorists” is laughable. Does that mean if I do a Bollywood dance, I must be a terrorist who is giving signals to my cohorts? Seriously…. put down the hater-ade…

        • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

          Your IP Address has been sent to Homeland Security as a possible terrorist. You might want to just turn yourself in for deportation now.

          • King says:

            Your image has been sent to the local police department because you look like a pedophile/rapist.

          • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

            King, I can’t be a rapist because I am not a black, and I can’t be a pedophile because I am not a gay. Your argument is rendered invalid by those facts. Thanks for reading, kiddo.

          • Chip Asper says:

            Damn Milton, its hard enough to eek out a living! The hate is tearing this country apart. A persons color or creed doesn’t define them, their actions do!

      • Kobla Dorkenoo says:

        Do you need to be reminded that America belongs to the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere?

      • Simon says:

        You are disgustingly racist. Do you worship God with the same mouth and hands that spread this ignorant, xenophobic, venomous trash?

        Time to do some soul searching and repent. Hating non-whites it the stupidest rationale for deciding who is and who is not ‘American’.

        Are you being serious with this nonsense or is this page just satire? Are you acting the fool so as to mock racist fools or do you genuinely believe this crap?

        If this is meant to be a serious opinion piece, I’m just gob-smacked at the backwards, awful, awful, awful, AWFUL view of humanity that you have been brainwashed to adopt.


      • True Justice says:

        Personally I found this article to be rather offensive and crude. SO what is she is not White, or chatolic. She is AMERICAN INDIAN. She was born in America MEANING SHE IS AN AMERICAN. END..OF…STORY! You are nothing but a crude man with nothing better than to point false fingers at any other nationality. HOW dare you. You call yourself an American?? You disgust me sir.

      • zane says:

        Mr. Freewater, your racism I won’t argue with…you’re of course entitled to it. The facts of history are another matter. America didn’t pop out of the golden ass of a giant White person…it has been there (here) for millions of years…and inhabited by people of varied hue for thousands upon thousands of years before the major invasion from Europe began in the 15th and 16th centuries.

        • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

          I AM NOT A RACIST!!! I can’t believe how many times a day I have to tell you people that.

          • Priya says:

            U indeed are the worst racist I have ever seen in my life…..How dare you say something like this to a girl from my country…She won the crown because she proved herself….I think you need to go to a mental asylum as you are not in your sense….A good christian never criticizes another. Have you forgotten the parable where Jesus stopped the Jews from stoning a woman who had committed adultery. He said throw a stone at her only if you have never sinned in your life….Don’t fill your bag with such sins as you will not even find a place in hell as your are not even worthy of going to heaven….and looks like you did not go to school or copied or failing when it comes to American history.

      • David Williams says:

        Er! Native Americans were there before The “white Man” came and butchered them

      • T.J. says:

        So… the natives who had their land stolen by whites… they’re not really Americans? The idea of “America” has always been of the great melting pot. You, sir, are a bigot. Good day.

      • me says:

        Real Americans were the American Indians that were here before the White man invaded and took away what was rightfully theirs. It’s shallow minded misinformed people as yourself that is the problem with the world today. The White man (and I mean myself included) is as much a foreigner in this land as any.

      • Bill Peters says:

        This author is a MORON!!! ANYONE born in this country is an AMerican….What special kind of idiot proclaims that Hindu is the same as being a Muslim?? WTF is wrong with you and how to %^& did you get a journalism gig?? ….and the Native Americans are the TRUE founders of this land…I can argue ANY fact you throw out because it is all pure junk!! You are so full of it you stink….She won fair and square and is a DEFINITE American Citizen….You however, are debatable….you are traitorous in your contentions and lack of ability to determine your facts. YOU are the kind of moron that brings shame to ALL Americans….Now, if we were debating Obama, then that is another story…HIS citizenship is debatable…Her’s is NOT….dayum Fool!

      • Vik says:

        Here’s a “white American” saying that you are full of crap and have no idea about history, geography, mathematics, genetics or commonsense whatsoever.


      • biker says:

        you mother-racist-fucker, do you actually know her religious background?? She is born in Hindu family. Moreover America was a native country of native Indians, until Europeans discovered it. It’s only because of you negative people the world is in a shit hole. Do some research before you write something….

  3. Why doesn’t Miss America have an apron contest? Today’s young women need perspective on their role as future moms of America. Today you maybe holding a flaming baton, but tomorrow you will hold a broom.

    • Gabe says:

      Barbara, are you on the internet again? I suggest you get back to sweeping and practice what you preach

      • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

        Women should always be allowed at least 30 minutes of Internet time per day after all of their housework is completed, and under the supervision of their same race husband or a Pastor in order to look up new recipes and cleaning tips or to go on God-approved websites like National Report. Barbara has always followed the rules of the Internet.

        • Mia says:

          Ha ha: Milton you are as funny as hell if not crazy. I am a black republican, and I bet you are a Republican too. Its people like you who are turning the Great Republican Party into a losing party despite all its good conservative ideals. Of course, by the good ideals I mean being, anti-gay, anti-Satan (the muslim god Allah), pro-family values, pro-Jehovah (the one true God), pro-Christian, pro-America, etc, etc. It is only the republican party that can save America and hence the world from the hands of Satan…. you, Mr. Milton, are ruining the game for us all….

  4. R Unutz says:

    Syria is in the same area of the world as India?

  5. Cam says:

    It’s serious guys. We’re all doomed!

  6. August Weisz says:

    She is definitely a terrorist.

    • Seriously? says:

      Because she has a similar skin tone? That’s not how this whole terrorist thing works. These terrorists you people are all so worried about make up a very miniscule minority of the countries they originate from. In fact most of the countries they come from are over 5000miles away from where the new miss america comes from.

  7. Sahil says:


  8. Patricia says:

    Are you kidding me? Ive heard that there are still ignorant bigots left in the world but I never thought they were allowed to share their bullsh*t…let alone have a space in journalism..you should just jump off a cliff now…because “colored” people have been around too long buddy, and there’s more to come! Cheers!

  9. ... says:

    What the is this stupid fucking nonsense? You should be ashamed.

    • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

      I agree. Most of the people commenting here should be ashamed for not supporting White America. God Bless, Champ.

  10. Patel says:

    I don’t think words can express my sympathy for the irrelevant and baseless connections made in this article. Racism and bigotry at it’s finest… two factors that deter our great nation from progress…. Please study US history before talking; America is the “melting pot” of the world. There is no uniform ethnic group in this nation. Please sir know what you are talking about before you speak. As a proud Indian-AMERICAN I am ashamed to say that such racism permeates in my nation…..

  11. not sure says:

    What kind of a retarded inbred website is this?

  12. god says:

    you american are worrying me she fucking Hindu not Muslim wake the fuck up if a Muslim girl did that the hole of Islam will be burning pic’s and kick off about her she just a normal american just with some real culture in her and all american came from mexico and Alaska tribes and the breed the native’s american that’s why they were red skinned and Chinese eyed

  13. Tejas says:

    I dont know who wrote all these stuff but one thing is clear this guy is a RACIST and his followers all are RACIST. I was lucky i didnt turned up to america thank god, with such people in america, most dangerous for blacks to survive. Martin Luther king’s dream cant be true untill or unless we eradicate such RACIST

    • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

      We speak American here. No wonder you never got let in to our Country. I doubt if you even were able to read this article.

      • Tejas says:

        I can,Mr.Milton i doubt whether you were able to understand english. Accept that you are a RACIST. The whole website is supporting RACISM.

  14. Alux says:

    The 2013 Miss America pageant winner was selected to create a stir politically, racially, and ethnically and nothing else! The contest was so rigged by the scums of the New World Order to create a spectacle!

  15. Chris says:

    After reading this man’s stupidity (not just in the article, but in his comments and his multiple responses to intelligent people who have done the research) I am considering suing him for 15 minutes of my life back.

  16. Dennis Lane says:

    Milton Freewater Jr. is a retard and so is his little white monkey follower Julian Taylor. If you are against mixing cultures and races then YOU are in the wrong country. Unfortunately you are not the type of person to learn anything from a discussion and should therefore be punched in the face by someone who cares about you – the chances are slim, good luck!

  17. mike says:

    Is this article just an attempt to troll us all? This cannot be real. It…just…can’t.

  18. Christmas Future says:

    I am a proud Caucasian American who is also proud of the Indian Miss America. I see it as no threat to my national security, or my patriotism. The woman in question is strikingly gorgeous and deserved to win this. I did not vote for Obama. I am not a “Liberal” nor a “Republican” nor do I subscribe to any form of group thought as in my eyes this is the ultimate in zombie/parrot mentality. I am a believer in God and the works of Jesus Christ but I do not consider myself a “Christian”. With all that being said I would just like to address Milton Freewater Jr. and anyone who may make it far enough down this ocean of ignorant and vile rhetoric that some may consider a “web page”. Mr. Freewater, our world is changing. The old ways are dying, and with them the youth is emerging stronger, smarter, and ready to bid farewell to the war torn paradox that WAS the current worldview. Mr. Freewater, you are dying. Maybe not physically just yet or from a terminal illness, but on the inside. When I read your words I don’t even have the need to see your face and I realize that there is something very dark and dismal occurring within your deepest core, something cold and bitter. You obviously have deep rooted issues that began with your parents and/or your family, who were obviously racists to some degree, judging from the fact that bleeding from your article is the essence of a man who has never really been able to think for himself. Aside from the racism you were exposed to, it also seems like someone mistreated you or hurt you deeply in some way. Someone you looked up to and revered. And now instead of going within yourself and truly facing these feelings, you have locked them deep with yourself so that they may fester and spread like a virus into your soul which then pours out of your mouth and in your articles, spewing out for the world to witness. I pity you Mr. Freewater, you and your entire generation. I know it’s not your fault, the statement comes to mind here “forgive them father, for they know not what they do.” I know it’s not your fault Mr. Freewater, same with everyone on the world who thinks like you, who succumbs to selfishness, self-importance, bitterness, misery and the like. But it doesn’t matter Mr. Freewater, soon you shall reap the words you have sewn here and elsewhere, and just from this article alone I shiver to wonder what type of cold, dismal, lonely future awaits you. You are dying Mr. Freewater, and eventually dying becomes death and when death comes to collect and reveals to you the beauty and darkness of which you spread onto the world, then it will be too late for you to erase these words which you have typed onto this page. And when the old dies, the new will emerge to carry on, to sew the seeds of light upon a new generation. A generation not driven and manipulated by feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, separation, supremacy, fear mongering, and the like. But one fueled by passion, joy, kindness, and gratitude. And we will emerge bright and victorious as the phoenix emerging from the ashes of your kind Mr. Freewater. I wish you nothing but happiness in your remaining years, though happiness based on the misery of others is anything but.

    • Bilbo Flagons says:

      Spit it out Christmas! I hate when someone starts to say something and then leaves me in a lurch…

  19. Ken says:

    This is the stupidest nonsense article I have ever read in my life . The lady is Hindu not Muslim . How friggen stupid can you be . Hinduism is an ancient peaceful religion that predates Christianity , Judaism and Islam . When you think of Hinduism think of Ghandi , who strictly followed the principle of ahimsa (non violence ) . Muslim women keep their head covered and cannot even show any part of their body , what to speak of entering a beauty contest . Whoever wrote his article shows how extremely stupid uneducated and uncultured he really is . Muslims have killed millions of Hindus throughout Indian history …. Plead don’t confuse the two . You just make a complete friggen ass out of yourself

    • Milton Freewater Jr. Milton Freewater Jr. says:

      Thanks for reading, kiddo. You might want to check your facts though, she is definitely a Muslim, just look at her. God bless!!!

  20. Greg says:

    Mr. Freewater Jr,

    I do agree with you on a few statements in your racist and misguided ranting which is passed off as journalism. Our, marginally documented anti-American Marxist President, is not fit to hold the office and should, along with his host of supporters, be impeached, convicted, removed from office and very possibly imprisoned as a traitor.

    Otherwise your morally repugnant, ignorant rant and racist commentary completely undermine any hope of credibility you may have had with a majority of Americans. Your disdain for and ignorance of the Miss America platform is factually baseless. It is easy to establish that you have no relevant knowledge of the Miss America Pageant and its operations, There is no connection between the Miss America Pageant organization and any political entity. Even if your assertions were anywhere near accurate, there is nothing any member of Congress could do, beyond what you can do. Write to the Miss America Organization and request her removal. State your reasons and provide credible and sustainable evidence to support your claims. If you can do so, the address to submit you information is;

    The Miss America Organization

    222 New Road

    Suite 700

    Linwood, NJ 08221

    Otherwise be content in your misery and celebration of your racist views. You can disagree with the results of a beauty pageant, the winner of which is a representative of the Miss America Organization, not of the United States of America. Your statements are reminiscent of the southern democrat founders of the klu kJlux klan, not of an American.

    • Bilbo Flagons says:

      Yes! Please send your thoughts, concerns, dreams, and remedies to The Donald Trump. He is always open to ideas that aren’t his, especially when he sees that they could change the error of his ways.

  21. Dipi says:

    I found this article highly amusing and appreciate the fact that under the First amendment of the Constitution those with opinions of a great variety even if no sense have the ability to express their concerns. Last time I checked under the Amendments, there were many freedoms given even if slowly they are being taken away. It takes a special kind of someone riding the short bus to put themselves out there on the line of published material where they come off as asinine or racist or even a toy short of a complete happy meal. I might be mistaken but this Country was created as an escape from oppression and even today we are still being oppressed, not by other countries so much as by ourselves. Perhaps, many need to be made aware of what the country stands for. Last time I checked these titles meant nothing other than a major popularity contest.

  22. rudeboyrg says:

    How horrible that she won?! A Miss America winner must be American. Instead they chose an Arab or Indian (same nationality anyway) from Egypt or something who worships Buddah , the god of Islam instead of Jesus, the god of America. Now the respectability and intelligence of this wonderful competition has evaporated. Just look at this Asian winner from mexico or India….or whatever. I’m not sure where. They call her Indian. Well, I don’t care if she’s from Indiana. I only know Texas. But the important thing is. She is a terrorist. Do American’s look like that? NO!!!!!! HeLLo! aMericans!111 R 2 SmArt to look like that! ok?!! YeaH. wHATEVER bitches! we rock! Lolz!~ Ok. Seriously. I think I made it clear. Miss America contest is for Americans. (USA ! USA USA!!) And she is NOT!!!! an American! I don’t care if she is ctiizen or if she was born here. THAT DOESN’T MATTER. Look at her?! She’s like..persian or columbian paki. I dunno.. same thing. But Americans look a certain way. And its not her. HELLO!!!. You know what americans look like? They look like THIS…..


    Thank you very MUCH. Lets keep America for AMericANS! yolo…

  23. mike says:

    You guys… this website is kind of like the Onion… it’s satire. So everyone just take a deep breath, and a step back. Consider the sources of the stuff you read. Everyone who became so furious over this article has demonstrated their own narrow-minded naïveté. And anyone who can read Mr. Freewater’s comments without cracking up and seeing them for the blatant satire that they are… should be banned from commenting on political articles anywhere on the inter-webs. lol. Calm the freak down people!!!

    *DISCLAIMER: National Report is a news and political satire web publication, which may or may not use real names, often in semi-real or mostly fictitious ways. All news articles contained within National Report are fiction, and presumably fake news. Any resemblance to the truth is purely coincidental.*


    • Bilbo Flagons says:

      MIKE! WTF??? This site is as true as any media source out there! If it wasn’t, they would put a disclaimer at the bottom of EVERY PAGE!…oh wait…they did…

      It’s hilarious how people DON’T check their sources or the fine print.

      I called into the Round Table


      to see their reaction (as someone here suggested in the comments section) concerning the article about “Cops Tasering Children”. They had already spoken on the subject, so I told them to read the disclaimer at the bottom of every page. Their assessment was that this is a TRUE AND HONEST WEBSITE, since it wasn’t ‘lame-stream media’. People see what they want to see. LMAO and SMH.

  24. Allan says:

    im sorry she is pretty but I think Miss America should be of american origin…just sayin’

  25. obama fried chicken says:

    Newports, fried chicken, weed, grape juice, hot sauce — We have become ‘Planet of the Apes’ here in the USA…. Judas priest, we voted a silverback gorilla into the presidency! Doesn’t anyone get it?

  26. Laughing guy says:

    This story is hilarious satire folks! Get a clue.

    Milton is merely pretending to be an idiot racist moron to mock those who really do think this way. Nobody is so ignorant that they believe India’s religion is Islam are they? It’s Hinduism.

    SURELY, when you read the line that Milton claimed to provide conclusive proof of her Muslim religion, you should have caught on, but nooooo. Some were so enraged, it slipped right past them. Stop drinking the fluoride & try to exercise your brains! They might recover.

  27. DM from NYC says:

    I don’t care whether this is satire or not. It is truly offensive in every manner. This “journalist?” is a down right bigot and I wouldn’t trust him near any children, since the comments he makes are disgustingly hateful. I don’t even know why I wasted my time reading his garbage or any of the shit that this National Report publishes. It’s obviously for assholes and I won’t be reading it anymore.

  28. David says:

    I want the 15 minutes I wasted reading this article and comments back please. Milton is a racist bigot and while he is entitled to his opinion I completely and unequivocally disagree with his hatred and his intolerant and narrow-minded views.

  29. MikeWon says:

    It is no secret what God can do!

    What He’s done for others, He’ll do for you!

    The integration of Muslim Terrorists isn’t so very bad considering 6 years of Obumma!

    These signs should merely convince even the hard hearted that Christ’s return is gonna be soon & not going to be all lambish!

    Woe to us all refusing to accept the commandment to love our God with all our heart & love our neighbor as we love our self!

  30. Dan Yarger says:

    You people make me sick. I am a full blooded Caucasian Libertarian American who is a direct descendant of the 1620 Mayflower Pilgrims who founded this country. That’s 393 years bitches! I’m also a diehard Ron Paul supporter. My wife is a Asian Muslim and a lot of my friends have converted to Islam that were born here in the United States. Does that make me a Terrorist? Sounds to me like the journalists at the National Report are the terrorists probably owner by Zionists which is promoting war propaganda. Just like the Zionist owned Main Stream media and Sean Hannity. They want to send your hard earned tax dollars to the already rich Mother %$#%^$^ in Israel and want the US military in every country in the planet. Hello…why do you think the terrorists hate us.

    If your goal is to Genocide the world of all the worlds Muslims, just come out and say. Quit being pussies about it by promoting hatred by swaying public opinion. Just come out and say you hate all Muslims and you are too retarded to realize 911 was a Masad operation. Or better yet. How about we just blow up the entire planet. Hell lets kill everybody. The United States alone has enough Nuclear weapons to blow up Earth 25 times. Also lets print money forever. Who cares that the worlds reserve currency has no value. Who cares that the US currency was supposed to collapse in 2008 but the collapse was traded through the banking cartel to Europe in exchange for forcing the middle east region to continue selling the Petro dollar by force. Oooooh, don’t want to let that out do yah. You all can go fuck yourselves. If you say one more thing about Muslims, I’m going to start war propaganda against the Zionist Jewtard media.

  31. Dan Yarger says:

    Also India is not a Muslim country, The outfit that woman is wearing is from the Hindu religion which last I checked has no relation to terrorism, but of course by your logic every religion which isn’t Judaism or Christianity is automatically associated with terrorists. Hell, the NDAA calls all Libertarians and gun owners terrorists. Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin would not approve of this article. If they did, the Ron/Rand Paul people would keep them denounced so nobody would ever vote for them again. Remember Anonymous is everywhere. We can shut your website down remotely.

    • Kathy says:

      Okay, your last phrase bothered me!! Who have I offended that others find displeasure and lack of confidence to do harm?? Also, what did you mean by the phrase “We can shut your website down remotely.”

      Please tell me the phrase was actually directed at a specific person, rather than to all of us!!

      Thank you,


  32. S Kennedy Sr says:

    “you can’t fix stupid but duct tape can silence it for a while”. I am all for duct taping people who spout this stupidity!