Millions of Thanksgiving Turkeys Recalled: Is Your Family Safe?

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<National Report> The CDC has confirmed that millions of turkeys have been recalled due to safety concerns over an avian virus that the birds may be harboring. The virus is related to human influenza virus but was thought to lack the ability to infect humans. However, it appears that the virus has recently developed the ability to move from bird hosts into humans. The results could be disastrous. In studies done with the newly transmissible virus, it showed similar abilities to infect humans as the avian flu virus that killed 50 million people in 1918. Bob Marcer, a CDC epidemiologist, offered the following quote:

We are in a very hazardous situation here. From our sampling efforts, we know that millions of turkeys that have been sold in the last weeks are harboring this virus. The handling, preparation, and eating of these turkeys could infect millions of people during the Thanksgiving holiday. Follow that with the large crowds of Black Friday shopping and the Christmas shopping season in general, and millions more could be infected through casual contact. We are looking at a holiday season epidemic.

Individuals that have purchased a turkey from any manufacturer are encouraged to call the Turkey Safety Hotline that has been established in collaboration with the CDC and several major turkey suppliers. The hotline is available 24 hours a day at (785) 273-0325. Due to the extent and ongoing nature of the crisis, the organization has declined to clarify if specific manufacturers or brands are safe. Individuals who have purchased a turkey from a source known to be contaminated with the virus will be asked to dispose of it. Individuals who have purchased turkeys from facilities for which testing is still in progress will be put on a call back notification list. As compensation, the National Turkey Producers Association will offer consumers gift cards to either Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target for the purchase price of their turkey. The gift cards will be made available to those that call the Turkey Safety Hotline and provide a valid receipt for the purchase of a turkey.

One of the most troubling characteristics of the virus is its resistance to heat. While many viruses are destroyed during the cooking process, this specific virus has shown immense heat tolerance. Dave McBridle, a spokesman for the National Turkey Producers Association, gave the following advice to consumers:

In early testing, this virus has shown enormous ability to withstand cooking temperatures. This makes this a much more dangerous situation. In our food safety laboratory, we have found that only deep frying cooking methods have been effective at reducing the viral load, and even then, by only about 50%. At this point, we can not recommend any preparation method as safe.

Consumers should call the Turkey Safety Hotline at (785) 273-0325 for safety updates.

***UPDATE***: Researchers at the National Turkey Producers Association have determined an at home diagnostic for determining if your turkey is safe to eat. Following cooking by any method, infected turkeys will develop green colorations across the wings and thighs. This is due to a chemical produced by the virus. IF YOUR TURKEY TURNS GREEN IN THESE AREAS AFTER COOKING, DO NOT EAT IT. If it does not turn green, it is safe to eat.

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166 Responses to "Millions of Thanksgiving Turkeys Recalled: Is Your Family Safe?"

  1. erika says:

    All of y’all need to chill out. Yes our government sucks, yes they’ve done some very horrible things, but that is no reason to do EXACTLY what they want us to do and rip out each other’s throats. If your turkey turns green, just don’t eat it. Simple as that. There is NO REASON for the words that are being said on this site. It is after all thanksgiving, start being thankful for what we have.. don’t be hateful about crap we can’t change.

    • mtn mama says:

      Erika, this story is not true. The National Report is a fake new site. Look up the definition of satire. There is nothing wrong with anyone’s turkey. The government isn’t trying to get us to rip out each other’s throats. This…is…fake…..

  2. Stephanie says:

    This is hilarious!!

  3. Mike Rettig says:

    right wing fear mongering

  4. Dog says:

    Oh well! Time to eat Chinese Food or order a Pizza!

  5. Fox Feather says:


    the number given is the number to the westboro baptist church!


    • Turkey Teaser says:

      Lol, this is so funny. I looked it up and died. I don’t know if I died due to the turkey I ate or the fact that it was hilarious, but this makes me wonder… are green eggs and ham still safe to eat? O.O

  6. karla says:

    what brand of turkey is recalled and what state also why would you have to cook it waste gas on my stove as well this is BS this will be the last time i buy any meat from walmart makes me sick …and after ya cook it if it turns green does the people have to bring it in and then have to go get something else

  7. What am I to do because I only want to buy a turkey breast? My family doesn’t eat the dark meat so how am I to check it out?

  8. Marcelo lopez says:

    Luckily there is a “Turkey Safety Hotline” I gonna eat Tamales anyway!!!!!

  9. Kathrin says:

    does green coloring apply for deep fried Turkey aswell?

  10. tamera says:

    Is this for real or just a ploy to irritate the church, if it is to irritate the church it’s pretty funny.

  11. maria says:

    ive been trying to call that hotline number given above but its constantly busy. how is anyone supposed to get thru to find out about the turkeys they have bought/

  12. Jennifer says:

    I love how they state that they will give you a gift card for Best Buy!!!

  13. Margaret says:

    Just called Butterball Corp and they said this is a hoax.

  14. Debbie says:

    So is this a hoax or not? What headline do you I trust?

  15. I think it’s pretty sorry to do if this is a joke.. lots of folks don’t know how to check this out.l. and lots don’t even have computers. I thought myself that it was a form of Terrorism.. I can see them doing this..

  16. JayMac says:

    The fact that some people believe this is hilarious. It’s a joke!

  17. emit says:

    ok if this is true than the government is the cause of it bc I also heard that the government was trying to get rid of some Americans I also heard that America was against the US government and that the US government will turn its back on us but then again this all could be a hoax and that could be false information. I also heard that US government of America was supporting a concentration camp for usa and Americans.. If you do ask me I do think the only people that anyone should ever trust is your loved ones and family.

  18. Ginny says:

    I think my turkey was infected because I’m coughing blood. Called hotline for three hours and keep getting a busy signal. They should have more people on the phones. THANKS OBAMA.

  19. Summer says:

    That turkey in the White House makes a lot of people sick, can we get a refund on that bird?

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