Miley Cyrus Rushed To Hospital With Necrotic Krokodil Related Abscess


Could Miley Cyrus Lose Her Leg To The Deadly New Street Drug Krokodil?

(Hollywood, CA) – It appears that the flesh eating narcotic “Krokodil” that has been causing such a stir in Russia has finally hit the streets here in the states. Twerking tartlet Miley Cyrus has apparently succumbed to the drug’s deadly allure. Early Tuesday morning she was rushed to the emergency room after the site where she had injected the caustic substance turned into a necrotic gangrenous abscess.

It was reported that Cyrus tried the noxious substance sometime during a weekend long bender which involved a plethora of different drugs and alcohol. Several witnesses reported observing Cyrus frantically twerking into the wee hours of the morning on Sunday before she fell ill. Her entourage became concerned after she collapsed and began convulsing.

“I assumed she was just over-heating from all the twerking” reported one witness who was present. Several of her friends carried her into the bathroom where they submerged her in a cold bath. It was then that they noticed that something was amiss.

One of the shocked witnesses divulged the following, “She had this thing on her leg that looked like dry skin but kind of red and irritated. One of the guys wiped it with a towel and the skin just came off and there was this big hole! Everybody was like, freaking out and stuff. That’s when we decided she should probably go to the hospital.”

It is unknown who brought the the lethal substance to the party. Two others who were present at the debauched soiree have also been hospitalized with complications from experimenting with the  notoriously deadly drug which hails from the Russian slums.

They are being treated with powerful intravenous antibiotic cocktails to combat the septic wounds and gangrenous infections. Despite being slightly disfigured from their misadventures, it is suspected all parties will make a full recovery after treatment.

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72 Responses to "Miley Cyrus Rushed To Hospital With Necrotic Krokodil Related Abscess"

  1. Jim Evans says:

    If you play with bad shit, you pay with bad shit.

  2. steve says:

    losing her leg is a ‘step’ in the right direction concidering shes already list her mind


  3. Steve Vermillion says:

    As a precaution, in the event of further loss of Cyrus limbs, doctors are feverishly working on prosthetic tongue.

  4. Bilbo Flagons says:

    Don’t blame it on drugs! That’s just her soul showing.

  5. Hmmm says:

    There’s a rumor that she is part of the Monarch Project like Britney Spears and other celebs. The Krokodil was supposed to be part of a ‘revenge.’

  6. Realist says:

    I’d never believe any news story where Palin and Cruz are at the top. Just another attempt at making the younger generation look like Scum compared to you. (the older generation) When facts are showing quite opposite. Today’s youth is as free minded as Ever and most of you can’t handle it. Breed paranoia among your ranks, it’s the only way stupidity can survive and be passed to a new breed of stupid. But most of us won’t even see your Small minded, Small population view. Good Luck living with yourselves. (not us, get it?)

    • Sitio says:

      You hit it right on the nail Realist. Miley is no angel, but this story has not been confirmed by any other sources, and the “witnesses” they quote are yet to come out. Older people keep referring to younger generations as “lost” due to the problems we are faced with; it seems that they have forgotten the (by far) greater problems theirs had.

      • Jim Evans says:

        OH MY GOD< Someone finally got smart and realized that this " IN FACT " is a false story. IT HAS NOT BEEN CONFIRMED BY ANY OTHER SOURCE .

      • jessica says:

        Even if it hasn’t been confirmed Google krokodil. What they described is exactly what happens with it. Look at the pictured also.

    • Nicholas Lawrence says:

      You’re so dumb. Please inject krokodil.

  7. Jim Evans says:

    Realist–What has Sara Palin and Cruz have to do with Miley Cyrus ?? I think you commented on the wrong article.

    • Observer says:

      Jim Evans… Realists comment was in reference to the names and photos that appear at the top of the page bookending the title of the website. It leads me to also be a tad bit skeptical of the information enclosed as completely factual as well. Anything that has those people attached has sensationalism attached all over it normally!

    • Adneris Diaz says:

      For real, if you dont know what you are talking about, please dont post it. You dumb b#!=+.

  8. Mother says:

    If you talk w such hatefulness, then obviously your life style is dark too. So better hope something does not attach itself to you. The sin of your mouth is just as deadly as hers because it all originates from the heart. Father loves her, and unbelievable He loves you too.

    • Sir Jury says:

      Sorry Ma. Just talked to Father and he says both of them can shit a biscuit. They’re on their own now. He’s tired of their antics and has thoroughly disowned them. As I was leaving, I heard him say, “(something, something)…and the horse they rode in on.”

    • Realist says:

      My name is “Realist” not “I believe in bullshit like yourself” you better “Hope things don’t attach to you” with the ways you go around judging others, Mother. Religion has nothing to do with this. (Btw Bitch, I’m not some 18 year old, don’t think I’m here for Miley, I’m here to address morons like you for coming up with this shit in general.)

      Jim Evans, “The National Report” wrote this piece. name the 2 faces on the banner. GG.

      Miley’s not on some new “Megadrug.” Stop finding things to bitch about and fix your own lives.

      Religion has Jack Fucking Shit to do with this issue. Pull your shit stained heads out of the “greater generations” asses you baby boomer losers. More spoiled than My generation, Demanding SS when You havent earned it, your Parents did though. All you did was become flower hippies and Fuck, I can do that. I’m not impressed.

      Holier than thou. – The notion most of you carry that will one day ruin the world as we know it. Religion will be the Only thing that will bring about an End Times, Due to small minded fucks. (on BOTH sides. Your god isint stronger)

      • teresa winn says:

        You are rude and the world would be better off without people like you.

      • truthisout says:

        you call people small minded, but only small minded people react in anger towards things they disagree with or don’t understand, you want to say religion is ruining the world, but you know if more people actually followed what the bible said, instead of judging others on what they are or are not doing, then the world would be better. I’m talking about the people who say they believe and read the bible, but only follow what they want, or those that think they are better and judge people, instead of judging they should try and help. because God loves everyone, that includes you. :)

        • truthisout says:

          that being said, God hates Evil, so people shouldn’t do evil, or follow evil ways, and should walk a good path. no matter how far gone people can repent and they will be forgiven, many want to blame God for things that go wrong, but who stops to think that the devil is the cause, or that maybe people doing evil are why things aren’t as good as they could be? I wonder how many.

          • Sitio says:

            Sure truthisout, following religion has proven to work so well over time. I have read the bible and only found contradictions of a god who loves you and gives you “free will” but will destroy you if you don’t follow his ways. A book that diminishes women, people that have different sexual preferences among many others. The bible and other “holy books” violate the basic principle of morality, “Do unto others as you would have done to you.”

        • Contrary Mary says:

          UMMMM the bible tells us to judge and steer clear of sin, right? So we have to judge, right? God hates sinners, and those who worships OTHER gods, and lies, steals….you get the picture. He is not the loving God you so want to think He is, for He hates sin. And He is a Jealous God, and a punishing God….look out Sodom and Gomorrah! Oh, and hypocrite do gooders. This don’t’ judge others is just evil commanding you to look elsewhere.

      • Jim Evans says:

        Hey Realist– Fuck you. You don’t know me , so don’t judge me. Assholes like you shouldn’t even be allowed to live. I am a lot older than you and a lot smarter than you. You really don’t know shit. Get off of your welfare ass and get a job, and quit living off of the system all of your miserable life. At least i have the balls to use my real name, so what is your excuse you poor excuse of a human being ? Your post doesn’t even make any since.

      • The Onion says:

        You understand that this is a spoof on news right? Like comedy central. This isn’t meant to be taken seriously, take a look at the staff page where it gives you info about the people behind the site.

        Stop being so angry, it will only bring death sooner. Oh and I’m not a teenager either, or a hippie.


      • The Onion says:

        Hey there realist,

        You understand that this is a spoof on news right? Like comedy central. This isn’t meant to be taken seriously, take a look at the staff page where it gives you info about the people behind the site.

        Stop being so angry, it will only bring death sooner. Oh and I’m not a teenager either, or a hippie.


  9. Kaylee says:

    I hope that this is a wake up call to Miley. I hope she realized that there is more to life than twerking, drinking and drugs. I pray that she is okay and she will make a great recovery. My prayers also go out to the family for going through all of this too. Miley I know that your all grown up now and “Hanna Montana” is not there anymore, but I think that God is telling you enough is enough. I know that you have Millions of fans and a lot of them do look up to you, as a role model and when they see all of this some not all will do the same things as you do. I do love your music and I want to see you succeed more things in life like going and getting married, having children. But I’m sorry but none of this will happen if you keep doing what your doing. Trust me I know on a personal level. I am not here to criticize you I am here to try to give you some uplifting advice and for yourself. I hope all goes good and I hope that you get a chance to see this.

    God Bless

    • Phil DeCupp says:

      What does this have to do with Miley doing codeine and gasoline in her veins? You are obviously a caring person, but stay on topic, please. Besides, Miley doesn’t care about what good people have to say…she’s surrounded by promises of worldly wealth, fame, and people who care very much about her money and how to get at it. I’m sure “Achy Breaky” Billy is a great role model and never did drugs or booze.
      As Annie Lenox sez, “Some of them want to use you..”

  10. Juan Odoze says:

    I think there’s a video tape of Lindsey Lohan giving ‘it’ to Miley. She got it from her mother, who got it from a guy’s sister I know in L.A.

  11. David Foote says:

    Suc eggs miley try a hammer

  12. Bernard James says:

    You play with fire you get burnt, she is getting what she deserves!

  13. Just not giving a.. says:

    I think it is a wake up call for everyone, drogs are everywhere these days and for those that abuse them the results can be deadly. The addiction towards their high is what draws people in and with this knew drug we will see more loss of life. I just hope that this will be a wake up call for all those people that use nd abuse that they should watch themselves because you never know what will happen to you. We should all be getting up in Mileys business everyone makes huge mistakes in their life but she has to do it public, if that was you how would you deal??

  14. FM says:

    It’s a damn sham she is a sexy lil vixen and would hate to see that beautiful masterpiece she is ruined over sum random bs drug some government is trying to spread in heroin to the addicts around the world. Oh n Miley if you see this gimme a shout we should hook up n party when your recovered ;) now you are really a party girl

  15. karla boggs says:

    Wat a pc of. Crap this kid has turned out to be. She should inject some. More in her uber hideous face and just end it. I think that would be best. I wouldnt be suprised if billy ray feels the same

  16. Penny says:

    Praying for Miley! God loves her! We are not to knock her down but lift her up in prayer!

    • Colonel Angus says:

      I’d butt lift her up too! But I’d want to do it before the Krockodil kicks in so I don’t have a rotted, dislocated pelvis left on my junk. She’s such a nice girl and I’d hate to see anything disgusting happen to her that she hasn’t done to herself already.

  17. Stephen says:

    Wow, i thought id give this site one more try, this story is as shockingly written as the last, same author. I wasnt sure if this article was a joke, sarcasm or what. So, whats the plan B career author?

    • Justin says:

      Yeah, I can’t decide if it’s meant to be satire or what. If by “shockingly written” you mean to say that it was poorly written, I disagree– but that’s part of what is so strange about this, that it’s fairly well-written, aside from some tonal inconsistencies. It’s not marked as satire, and it’s making a realistic claim that is obviously not true. Bizarre. It smacks of a disturbing college writing-class assignment.

    • Jim Evans says:

      This story is false and if it in fact it was true, it would of been all over the news networks and it wasn’t. Don’t believe hardly anything you read from The National Report : .

  18. anii says:

    nada es verdad yo no creo esta noticia no sean tan crédulos porfavorrrrr !!!!!

  19. Anastasia Larson says:

    Ooh! I get dibs on her first piece of necrotic flesh to fall off her bones! I found a great DIY on Pinterest for making my own alligator skin purse!

    • Jim Evans says:

      You are a very sick person. I still see people believe in false stories.

      • Anastasia Larson says:

        I hear that human necrotic krokodil skin can be used in very much the same way as hemp when harvested. I think this will be very good for our economy!

  20. marlena says:

    Say what you want about Miley. you have a right to do and say as you wish just like i do just like Miley does and Madonna does and Lady GaGa does… just like Joyce Meyer does… just like everybody else in the world. Sure, if she were my sister or friend id have a talk with her. and i wouldnt want my children watching her latest entertainment. however, the end shew answers to higher power like we all will.. whether we believe in it or not. and to the higher power i choose to call God. sin is sin, judging another is just as wrong in my Gods eye as vulgar displays! So instead of talking ugly about Miley pray for Miley. im sure we can agree she needs something positive!

  21. Jim Evans says:

    When people comment on here, they should direct such comment or comments to a certain person or everyone in general. If the comment is directed at me, i will respond in kind to the appropriate comment. Thank You.

  22. FartBaby says:

    You people don’t understand satire, jesus christ you’re dumb.

    • Jim Evans says:

      What you don’t understand. This paper or website or what the hell it is could be sued for putting out false information. So your the Dumb Ass, FartBaby. At least i have the balls to use my real name unlike you Dumbass.

      • Jon Deaux says:

        So, Jim,, I suppose, by using your logic, so could the POTUS?????? “Period”

        Perhaps we all have too much time on our hands… If we were choppin cotton, diggin taters, or pulling corn all day, just to survive, like most of the “greatest generation” and a bunch of the “boomers”, do you think we’d be flappin our traps about the spawn of mr achy breaky heart????

        Only time tells the “Truth” all the time! Be patient…….

        • Jim Evans says:

          To Jon Deaux—-All i have to say is , i have all the time in the world. I have never been out there choppin cotton, that must be hard work.. But i have been in the corn fields, and dug a few potatoes from my own garden. What is real hard word is working in the hay fields. I could care less about Miley, but this is a bull shit story. As far as the word POTUS it is outdated and the answer is no, because he is all lies. Anything said about him is true as far as a lot of people are concerned.

  23. Anonymous says:

    That whore deserves it

  24. Snow says:

    This is complete BS

    • Jim Evans says:

      I have been saying the same thing ever since the article was posted on here.Than You Snow.

      • tary says:

        jim evans, aint you tired of telling peoples this article is bs, for real men, let those stupid peoples alone already they still going to belive what ever they want to belive.

      • tary diaz says:

        why do you careso much about miley cirus story so much, men just live it alone already, don’t you think you going too far with this s;'[-=./ all ready?

        • Jim Evans says:

          Because i cannot believe people are so stupid to believe the nonsense story. It is also none of your business as to why i keep telling people it is a bullshit story. Mind your own business and keep your nose out of mine. Thank You.

          • tary says:

            wow, I was just trying to be nice to you and tell you that if you r not tired of telling peoples that this is a bull;'[=., story, you dint has to be an a;'[ hole and talk to me like that, peoples are still ginna bellive what ever the fu;'[-=. they want to belive, you are going nuts about this story. ass;'[-=.

        • Jim Evans says:

          Maybe and maybe not.

  25. CosmoGirl334 says:

    My poor Miley Boo, see this is why I made a date to stop all drugs eventually. Meaning I got my nicotine patched in today and I’m looking forward to the outcome. If I were already 21 I would not drink either but you know what, life is so short anyways. If were having fun with today why worry for tm either way we gonna twerk our health around! Get well soon boo boo. <3

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