Mexicans to Blame for California Drought Billions of Gallons Sent to Families in Mexico

Old underground smuggling tunnels between Mexico & US for years have drained California's water resources into Mexico

Old underground smuggling tunnels between Mexico & US for years have drained California’s water resources into Mexico

By Rayne Covelli

Its no question that millions of our dollars for decades have been stolen by illegal Mexicans and sent to their families back in Mexico. These callous and hateful illegal immigrants clearly are still pissed off about the Peace Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo signed in 1848, even after the Mexican government accepted payment for the lands that today make up much of the American southwest.

These indignant outlaw Mexicans who currently number 2,830,000 in California alone are to blame for taking hundreds of thousands of jobs from America’s poorest families; the laborers who once worked the fields before the arrival of these undocumented, uneducated and primitive leaches whose only goal is to acquire every freebie America has historically offered its citizens during hard times.

The next step for these desperate beaner felons is to bring their hungry families here where they can live much better off welfare and Obama bucks, formerly known as food stamps. As Americans our standard of living has dropped to the worst its been since the Great Depression.

Lazy illegal Mexicans entering the US number over 3 million each year

Lazy illegal Mexicans entering the US number over 3 million each year

And while white America goes off to work everyday only to be fleeced out of 40% of their income in taxes the Mexican and other unwanted minorities pay nothing in federal taxes and live the good life on American welfare. How many fat Mexicans do you see daily in the Golden State?

But the brutal beating these spiteful and angry Mexicans have inflicted on all Californians over the decades has cost the state untold billions in lost tax revenue which results in raising taxes on the working class but never the rich.

Recently the National Report received shocking news from an undisclosed source in the California State House. The claim is that diseased beaners have for years been draining the state’s water resources by sending billions of gallons of California’s life giving water back to their parched and starving families in Mexico.

In the last year alone the Department of Homeland Security has discovered 11 vast underground tunnels which are draining California reservoirs and sending our precious water into Mexico.

Today illegals have become fat from laziness & living large in the US

Today illegals have become fat from laziness & living large in the US

Now that the state is hopelessly gridlocked in a desperate water and unemployment crux with no relief in sight more and more Californian’s support the idea of reinstating Operation Wetback if not nationwide definitely statewide.

Operation Wetback was an immigration law enforcement initiative implemented in May of 1954 which utilized special tactics to combat the problem of illegal border crossing and residence in the United States by Mexican nationals. Three American presidents authorized Operation Wetback during their administrations.

It was the Mexican government who approached the U.S. about implementing a program to return illegal beaners back to Mexico where they belong due to Mexico’s own labor shortage. Those deported were handed off to Mexican officials, who in turn deported them into central Mexico where there were many labor opportunities.

Operation Wetback rid Americans of millions of thieving beaners

Operation Wetback rid Americans of millions of thieving beaners

The program, unlike many operations the federal government undertakes that are complete failures and a waste of hard earned tax dollars was astonishingly successful. In the first year alone American officers rounded up 1,078,168 of these unwanted job stealing wetbacks which in turn resulted in an economic revival for many regions in the U.S. that had suffered with hardship and disease brought to America by these dangerous felons.

For the latest on the California drought and what the state is doing you can read more here: http://nationalreport.net/worst-drought-100-years-gov-brown-takes-aberrant-action-end-crisis/

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7 Responses to "Mexicans to Blame for California Drought Billions of Gallons Sent to Families in Mexico"

  1. Patty says:

    So that’s where the water is!!!

  2. Master's Johnson says:

    Just you wait, some liberal, Cliven Bundy-Donald Sterling hating, commie, pinko tranny is going to come up with the excuse that Mexican arugula pickers return the water, when they piss all that beer they drink into our food sources.

    • John Samaniego says:

      A satire? These comments are racists and promote haters like you! Nothing was held back. Ryan you took the time to go back in history. Digging up what was dead and buried, and then bring it to the forefront of the American people. Were you the one that made sure those canals you write about were flowing with water before writing your article against the hardest working group of people working the hardest jobs in the US? I recent your humor against Mexico and it’s people. There is so much confusion on who is telling the truth these days that how you write and call it humor. Will cause some people that read this article in haste with out the facts or details from the officials to “Hate”, and hurt people from Mexico. You want to go to jail? hate crimes are illegal. With this article you have promoted a “Hate Crime”. How many will die because of you? from both sides? Articles like these just blow me out of the water. Everyone has a need and responsibility. Everyone is a product of their environment some good, but most are bad. “job stealing, unwanted wetbacks”, “uneducated primitive leaches”, “desperate beaner felons”, spiteful and angry Mexicans”. So you think were idiots if we respond, and it’s not to your liking? This was not a satire, this was an attack and defiantly an illegal “hate crime”. Have a good day Raynie.

  3. yayo says:

    Mexican don’t come to America to still from no one, they only come to work the jobs other people wouldn’t work. I’m sure who ever wrote this article won’t last a week in the field under the hot summer sun. Another true statement is that more Americans are living from welfare because they would rather stay home smoking pot and/or hitting the pipe. Its not the Mexican fault that they are hard workers and smart individuals.

  4. Forest fairy says:

    Wow that was unbelievably racist! What a dumbs hit this reporter is. Aren’t you supposed to be as unbiased as possible when your a reporter? And as yayo said they are only taking jobs no high and mighty white American won’t do. I have never ever seen a white person out picking in the fields. White people do not apply for those types of jobs and no farmer will hire them due to health insurance workers comp plus a much higher wage. If you do see a white man in the fields it will be the farmer who has a machine to do the picking for him. I am appalled that this reporter calls hard working Mexican people beaners and lazy. I have known many Mexican or migratory workers or Chicano whatever they like to be called and none of them were lazy. They had worked hard all day without a break and still kicked butt. So unless you really know these people you shouldn’t be writing about them just because your racist family told you these things. State the facts not your racist opinion.

  5. Ryan says:

    how do you idiots not see that this is satire?

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